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Turbo Intercooler Intake Manifold Kit for Z Fairlady Z L28 L28E Engine HP

CXRacing Turbo Kit + Intake Manifold for Nissan Z / Fairlady Z L28/L28E Engine

This Kit is Designed and Made for Nissan Z, Brand New Aluminum Intake System and Turbo System Bring Your Fairlady Z to an Unprecedented Power Level While Keeping the Factory L28 Engine.

New Intake System:
-Aluminum Intake Manifold
-Built-in Velocity Stack for Each Cylinder, Smoother Air Flows
-Aluminum Fuelrail, AN8 Inlet/Outlet. Fits BOSH Style Injectors, 14mm O-Rings Slots and 60mm Length, Such as EV14L
mm Throttle Body Provision (See Picture for Bolt Pattern and Size). Throttle Body NOT Included.
-3x 1/8 NPT Vacuum Ports

Turbo System:
-Super Duty Thick Wall Manifold
" Vband Outlet, T3 Turbo Adapter, Best for Older Generation Engine Performance
-T3 GT35 3" Vband Outlet Turbo, Supports HP
-Comes with Turbo Air Inlet Screen Filter
mm Vband Wastegate, 8 PSI
-3" Stainless Downpipe

Intercooler System:
-Large Front Mount Intercooler, 3" Core
-Aluminum Mounting Brackets, Professional Look
"and 3" Aluminum Piping Kit
-Comes with BOV

1. Need to Heat-Wrap the Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, One Roll of Heat Wrap is Included.
2. Injectors, Fuel Lines, Throttle Body, Exhaust Catback Are NOT Included.

Chassis: Nissan Z
Engine: L28/L28E

x1 Manifold Downpipe Kit With Elbow Adapter
x1 Aluminum Intake Manifold with Fuelrail
x1 GT35 Turbo Charger
x1 44mm 8PSI Vband Wastegate
x1 Oil Line Kit
x1 Air Screen Filter
x1 Oil Filter Sandwich and Oil Line Kit
x1 Intercooler, with Mounting Bracket
x1 Intercooler Piping Kit with Hoses, Clamps
x1 Blow Off Valve
x1 Set of Vband Clamp

Sours: https://www.cxracing.com/

Ok, i started this post about intake Manifolds a while ago when i was looking for one. Meanwhile i got a nice, oldschool FET intake sitting in my shelve and waiting to be refurbished and installed. Well however since then i found more and more other options and thought i make Post about all classic and Modern Intake manifold Options from the Land of the rising sun. Im a JDMjunky after all 🙂 I know there are plenty of other (mainly US) options but this is about the japanese only.

1) Triple-carb Intakes manifolds / kits:
Sanyo Kiki / SK / S-三
Japanese brand which still exists, but has been splitted into different groups and doesn&#;t produce intakes under that brand name anymore (See below). I so far found three different designs:
The Very first one was marked with &#;S-三&#; only:
s-l - Kopie

The second version is marked with &#;SK&#; and &#;SANYO&#;, while the overall functional design seems to remain the same.
SK old - Kopie

SK Sports kit
The third version was a complete Kit sold with a later Sanyo Kiki intake cast-design but also came with the carbs and everything. Quite a popular choice and i like it:
SK sport - Kopie

Recently i found this version with the blue &#;SK&#; sign. Not sure if it&#;s an original item or if it has been reproduced or modified at any time. but i wanted to add it here for completeness sake:

Thanks to duffy, who sent me the pictures of his slightly different SK-intake Manifold with what appear to be bearings at the Linkage? Also the SK-casting on the manifold itself (left side) seems slightly thinner). Maybe the bearings where there for better and smoother throotle feel. It seems like there are a few different versions with some small changes, probably improved designs over the years&#;

OER Corporation
In Sanyo-Kiki was splitted into different branches and their Carb-business got renamed to OER Corporation. Since then the old SK-kits have ben redesigned and sold under their new brandname either as Intake only or complete OER Sports injection kit (Still available new through OER Japan):


Tomei powered
Was available new until around late , not anymore sadly. If you compare the pictures it seems like this is an almost copy of the datsun Competition or ohtsuka Intake (See below)tomeimkl - Kopie

Datsun Competition
Datsun USA / Nissan Japan sold this intake Manifold as an optional &#;sports&#; Intake for the Mikuni / Solex PHH44 Intakes (Picture from the Competition catalogue):  datsun comp - Kopie

Ohtsuka / Otsuka / 大塚 :
I don&#;t know if Ohtsuka / Otsuka / 大塚 is a Brand name or just some other description. But well known Alan Thomas of Z Fame identified this one as an &#;Ohtsuka&#; Intake manifold. The previous Owner Ray A. allowed me to use his pictures. Kudos Ray!
If you look close you can see it looks very similar to the datsun competition Manifold, but the fin in the center of the competition item is at the edge in the Ohtsuka type manifold. Also the funnels appear to be a bit shorter in this one. If anybody has more information about this, please let me know! BTW. i don&#;t think it was blue when it was new, someone must have painted it over the years 😉
Ohtsuka 1
Ohtsuka 3

