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Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF are stackable foam blocks that can be filled with concrete to form a strong and incredibly well insulated wall assembly.

The core block of any ICF system

The Straight Block typically makes up between 80-85% of the ICF wall assembly on most residential and commercial jobs. This block has six strong, full-length injection, molded plastic ties made from Polypropylene (PP) regrind resin that are well marked with the words “Fox Blocks” located on both sides of the block. These ties secure the two pieces of modified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam together that make up each block type. The blocks are stacked tightly together and inter-locked end to end to the desired wall length. Once a single layer or course of ICF blocks is installed, horizontal reinforcing steel bars are inter-locked securely together in the ties of the blocks, then another course of Straight Blocks are placed firmly on top as the wall is built. To improve construction wall strength during installation, each course of blocks should have their end-joint connections staggered in a running bond method from the course adjacent to it. This installation method is typical for all Fox Blocks ICF form types and sizes. Fox Blocks has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

Corners and specialty blocks make any design possible

The 90 Degree Corner Block typically makes up 15-20% of the ICF wall assembly on most residential and commercial jobs. This block has six strong, full-length, injection molded plastic ties made from Polypropylene (PP) regrind resin that are well marked with the words “Fox Blocks” located on both sides of the block. The corner block also has one patent pending corner bracket designed like no other in the ICF Industry. This 7/32″ thick x 1-1/2″ wide corner bracket was engineered to add more strength/support to the block because it connects the inner/outer modified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam panels together and is designed to eliminate blow-outs during the concrete pour.

Features and Benefits

With blocks available in a number of shapes, sizes, and concrete core thicknesses, we can create any design you can dream up. Plus, our wall assembly works with all exterior/interior finishes you choose to use, be it EIFS, traditional stucco, brick, stone, fiber cement siding or drywall.

Our wall assembly provides indoor comfort and improves a building’s performance characteristics for the interior environment by eliminating moisture intrusion, managing the airflow and allowing for accurate climate control and minimizing sound mitigation.

Our ICF wall assembly meets and exceeds safety/resilience/durability requirements for Division 03 Concrete, Section 031119 ICF; Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) & FEMA-ATFP Federal Military and DoD Standards FEMA-ATFP.

The performance characteristics of our wall assembly can reduce a building’s heating and cooling cost dramatically (up to 50%) and puts Net Zero Energy goals within reach.


4" 9.25" 48" 0" 5.33 sq. ft. 0.066 cu. yd.
6" 11.25" 48" 0" 5.33 sq. ft. 0.099 cu. yd.
8" 13.25" 48" 0" 5.33 sq. ft. 0.132 cu. yd.
10" 15.25" 48" 0" 5.33 sq. ft. 0.165 cu. yd.
12" 17.25" 48" 0" 5.33 sq. ft. 0.198 cu. yd.


Foxblocks® ICF - Insulated Concrete Forming Blocks

Product Details

By building with Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF), you can produce a sustainable building enclosure that is energy efficient, durable and requires little maintenance. Not only do ICF walls increase the resistance to fire and safety from natural disasters, but their airtight qualities allow for better indoor air quality, by giving the control back to the occupants of the building. The monolithic ICF wall provides uniform interior temperatures and superior sound attenuation properties to increase the building performance of any building type.

Built for Whatever’s to Come

Fox Blocks walls are double-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete walls that are ready for your exterior and interior finishes and will provide peace of mind as they enable you to meet tomorrow’s building codes and design styles today.

Net Zero Building with All-Season Protection

Bring on the extreme weather: with Fox Blocks, resilient construction stands up against the elements. These walls also help you meet your net-zero goals, bringing lifetime energy savings.

We’ve Built a Reputation for Strength

From above and below-grade residential projects to offices, hotels, schools, government buildings, and more, our projects prove the success of our superior product.

See Fox Blocks in action with the Discovery Elementary School building, one of only four schools in the nation to receive the zero energy certification.



It’s one of the strongest wall assemblies available for below and above-grade walls, exceeding safety/resilience/durability requirements for FEMA-ATFP Federal Military Standards.


