Traditional bathroom faucets

Traditional bathroom faucets DEFAULT

Creating a Timeless & Traditional Bathroom


Authentic and rich in character, the timeless and enduring appeal of traditional bathrooms means the aesthetic remains highly popular and in demand today. Offering a balance between a vintage look and modern functionality, these stunning bathroom designs are charming and add a real sense of history to your home without looking dated.


Traditional designs can lean towards a monochromatic color palette. Black and white looks effective in a traditional bathroom, or use bold colors when paired with more timeless pieces in neutral palettes.


Incorporating styles and trends that have stood the test of time, a traditional bathroom may include many classic features such as beautifully detailed basins, elegantly crafted faucets and vintage clawfoot bathtubs. Working together, thoughfully designed fixtures and bath fittings create a space that will look beautifully appointed now and in the years to come.


Classic in its inspiration, the Art Deco-inspired Waldorf collection combines exquisite craftsmanship with early twentieth-century style and represents the ultimate in bathroom luxury. Blending geometric intricacy with elegantly softened edge detail, Waldorf is a striking collection of the highest quality brassware and sanitaryware, perfect for a classic and traditionally styled bathroom.


For a bold yet graceful design statement, the Arcade Collection showcases an artistic expression curated from the Belle Époque design movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Details include a stylish choice of crosshead or lever faucets, indulgent rainfall showerheads, and freestanding accessories. Suitably fitting for advocates of traditional design, this classically inspired range offers a distinctive look that will stand the test of time in any bath space.


An outstanding traditional brassware collection, Belgravia bath fittings are exceptionally crafted and hand polished across the entire range. For those with discerning tastes and a penchant for the highest quality, this elegant style offers a designer element to traditional bathroom schemes.


Authentic form and period detailing. Rich hues and luxurious touches. Innovative design and superior performance. Create a masterful bath space in traditional style.


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Bathroom faucets traditional

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