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Smartwatches have been popular for years and years, with seemingly every tech company getting into the market. Even with tons of options out there, Garmin is a long-time leader in the space, thanks to the brand's top-of-the-line GPS capabilities and constant innovation. Seriously, there are so manyGarmin smartwatch options out there—it can get moderately overwhelming. But that just means the right fit for you is just a few clicks away when shopping online. And lucky for your wallet, countless options are currently on sale on Amazon—but only for a limited time.

Whether you want a model that will keep up with the elements or a sleek style that won't be bulky on your wrist, Garmin has the perfect fit. Plus, all of Garmin's smartwatches come with fitness tracking capabilities, letting you keep up with the intricacies of your individual wellness without much effort. With additional features like solar charging, contactless payment, water resistance, and shock resistance, Garmin watches are top-of-the-line in terms of innovation. And that means they can cost a pretty penny, which is why a sale like this is so notable.

Right now, Amazon is currently offering a huge discount on select models, with most watches discounted at $100 or more. Now, that's a hell of a lot of savings. If your smartwatch could use an upgrade or if you've been waiting to make the investment into a top-rated fitness tracker, check out these models by Garmin on sale for a limited time only.

Garmin Instinct


$195.00 (35% OFF)

As one of the top-rated Garmin models, the Garmin Instinct combines military thermal, shock, and water resistance with all the specs of your typical smartwatch. It even has a trackback feature to navigate the same route back to your starting point. Plus, it can last up to 14 days before needing a charge. The super-popular model is more than $100 off for a limited time.

Garmin Fenix 6S


$399.99 (20% OFF)

Whether you like to run, swim, or bike, this Garmin watch will track it all. But it isn't only the ultimate training buddy. The Garmin Fenix 65 also includes contactless payment and music capabilities to boot. It's $100 off right now.

Garmin Forerunner 35


$99.00 (42% OFF)

As an Amazon best-seller, the Garmin Forerunner 35 does it all for a relatively small price. From tracking your workouts and daily heart rate to receiving notifications, this device has all the essentials features of competing smartwatches.

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire


$699.99 (18% OFF)

Looking to splurge? Well, look no further than the Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire. With an extra-large display, this watch is perfect for tracking activity and sleep. Plus, it's GPS and map-enabled, as is expected with a Garmin device. You can get all your push notifications synced to the device, plus store music and contactless payment info.

Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical


$349.99 (33% OFF)

At $100 off for a limited time, this water-resistant Garmin watch has a vastly extended battery life, thanks to solar charging. Plus, it's certifiably rugged. Like, military-grade shock protection rugged. With a bevy of fitness and wellness apps, this device will be your tough-hanging go-to. 

Garmin Vívoactive 3


$161.14 (42% OFF)

The Garmin Vívoactive 3 features fitness tracking, notification syncing, and contactless payment capabilities. The watch face itself is super strong, making it ideal for those who are constantly scratching up their smartphone screens.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar


$699.99 (13% OFF)

Predictably, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar has killer solar charging capabilities, meaning it will last you up to 16 days (!!!) without needing a charge. It has all the health and fitness tracking you need, and some you didn't know you needed, like elevation analysis and TOPO maps.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S


$246.14 (30% OFF)

This Garmin model may be compact, but it sure packs a punch. Tracking multiple points of fitness and wellness, this watch will take note of your respiration, stress, sleep, heart rate, hydration, and more. Plus, it includes workout guides right at your wrist. For a limited time, it's $100 off.

Garmin Instinct Solar Surf


$349.99 (22% OFF)

This solar-charging water-resistant and military shock-graded watch is perfect for avid surfers. Though it tracks fitness and wellness like any other Garmin, it also tracks number of waves surfed, maximum speed reached, and distance traveled on the waves. It even has tide data to let you stay up-to-date on ocean conditions.

Garmin Venu Sq Music


$149.99 (25% OFF)

Sure, the Garmin Venu Sq Music will bump some jams. But it will also track your energy levels, respiration, hydration, sleep, and stress. Plus, it includes preloaded fitness apps and contactless payment. Right now, it's $50 off.