Provides superior thermal comfort, energy savings, and sound mitigation. An R-value of 23.5+ plus whole-wall high performance enables Zero Energy Ready builds.


Exceeds the code minimum for airtightness. This natural continuous air barrier creates comfortable indoor environments with enhanced climate control.


Create spaces with healthier air quality. Our wall assemblies have a PERM rating of <1.0, virtually eliminating moisture intrusion, mold, and rot from your list of concerns.


Gives you a solid attachment for any exterior or interior finish, eliminating thermal bridging. They’re strong enough to work with everything from brick to siding.


Our block design saves construction time and reduces product waste, with a solid 2” parallel friction fit connection that’s easy, versatile and fast to assemble.


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Thank you for your interest in a Design Basics home plan. It is necessary that we bring various
issues to your attention and obtain your agreement. Please sign and date this agreement and
return it to me along with your payment. Retain a copy for your files.
This is a non-refundable purchase which allows a one-time use of these plans for the
construction of one house does not represent the transfer of any ownership interest of any plans
to you.

This design may not meet current existing building codes and should be reviewed and updated
and/or redesigned as needed to meet your state and local code compliance issues and any seal
requirements. You agree to use the plans provided to you as ‘REFERENCE ONLY” and accept
full liability and responsibility for reviewing and updating the plans to meet existing building
codes, as required, locally. You agree to hold Design Basics, LLC harmless from any liability
associated with your use of the design drawings.

Designer’s plans are professional drawings of general floor plan layouts and exterior elevations
with applicable details but may not include each and every detail in the construction process.
Designer’s plans and drawings, as typical with such plans, do not include any plumbing,
heating, or air conditioning layouts. Since codes for mechanicals vary greatly from area to area
due to local conditions and practices, mechanical drawings should be designed by the
applicable subcontractor and/or engineer together with the builder and homeowner. The
electrical schematic on our plans is only a suggested minimum arrangement that is usually
revised and customized by you, your builder and/or electrical contractor to your specific needs.
The plans do not take all special state, regional or local code requirements into consideration,
nor can the foundation plan properly consider all special site and/or soil variations of a multitude
of widely differing conditions.

Prior to construction of any home, you or your builder agree to consult with a local professional
engineer and architect as may be required to site the house on the lot, perform soil tests, check
the foundation design, and redesign the plans to meet all applicable local codes and

Designer makes no recommendations or endorsements and has no liability for any loss or cost
of damages arising from these matters.

Any revisions or updates made by the owner, builder, their architect, or draftsperson are their
responsibility. Care must be exercised in that revisions may change joist, rafter, or beam spans,
bearing walls and columns that may require structural review by a professional engineer. Any
revisions of Designer’s drawings must not remove any of the copyright notices. Any new
drawings must include the applicable Designer copyright notice. Except for the one-time use
permitted, such derivative drawings remain the property of Designer and protected by federal
copyright laws.

There are no other terms or conditions involved, written or verbal.


6 Fox Blocks ICF projects recognized for efficiency

6 Fox Blocks ICF projects recognized for efficiency

ICFs from Fox Blocks were installed at Our Lady of Sorrows church in Phoenix over 80 days. Photo courtesy of ICF Builder Magazine

Six facilities across the country – constructed with insulated concrete forms manufactured by Fox Blocks – have earned national awards for affordability and energy efficiency.

The winning commercial and residential projects, spanning the United States and the Caribbean, were announced recently as part of the ICF Builder Awards, an international competition designed to showcase the advantage of building with insulated concrete forms, known as ICFs. The awards were handed out in conjunction with the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas.

Each project was cited for the complexity of its design, architecture and challenges faced during construction.

“The variety and scale of projects being built with ICFs is truly astounding,” said Clark Ricks, executive director of ICF Builder Group and organizer of the competition. “It’s time these outstanding projects received recognition, and we feel privileged to take a leading role in that.”

