Round closet rod

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Heavy Duty Closet Rod w/ End Supports - 1 5/16" Dia. - Chrome

Desunia is pleased to offer this beautiful clothes rod which will look great in any closet... especially yours!

Strength You Can Count On!

This is something that may not be apparent until you actually feel the heft of it in your hand. This rod is made from steel that's a robust .050" thick. Bring on those heavy winter coats!

Beautiful Finish

The heavier steel that goes into our closet poles is the perfect foundation for a fantastic finish. Some manufacturers apply the chrome plating as soon as the raw goods leave the steel mill. Not us! We always polish our rods first, and THEN apply a generous chrome plating. The resulting finish is practically mirror-like, and will last for many years!

Support Flanges Included
No need to hunt high and low for end cups, because everything is included right here as a complete kit! So rest easy, knowing that each component will fit like a glove. Oh, and don't forget that our end cups are made with the same care and have the same flawless finish as the rods themselves. There's even a handy set screw to keep everything in place once you're done! Nice!

EZ Installation

- If installing over wood, just attach the flanges at the appropriate location with the provided screws.
- If going over sheetrock, use the provided hollow wall anchors.
- When you cut the rod to length, try this pro-tip... wrap some masking tape around the rod a few times in the location where the cut will be. This makes it much easier to mark and also prevents the hacksaw from "wandering" as you start the cut.

Here's What You Get
- 1 Chrome closet rod
- 2 Polished chrome end supports
- 6 Chrome Screws (1 1/8" long)
- 6 Hollow wall anchors


There are many opinions on which closet rod is better, Round or Oval? Which is cheaper? Which one is stronger? Which one has less friction? Which one scratches less? Which holds the clothes the best way? Which one looks better? The list goes on. Let’s take an engineer’s perspective on the subject and put a little math behind which one is better for your custom closet. I will also present logical reasons where empirical data is not found.

First, oval is not really oval. It is flat on parallel sides and rounded on the ends as shown in the photo below. A round pole is exactly as described, round.

Oval Closet Rod Shown in Polished Chrome

Round Closet Rod Shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Surprisingly, many voice their liking for oval closet rods stating they are stronger. Stronger? Based on what? It is hard to justify which is stronger without describing material composition. Saying one is stronger than the other is like saying all red cars are faster than blue cars without knowing the performance data on the cars.


Oval wins out in the pricing game. The oval pole is cheaper than a round pole. This is the main reason why some closet companies use oval as it adds to their bottom line without the customer knowing the difference.


A common closet oval pole has a wall thickness of 1 mm while a round pole has a wall thickness of 1.9 mm. Clearly a thicker wall is stronger than a thinner wall when comparing the same metal composition. Based on thickness round wins.

Taking wall thickness out of the equation an oval pole is weaker in torsional tests and in the lateral plane. Oval is only slightly stronger in the vertical plane. When loading an oval pole with heavy clothes the vertical strength will falter and the pole will succumb to torsional stress and fail. Taking all three into consideration round wins especially when the diameter of the round pole is large than the oval pole.


This is a non-issue, no math needed! We are sliding our clothes only a few inches at a time in the closet. Saying one has less friction over the other is like saying a 2 carat diamond wedding ring is more fatiguing on your finger when compared to a 1 carat ring.


Scratching depends on the quality of the finish on the pole regardless of shape. If something is coated cheaply it will scratch. If you are using poles with a lifetime warrantee there will be no issue on scratching.

Holds Clothes Better

Holding clothes better is a matter of personal opinion. The oval pole allows the hanger to twist on the pole as there is very little pole surface contacting the hanger. The round pole is bit larger and holds the clothes more in line with one another. Your closet professional should have both to show you so you can decide.

Looks Better

This is also a matter a personal opinion. An oval pole is about 1” tall and about ½” wide. A round pole is 1-5/16” in diameter. The round pole is larger than the oval pole and looks robust in the closet. You can see photos and compare in this article.

This article was written by George Chowanec. George has a Master’s degree in engineering and has worked in the residential/commercial construction industry for over 25 years, and has owned All About Closets since 2003. For your complimentary closet consultation please call All About Closets.

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Closet Rod 1-5/16in Round 12ft Chrome
Closet Rod 1-5/16in Round 12ft Chrome

Closet Rod 1-5/16in Round 12ft Chrome

Closet Rod 1-5/16in Round 12ft Chrome

Important Information

Closet Rods may incur additional special shipping and handling charges when carried via common carriers. Applies to Closet Rods longer than 6 feet to a maximum of 8 feet. Many common carriers can not transport goods longer than 8 feet. If you are planning to ship our closet rods and have any questions, please contact our customer care who can give you some options to consider.

Closet Rod ShapeRound
Diameter1-5/16 in
Gauge14g (2mm)
Length12 ft

Need in-depth product information? Speak to one of our industry experts!

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Closet rod round

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How to Instal Closet Rods

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