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CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander, Tool Only (CMCW220B)

CRAFTSMAN V20 Random Orbit Sander, Tool Only (CMCW220B)


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Product Details

  • Part of the V20 cordless system
  • 5inches Cordless random orbit sander (tool only) with max 12, 000 OPM for fast material removal
  • High performance dust collection featuring onboard dust bag and connection to 11/4in. Vac hose
  • Low profile and lightweight for added control and vibration reduction
  • Dust sealed switch provides added durability
  • Includes (1) dust bag, (1) 60 grit paper; (1) 80 grit paper; (1) 120 grit paper
  • Compatible with the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System. Clip and Accessories sold separately.
  • Battery and charger sold separately
Part NumberCMCW220B
Item Weight2.54 pounds (1.14 kg)
Product Dimensions6.91 x 4.79 x 4.77 inches (17.6 x 12.2 x 12.1 cm)
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberCMCW220B
StyleRandom Orbit Sander (Tool Only)
Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Wattage20 watts
Item Package Quantity1
Measurement SystemMetric
Grit DescriptionCoarse
Included Components(1) Sample sandpaper, (1) CMCW220 5" Random Orbit Sander Random Orbit Sander, (1) Dust Bag, Battery and charger sold separately.
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?Yes
Item Dimensions LxWxH6.91 x 4.79 x 4.77 inches (17.6 x 12.2 x 12.1 cm)
Grit TypeCoarse
Voltage20 Volts
Power SourceBattery Powered


Style:Random Orbit Sander (Tool Only)

The CRAFTSMAN V20 20V max* Random orbit sander (tool only) with 12, 000 opm's is ideal for surface preparation, smoothing seams, and removing paint or varnish. This unit offers a low profile design. It also includes a detachable dust bag and is Vacuum compatible with most 11/4 in. Hoses. It also is built with a dust proof switch for durability.

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The 7 Best Random Orbital Sanders Reviews and Buying Guide

A Random Orbital Sander is a power tool that not only allow you to complete the sanding projects easily but also help you to produce the best surface finish either for woodworking or metalworking projects. The rotation and vibration will make the sander move in randomly changing orbits and thereby it is called as random orbital sander. In this article, we present to you with a list of some of the Best Random Orbital Sanders you can buy online.

Choosing a Random Orbital Sander for your woodworking projects from various brands and models is a hectic task, especially if you don’t have the right information about this tool. So, you should check these 3 main points while purchasing one.

  • Power Source – A Random Orbital Sander runs with 3 types of power source – electric corded, battery powered and pneumatic. The electric corded suits for those who work in limited area. The battery operated is useful when you’ve to work far from the power source. Pneumatic uses air-compressor to operate and used by professionals.
  • Power Rating – It will let you get an idea about its performance. The corded models have power rating of 2A – 5A for their motors, while the cordless one have 18V – 20V for their battery / motor operating voltage. In this, the higher rating will result in best performance of the sander.
  • Orbit Speed – It tells you about the number of times the sanding disks is orbiting in a minute and it is measured in orbits per minute (OPM). The higher OPM will results in much finer results and the lower OPM will in more scraping off the sander.

There are various operational features like fixed or variable speed, motor power, disc-size compatibility, weight, rate of vibration and grip handle which you have to consider while making your choice.

All these are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. To help you get the best random orbital sander, we also provided a list of best products from various popular brands trending in the market.

Just go through them and select your best one, as per your project requirement.

Best Random Orbital Sanders

7 Best Random Orbital Sanders Reviews

1. Makita Random Orbit Sander

makita orbit sander

Makita is one of the most popular brands out there that is known for making a lot of cordless power tools like a random orbital sander.

The Makita XOB01Z Random Orbital Sander is the 1st product in this article and it can be a great pick if you are looking for a cordless model, especially if you already own other Makita products. It offers a great build quality that you would expect from any other premium brand out there. When compared with its 3-year warranty, you can expect it to easily last for a long time.

Just like most other Makita cordless power tools, this is also powered by an 18V battery system. This allows it to have enough power for the 5″ sanding disc. Unfortunately, the battery or the charger of this random orbital sander do not come included with it.


