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What is OneUSG?

The University System of Georgia (USG) has launched a system-wide initiative to develop and implement a consistent approach to policies, procedures and technology solutions. The first priority for the OneUSG initiative is to bring all institutions onto one shared services Human Capital Management (HCM) system, formerly Human Resource Management System (HRMS), to manage USG human resources activities, benefits and compensation.  As outlined in the OneUSG Connect implementation schedule, Augusta University is scheduled to go live on June 16, 2019.

As updates are available during the OneUSG Connect implementation phase they will be shared here. 

OneUSG Connect is now Live!

Here are some helpful links:

For assistance with OneUSG Connect, please contact OneUSG Connect Support at [email protected] or call 877-251-2644.


OneUSG Connect

OneUSG is a system-wide initiative to develop and implement a consistent approach to policies, procedures and technology solutions that benefit the University System of Georgia (USG), in an effort to reduce costs, streamline processes, and have uniform guidelines with centralized support. 

OneUSG Connect manages USG human resources activities, benefits and compensation including: 

  • Approving time and absence requests from your employees.
  • Requesting an employee reporting change or location change.
  • Submiting requests to transfer or separate an employee.
  • Submiting requests for pay changes or one-time payments.
  • Viewing or submit requests for position funding changes.
  • Electronically submiting requests formerly processed through paper Personnel Action Forms (PAF) and Faculty Status Change Forms.

There are many benefits for using OneUSG Connect 

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  • It’s easy to use and can automate some of the current manual hiring and onboarding processes such as:

    • Handles job openings, job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews and offers.

    • Automates the recruitment process through defined workflow approvals for job openings and offers.

    • Handles the initial phases of paperless applicant and employee onboarding.
  • It can be used on mobile devices and integrates fully with the OneUSG Connect human resources and payroll system.

  •  It delivers faster and more efficient applicant and hiring manager processes, communications, and interactions.

How to Login:

1.    Go to: this link)

2.    Click the “OneUSG Connect” button on the right.

3.    Select the KSU logo.

4.    Login using your NetID and password.

5.   Authenticate through DUO. 

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What is OneUSG?

OneUSG is a system-wide initiative to develop and implement a consistent approach to policies, procedures, and technology solutions that benefit the University System of Georgia (USG), in an effort to reduce costs, streamline processes, and have uniform guidelines with centralized support.

Why the Change to OneUSG?

There are many benefits for using the OneUSG system:

  • OneUSG will be easy to access – it allows for a Single Sign-On (SSO) using UNG credentials which eliminates the need to remember a separate username and password.
  • All employees will use the system to record and submit time.  OneUSG will also allow employees to access, review, and update personal information related to payroll.
  • Employees will be able to:
    • review current benefits coverage
    • make changes to benefits due to life status changes
    • find doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers
    • keep track of healthcare expenses
    • and contact insurance carriers and other benefit resources
  • OneUSG may be accessed on mobile devices and will allow employees to submit and/or approve absences “on the go.”
  • OneUSG will deliver faster and more efficient responses to handle issues or answer questions through the USG Shared Service Center’s centralized support.

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OneUSG Connect is the University System of Georgia's HR and Payroll System, a part of the University System of Georgia initiative to develop and implement streamlined human resources and payroll policies, procedures, and technology solutions that benefit all USG institutions.

The OneUSG Connect system maintenance window is 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. daily. Ad hoc maintenance may be performed during this window. System availability and outages can be found at .

 OneUSG Connect - Employee Self Service Login  OneUSG Connect - Practitioner Portal Login


Human Capital Management (HCM) software refers to applications that are intended to help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Instead of having individual payroll software, time-sheet software, productivity analytics software, etc., HCM software integrates all of those functions into one platform.

OneUSG Connect includes the following business processes/modules:

  • Time and Labor: includes employee time and the approval of that time.
  • Absences Management: includes the management of absence time such as vacation, sick, and leaves of absence for all faculty and staff.
  • Payroll: includes how an employee is paid and how pay is managed and processed.
  • Self Service (Employee and Manager): allows employees to perform routine tasks and managers to initiate and approve transactions for their employees.
  • Faculty Events: includes details around faculty promotion, tenure, eligibility, and special titles.
  • Workforce Administration: includes information regarding the lifecycle of a person and position details.
  • Benefits: consolidation and coordination of benefits processes across the USG.
  • Commitment Accounting: includes how to distribute and account for payroll. How to connect labor distribution in HCM to the General Ledger in Finance PeopleSoft.

Information on how to request access is available on the Access Request Resource page.

Documentation/Reference Information:



Page Last Updated:  05/14/20

OneUSG Connect

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