The Fox Blocks projects recognized, according to a release, were:

  • The Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio, was first runner-up in the light commercial division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Airlite Plastics. ICF installation time on the $5 million facility was 21 days.
  • The Health City Cayman Islands in Grand Cayman won the heavy commercial division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Health City Development. ICF installation time on the $46 million facility was 108 days.
  • The Holiday Inn in West Chester, Ohio, won the multifamily division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Airlite Plastics. ICF installation time on the $25 million facility was 45 days.
  • The Kauder in Milton, Delaware, was second runner-up in the small residential division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Airlite Plastics. ICF installation time on the $207,000 was 18 days.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows in Phoenix won the light commercial division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Castle Rock Homes. ICF installation time on the $3.7 million was 80 days.
  • The Park City Sound Studio in Park City, Utah, was named first runner-up in the heavy commercial division. The building used the Fox Blocks brand ICF system and was submitted by Airlite Plastics. ICF installation time on the $23.5 million facility was 30 days.

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Icf fox block

The Afton Home, VA 7,951 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time:20 days

La Costa Cinepolis Theater, Carlsbad CA 25,000 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 22 days

Hazeldean Retirement Home, Stittsvile, Ontario 96,741 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 220 days

Reyes Parade of Homes Residence, Winter Park, FL 3,940 sq. ft of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 11 days

Saugeen Police HQ, Port Elgin, Ontario 11,589 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 35 days

Sofia Court, Walikill, NY 2,642 sq ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 28 days Lowest HERS score in all of North America in 2019. HERS Score: 26

Fox Blocks 6-in-1: The Elements That Make Our ICF Walls Superior

Whitewater Crossing Church Cleves, OH 24,000 sq.ft. of Fox Blocks

Kluemper Residence, Dallas Center, IA

Diceman Modern Farmhouse Dallas, TX 2,691 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 10 days

Hurricane Harvey Rebuild, Rockport, TX, 6,678 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 25 days

Roy Junior High School, Roy UT, 121,217 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 150 days

Krafthaus , Colorado Springs, CO 5,336 sq.ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 68 days

Ranch House Pool, Mathis, TX Specialty Application Fox Blocks Radius Block, Install Time: 5 days

Showbiz Cinema, Homestead, FL 88,144 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 100 days

Cozzi Residence, Fayetteville, GA 4,950 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 25 days

Fox Blocks 12\

Fox Block ICF

Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. Fox Blocks ICF building blocksis a division of Airlite Plastics Company, The Company produces roughly 1.6 billion molded units a year.

Airlite Plastics is a privately held family-owned company which has been located in Omaha, Nebraska since 1946.We are proud of our history and our commitment to the timeless values of providing exceptional customer service, consistently delivering the highest quality products, collaborating with a team of experts to provide dynamic customer solutions and retaining a highly-skilled staff of approximately 675 employees.

Designer and Manufacturer of ICF Blocks

Airlite Plastics is one of the earliest molders to design and manufacture ICF blocks. To date, Airlite Plastics has manufactured:

  • Over 6 million ICF units
  • 76 million tie/webs and
  • Over 33 million square feet of wall surface

In 2005, Airlite Plastics created a new block that provided the dynamic customer solution contractors had been looking for offering a better value while contributing to environmentally sustainable "green" construction.

The result: a new division of Airlite Plastics with a new design in ICF wall systems: Fox Blocks, and new in 2010:Fox 1440, Silver Fox and Fox Tilt-Up.

Because all of the work is completed in-house (the design and production of blocks and ties) we can produce it more cost effectively and efficiently, passing real savings onto you, our customers.

Innovation and Quality

Airlite Plastics is based in Omaha, Nebraska where it operates from two new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The company is ISO 9000 Certified and the recipient of the 2003 Edgerton Award for quality.

Airlite Plastics has distinguished itself in the molding industry as an innovator in pioneering the world's first four-level stack mold for containers and cups, and developing new and customized approaches to molding and plastic packaging for hundreds of customers across the country.

We’ve worked hard to remain a leader in our industry, ensuring each customer receives the highest quality products and service available. When we see Design Professionals specifying our product and contractors installing Fox Blocks, we know we’re making a difference in our environment.


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