  • Electric motor power rating of 18V
  • Orbit speed rating of up to 11000 orbits per minute
  • 3-year long warranty
  • 8 hole abrasive paper for ease of use
  • Offers a great build quality


  • Great build quality and long warranty
  • Decently powerful battery system
  • Easy to use controls and adjustments


  • Does not include any battery or charger

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2. Black Decker Random Orbit Sander

black decker orbit sander

You can find a lot of mainstream and affordable power tool offerings from Black Decker that generally offer a great value for money to the user.

The Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander is the 2nd product in this article and it is one of the cheapest options out there. Despite its lower price tag, you get a lot of features with it that results in a high value for money, making it a great option for users who are on a budget.

Since this is a corded random orbital sander model, the motor’s power rating is given as 2A. This motor is quite decent for the given price and more than enough for powering a 5″ sanding tool. As for the warranty, you get a 2-year warranty with a decent build quality.


  • Electric motor power rating of 2A
  • 5″ sanding tool head size
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Affordable price tag for budget users
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip handle


  • Great performance from 2A motor
  • High value for money with a budget price tag
  • Easy to use controls for ease of use


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3. DEWALT Orbital Sander

dewalt orbital sander

DEWALT can be another great pick if you are looking for a power tools brand with multiple corded as well as cordless models.

The DEWALT DCW210B Random Orbital Sander is the 3rd product in this article and it is the most powerful cordless model mentioned here. It is able to offer such high levels of performance due to its Brushless Motor which is powered by a 20V battery system that is quite great. It allows you to easily go up to 12000 OPM orbit speed if needed for a given surface or object.

Another great thing about DEWALT is that just like Makita, it also offers a 3-year warranty. You even get a great build quality that ensures that you can rely on this orbital sander for a long time. Talking about its build quality, it comes with an 8 hole system for changing sanding pads.


  • Electric motor power rating of 20V
  • Orbit speed rating of up to 12000 orbits per minute
  • 3-year warranty
  • Textured rubber grip for ease of use
  • Offers easy to replace sanding pads


  • Best performing cordless sander machine in this article
  • Long battery life from the 20V battery system
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design


  • Lacks included battery and charger

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4. SKIL Random Corded Orbital Sander

SKIL Random Corded Orbital SanderSkil is a renowned power tools brand that delivers high quality innovative equipment including saws, gardening tools, drills, sanders, and many more. 

In its sanders range, this 5-inch orbital sander has the top ratings as it runs on an efficient 2.8 amps motor that can perform 13,000 orbits per minute. So, this sander not only quickly smoothens the surface but also gains the capability to work on any type of surface.

You can choose among the various speeds to ensure the right amount of power is applied on the surface. So, you can use this sander for your furniture, decks, plastic or metal surfaces.

You don’t have to worry about the dust spreading all over the place as this sander comes with a dust collector that uses cyclonic force to collect all the dust during the sanding process.

Moreover, this orbital sander measures just 7.87 x 4.8 x 5.51 inches, so it comfortably sands all the corners and hard-to-reach areas. 


  • Has a rubber grip to not hurt your hands during the process.
  • Comes in an ergonomic design to reduce vibration while operating.
  • Has a 2.7 mm sanding orbit to easily use it in any direction.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Can be used on wood, metal, plastic or any other material.


  • Great speed control.
  • Excellent dust collection.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some users complained that the sander wobbles sometimes.

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5. Bosch Random Orbital Sander

bosch random sander

Bosch is a mainstream brand of power tools that makes tools for all sorts of applications out there.

The Bosch ROS20VSK Random Orbital Sander is another decent corded model if you are looking for one. It offers a decent 2.5A electric motor model that offers a great balance between performance and power consumption. Due to the 5″ sanding pad diameter, this motor should be more than enough for most users out there.

While the build quality offered by Bosch in this random orbital sander is quite great, the same cannot be said about its warranty. You only get a 1-year warranty with this sander machine that is much lower than most other options out there. Although the addition of a variable speed trigger is always great to have.