FET / Far east trading / Kyoku-To / 極東
Here we have an early Kyoku-To Design Intake manifold (極東 = Kyoku-To = Far east)
FET old - Kopie

I&#;ve also seen them labelled &#;極東&#; on some 4-Cylinder Manifolds.
It appears that the company still exists but now mainly produces boss kits and racing gear:

Later versions came branded as F.E.T. (Far East Trading) and had the additional Balancer tube on top. This is what i got for my car. I heard the balancer tube makes idling adjustment a bit tricky but i got it mainly because of the finned design will fit my Kakimoto valve cover excellently.
Compared to some other brands this one has very short funnels which is great if you don&#;t have much space.
P - KopieP - Kopie

Here&#;s another one. thanks again to Duffy for your Input and Picture! It seems to be a later design of the FET intake, with the Brand casting in the center.

EXCEL / Solexcel
A reader of the European DPAN Facebook group emailed me a picture of his &#;Excel&#; Intake manifold kit:
___n - Kopie

I first wasn&#;t sure if it was a japanese brand at all, but a bit of googling and i found some adverts and pictures of similar Kits for the A14 Engine (Pictures courtesy of datsuncom). Unfortunately, i wasn&#;t able to find more Information or Pictures from an L-series Setup or Kit.
Excel - Power kit - JDM - Kopie

It seems like they were among the first companies to use dyno&#;s to tune their stuff. Their kits are sometimes also dubbed &#;Solexcel&#; Kit which is a complete kit with Solex Carbs and Excel manifolds, etc&#;Excel Power Kit 2- JDM - Kopie

Mikuni is mainly known for their Famous Carbs (actually they built Solex carbs in license), but they also had their own intake manifolds for the L6 Engines (picture shows a repainted one)
Mikuni - Kopie

Like most others Mikuni sold a complete Kit Including carbs and all the bits for the  L6 Motor:
Mikuni 2 - Kopie

Harada Shokai
Looks pretty similar to many other designs but is still available and probably the technically most advanced, modern and best engineered design. aside from all the annodize bits i think it looks very oldschool 😉Harada_M - Kopie

Kameari Racing
Intake Manifolds are still availabe new from kameari Japan for various carb sizes and applications. UPDATE: I got noticed that Kameari just re-sells Harada Shokai intakes. and comparing the pictures this might be very true. Unfortunately i cannot understand the japanese text in the kameari catalogue to confirm this. but most probably this is true as the Pictures, partnumbers and kits look very similar and still both are available 😉 Unfortunately often referred to as &#;Kameari Intake&#; which is wrong since it&#;s a Harada 😉
Kameari Manifolds - Kopie

Here&#;s a closer look at one of them:
Kameari 44mm Intake manifold - Kopie

Hayashi racing
So far only got this single picture showing a Hayshi racing L28 Intake manifold and i&#;m not sure if it will fit the other L6 heads but it looks beautiful:Hayashi L28 - Kopie

UPDATE: Found another picture on ebay:
Hayashi 5

2) Individual Carbs / intake manifold kits:
SS-works Individual carbs system:

Instead of using 3 carbs for 6 cylinders, SS-works Japan is using 6 small Keihin FCR 41 Carbs, designed for motorcycle application, for the L20 / L24 / L28 Engines together with a custom-made Aluminum intake manifold.
They promise a unique sound coming from it and individual throttle-body like response, as well as easy handling, compared to the more dated carbs often used.
I wasn&#;t able to find a better picture than the one on their website:

3) Turbo kits / intake manifold kits:
HKS Pre-Surge Tank versions
Worlds first ever off-the-shelve Turbo kit was developed by HKS in July for the JDM Kenmeri GC Skyline&#;s L20 Engine with single-carb. It was called the &#;FET&#; Turbo kit (According to some japanese source, because it was developed in a partnership with the Company Far-east-trading (FET, mentioned above)). But it was not marketed under the HKS brand first. It improved Power by 40% from to PS and Torque from 16,5 kg/m to 23,0 kg/m.

However it appears that later version was Sold onder the HKS Brand. This one which i found and bought lately. Read more Details about it HERE:

The Pictures only Show the surge tank with valves and pressure sensor. Turbo manifold and Turbo itself are missing.

