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How to Unlock a Kyocera Cell Phone

Call your service provider to obtain an unlock code. The code will work on phones using a sim card for service. Service providers will traditionally give out codes for phones that were released over a year ago. They will not give out codes for phones that are exclusive to their network. If you are unable to obtain the code from the service provider move to Step 2, if you are successful, move to Step 3.

Use a website that provides cell phone unlock codes such as freeyourcellphone.com. The site will ask for the IMEI number located underneath the battery on your phone and the model and the service provider before providing an unlock code.

Remove the sim card and place the battery back on and turn the phone on. The phone will prompt you to insert your sim card. Simply type in the code provided to you, either by your service provider or the code generator. A "restriction lifted" prompt will appear when the unlocking is successfully completed.


  • Only the newest Kyocera phones are GSM phones. Prior to their introduction into the GSM market, all Kyoceras were CDMA phones. CDMA phones are hard locked, meaning they do not use sim cards for operation. Unlocking a CDMA network phone requires a MSL code which can only be obtained from the service provider. MSL numbers are traditionally not given out to consumers regardless of the age of the phone.

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Sours: https://itstillworks.com/unlock-kyocera-cell-phone-4843730.html


Want to Unlock Kyocera?
Want to do it at an affordable price?
We're here to offer you the fastest and affordable cost solution. Get your unlock code as cheep as possible. You can unlock your Kyocera inmidiately & effortlessly. Also, no any special knowledge needed. You can complete the unlocking process in few simple steps. The unlock codes that we provide come directly from our database so there is no chance or risk of damaging. We also offer professional and safe services with the quickest delivery time.

What benefits will I get if I unlock my Kyocera?

You will be able to use your Kyocera smartphone with any GSM carrier locally & also internationally without roaming fees just by swapping SIM cards. It is once time process. Your smartphone will remain unlocked forever, even in case of upgrading or hard reseting. Unlocking will also increase resale value of your smartphone. This service allows you to unlock any Kyocera by code.


Before making an order, please check if your device asks for an unlock code. IMEI numbers starting with 99xxx are not supported. Please dont make orders for this IMEI number, because there is no way to enter the code. All Kyocera devices coming from MetroPcs, or T-Mobile USA are not supported, these use a specific app for unlocking.

What are the requirements to Submit Kyocera - Unlock Code Order?

We Just need :

IMEI: Kyocera phone IMEI Number.

  • Dial *#06# to get Kyocera phone IMEI Number.

Is there any Special Instructions to Enter Kyocera?

Instruction for smartphone is simple & effortless. Just a few steps required to enter Kyocera - Unlock Code.

Here is the simple Kyocera - Unlock's Code Instruction:

  • - Turn off your Kyocera phone.
  • - Insert non accepted network Sim Card.
  • - Turn on your phone.
  • - Phone will ask for SIM network unlock PIN or Network lock control key.
  • - Enter Unlock Code.
  • - Phone will show a message Successfully Unlocked.
  • - Now phone is Unlocked!
Sours: https://bigunlock.com/unlock-phone-kyocera
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Unlock Kyocera

How do I Unlock My Kyocera Phone?

How to Unlock Kyocera Phone By Unlock Code

Our Kyocera Unlocking process is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% Guaranteed to unlock your phone regardless of your network!


Network Unlock

We unlock your Kyocera Phone from any carrier restrictions, you’ll be free to use any sim.


Unlock From Home

The Step by Step process is so easy do it from home. No Software or Cables required.


Save on roaming fees

If you are traveling, save money by buying a local SIM card. Use the sim card of your choice internationally.


Lowest Price Guaranteed

There are no middlemen! We will match/beat any competitor pricing.


Official Unlocking Method

Exact same method your provider will use. No risk in damaging your phone or voiding warranty.


Lifetime Staff Support

We have agents working around the clock 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.


Results sent via Email

No need to bring your phone in, all results are emailed to you. Unlock from the comfort of your own home.


100% Money Back Guaranteed 

If we are unable to unlock your phone you will be refunded 100%.

We can even Unlock Kyocera Phones Your Carrier will Not Unlock for you!

Network / Carrier UnlockYes. This is to unlock your devices carrier restrictions. No more sim lock.
Permanent UnlockYes. Once unlocked it is permanent, no relocking
Blacklist SupportedYes. We can unlock blacklisted phones (no guarantee it will work with the same provider or other domestic carriers)
Unpaid Bill SupportedYes. Unpaid bill status devices can be unlocked
SIM card RequiredYes. A sim card from a different carrier will be required
Data Cable RequiredNo. No need to plug it into a computer unless it must be done via an alternative method

Keep in mind, Unlocking a Kyocera phone is 100% Legal. It does NOT void your warranty, contract or effect the plan you currently have.

Get Your Kyocera Phone Unlocked

Unlock all Kyocera Devices Including:

Dura XE
Hydro Air
Hydro Elite
Hydro Vibe

+ all other Kyocera variants!

The Unlocking Process

    1. Fill out the unlock form with your device details
    2. Once we have received your request form, we will start to search for your unlock code.
    3. Our automated system will email you the Kyocera unlock code when it’s ready.
    4. Enter the Kyocera unlock code emailed to you. Follow our how-to unlock walkthrough.


