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Wood Wallpaper Peel and Stick Rustic Wood Grain Contact Paper Wood Self Adhesive Wallpaper ”x”Distressed Wood Removable Paper Wood Wallpaper Brown Wood Plank Contact Paper Countertop Vinyl

Wood Wallpaper Peel and Stick Rustic Wood Grain Contact Paper Wood Self Adhesive Wallpaper ”x”Distressed Wood Removable Paper Wood Wallpaper Brown Wood Plank Contact Paper Countertop Vinyl


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Product Details

  • 🌲Wood Wallpaper🌲
  • 🌲Large area paste is also very beautiful.And wood wallpaper without considering the splicing problem, paste is very easy.🌲
  • 🌲—[DESIGN]—🌲The wood wallpaper was created after months of research and development by the designer.The wood wallpaper restores the most realistic texture of solid wood in nature. The realistic wood texture gives you a vintage rustic rustic mood.
  • 🌲—[SIZE& MATERIAL]—🌲×in=×ft=sq.ft (m x 2m =sq.m).The wood wallpaper is made of newly developed vinyl and it has been thickened technology processing, waterproof and oil-proof, high temperature resistant, no wrinkling.
  • 🌲—[SELF-ADHESIVE & REMOVABLE]—🌲Features a self-adhesive design and removable glue. Just peel and stick for quick installation. Mesh lines on the back of the wallpaper help you cut quickly and accurately. Easy to remove without damaging the surface of the object or leaving a sticky residue.
  • 🌲—[MULTI-FUNCTION]—🌲Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets, tables, drawers, bookcases, wall decorations, etc. It is a perfect fit for both large and small area pasting.
  • 🌲—[WARM PROMPT]—🌲Please stick on the smooth, flat, dry and dust-free surface, avoid installing on uneven surface.Due to the lighting and other reasons, there may be color differences in the picture.Wallpaper in the delivery process may appear wrinkles, this does not affect the subsequent use.
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Sizeinch x inch (45 cm)
PatternWood Grain
ShapeWood Wallpaper
Coverage sq.ft
UsageHome Decoration
Included ComponentsSelf Adhesive Wallpaper
Batteries Required?No
Coverage sq.ft


Wood Wallpaper Peel and Stick Rustic Wood Grain Contact Paper Wood Self Adhesive Wallpaper ”x”Distressed Wood Removable Paper Wood Wallpaper Brown Wood Plank Contact Paper Countertop Vinyl

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Is it easy to install? Will there be bubbles or wrinkles?

    Answer: Video could not be loaded
  • Question: How is its quality? Is it thick enough?

    Answer: wow, the quality looks great!It is thicker than the wallpaper I bought before.It is easy to apply.
  • Question: The wood grain on this wallpaper doesn't look real?

    Answer: It looks just like real wood!I stuck it on my wardrobe and it looked like a new wooden wardrobe!I love it!
  • Question: Will it get wrinkled by the heat?I want to redecorate my dining table with it

    Answer: This is a very thick wallpaper and does not crease easily.I will also stick it on the dining table, I often put the hot plate from the oven on the dining table, but this will not crumple it.
  • Question: How well does this stand up to coffee stains? My current countertop has coffee rings.

    Answer: I’ve spilled red wine, food, and all kinds of stuff (it’s on my kitchen counters) and they wipe clean. Everything is as clean as ever.
  • Question: What color is this wood wallpaper?

    Answer: Color is wood color, it is exactly as the photo shows. Im very happy with the quality and thickness of materia
  • Question: If its mass is very thick, does it stick well to the table corners?

    Answer: Video could not be loaded
  • Question: How many square feet does one roll cover

    Answer: I do not have a tape measure in front of me I used it to cover the shelves in my base kitchen cabinets I bought and used 4 ro
  • Question: Can it be glued to the dining table?Will the oil stain penetrate into the wallpaper?

    Answer: Of course not!!It's been working on my dining table for a while now, and it's waterproof and oil-resistant and it sticks fast so oil doesn't penetrate.
  • Question: I want to use this on my golf cart to create a wood grain dashboard effect it says its waterproof but will it stay adhered?

    Answer: We don't own a golf cart so can't address that in particular or how waterproof it might be outside. ;) However, we have been very impressed that after months of using this on our coffee and end tables, it continues to adhere perfectly. Even on the edges. But it is kinda firm, so depending on how curved your dashboard is, it could be a challenge to work with it. I'd say overall that considering the fair price and the high quality, it could definitely be worth a try. Good luck!

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  • 3 Star 9%
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  • 1 Star 6%

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Customer Reviews

GW•• ••iz

October 10,

Less Than Half Thickness Stated In Description, washed out color

Description states thickness (pic) of mm ("), measured it is mm (") minus mm for backing. Color is not at all as shown. LOOK ELSEWHWERE this is junk

Na•• ••

October 6,

Cabinet refacing

I bought this contact paper to easily cover up an old cabinet faux wood, the results were amazing and looks so natural!