Garmin Lily


$149.99 (25% OFF)

In need of a fitness gift for the woman in your life? Get her a Garmin. The Garmin Lily is not only stylish, but it has all the fitness tracking you expect from a smartwatch, including push notifications and safety features. The Lily also tracks yoga, Pilates, mindful breathing, and other specialized fitness and wellness activities. Grab it for $50 off retail for a limited time.

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Amazon Music Launches on Garmin Watches: Everything you need to know


When Garmin first got into the music wearable industry some 18 months ago, I don’t think anyone would have sat back and said: ‘Garmin will become the most widely supported music streaming services wearable on the market’. But oddly enough, as of today, that’s actually what’s happened. No wearable on the market today supports as many music services as Garmin does for offline use (no, not even the Apple Watch).  And as of today, Garmin’s list now includes Amazon Music.

If you’ve got Amazon Music (of any variety), you can now offline sync it to your music-enabled Garmin watch. That allows you to go for a run without your phone and listen to Amazon Music. And somewhat unexpectedly, there’s actually another first here: The first company to support Amazon Music offline. No other company except Amazon’s own app has that capability.

Now many of you know that I’m a huge Spotify user. I listen to Spotify all day long. Except, when I don’t. Which is when the kids are streaming Wheels On the Bus, or The Girl is streaming Jack Johnson. In which case, I’m listening to Amazon Music. As I type this, I’m listening to Amazon Music. I don’t pay extra for the Unlimited variant, I just have the one that comes free with Amazon Prime.

If you’re looking for a video run-down of everything, here ya go:

With that, let’s cook on to getting it all configured. Don’t worry, it’s painless. Oh, and if you’re looking for my previous guide on setting up Spotify on a Garmin wearable, that’s here.

Getting It Set Up:


I’ll first preface this section by noting that this these photos probably make it more complex than it really is. Basically, you just download the app from the Connect IQ store and then follow the prompts to authorize your account. That’s it. But, for the sake of making things super clear and non-short, here goes.

First up, here’s the list of compatible watches. In a nutshell, it’s every Garmin music-enabled wearable ever made, and will undoubtedly be any future watches as well.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
Garmin Forerunner 945
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series
Garmin MARQ Series
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

You’ll need that watch handy, and if your battery level is below 50%, then you’ll want a charging cable handy to sync music (not required for setup though). And finally, you’ll need WiFi already setup on your device to make this work. As with virtually all wearables, it can’t be something like a Starbucks hotspot or hotel wifi.

First up is pulling up the Garmin Connect IQ app store for your device, be it on your mobile phone or the Garmin Connect site (if on desktop), then searching for Amazon Music. You can use either the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your phone, or the Garmin Connect IQ app. Two methods, same result:


Once that’s done you’ll click to add it to your device, and in a short bit it’ll sync to your watch, which you can then confirm there. At this point you can go ahead and access it on your watch by scrolling up to the Music menu (it should show up by default there, but if it doesn’t for some reason you can go into the Widget Settings on your watch and add it to the widget roll).

Then depending on how much you’ve used music on your Garmin it’ll either show up immediately in the sources list, or you’ll need to change your music source to Amazon Music:


You’ll want to be sure you’ve got Garmin Connect Mobile still running in the background of your phone somewhere. It’s how the watch talks to Amazon. Minor note, you do need to have gotten time via GPS at least some time in the last forever. Meaning, as long as you’ve done a workout then you’re good to go. But if you just got the watch it’ll ask you to check GPS to get time (it doesn’t care where you are, it just wants the time – smartphone synced time isn’t trusted enough).

Once you’ve opened up Amazon Music it’ll then give you a code to enter in online at Amazon:


You can use a desktop or smartphone for that. It’ll ask you to sign-in to your Amazon account if you’re not already signed in:


Then it’ll confirm Garmin has access to your Amazon music account:


Once you’ve done that, Amazon will tell you you’re good to go:


Within about 10-15 seconds, the watch will get its golden ticket (authorization) and then it’ll bring you to the screen to download music. At this point you’re ready to roll!