Make sure your phone is not “Hard locked” in which occurs when someone inputs the incorrect code too many times previously, it will show 0 attempts left to enter the code. If it is a brand new phone there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are not sure of the phone’s history, please contact us first as there is absolutely no refunds if there have been too many previous attempts to unlock your phone with an incorrect code.

Unsupported Networks

  • Sprint/Boost
  • Verizon/Virgin (USA)

WARNING: Your device must prompt for a network unlock pin after restarting with a foreign sim card. If your device does not prompt, then you do not need our services and you will not be refunded if still ordered.

Some T-mobile and metro PCS devices will carry the device unlock app, these devices requires a remote unlock.

For T-mobile devices, CLICK HERE!
For Metro PCS devices, CLICK HERE!

Need Help?

If you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 support.

Ready to Unlock your Kyocera Phone Now?

Please go to “Complete Your Unlock” and fill in the information. Please make sure your IMEI Number is correct as it is very important in obtaining your Kyocera Unlock Code. Verify your IMEI Number by pressing *#06# on your dial pad.

Sours: https://www.cellunlocker.net/unlock-kyocera/

Unlock Kyocera phone

In an age of cheap manufacturing, Kyocera phones are built to last. Their rugged construction means they can withstand the elements, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with features. Kyocera phones running Android are used all over the world, and some of the most popular models include the waterproof Kyocera Hydro AIR, the business-oriented Kyocera Brigadier, the user-friendly Kyocera Hydro Wave and the flip-phone Kyocera DuraXV.

Although Kyocera devices have a reputation for being tough, thankfully they aren’t difficult to unlock. With our simple to use service, you’ll be able to use your Kyocera phone on any network, in any country. The best part is that we help you to unlock your phone in next to no time at all – most Kyocera smartphones are unlocked in a matter of hours.

What do I need to do to unlock my Kyocera device?

Firstly, you will need the IMEI number that corresponds to your phone. This is your device’s unique identifier, and from this our team of experts are able to discover your unlock code – allowing you to enjoy the ultimate freedom to use your Kyocera device exactly how and where you want to.

How do I find my IMEI number?

To find your IMEI number, simply look under your phone’s battery. If your device does not feature a removable battery, you can find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# on the keypad.

How do I enter my unlock code?

Simply replace your existing SIM card with the SIM of your desired network. When prompted for the SIM unlock code, enter the password we provide you with. It’s really that simple!

Some other popular Kyocera phones we unlock: Hydro SHORE, Kyocera DuraXE E4710, Kyocera C6742A, Kyocera C6742, Kyocera C6730, Kyocera 5135

We know we are good, because you say that

Very easy to unlock my Kyocera C6745 . Great service I have no problem recommending them. Thanks, Angel

Wow quick and hassle free my phone is sorted for international travel.

It took about 8 working days for me to get my code but they delivered nonetheless. The code worked flawlessly, thanks guys

Sours: https://www.unlock-network.com/unlock/kyocera/

Phones unlocking kyocera

Unlock Kyocera phones

Most Popular Unlock Kyocera Models Unlocked

Unlock Kyocera Phones quick and simple with our official network unlock code.
This means no more GSM carrier restrictions, roaming, or expensive phone plans.
CellphoneUnlock.net can Network Unlock Kyocera phones from any GSM networks such as AT&T, Fido, Rogers, T-Mobile, Telus, Vodafone, Orange, and many more!
Select from the most popular Kyocera models above or choose from the full list to the right.
If you don’t see your Kyocera model listed, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Why unlock with CellphoneUnlock.net:

  • You can use SIM cards from different carriers using the same device!
  • You can use local SIM cards if you are travelling!
  • Kyocera Unlock codes are sent to your email directly!
  • Your phone is unlocked using factory supported methods; this means your warranty and everything else on the phone is untouched.
  • There is no need to root, use software, or use cables at all!
  • You can unlock your phone in minutes after receiving the code
  • Our system is automated. This means the fastest turnaround time!
  • We guarantee our method to Unlock Kyocera phones. Simply contact us if you ever need help!



How To Unlock Kyocera Phones:

Here are the instructions for Kyocera phones (Instructions will also be emailed with the Unlock Code):

  1. Insert a SIM card that is not from the original carrier in your phone and power on the phone.
  2. Once finished loading your phone will ask you for the “SIM Network Unlock PIN”.
  3. Enter the Kyocera Unlock Code.

Your Kyocera Device is now Unlocked!

  • Some phones may have different unlock Code Input Instructions.
  • WARNING: Your device must prompt for a code after restarting with a SIM card from a different carrier. Please check this first! If your device does not prompt, then you do not need our services. Please contact us for more details!


Don't see your Unlock Kyocera phone listed above?

Try searching on the right or email us at sales[email protected] !

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    Metro Pcs Device Unlock App Lg Aristo 3 UnlockCaleb LopezJune 29, 2019
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    LG V30 Unlock order 2715624Edrick HypoliteJune 29, 2019

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All Kyocera unlock pattern and pin

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