Am•• ••er

October 1,

Beautiful, but don't expose it to ANY warmth!

The wallpaper is beautiful. However, I specifically bought this because it is supposed to be sturdy, waterproof, and heat resistant. It looked gorgeous, but it permanently bubbles up under ANY heat, be it a dinner plate or a laptop. It would look beautiful anywhere that was solely for decorative purposes, but I definitely regret putting it on a table top. We got most of a refund back.

Da•• ••id

September 12,

Instant Class

I'm using this as a bathroom wall decoration in my home it will be used for staring at for more relaxing soothing poops.

Je•• ••nt

August 27,

Perfdct for counters in travel trailer

Nice color and easy to use

Al•• ••

August 20,

Not a fan.

While the print is as pictured online, it’s almost impossible to install this without a ton of wrinkles and air bubbles. I’ve used adhesive wallpaper before without issues, so I don’t believe it’s user error. After cutting, attempting to install without tons of wrinkles, and wasting two pieces - I gave up and threw it away.

sh•• ••n

August 17,

Thicker than most

Thicker and stronger than most contact paper. Easy to apply. Great wood color

An•• ••ea

August 15,


DI-y didn’t I think of those sooner! I “farmhouse”’d a plain white changing table to make it cute but useful for my hobby stuff since I was good little table/storage arrangement anyway, no sense in getting rid of it only replace it. I was able to press this down and there are no bubbles and it looks VERY great! I am honestly upset a little that I hadn’t though of it sooner!

Ma•• ••uk

August 15,

Looks great, nice quality for what it is.

Easy to work with, easy to cut and lay down. Im happy.

Er•• ••ca

August 12,

Durable and attractive!

I used this for my kitchen countertop and I’m in love! It’s reasonably durable and easy to cover small mistakes and even crooked placement- it all just blends in! I’m not great with things that require fine detail but my counters look GORGEOUS! The quality is great. It’s thicker and stands up to reasonable use. It does not scratch easily. It is *not* heat resistant, but I've easily worked around that with some minor adjustments. My coffee pot caused some bubbling (which, tbh, I haven’t noticed since I did it 6+ weeks ago) so I just put my coffee pot on a serving plate. I was impressed to find that sliding the plate around on the counter does not hurt it at all. I wipe up any drips and spills immediately and haven’t had any trouble with it getting wet. Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase. I have a ton left over and I look forward to using it to spruce up other surfaces around the house!

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Sours: https://www.ubuy.com.bd/en/product/2JAUO8W-wood-wallpaper-peel-and-stick-wallpaper-wood-brown-wood-contact-paper-wood-self-adhesive-wallpaper-r

How I Updated a Countertop with Wood-Look Contact Paper

Counter top makeover with contact paper

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For full disclosure go here.

Do you have an ugly counter top that you're tired of looking at? Do you love projects that don't involve power tools? Then this contact paper counter top makeover project is for you. 

Last week I announced that I'm joining the One Room Challenge and giving our family room a makeover. I shared the plans HERE for the room and some "before" pictures, including the 's built-in bar with the avocado green counter top. Here's a picture of it in all it's glory. 

Ain't she a beauty? Ummm, no. But this project was low on my list of things to update in our house. Never mind that we've been here almost 13 years and I still hadn't gotten around to doing anything to it. Do you ever have projects that never seem to get done, and when you finally do them you ask yourself what took you so long? It happens to me all the time. 

AnywayI'm going to share what I did and what I used for this simple counter top makeover. 

Note - This counter doesn't get heavy use like a kitchen or bathroom counter would. I don't recommend contact paper for a long-term fix, but if you just can't stand your counter any more it's a great, cheap fix. 

I don't normally use contact paper. In fact, I don't really like it on most surfaces. But for an ugly laminate counter, it's the perfect low-budget solution. 

Counter top makeover with contact paper

Supplies needed:

Before you start this project or any other one, be sure you have everything you need. You probably have most of these supplies on hand but here's the list of necessary items:

  • Wood-look contact paper - I used this one ==> Wood Look Contact Paper
  • Smoothing tool
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge (optional)
  • Measuring tape

Covering your counter top with contact paper

Contact paper is not too difficult to work with. If you're patient then you can get contact paper to line up straight and not have a lot of air bubbles. Try not to reposition it too many times or you could stretch it and cause it to have wrinkles.

1. Clean your surface

Clean the counter top with a non-greasy cleaner and remove any leftover residue with a lint-free cloth. Make sure it's nice and clean with no uneven areas. 

2. Measure twice, cut once

I'm speaking from experience as you'll see below. 

