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Cop reveals conspiracy theory sleeve tattoo on Area 51 ‘aliens’, 9/11 & JFK after getting ‘hooked’ on wild claims

A CONSPIRACY theory obsessed cop has revealed his sleeve tattoo dedicated to his wild beliefs.

TJ Hall has inked his arm with ideologies - including claims regarding 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the presence of aliens in Area 51 - after becoming "hooked" on his outlandish views.

Cop TJ Hall, 31, is proud to show off his tattoos dedicated to conspiracy theories


The police sergeant's inkings took over 21 hours to complete


TJ questions Neil Armstrong's moon landing as his name written backwards spells alien


The year-old police sergeant of North Carolina says he branded his skin after conducting "extensive" research into the conspiracies.

The dad's intriguing tatts provide an insight into his beliefs - such as the idea the US government were involved in the September 11 attacks.

He even questions the authenticity of Neil Armstrong's moon landing in - because Neil A (Armstrong) is ALIEN spelled backward.

TJ says he splashed out over £1, on the inking, which took more than 21 hours to complete, and proudly shows off the designs wearing tank tops without fear of abuse.

"I am not worried about backlash because these are my beliefs and I have researched them and read about them extensively," he told the Daily Star.

"I believe in all my conspiracy theories but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to learn and keep an open mind about other views and opinions."

The cop even insisted: "The reaction from others has been excellent."

The sleeve on his right arm includes a vibrant illustration of an Area 51 warning sign, below a quote that says "the truth will set us free".

The mystery surrounding the US Air Force base in the north of Las Vegas has propelled it to the focus of conspiracy theorists, who are convinced the government are secretly hiding aliens there.

Another inking shows a skeletal portrait of former President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in November

But TJ believes there was an obscure reason for his murder relating to the secretive desert airbase.

"It is speculated that JFK lost his life because he was trying to get the military to release documents indicating what they are really doing in the military installation, Area 51," he said.

Another inking on his elbow symbolises the Big Bang and shows meteors propelling in different directions.

I believe in all my conspiracy theories but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to learn and keep an open mind about other views and opinions.

TJ Hall

The year-old dedicated a substantial section of his arm to his theories regarding the Twin Towers too.

"I got the World Trade Centres from September 11 on my inner bicep because after reading a chapter in the book called American Conspiracies it opened my eyes that our own government could have played a part in the collapse of the towers," he said.

"I have done research on this subject matter by reading articles and watching footage of the events that day."

Smoke can be seen billowing from the buildings, depicting the moment they were attacked, while a TV screen sketched directly underneath reads "real eyes realize real lies."

There is also an intricate design showing a copy of The New York Times with the headline 'US attacked'.

"To me, that part symbolises the fact that you can’t always fall into the trap that the government and media try to force feed you with," the dad explained.

"It is always best to do your own research and use that information as a deciding factor on what you believe."


TJ, who also works as a SWAT Operator with a police department in North Carolina, said he had longed for a tattoo sleeve but didn't have any ideas.

But when he embarked on a trip to Destin, Florida with his wife and purchased a conspiracy centred book, called 'Behold a Pale Horse' he became "hooked" on bizarre theories.

The police sergeant even has an "all-seeing eye" tattooed on him to chillingly symbolise that the government is "always watching".

The controversial tatts were designed by Phillip Hollar at Wicked Needle in Rutherfordton.

TJ said he intends to get another arm sleeve and a leg sleeve tatted inspired by conspiracy theories within the year.

The year-old has a large section of his arm devoted to the 9/11 terror attack




A&#;E flies us to Planet Nerd on new tattoo series Epic Ink

Epic Ink tattoo reality series on A&E

Huey Lewis was obviously ahead of his time when he belted out the lyrics to his Top Ten single &#;Hip to Be Square&#; back in , and it doesn&#;t get any more hip or square than the Tatooine masters (see what I did there?) of Area 51 tattoo studios, who are featured on the new A&#;E reality series Epic Ink premiering tonight at /c.