General Use:


The app allows you to download any music you’ll find on Amazon (or at least, I haven’t found any blockers yet). You’ll start by hitting the ‘Browse’ button on the main app. This gives you a slew of ways to start your music search. Again, Amazon Music Unlimited is not required, only a regular Prime Membership is. Though, there is a free 30-day trial if you want that.


The app methods are as follows:

– Try Amazon Music Unlimited: If not already on that paid tier, it’ll offer a deal to get you to sign-up
– My Music: Anything you’ve saved within the regular Amazon Music app on your phone/computer/etc…
– Playlists: This gives you recently played playlists, as well as sorted by moods/genres, and top playlists
– Charts: Top Songs, Top Albums, Top Playlists
– Recommended: Tracks, playlists, and albums recommended by the Amazon magic music machine
– New: Self-explanatory

We’ll just go with downloading something I’ve already selected as part of my account by choosing ‘My Music’. This will enumerate the various playlists that I’ve saved via the other Amazon apps. It’ll allow me to choose my Playlists, Artists, Albums, Genres, Tracks:


I’ll select Playlists, and then it shows me those from my account:

The down arrow means to download the playlist, so once you tap it, it’ll go ahead and start searching for WiFi:


If however, your battery is below 50%, it’ll require you plug in. I’ve always thought this Garmin limitation (same for other Garmin music streaming platforms) is a bit too conservative. I’d prefer something like 25-30%, and then simply cut me off at 10-15% battery remaining.

In any case, once you either plug in or juice up, then it’ll show you the status of downloading:


I’ve found Amazon Music on Garmin devices slower to download than Spotify on the same device (even when done back to back). On Amazon Music I’m getting about 3-5 songs per minute (download speed), whereas Spotify is nearly double that at about 10 songs per minute. However, there are numerous times when I’ve only gotten 1-3 songs per minute on Amazon Music.

This is testing across all of the compatible Garmin devices (for realz, I loaded it up on all of them): MARQ Athlete, FR945, Vivoactive 3 Music, Fenix 5 Plus, FR645 Music, and FR245 Music. And this is with average download speeds for both home and office being 450-500Mbps. Garmin says this is somewhat expected, and that download rates vary between music services based on a slew of factors including encoding rates.

Either way, just a heads up on that.

Once downloaded you’ll see the playlist listed at the top of the Amazon Music app:


You can simply select it to start playing it. At this point, if you’ve got your headphones connected, it’ll automatically begin playing. If not, it’ll ask you to connect them:


And then it’ll start playing:


From here on out the controls/etc are all the same as any other music you’ve got on your watch. Skip/play/pause, etc. Unlike Spotify however, you will get album covers for all songs:


When Spotify gave a presentation at the Connect IQ Summit back in April, they noted they made the specific choice to not include album covers as it didn’t convey anything to the user except to remove real estate for song title/etc. While perhaps true, I’d argue the album cover conveys the artist’s emotion, and that’s a huge part of music. So I like the album covers, even if they look like they were rendered on a Commodore 64 and take away text space. Here’s side by side Spotify vs Amazon Music (different songs obviously).


Finally, if you want to update your playlists with the latest music, simply choose the ‘Sync’ option. This will go out to Amazon and grab any new/extra songs added to any playlists you’ve already downloaded.

All in all, it ‘just works’ for me. No complaints here on functionality for the most part. I will note that every once in a while I’ll go to download a playlist from some sections (not in ‘My Music’) and it’ll say that playlist was only available for Amazon Music Unlimited peoples. It’s like a passive-aggressive thing. Feels tacky (since the first option anytime I browse for new music to download is already an Amazon Music Unlimited ad), but shrug.



We’ve seen a pretty impressive transformation by Garmin over the last 18 months. They’ve gone from a company that didn’t even have a music wearable in the market, to one that now has half a dozen devices and supports more music streaming platforms than anyone else. They’ve got a dedicated music industry team onboard, and the fruits of that are starting to show.