  • Electric motor power rating of 2.5A
  • Orbit speed rating of up to 12000 orbits per minute
  • 1 year long warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to use variable speed trigger


  • Efficient yet powerful electric motor
  • High orbit speed at 12000 OPM
  • Decent build quality for peace of mind


  • Only a 1-year long warranty
  • Quite expensive

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6. Craftsman Random Orbit Sander

craftsman orbit sander

Craftsman makes power tools models for both budget users as well as high end and industrial needs that include an affordable random orbital sander.

The Craftsman CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander can be another great pick if you are looking for a highly powerful option. One of the best things about this random orbital sander is that it offers a highly powerful 3A electric motor. Its motor is able to generate a high orbit speed of 12000 OPM that should be more than enough for most users out there.

Another great thing about this Craftsman orbit sander is that it comes with a great build quality. When combined with its 3-year warranty, it can easily last for a long time for sanding purposes. Since it can support a vacuum hose, you can make sure that dust does not reach the electric motor.


  • Electric motor power rating of 3A
  • Orbit speed rating of up to 12000 orbits per minute
  • 3-year warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Offers vacuum hose support


  • Highly powerful electric motor at 3A
  • Excellent orbit speed of up to 12000 OPM
  • Great build quality with long warranty period


  • Motor can be a bit loud for a lot of users

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Milwaukee Random Orbit Sander

milwaukee random sander

While there are a lot of random orbital sander models out there that offer a 3-year long warrant, Milwaukee is known for making the most reliable ones.

The Milwaukee 2648-20 Random Orbital Sander is a cordless model that is the most reliable and durable one mentioned in this article. As you would expect, it offers an excellent build quality to the user that is always great to have. But unlike all other models out there, it offers a 5-year warranty to the user that is much higher than other models.

As for its performance, this cordless random orbital sander uses an 18V battery system. This battery powers the motor which allows the sander to go up to 12000 OPM that should be more than enough for most users out there. Another great thing about this battery is that its battery life is quite decent due to the 3 Ah rating.


  • Electric motor power rating of 18V
  • Orbit speed rating of up to 12000 orbits per minute
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Battery life rating of 3 Ah


  • Most durable and reliable option in this article
  • Excellent build quality
  • Highly powerful 18V battery system


  • A bit on the expensive side

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Random Orbital Sander

A Random Orbital Sander is a handy tool used widely by woodworkers for sanding projects. Uses often get confused how to choose the best one among various models available in the market. As a buyer, you should know all about random orbital sander.

So, we are here with a detailed buying guide with all essential information you should know before buying this power tool. Thus, go through this guide till the end to ensure that you make the right decision in its purchase.

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

A Random Orbital Sander is a hand-held power tool used for sanding. Here the sanding pad will deliver a random orbit action, in which the rotation angle of the disk and hand is variable. This sander will combine the aggressiveness and speed to produce a finer finish to the material.

It will rotate and oscillate the circular disc at a very high speed. This will ensure that no single part of the abrasive material will travel the same path for twice during the rotation process and thereby won’t leave any swirl marks.

What should I look for in a Random Orbital Sander?

Apart from differentiating between various models available, you can simply learn what are the features you want to look out in the random orbital sander. So, here we are explaining a few key factors which you have to consider while purchasing the random orbital sander. Have a look on it.

1. Power Source

A lot of electric power tools will run by using different kinds of power sources to power-up their electric motors. The same is true for random orbital sanders, as it is powered in one of these three ways – electric corded, cordless rechargeable batteries and compressed air (pneumatic).

However, each method has its benefits, pros and cons. The power source used by the sander will definitely affect the weight, performance, reliability & power of the sander.

  • Corded Electric – A corded random sander will get power from a wall socket and they are more reliable and widely used. But with this cord, one can get cumbersome while working with it, due to its limited range. They are quite affordable and offers the same level of performance.
  • Cordless/Battery Powered – Sanders running on battery source will suit best in situation where the user working far from the power source, and won’t have an extension cord long enough to reach. The sander uses battery system for getting power and the user is limited to the charging /battery run time. A single charge will provide 30 – 45 minutes, which makes the user to keep a spare battery.
  • Pneumatic – These are powerful and used by professionals. Powered by compressed air, these sanders is suited best for woodworkers having a central air compressor to power up various air tools. For best results, you have to use the pneumatic sander with air compressor that produce an air volume of about 40 or higher cubic feet per minute (CFM).

