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All the best podcast takes from SBNation's Mid-Major Madness

  1. The Neubauer Hour

    The Neubauer Hour

    Fordham fired Jeff Neubauer on Tuesday, meaning we got a chance to engage in our favorite activity: baseless speculation about college basketball coaching hires. We also discussed Terry Taylor, Richmond, and conference tournaments before jumping back to coach talk because we just can't help ourselves.
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  2. A salute to the unbeatens

    A salute to the unbeatens

    With reduced schedules, constant pauses, and more, teams have not played as many games as they normally would have by mid-January. This has left us with a handful of undefeated teams, and some of them with a real chance of finishing the season unblemished. We take a look at each one of them (minus Alabama State, sorry) and talk about their chances moving forward. Then, we move on to Dayton before having some fun at Hannah's expense.
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  3. Northern Iowa and San Diego State head in opposite directions

    Northern Iowa and San Diego State head in opposite directions

    This week, Northern Iowa announced that it would forgo the remainder of its non-conference schedule to try and get healthy. The Panthers are and have now lost star AJ Green for the season, so the balance of power has shifted significantly in the Valley. We break that down, then look at the San Diego State Aztecs who are somehow even better than expected. The gang also touches on Grand Canyon, Rhode Island, Western Kentucky, and Marshall in a rapid-fire look around college basketball.
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  4. A Mercer Bears and Ohio Bobcats appreciation podcast

    A Mercer Bears and Ohio Bobcats appreciation podcast

    It's been, well, a week in college basketball. The most anticipated game of the weekend (Gonzaga vs. Baylor) was called off and the Bulldogs are now paused due to positive COVID case(s) within the program. So instead of breaking that game down, we discussed the Mercer Bears and why they are Sam's mid-major crush of the week. Then, Russ challenged Sam and Lance to a game about Ohio's run before we started speculating about the WAC and conference realignment.
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  5. Over-reacting to Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky, and Richmond

    Over-reacting to Northern Iowa, Western Kentucky, and Richmond

    There’s no better time to make reckless claims about the quality of college basketball teams than after precisely five (5) days. It’s science. Western Kentucky and Richmond are awesome. Northern Iowa stinks. Gonzaga is basically the ‘96 Bulls. Most importantly: Grant Golden remains our son. Sam and Russ were on again this week, while Hannah Butler made her podcast debut to help break it all down and more.
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  6. A warm welcome to our new editors and the basketball season

    A warm welcome to our new editors and the basketball season

    Well folks, the college basketball season is here. Mid-Major Madness has staffed up in recent weeks and we are thrilled to welcome Lance Hartzler and Sam Newberry (among others) to the team. Lance and Sam jump on the pod to talk about their mid-major backgrounds, what they're looking forward to this year, and to help Russ figure out how the hell this season is going to work.
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Customer Reviews

Great basketball show!

I love hearing updates on so many of the teams that are never talked about throughout college basketball. Always a funny listen!

Saint Mary’s fan that loves this podcast

I have always been a fan of mid major teams. ODU, then Hawaii, and since moving to Alameda CA 20 years ago Saint Mary’s from Moraga California. This pod cast is a fun, witty, look at Mid Major teams and conferences. If you like basketball, consider going to your local mid major or lower games, and keep up to speed with the rest here, on Mid Major madness. Brett.


When they talk about UNI😩💦

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Here&#;s how Gonzaga should respond to BYU&#;s likely departure from the West Coast Conference

by: Russell Steinberg &#;SB Nation: Mid-Major Madness 4 Sep

The Bulldogs are a high major program in a mid-major league, and they need to get creative.

Memphis Tigers

BYU to commit to two non-conference games in a season isn&#;t going to happen. Memphis is a different story. The Tigers are the team poised to get screwed the hard

Brigham Young Cougars

lowing for more non-conference opportunities. Now, without two games against BYU every year, Gonzaga faces an even tougher climb to keep its schedule strengt

Gonzaga Bulldogs

her climb to keep its schedule strength respectful. Here are some things the Bulldogs can do to mitigate the damage: Schedule a home-and-home with BYU Anyone with

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On Saturday in Milwaukee, Butler will play a semifinal game in the Horizon League tournament. The Bulldogs and Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the top two seeds in the event, have a bye into the league semis this year.

The West Coast Conference and Metro-Atlantic Athletic Conference have new and similar arrangements for Championship Week. In the WCC, top seeds Gonzaga and San Diego benefit from a re-structured bracket with a bye into the conference semifinals. In the MAAC, regular-season winner Manhattan will also sit tight until only four teams remain.

Darnell Achey
Darnell Archey readies for the Oklahoma challenge.

A year ago, you may remember, last-place Wisconsin-Green Bay nipped Butler, , in the Horizon quarterfinals. Ultimately that loss, after wins in 25 of its 29 starts prior to the conference tournament, relegated Butler to the NIT.

Now, the Butlers and Gonzagas need to win only two games to claim an automatic NCAA bid. Perhaps more importantly, the changes in their respective conference tournaments have greatly reduced the possibility of the dreaded "bad loss." And, by playing only the better teams in their leagues, the RPI "hit" that often comes from beating bottom-feeders is also minimized.

So there are procedural reasons for more mid-majors to be optimistic this March. Thankfully, there are also basketball reasons. It says here that Butler, along with perhaps both Gonzaga and Southern Illinois, have already tied up NCAA at-large bids. None are "locks," of course (we've learned that the hard way!), but these three "mids" are in the best position to survive a stumble as conference tournaments begin play later this week.

Butler, in particular, has a much stronger profile than it did a year ago. Southern Illinois is not as strong as last season, but neither is the pool of "bubble" teams from the traditional multi-bid conferences. I'm here to tell you that there are going to be some very mediocre teams seeded No. 11 or No. 12 come Selection Sunday, and that should make it even easier for the men's basketball committee to do the right thing -- that is, take an extra mid-major or two instead of a seventh team from the SEC or Big 12 or wherever.

Butler, in my view, is already safe. At overall and as champions of the No. 14 conference, the Bulldogs are in. They project as a No. 9 seed this week and simply cannot fall far enough to miss the NCAAs, even if they were to lose a Horizon semifinal game.

Gonzaga is obviously not the national contender it was a year ago, but, again, the Zags have won the regular-season championship of the No. 10 conference. They also scheduled an insane non-conference road tour in response to last season's disappointing No. 6 seed. These Bulldogs are also in.

Southern Illinois is even hotter right now than Butler and Gonzaga. The Salukis also hold a one-game lead on Creighton with only a visit to Illinois State standing between them and the regular-season Missouri Valley title. Win that one, and SIU can relax heading into its conference playoffs.

Weber State (Big Sky), Western Kentucky (Sun Belt), Manhattan (MAAC) and Charleston (Southern) are much less comfortable. The tournament committee has generally not dipped down the conference rankings far enough to take regular-season champions from these leagues. Heck, even Fresno State isn't safe for an at-large bid due to the lack of quality competition all year in the WAC.

Perhaps the most interesting mid-major case of all is Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Panthers are among our "Last Four Out" this week, but have suffered buzzer-beater losses the past two Saturdays to Southern Illinois and Butler. The Panthers also stand to host round three against the Bulldogs in the Horizon final.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if two Horizon teams go dancing this month. But don't ask me about the MAC, because anyone who says they know how that muddled mess will unfold is lying.

Oh, and did I mention that Creighton is a "lock?" If the Bluejays lose in the MVC tourney and are passed over, I'm hanging up my brackets for good.

Joe Lunardi is the resident Bracketologist for ESPN, ESPN.com and ESPN Radio. He may be reached at [email protected]

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