From Spotify last fall to Amazon today, these are major platforms to sign-up. But I get the impression Garmin is only just beginning in this space. It likely starts with having some level of neutrality in their devices, they’re able to more easily convince these platforms to give it a whirl. But in talking to some of them, it’s also simply because Garmin’s underlying music provider interface is simply more advanced and more easily adoptable to these streaming platforms.

Which of course, doesn’t mean Garmin’s solution is perfect either. All of these options require downloading your music via WiFi ahead of time. None of them support cellular on-demand streamed connectivity, even Garmin’s own Vivoactive 3 Music LTE. There’s gaps in hardware and battery conception that make that more difficult for Garmin than other watches that advertise only a day or so of battery life.

Finally – if you’ve got Amazon Prime already (which boatloads of people do), this is kinda a no-brainer to get music on your watch that doesn’t cost anything extra. I’ve added it to my devices, merely to mix things up a bit. It probably won’t become my daily driver, but, I like having it there just for the variety.

With that – thanks for reading!

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Garmin smartwatches are on sale at all-time low prices at Amazon

You’re in luck if you want a higher-end fitness smartwatch without paying a premium for it. A Garmin sale at Amazon has dropped the price of the 47mm Fenix 5 smartwatch to an all-time low of $250, a full 50 percent off the official $500 sticker. You can also buy the more sophisticated Fenix 5X Plus for $496, a record price drop well below the original $800.

Buy Fenix 5 on Amazon - $250Buy Fenix 5X Plus on Amazon - $496

These are older Fenix watches, from 2017 and 2018 respectively, but they can still fit the bill if you’re focused on improving your athletic prowess. The base Fenix 5 is a rugged multisport watch with a heart rate monitor, GPS, sleep tracking and up to two weeks of battery life in its usual smartwatch mode. Step up to the Fenix 5X Plus and you’ll get a pulse ox acclimation sensor for high-elevation exercise as well as newer creature comforts like tap-to-pay and on-device music playback. They won’t rival the latest smartwatches in general functionality, but they don’t have to.

There’s also a discounted watch if you’re more interested in classic looks than raw features. Garmin’s Vivomove HR is on sale at Amazon for $159, or just over half of the initial $300 asking price. It’s also an older timepiece, but it’s more fashionable with its mix of analog watch hands and digital notifications. It can also track your heart rate and sleep, and its five-day battery in smartwatch mode (two weeks in watch-only mode) is still strong.

Buy Vivomove HR on Amazon - $159


Fenix 5X Sapphire Watch

$444.00 (26% off)


As the world gets back to some semblance of normalcy, we’re feeling more confident about our racing schedules. So, why not embrace your competitive edge with a new running watch?

If you need any convincing, Amazon is slashing the price of a bunch of Garmin smartwatches. While there are plenty of options to choose from—such as kid-friendly models and options that will transition nicely from your coworking space to the open road—we have our eyes on Garmin’s Fenix 5X watch.

There’s a reason why this smartwatch has over 7,400 positive reviews on Amazon, a 4.6/5 rating, and an “Amazon’s Choice” badge. Decked out with a rugged exterior that’s shock and water-resistant, this watch is well-suited for any type of run.

Not only does it feature Garmin’s signature GPS system, but it also has Glonass capability to track your whereabouts in more challenging environments. And, thanks to its preloaded running profiles, this smartwatch is able to tell the difference between trails, tracks, and treadmills. (That way, you can track your progress as you mix up your training.)

Want to give the running a rest? The Fenix 5X also has a colorful topographic map, cycling routes, and outdoor navigation features. Whether you want to go running, cycling, or hiking, this watch has you covered.

Normally, Garmin's Fenix 5X smartwatch costs $364; however, Amazon’s shaving $66 off the asking price. In fact, according to a price tracking platform called CamelCamelCamel, this is the cheapest this watch has ever been. So, if you’re not going to snag a great deal on a Garmin watch now, when?