2. Power Rating

You have to consider the power rating or motor power of the random orbital sander before purchasing, as it is essential to know for performing different tasks. Generally, the power rating differs on the power source (corded or cordless) which you prefer the sander to work on.

For cordless models, the power rating of the battery / motor will be as 18V or 20V whereas for corded models, the power rating of the motor will be 2A – 5A. The more power the motor delivers, more speed (OPM) the pad will make and thereby translates to faster sanding speeds.

3. Orbit Speed

Orbit speed will let you know the number of times the sanding disc orbits in a minute. It provides an idea of the performance output of your random orbital sander. In general, it is given in orbits per minute or OPM.

The higher number will allow you to do more detailed work and the lower count will do more scrapping off the sander. The higher range (10,000 – 12,000 OPM) will results in much finer results.

In case, if you want to change the orbit speed in random sander, then it is possible with a variable speed trigger. This allows you to set different possible orbit speeds.

In general, the speed range between 6000 – 10,000 OPM is ideal for finish sanding whereas 4000 – 6000 OPM is best for polishing or working on any soft materials.

4. Variable Speed Knobs

Most of the random orbital sanders come with a single speed but a few models have variable speed to alter the aggressiveness of sanders. The variable speed knob on the handle will let you change the speed and aggression of sanding. It provides control over the speed of the tool and thereby aids in smooth finish. It definitely adds some cost to the machine.

A higher speed will help you to have a quick grind down the roughness and suits best for general sanding or whenever dealing with coarse materials. Whereas the lower speed will provide a smooth finish to the material while using sander. It suits best for fine sanding. Lacking in variable speeds won’t be an issue. One can achieve success by simply using the correct sandpaper grit, which is coarse with roughness, medium for smoothing and fine for finish work.

5. Sander Disc Size / Base Plate

The place where the sandpaper attached to the sander is termed as base plate. They are associated with few options. This will also determine the size of the sanding area and they come in two different sizes – 5″ or 6″. Here the sander smaller than 5″ are termed as finishing sander which larger than 5″ is considered as professional tool powered with an air compressor.

Another option is the size of the sander disc. One has to choose a larger sander disc size that offers better performance to the user, especially at higher contact surface area. Also, look out for sanders which are easy to replace and handy while working with different sanding discs with different grit levels.

In general, the standard disc size for random orbital sanders is 5″ in diameter. This 5″ sandpaper discs are commonly available in the market. One can also find sanders with diameter 1″ – 4″ smaller discs, which are handy to use for sanding in tight spots. Whereas 6″ or larger disc works perfect for larger projects like sanding a hardwood floor.

So, you should choose the base plate/disc size by depending on the size and model of the sander, you’re going to purchase.

6. Comfort

Using an orbital sander for a long time will make you get tired and fatigue and thereby pay less attention at work. Also, the user fatigue will contribute to sloppy work and thereby imprint the sanding pattern on the project.

So, always search for sander that reduce strain on the wrists, fingers and hands to enhance comfortable usage. This is used in case if the project will take a lot of time to complete.

7. Build Quality & Reliability

Most people overlook the build quality and reliability of this power tool while purchasing. But it’s essential to look for a sanding machine with a sturdy and good build quality to make it use for a longer time. For instance, any power tool that uses metal for its construction will yield best results rather than plastic one.

For reliability, one has to check the warranty duration of a particular model of this sanding tool given by the manufacturer. Most of the models come with a 1- or 2-year warranty while some others include a 3-year or more years of warranty to make it work for a longer time.

8. Comfortable Grip

Even a random orbital sander with all essential features will still fail to work well if you won’t have a comfortable grip while working with it. Here, the size and design of the sander will determine how one can have comfortable grip on their hand. For this, you have to hold the sander first and know how comfortable you can hold it in your arms.

While purchasing, choose the one with soft rubber grip that allows you to hold the sander comfortably, firmly and ease the tension between tool and hand. But won’t choose plastic grip, which may cause blisters on hands. A few models will provide extra handle at the front of the sander to provide better control over operation.

