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Sharp is a major brand in Japan—in both the cell phone and television market—and has been a leading innovator in 8k resolution and large HD TVs. With that said, you may be wondering whether you can control your Sharp smart TV with your phone.  

You can control your Sharp smart TV with your phone by downloading the Sharp Remote app, using an infrared blaster, or through Roku—since Sharp has partnered with Roku on most of its smart TVs. If you have Apple TV 4k or HD, Amazon’s Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast, you can do the same thing under a different OS.

In this article, we’ll cover the many ways you can control Sharp’s smart TVs through your smartphone.

Controlling Sharp Smart TVs with the Mobile App

Roku TVs are very user-friendly, especially when it comes to controlling your TV with your phone. Like TCL, Insignia, Hisense, and numerous others, Sharp Roku TVs operate the same. You will find the Roku app on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

You won’t need an infrared blaster on a Sharp Roku TV. The app’s remote layout is similar to the Roku remote that comes with your smart TV—even down to the same color scheme. The control layout is simple and intuitive. Oftentimes, it even works faster and more accurately than the Roku remote that comes with the smart TV. It’s a very popular app, with a 4.7 review score on the App Store and a 4.5 on Google Play.

Also, it comes with an optional, virtual keyboard, voice command, the ability to miracast from your phone to your TV. It also comes with the Roku Channel. When you open the app, you’ll see the options for Roku Channel, Remote, and Devices at the bottom.

The Roku channel is a free addition to the Roku – Official Remote Control app. Like Hulu’s bottom-tier subscription service, you’ll have to endure commercials. But, it’s not a bad addition to a remote control app for your Sharp Roku smart TV.

Controlling Sharp Smart TVs with Infrared Blaster

If you own one of Sharp’s Aquos or Q-series smart TVs, your best option is to purchase an infrared blaster accessory add-on for your smartphone. This is assuming your smartphone doesn’t come with IR built-in. You can find a list of Android devices that support IR here. Apple iPhones don’t come with built-in infrared blasters, and you’ll have to purchase a separate dongle or IR hub:

It can be irritating knowing that you have to purchase a separate accessory to use your phone as a remote, but Sharp isn’t alone in this. Unless your smart TV comes with Roku built-in, or you purchase Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast devices, then an IR blaster is generally the best option.

Final Thoughts

Sharp has a remote control app available in both Google Play and the App Store. However, the reviews are so terrible that you should only consider it as a last resort. Currently, the Sharp Smart Remote app has a 1.4-star rating on the App Store and a 2.1 on the Google Play Store.

There are other apps available on the Google Play Store for smart remote control. However, they all require the IR blaster accessory or built-in software.

Outside of Roku, Sharp went through a difficult struggle outside of Japan. While there aren’t many Sharp smart TVs to choose from, they are available and no more difficult to integrate with a smartphone remote than any other smart TV.


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Sharp TV Remote App: How to Install and Use It

We do have remotes to control our TV. But most of the smart TVs came up with their own mobile application, which can be used to control the functions of the TV. Using the mobile app, you can turn on or off, control volumes, change channels, install apps on your smart TVs. Likewise, Sharp TV has also got an application that can be installed on an Android or iOS device to control the smart TV. Let us look into the Sharp TV remote app in deep.

Sharp TV Remote App

Sharp doesn’t have an official application for the remote. Still, you can download and install third-party applications to access the remote on your mobile phone.

Sharp Smart Remote

Sharp Smart Remote application from Cabot Communications Ltd is available for both Android and iOS. You can find the application in both the Google Play Store and App Store.

#1 Connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as that of your Sharp TV.

#2 Install the Sharp Smart Remote application on your smartphone.

Sharp TV Remote App

#3 Make sure to enable Virtual Remote on your TV.

#4 From the home screen of your TV, go to Menu.

#5 Choose the Settings menu and choose Other Settings.

#6 Then, enable the Virtual Remote feature.

#7 Launch the app on your smartphone, and the app will search for any Sharp Smart TV.

#8 Select your TV from the available devices.

#9 Now, you will get the control buttons. Use the control buttons to navigate between the icons.

Control Buttons

Related: Philips TV Remote App.

Alternative Sharp TV Remote Apps

Other TV remote apps like Remote Control For Sharp TV and Sharp TV Remote Control offer the same control features. But, these apps are available only for Android devices. For iOS devices, you have to use only the Sharp Smart Remote app.

You can install any of the above-mentioned three applications and control your Sharp Smart TV. Pick a remote control app based on your smartphone and preferences. Let us know your favorite remote control app in the comments below.


Sharp Smart TV Remote

This app allows users to control their Sharp Smart TVs from a smartphone.
Please note that this is not the official Sharp Smart TV app, but can be controlled with this Remote Control app.

Our app has several remote models available, so you can select one that suits your device.

The app was designed to let you use your Sharp Smart TV device even if you lost your remote control! Please note that the app requires your phone to be equipped with an IR sensor.  

In order for the app to work, you need to enable "IP Control" (or "Aquos Remote Control" depending on your TV model) on your Sharp TV.

You can try the following options:

Option 1:
* Go to - MENU > Initial Setup > Internet Setup > Press ENTER.
* Select "AQUOS Remote Control", and then press ENTER.
* Now "Change" will be highlighted, press ENTER and make sure to select "Enable".

Option 2:
* Go to - Menu > Setup > View Settings > Network Setup > IP Control Setup > select "Change".
* Select "Enable" to use IP Control.

If your model enables it, set a device name, make sure in the detailed settings that PORT is set to the value of 10002 and leave the username and password empty.
Confirm the settings by choosing "OK" and exit the menu.


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How To Fix A Sharp TV Remote Control That's Not Working

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