Shop More Watch Sales on Amazon

Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker



Vivomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch



Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch



Garmin vivomove HR, Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women, Silver with Tan Italian Leather



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📹 See our hands-on review

Kelsey MulveyKelsey Mulvey is a freelance lifestyle journalist, who covers shopping and deals for Marie Claire, Women's Health, and Men's Health, among others.

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Amazon garmin fenix

One of our favourite Amazon Prime Day cycling deals so far sees a hefty discount on the excellent Garmin fēnix 6 Pro smartwatch. UK buyers can save themselves £214.99, while shoppers in the US can bag a $100 discount. 

Garmin fēnix 6 Pro

We were really impressed by the Garmin Fenix 6 when we had it on review. It’s easy to view and customise your data screens, while the ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to pair a power meter and/or heart rate monitor – should you prefer to a chest strap to the optical wrist based sensor integrated into the watch.

The mapping functionality is itself most impressive, with a full colour base-map over which your route is then overlaid in an easy to differentiate purple.

View deal USA: Was $649.99, now $549.99

View deal UK: Was £649.99, now £435.00

If you dabble in a bit of running and want one unit which will cover you for both sports, or if you ride CX through the winter and don’t want to be faffing swapping head units between bikes, or if you compete in triathlons and need all of the functionality required for that – the Fenix 6 presents a good choice.

For our complete list of Amazon Prime Day deals, our hub page can be found here. Otherwise, here’s a little selection...

GORE Wear C5 Men's Cycling Bib Shorts

Gore’s mid-range cycling shorts boast breathable and fast-wicking fabrics, along with a pressure relieving chamois – without the premium price tag of the more exclusive C7 shorts, which we were nevertheless really impressed by when we had them on review, earning 4.5 out of five stars.

View deal USA: Was $120.00, now $111.32

View deal UK: Was £99.99, now £49.29

Garmin HRM-Dual

A heart rate monitor is one of the affordable ways to start tracking your performance and accurately quantifying the gains you are making. The ability to track your training load makes it much easier to ensure you’re doing the right amount – not too little and not too much.

View deal USA: Was $69.99, now $54.00

View deal UK: Was £60.31, now £52.95

Muc-Off 907 Nano-Tech Cleaner

A spotless bike is a fast bike – and it’ll also increase the service life of your components. Bike cleaner is something you’ll always need, so it does make sense to stock up.

View deal USA: Was $44.99, now $23.94

View deal UK: Was £34.63, now £13.83

I bought a Garmin Fenix 5 from Amazon Renewed (Refurbished)

Don't wait for Black Friday – save £200 off the Garmin Fenix 6 right now

The Garmin Fenix 6 is just £328.03 at Amazon today – a saving of £201.96 off the recommended retail price, and even cheaper than last year's Black Friday deal.

The Garmin Fenix 6 is one of the best Garmin watches around and rarely dips below £400, so this is a truly exceptional deal that's not to be missed. Past experience has taught us that this type of price drop doesn't last long, so if you're interested, it's best to snap it up before the opportunity passes.

Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best Garmin deals near you.

Hot deal

Garmin Fenix 6: £328.03 at Amazon
Save £201.96 We've rarely seen the flagship Fenix 6 this cheap before, even during sales events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. In fact, its price rarely dips below £400. This is a very special deal, and we expect it won't last long.
View Deal

More great Garmin deals

The Garmin Fenix 6 is an extremely impressive multi-sports watch, but if you don't need quite so many features, there are also some excellent deals on the rest of Garmin's watches right now.

Garmin Venu 2:£279.69 at Amazon
Save £70.30 The Garmin Venu 2 only launched a few months ago, and impressed us with its fitness tracking chops and bright AMOLED screen. This is one of the best prices we've seen so far (we've been keeping track) and like the Fenix 6 deal above, it's likely to end soon.
View Deal

Garmin Instinct Solar:£209 at John Lewis
Save £110.99 This is an unexpected deal on the Instinct Solar from John Lewis, and is much lower than Amazon's current price. This deal applies to the Solar Blue model, which is a tasteful shade of Navy. The black model will set you back £40 more.
View Deal

If you're not in the UK, here are the best Garmin deals where you are.


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