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Silvio Di Tano, Hofbräuhaus Munich

With the FieldXpert I have simple and fast mobile access to the current energy utilization data from anywhere, plus I can analyze trends and configure the instruments.

Silvio Di Tano, Head of Electronics
Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München

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Modicon Random Things.png
Current developerslumien
Version1.14.4: 5.0.1
1.12.1: 4.0.8
1.12: 4.0.8
1.11.2: 4.0
1.11: 3.7.8
1.10: 3.7.4
1.9.4: 3.7.3
1.9: 3.7
1.8.9: 3.6.6
1.8.8: 3.5.8
1.8: 3.5.6
1.7.10: 2.2.4
1.7.2: 2.1
1.6.4: ._1.9__MC_1.6.4
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4-1.14.4
Magic World 2
Unstable 1.7.2

Random Things is a mod by lumien. As the name describes, it does not have any specific theme. Instead, it adds a variety of unrelated blocks, items, and mechanics. It tweaks some of vanilla Minecraft's mechanics, for example, Hardcore Darkness.

External links

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Dyeing Machine ·
Ender Bridge ·
Light Redirector ·
Spectre Core ·
Contact Button ·
Creative Player Interface ·
Chat Detector ·
Imbuing Station ·
Lapis Lamp ·
Fluid Display ·
Portal Generator ·
Fertilized Dirt ·
Online Detector ·
Ender Mailbox ·
Crafting Table ·
Prismarine Ender Bridge ·
Entity Detector ·
Redstone Interface ·
Life Anchor ·
Player Interface ·
Contact Lever ·
Spectre Block ·
Quartz Glass ·
Block Breaker ·
Ender Anchor ·
Sakanade ·
Lapis Glass ·
Analog Emitter ·
Voxel Projector ·
Quartz Lamp ·
Rain Shield ·
Global Chat Detector ·
Potion Vaporizer ·
Pitcher Plant

Item Collectors

Item Collector ·
Advanced Item Collector


Nature Core ·
Nether Core ·
Ender Core


Nature Chest ·
Water Chest

Biome Blocks

Biome Stone ·
Biome Stone Bricks ·
Cracked Biome Stone Bricks ·
Biome Glass ·
Chiseled Biome Stone Bricks ·
Biome Cobblestone


Bean Sprout ·
Bean Pod ·
Magic Bean Stalk ·
Lesser Bean Stalk


Colored Grass · Stained Bricks · Colored Redstone Blocks


Grass Seeds ·
Sakanade Spores ·
Evil Tear ·
Ectoplasm ·
Spectre Ingot ·
Fire Imbue ·
Poison Imbue ·
Experience Imbue ·
Wither Imbue ·
Collapse Imbue




Hardcore Darkness

Sours: https://ftb.fandom.com/wiki/Random_Things
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Nuclear_Creeper0 said:

You can always use Draconic Evolution Crystals or the Ender IO Dimension Transceiver. Oh how I miss tesseracts :l I cri.

Click to expand...

I would say that the DE crystals are not exactly "wireless" per se, much like the AA lasers, they have distance limits and you need to chain them together. Though there IS a wireless crystal that can transmit energy to machines a short distance away. In fact, if you were to combine those with another method, that could be interesting!

Have your RFtools energy cell or EnderIO wireless transceiver (good call on that, that's definitely wireless power transmission, though I don't see your point about Tesseracts as the Transceiver has almost identical functionality) attached to a DE I/O crystal, link that to a DE Wireless energy transceiver, and then link that to each of your machines in a room. Rinse and repeat as needed.

The downside with the DE route is that the wireless transceiver crystal doohickey still needs to be linked manually to each machine; what you can't do is just plonk down a machine in a room and it just works. The only way I know of to do that is the Extra Utilities 2 wireless RF battery and Wireless RF Transmitter. And even then, you may need to right-click the transmitter again when you put down a new machine to get it to connect.


Sours: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/wireless-power-transmission.244246/

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