Measure the length of the contact paper plus the edging and cut your strip about 1 - 2" longer than that. 

3. Peel and stick

Peel back the first few inches of the backing and press the contact paper edge next to the wall, making sure it's straight. After the first few inches are positioned where you want them, slowly continue to peel the backing as you press the contact paper to the laminate. Use the smoother or a very stiff credit card to smooth out the air bubbles, working from the middle towards the edges. 

Note - don't use anything metal to smooth out the air bubbles or you could scratch the surface of the contact paper. 

4. Trim the edges

Here's a great example of why you measure twice and cut once. My strip was about 1/2" too short. I'd be lying if I said I didn't use some four letter words at this point. I didn't have enough contact paper to replace the strip so I had to do some extra work because of my mistake. 

If you measure and cut correctly, you should have a little bit of the contact paper extended past the bottom of the edge that you would trim off slowly and carefully with a sharp utility knife. Since I didn't, I ended up having to cut off the overlapping piece and replace it with a small strip that was the correct size. Measure twice, cut once and this shouldn't happen to you.

5. Add your next piece

If you can find the pattern repeat, match up the pattern at the seams before you cut your next strip.

You'll want to cut it the same length as your first strip, assuming you cut it to the right length. It likely won't need to be the full width, so you can trim it down to the width you need, plus an inch or two, before you begin sticking it to the laminate. It's easier if you don't have a lot of extra to deal with. 

Butt the seams together as closely as possible, but don't overlap the strips or you'll have a slight ridge where they overlap and it won't look as good.

I didn't have enough length on my roll to get 1 continuous strip so I had to piece my 2nd one, but you can't tell at all. I did overlap where I pieced them together, and then cut through both layers with a sharp blade and removed the excess so it would lay flat.

Here's the finished project:

I took a photo from overhead to try to show the pattern of this particular peel and stick paper. It's a little more rustic than I wanted, but it still looks so much better. And for less than $20, it looks amazing, if I do say so myself!

Note - if you have some air bubbles that you can't smooth out, take your utility knife and gently make a slit in the air bubble, then carefully use your smoothing tool over it and the air bubbles will be gone. 

 Here are some better photos that I took with my camera and not my phone:

I decorated the counter with my vintage paint store ad sign, wood letter organizer, wood rulers, scissors, some floral pencils, a blue and white planterwith boxwood, and a few more little things.

In case you missed the plan for the room last week, I'm sharing another look at it below. I got the vintage inspired sign this week (woohoo!) and it looks just as good in person! If you're wondering why I have paint signs in here, it's because my family owned a paint and wallpaper store for nearly 40 years in my hometown, so it's a sentimental thing for me. 

Click for sources

Paisley Pillow Cover // Blue Pillow Cover // Stonewashed throw blanket // 

Macrame pillow cover // Ikat blue pillow cover // Sectional // wallpaper sign // 

foyer table // media console // lamps

A reader emailed me to ask if I was going to use a new rug in here. Since the room is carpeted I'm not planning to, but just in case it needs more color after all the other updates I've bookmarked my favorite ones for this room HERE.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a makeover of our built-in bookcases, media console, fireplace, and the final reveal of the room with all the new furniture and decor. I can't wait! 

See my tutorial for how to paint paneling like a pro HERE.

Find dozens of budget-friendly tutorials from my archives HERE.

Lots of before and after projects can be seen HERE.

See all of the projects linked up to this week's One Room Challenge HERE.

Sours: https://www.postcardsfromtheridge.com//04/how-i-updated-countertop-with-wood-look.html
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Stick It on Drawers (Fronts, Sides, or as Liners)
Opening a drawer is way more enjoyable when there's a happy little pattern going on underneath your socks or forks or whatever it is you keep in that drawer. Alternatively, contact-paper the front of a thrifted dresser to give the whole thing a modern look.

Delineate an Entryway
If your "foyer" is more like "a door that opens right into the living room," contact-paper a section of the floor or even a section of the walls to make the space feel more defined.

"Hack" an IKEA Anything
The basic equation is IKEA + contact paper = a whole new world. Bookshelves are the obvious pick, but couch legs, headboards, and any and all storage vessels are also worth considering.

Spruce Up a Plain Frame
Pick up basic frames on sale at the craft store and then beautify them yourself using any finish you can find. (But "black marble" frames made from contact paper kind of sound amazing—just saying.)

Rectify a Lame Lamp Situation
So long as it's more cylindrical than organic in shape, a basic lamp can be spruced up very easily using…yes, you guessed it! Basically, look around your apartment, identify the places you'd sure like a change (that you can eventually change back), and have at it.

Sours: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/use-contact-paper-to-beautify-your-apartment

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Easy Application of self-adhesive film on a Corner and Edge

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