The network&#;s press release announcing the show describes Area 51 as sitting &#;at the intersection of pop culture and cutting-edge tattoo art,&#; adding that &#;the artists at Area 51 specialize in hyper-realistic tattoos featuring beloved characters and scenes from favorite sci-fi films and pop culture.&#;

Here&#;s a preview clip:

Details on the individual tattoo artists from Epic Ink from the press release:

The cast of Epic Ink features some of the most talented tattoo artists in the world, including five of only a handful of tattooists worldwide who are licensed by LucasFilms to tattoo their properties. Chris 51 is one of the most well-respected tattoo artists around and the proud owner of Area 51, located in the hometown of his most beloved cartoon family, The Simpsons. Welshman Chris Jones has been nominated for three-consecutive Tattoo Industry Awards for Best UK Male. Wild child Heather Maranda is a self-taught artist who specializes in hyper-realistic tattoos that appear to jump out of the skin. Josh Bodwell combines his love of geek culture and tattoo art into custom realism and portraiture tattoos and is a walking encyclopedia of sci-fi trivia. After early run-ins with the law, Lifelong sci-fi fan Jeff Wortham looked to tattooing to turn his life around and now travels the globe to tattoo at sci-fi conventions. Rounding out the group is receptionist Caroline Russell who serves as the “Nerdio translator” between the full-fledged geeks and the rest of the world.

Epic Ink cast photo A&E Area 51 tattoo artists Chris 51 Chris Jones Heather Maranda Josh Bodwell Jeff Wortham

Well we know that Area 51 is located in the Simpsons&#; hometown at the intersection of pop culture and cutting-edge tattoo art, but where is that exactly? If you wanted to get the perfect tat of Wedge Antilles on the edge of your Achilles, and you would trust no one else but the inkomparable Geekelangelos of Area 51, then where do you go?

We will start off with their virtual location. A Google search for Area 51 tattoos turns up numerous searches, and can be a bit misleading, although I assume that after the show has been on for a while that the top result will eventually be what you are looking for. The website for the Area 51 tattoo studio featured on Epic Ink is where you can find out all kinds of information about the staff and the facilities as well as a phone number to call and schedule your appointment. (Did you know that Area 51 also has a salon?!?)

Anyways, here are some sample pics from inside the tattoo studio and shop:

Epic Ink Area 51 tattoo lobby

Area 51 tattoo parlor interior

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, for the big question&#; Where is the Area 51 tattoo studio from Epic Ink located physically? The answer, for all of you who weren&#;t aware of Matt Groenig&#;s geographical confession, is Springfield, Oregon, which is right next to Eugene in the westernmost region of Oregon, in the middle of the state along Interstate 5. The physical address for Area 51 tattoo is Q St Springfield, OR Here is a map and Google street view:

Where is the Area 51 tattoo studio from Epic Ink show located? Map

If you do decide to pop in to Area 51 for some ink, just tell them Starcasm sent you and get a 0% discount! 😉

And just in case you had any uncertainty about getting your tattoo from Area 51, then tune in to Epic Ink on A&#;E Wednesday nights at / to completely assuage your fears! (They really are amazing!)

Interior Area 51 studio photos: Area 51 Tattoo Facebook page

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Epic Ink

For the publisher, see The Quarto Group.

Epic Ink is an American reality television series that premiered on August 20, on A&E Network. The series features a group of talented tattoo artists and their love of tattooing pop culture at their Oregon-based shop, Area 51 Tattoo. Episodes aired on Wednesdays at &#;p.m. EST.


The series follows Area Tattoo owner Chris 51 and his "out-of-this-world" team of tattoo artists as they bring pop-culture (movies, comics, cartoons, sci-fi and fantasy) to life as living body art in eye-popping ink. Their specialties are hyperrealistic tattoos that are what they like to call, "geek-chic".

Opening introduction by narrator:

Chris Jones: We like to help people bring out their inner nerd. Heather Maranda: Area is the place if you want to come and get sweet-ass crazy images. Chris We don't settle for easy two-dimensional tattoos. We push the boundaries. Jeff Wortham: We just make history every day. Chris We want popping off the [beep] skin. We do the most technological, realistic, crazy, hyper tattoos you've ever seen.

Tattoo artists[edit]

  • Chris 51 - Shop owner, one of the most well-respected tattoo artists, specializing in pop culture and alien art tattoos. Chris imagined and co-created the show, casting all his friends for the roles.
  • Heather Maranda - Self-taught tattoo artist, specializing in cartoony/bright-color hyper-realistic tattoos
  • Jeff Wortham - Comic book art, sci-fi and cartoon tattoos, travels the globe to tattoo at sci-fi conventions
  • Chris Jones - Hailing from Wales, nominated for three consecutive Tattoo Industry Awards for Best UK Male, specializes in hyper-realistic and portrait tattoos
  • Josh Bodwell - A "walking encyclopedia" of sci-fi trivia, specializes in sci-fi/futuristic, realism and portraiture tattoos.
  • Caroline Russell - Shop manager/receptionist, not a "geek" on pop culture like the others and serves as the "nerd translator" between the "geeks" and "normal" people


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