9. Vibrations

It is quite common for a machine to make vibrations while operating. The sander requires some care while operating and one has to hold it tightly. All types of sanders will make a lot of vibration but this random orbital sander will rotate and oscillate in a circular disc at a time. This sander will produce a lot of vibrations. So, the orbital sanders are generally equipped with vibration control feature to reduce the vibration and thereby increases user’s comfort.

It affects the work’s quality of polishing the finished project. The mechanism of reducing vibration is simple as having a soft and rubber over-mold on the grip. So, choose the random orbital sander that vibrates less than other sanders.

10. Other Features

Have a look on these secondary features which are add-ons to your sander to make your work done perfectly and comfortably.

  • Dust Collection – Sanding on a wood for a long time will generate more dust, which is unhealthy to breathe. Also, swirling around the tool is not good. So, you have to look for sander which comes with dust collection system. A few models will have attachable dust bags to collect the dust, while others offer the user to wear a dust mask when sanding.
  • Vacuum Options – Although, a dust bag or canister will help to collect the dust generated by the sander but the usage of vacuum hose will complete the task effectively. So, connect the sander with a shop vacuum and the sander should be compatible with standard vacuum nozzle sizes. It is not offered by all sander models. So, check it before buying.
  • Extra Handle – Some models of random orbital sanders will feature with a top palm grip to make maneuverability easily with one hand. In case, if you’re performing a lot of sanding then simply opt for a model that comes with an additional side grip to get two-handed control while operating.
  • Cord Length – Random orbital sander with a long cord is always preferred as best while sanding, why because it won’t allow you to use extension cords. Prefer to choose a sander with at least 12 feet cord to make it easy to get from one end to another on a large workpiece.

11. Weight

The weight will matter especially when considering the place of sanding. For instance, if you sanding horizontal surface such as floor then the weight of the sander won’t be a big issue. While if you are sanding the vertical surfaces like vertical furniture or side of the kitchen shelves, which requires moving the sander up and down, then weight of sander will be an issue.

Always, having too much weight of the sander will cause tiredness and fatigue in the arms of the user and thereby shortens / slows down the time to sand, which in turn results in reducing the output. So, prefer sanders with less weight for best results.

12. Changing Sanding Grit Paper

It won’t be good to use a sandpaper / a grit size of sandpaper from starting to ending of the project. you have to use different sandpaper whenever one paper wears out or you may need a different sized grit paper for a smooth finish.

Hook & loop is the easiest way to attach and remove the sandpaper to the sanding pad and thereby reduce the downtime of the tool. So, one has to select the sander which accepts this hook and loop sandpaper, which has ease to swap out the sandpaper while purchasing.

13. Price

The random orbital sanders are available at a wide range of price. So, one has to narrow down by knowing for what you’re going to use this sander, which one you can afford or what’s your price range. Most of the people think that low priced sanders are less powerful and suits best for lighter work while the expensive work tend to be powerful and suits best for even higher work.

In general, random orbital sander comes with a price range of $30 – $150, while cordless models are little bit expensive than corded. The cordless models will come with a price range of $90 – $150.

How does a Random Orbital Sander work?

A random orbital sander is quite different from a standard belt sander. It works by spinning the sanding disc simultaneously by moving it in an ellipse. This action will prevent swirl marks and direction of grain won’t be an issue while sanding a material. It works simple yet effective, whenever you turn-on the machine, it starts rotating 5″ to 6″ size of circular pad, which is attached to offset bearing.

They generally use sandpaper disks and these discs are attached by using either hook and loop system or pressure sensitive adhesives. A few models are equipped with dust collectors, shop vacuum / canister to keep the surface clean and neat after sanding the material.

Random Orbital Sander Maintenance Tips

Random Orbital (RO) Sander is quite simple and easy to use and to enjoy the usage of this sander, you have to follow these maintenance tips.

