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This Noble soft glass piece features a camo mix body, a silver black foot, and a clear wrap. This particular color patterning gives the outside of the piece a pronounced texture. It is available in 4 different sizes. Our artisans craft all of our unique soft glass pieces with the utmost care.

  • 14 mm glass-on-glass matching bowl

  • Glass-on-glass diffused downstem



    PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are unique, individually handmade works of art, and may vary slightly in shape, size, and appearance from the picture.


    No-Wrap: ” Tall, apx. 4” base, apx 2 lbs

    Small: ” Tall, apx. 4” base, apx 2 lbs, with decorative wrap

    Textured Dichro: ” Tall, apx. 4” base, apx 2 lbs, with textured dichro wrap

    Medium: ” Tall, apx. 5” base, apx 3 lbs, with decorative wrap

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Glass bong soft

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Soft Glass vs. Borosilicate Glass Care Instructions

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