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Music from the epic, popular short-film, "Note Block Battle - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep" animated by Alan Becker, with music composed by Aaron Grooves.

Alan Becker is the creator of the popular 'Animator vs. Animation' and 'Animation vs. Minecraft' series. His videos have received billions of views -- literally!

Watch "AVM 16 - Note Block Battle": youtu.be/c0egcErkap0

Watch "AVM 5 - Note Blocks": youtu.be/c9DrryMw

Watch the "Jazzy Note Blocks" Sheet Music Video: youtu.be/eKC2ykkYWDY


released March 14,

Composer/Producer: Aaron Grooves
- www.youtube.com/aarongrooves

Artistic Director: Alan Becker
- www.youtube.com/noogai89


all rights reserved

Sours: https://aarongrooves.bandcamp.com/album/avmnote-block-battle-ost-animation-vs-minecraft-shorts-ep

This article contains a list of the most subscribed Minecraft animators on YouTube.

The list strictly covers channels dedicated (almost) solely to Minecraft animated features. Gaming channels are not counted on the list, even if they have made a significant amount of animations. All help would be very appreciated.

NOTE 1: A list like this is very hard to maintain, primarily because subscriber counts are up to constant change and because it's very difficult to know about the existence of every major Minecraft channel — there might very well be more subbed channels that we are not aware of. Please excuse this list for its potential mistakes; we hope you understand and would like to thank you in advance.

Besides, subscriber counts are prone to change every day — There are big chances of our list becoming outdated at one point. Feel free to update it anytime!

NOTE 2: Due to how hard it is to properly sort YouTubers below the said milestone, we only allow channels with at least 1 million subscribers on this list. The only exception is if those YouTubers have around K subs and are estimated to hit 1 million soon.

NOTE 3: In spite of The Minebox (over 1 million subs) transitioning from machinima to 3D animation, he has only uploaded two such videos so far, and as such we can't yet count him on the list. Minebox is currently fighting a chronic illness which means that while it is confirmed he is making more animations, it will take a while before we see them (at least in the summer of ). As soon as we get to see more animations from The Minebox, he may be put on the list.

NOTE 4: Due to YouTube's latest update it is now no longer possible to see full sub counts, only an estimate. This means some YouTubers with the "same" estimate (eg. Vector Play and AppleSauceCraft) cannot be properly ranked.

NOTE 5: Some YouTubers on this list have hidden their subcount (eg. The Mist, FreddyCraft), but it can be uncovered through Noxinfluencer, where private subcounts are rendered visible in search results and the Channel Statistics header.

The List

Important notes

  • The Mist's subcount is hidden, but a YouTube data website called Noxinfluencer was able to use an unknown loophole/exploit to uncover it. However, it only works in the search results and on the Channel Statistics section of his page, not on the rest of The Mist's page or in the live search suggestions (Where it displays as "--"). You can click the link in the Subcribers header (third row) to see the uncovered subcount for yourself.
  • The maintainer of The Mist operates two other channels, one of which has the country set to Canada and a third, Russian-language channel with the country set to Russia. This leaves the actual country and native language of the uploader unclear, although a link to a VKontakte profile on the Russian channel seems to imply he might in fact, be Russian. However, we have decided to not make assumptions and instead take Australia as country on the grounds of it being set as such on the Mist's channel.

Expected to hit 1 million soon


  • The grand majority of users on the list are Americans and Filipinos, in that order, followed by three Indonesians, Malaysians and South Koreans each and two Germans, Slovaks, Britons, and Canadians each as well.
    • Skola Monstrov (Russia), Donut (Ireland), Ratkidz (Spain) are currently the only YouTubers on the list representing their respective home countries.
Sours: https://minecraftanimation.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_most_subscribed_Minecraft_animators_on_YouTube
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5 best Minecraft animations by MrFudgeMonkeyz

MrFudgeMonkeyz is a Canadian YouTuber who creates animations based on Minecraft. He has a few different animated series, such as: Annoying Villagers, BALDI'S BASICS, Monster School and Lover Story.

He joined YouTube on October 21, and uploaded a few gaming videos, before branching into his animations. He also branched out into satirical parodies of badly animated Minecraft videos, of which have gained lots of traction from viewers on YouTube.

Listed below are the 5 best Minecraft Animations by MrFudgeMonkeyz, ranked by popularity!

5) Annoying Villagers 23 - Minecraft Animation

In this video, Steve is fighting Herobrine, who begins to put hallucinations into Steve's mind, and making him go crazy and question everything he does. Through the video, Steve fights countless mobs, all while coming to an interesting conclusion: in order to defeat monsters, you have to become a monster.

This is the 23rd video in the Annoying Villagers series.

This video has 54k likes and million views.

4) Annoying Villagers 12 - Original Minecraft Animation

In this video, Steve recounts the loss of his friends, all while trying to figure out a solution to never let it happen again. He ends up fighting Herobrine, all while a few villagers get in the way and disrupt their fight.

When Steve passes out from his fight, the villagers distract Herobrine while they attempt to save him. This is the 12th video in the Annoying Villagers series.

This video has 51k likes and million views.

3) Annoying Villagers 4 - Minecraft Animation

In the video - a quick 3 minute clip - villagers and zombies face off against one another to settle their differences. However, they do not do this by fighting one another, but rather, competing in a dance battle.

Other mobs join in on said dance battles - but who will win? There's only one way to find out. This is the 4th video in the Annoying Villagers series.

This video has 36k likes and 6 million views.

2) Fat Herobrine Life - Minecraft Animation

In this video, the viewers follow a day in the life of fat Herobrine as he continually pushes people out of the elevator before getting tasked with killing certain Minecraft players.

The rest of the video is Herobrine going around and elliminating those he was told to in many different ways. Did he manage to complete his task?

This video has 53k likes and million views.

1) Annoying Villagers - Minecraft Animation

In this video, of which is the first of the Annoying Villagers series, an iron golem stands idly by while tons of villagers run past and ignore him.

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Finally, after being made fun of and stared at, the iron golem decides that he has enough, and eliminates the villagers who have hurt him.

This video has 42k likes and million views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/5-best-minecraft-animations-mrfudgemonkeyz

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Mega Walls Deathmatch - Forsaken [Parts 1-3] - Minecraft Animation

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