  • Always move the RO sander on the work place in a slow and steady motion but won’t race it back and forth. If so, it will be hard on the surface and tool as well and thereby creates ugly swirls.
  • Avoid skipping more than 1 grade of grit while moving from coarse to smooth. For example, one can skip 120 while moving from 100 – 150 grit but won’t go from 100 – 220 grit, why because it may lose smoothness and finest of work.
  • Use a shop vacuum and brush attachment to keep the surface clean and free from any trapped grit particles when you done with each grit level. Simply, wipe to clean the surface by using a tack cloth in furniture-grade finishing.
  • Never ever tip the RO sander near the edges, especially narrow surface. You have to grasp it around the tool’s neck or else it results in scratches, & gouges. Preferring a slightly rounded corner is also best idea.
  • Prefer to use overlap passes for sanding on a large area. Sand all over the entire surface area with each grit to get best results of smoothening the surface.
  • It’s always best to perform hand sanding after sanding with a random orbit sander to make sure that the wood won’t be marred by swirl marks. Or simply use discs wrapped around the block.
  • It’s good to use high quality discs with grit particles of uniform size rather than cheaper discs, which cut too deep and thereby leave visible scratches. The high-quality one will last longer and saves your money.
  • Handling a sander without a heavy glove will leave you with aches or tingles. So, prefer to use a special anti-vibration gloves to have a safe sanding without any pains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one is better – Random Orbital Sander or Sheet Sander?

Sheet sander/finish sander is somewhat less powerful than random orbital (RO) sanders. The sheet sanders use quarter sheet square sanding pad to get edge of 90° angle whereas the RO sanders use circular pads that makes it not possible to get into tight corners. The sheet sander has back & froth motion whereas the RO sanders move in elliptical orbit to make it less likely to leave swirl marks on the material than sheet sanders.
RO gets easily controlled & manipulated with variable speed motors and costlier than sheet sanders. So, finally, the performance and the range of use will make RO sanders better than sheet sanders.

2. Can we use random orbital sander for drywall?

The circular sandpaper of RO sander will help to smoothen and polish the drywall and other materials with ease. So, you should look for the features like motor size, dust collection, pad size and body configuration while shopping for random orbital sander for drywall. Moreover, for sanding drywall, one can use a hand sander or pole sander for best results.

3. Can a random orbital sander be used as a polisher?

You can use this random orbital sander, which comes with variable speed settings for polishing the car with various polishing pads. So, one can use this RO sander as most effective option for sanding or polishing an auto body.

4. How to select the best random orbital sander for woodworking?

It completely depends up on your short- and long-term needs. A smaller random orbital sander with few additional features is perfect to use for people to perform some smoothing or stock removal action. Whereas for cabinet makers, carpenters or any heavy wood workers will require a tool that perform steadily at a variety of speeds comfortably for a longer period of time.
So, to determine which RO sander suits best for your specific needs, you have to consider various factors like scale of projects, intensity & frequency of use, and the level of experience of woodworker while selecting the RO sander for wood working.

5. What is the difference between the random orbital sander and orbital sander?

Although, both are used for sanding, which makes most people get confused but they are different tools. To get a clear idea, one has to know the difference in them and thereby select their best sander as per their need.
Both of these tools will differ a lot in the shape of base and motion while sanding. A random one has round pad/base whereas the orbital sander has a square pad. The random motion of this RO sander will make it ideal for smooth sanding and stock removal while the orbital sanders are docile and ideal for ultra smooth sanding and rounding over sharp edges but not for heavy stock removal.


Generally, random orbital sanders result in a smooth and fine finish because of their random and circular sanding pattern. These use high-quality sanding discs that make them perfect for various kinds of materials like wood, plastic, metal, and various other things. Because these are quite versatile, we have provided some of the best random orbital sanders in this article.

Even if you are new to such sanders, you can easily differentiate between them as their major differences and options have been mentioned along with them. The detailed buying guide of this article will take you through various important aspects related to random orbital sanders.

Although, you can simply buy one of the following random orbital sanders from our recommendations:

  • DEWALT’s Random Orbital Sander is the most powerful battery powered option present in this article. It comes with a 20V battery system that is quite powerful, along with having a 3-year long warranty.
  • Although, if you just want a powerful random orbital sander without paying a lot, you can go with the Craftsman Random Orbit Sander. This corded model comes with a 3A electric motor for decent power and a 3-year long warranty.
  • But if you are on a budget, you should consider the SKIL Random Corded Orbital Sander. Even though it is the cheapest option in this article, you get a 2.8A electric motor as well as 1-year warranty with it.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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Craftsman 315277140 User Manual ORBIT SANDER Manuals And Guides L0808404


12. PROTECTYOUR LUNGS. Wear a face ordustmaskif operationis dusty.

13.PROTECTYOURHEARING.Wearhearing protectionduringextended periodsof operation.

14.DON'TABUSECORD.Nevercarrytool bycord oryankit todisconnectfrom receptacle.Keep cordfrom

heat,oil andsharp edges.

15.__'SECUREWORK.Useclampsoraviseto holdwork.Bothhands areneededto operate thetool.

16.DON'TOVERREACH.Keepproper footing andbalanceatall times.Donot useonaladder or unstable


17.MAINTAINTOOLSWITHCARE.Keeptoolssharp atalltimes,andcleanfor best and safestperformance.

Follow instructionsfor lubricatingand changingaccessories.

18.DISCONNECTTOOLS.Whennotinuse,beforeservicing,orwhenchangingsanding disc,attachments,

blades,bits, cutters,etc., all°tools shouldbe disconnectedfrom power supply.

19.REMOVEADJUSTINGKEYSANDWRENCHES.Formhabitof checkingto seethat keysandadjusting

wrenches arerem_edfrom tool before turningit on.

20.AVOIDACCIDENTALSTARTING.Don'tcarryplugged-intoolswith finger onswitch.Besureswitchis off

when pluggingin.


touse oneheavy enough to carrythecurrentyour productwilldraw.An undersized cordwill causeadropin

linevoltageresulting inlossofpowerandoverheating.Awiregagesize(A.W.G.)of atleast 16is

recommended for an extensioncord 100feet orless inlength.Acordexceeding 100 feet is notrecommend-

ed.If indoubt,usethe next heaviergage. Thesmallerthe gagenumber,the heavier the cord.

22.OUTDOORUSEEXTENSIONCORDS.Whentool isusedoutdoors,useonlyextensioncords suitablefor

useoutdoors.Outdoor approved cords aremarkedwiththe suffixW-A,for example -SJTW-Aor SJOW-A.


comply canresultinelectricalshockcausingseriousinjuryorworse.


25. NEVER USEIN AN EXPLOSIVEATMOSPHERE.Normal sparkingofthemotorcould ignitefumes.

26.INSPECTTOOLCORDSPERIODICALLYandif damaged,haverepaired atyour nearestSearsRepair

Center.Stayconstantlyawareof cord location.



cleaning.Neveruse brakefluids, gasoline,petroleum-basedproducts oranystrongsolvents to cleanyour


29.STAYALERT.Watchwhatyou aredoingand usecommonsense.Donotoperatetoolwhenyou are tired.

Do not rush.

30.CHECKDAMAGEDPARTS.Before further use of the tool,aguardorother partthat is damaged should be

carefullycheckedtodeterminethatit will operateproperlyandperformits intended function. Check for

alignmentofmovingparts, bindingof movingparts,breakage of parts, mounting,andany other conditions

thatmayaffectits operation.Aguardorother partthatis damagedshouldbeproperlyrepaired orreplaced

by anauthorized servicecenterunless indicatedelsewhere in thisinstructionmanual.


anauthorized servicecenter.

32.Inspect for andremoveallnails from lumberbefore sanding.

33.DRUGS,ALCOHOL,MEDICATION.Donotoperate tool while undertheinfluence of drugs, alcohol,orany


34.When servicinguse only identicalCraftsmanreplacementparts.

35.POLARIZEDPLUGS.Toreduce theriskof electric shock,thistool hasapolarized plug(oneblade is wider

thantheother).Thisplugwill fit inapolarized outlet only oneway.If theplugdoesnotfit fullyinthe outlet,

reversetheplug.If it stilldoesnotfit, contacta qualifiedelectricianto installtheproperoutlet.Donotchange

the plugin anyway.

36.SAVETHESEINSTRUCTIONS.Review themfrequently anduse themtoinstructothers whomayusethis

tool.Ifyouloan someone thistool,loan themthese instructionsalso.

Page 3


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