Update Got some pictures of the full kit, see also more detailed pictures and the history about it HERE: https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress//ive-got-worlds-first-turbo-kit-hks-cskyline-lstreet-turbo/  It appears that this later version was built in a similar way, but for the 4cylinder L-series Engine (L16 / L18)

Due to the huge success, HKS wanted to Improve the design. They Bought a Turbocharger made in the USA, reverse-engineered it, improved it and created a new Turbo kit, used in the Toyota 18RG engines and the Skyline Japan&#;s L20 with twin SU Carbs:
Read more about the HKS Kits here:
and here:

HKS Surge Tank version 1
The rare (and sold expensively nowadays) HKS Surge tank Version 1 was an early design. Not sure what L6 Engine (L20, L24, L26, etc) it was built for. most probably the L I first thought it was just some kind of an airbox to put on the carbs and then add a Turbo on the front. But my buddy Krisztian explained that these have a pretty smart design so that the venturi principle also works under turbo-pressure and it has an almost perfect airflow to the carbs. pretty crazy for that age. These kind of setups are also known as &#;Blow-through-Turbo-Setup&#;

HKS Surge Tank version two
Used a more modern Cast design and was made for the L28 Engine according to the Catalogue picture below.
Unbenannt - KopieUnbenannt2 - Kopie

SANY - Kopie

HKS Twin Turbo Setup
If you compare the pictures above and below, the little &#;Add-on&#; part on the surge tank looks different. but the one in the catalogue below is stated as a Twin Turbo kit in an official HKS Ad, and i guess it was used mainly for the popular drag-racing back in the days then, on the late L28 engines 🙂

Ad in old Carboy Magazine, Provided by Jeremy Wilbur &#; Thanks a lot!
___n - Kopie

HKS St. Turbo Kit
Aside from the mainly Z-based kits shown above and below, HKS Also offered a Turbo &#;Upgrade&#; kit for the C Skyline &#;Japan&#; which already came with a low-pressure L20ET turbo-Engine from the  Factory. This Upgrade kit with a bigger turbo and the Piping would improve power. I guess this one will also fit other L-series engines but not sure about that (and probably needs extra parts from a factory-turbo L-series to fit the non-turbo engines)

Tomita Auto Turbo &#;Hayate&#; Kit:
A Company called Tomita Auto (By Race Driver Yoshikazu Tomita, later part of famous Tommy Kaira) made a very similar Turbo Kit for the Fuel Injected L-Series Motors called the &#;Hayate&#; (Storm / Gale) Turbo Kit (See also here)

Here is an old ad for the kit:
bdcf - Kopie

SK Compo Turbo Kit:
Since Big power-figures was all the rage back then, not only HKS came up with a turbo / Twinturbo kit but also Sanyo Kiki. There was the SK Compo Turbo Kit which was more or less an Blowthrough-Airbox for their SK Sports kit mentioned at the beginning of this post, similar to the HKS System.
Unbenannt3 - KopieUnbenannt4 - Kopie

The picture below shows a similar SK Compo kit used with the SK Sports kit for a twin-turbo setup (See turbo manifold at the bottom), but i&#;m not sure if Sanyo-Kiki ever officially sold this kit or if it was just custom-made out of the normal Compo Turbo Kit:blogger-image

Found another picture of the full kit installed on the engine:

I got photos of a similar SK Surge tank from my mate Krisztian and it seemscloser to the one above color-wise. especially since it has some original sticker on it, i believe it&#;s the original paint:

Here&#;s an ad showing what i guess is another design full kit, similar to the HKS Above (with a less crazy surge tank) at the left and on the right side the &#;Standard&#; SK sports kit with Solex carbs and SK Filters 😉
image-SK35 - Kopie

TRC by Kawahara
This one was also shown to my by Krisztian and it is a &#;TRC&#; turbo kit for the L20 engined Z&#;s. I have no other pictures from it than this old Carboy ad. But i try to get better pictures of it.
It was from a shop called &#;Kawahara car shop&#; aka &#; Kawahara Spercial performance&#;.

JKC King charger
This one looks very similar to the HKS type 1 Surge tank. but it was sold for the L6 engines with a supercharger. The company who made it was the &#;Japan King Corporation&#; (JKC)

They also sold the kit for the 13B Rotary engines and the 12A engines, as the ad below from states:

In Famous RS Yamamoto used the kit to build DR30 skylines with turbo / Superchargers:

Well there are/were other Japanese Manufacturers but sadly wasn&#;t able to find any pictures or informations of these. if you have some Pictures, Data or Ads, i would be very interrested!! Get in contact if you have some pics or information or know anything about another Japanese manufacturer i missed here, or if you have more details on one of the ones liste above. i&#;m pretty sure there are more out there and i&#;m sure the datsun community will like to know about them 🙂

Others (Non Japanese)
As mentioned above, this is about Japanese manifolds / turbokits. However, readers like to point out others all the time, so for completenes sake i&#;ll mention some others too 🙂
&#; Cartech
&#; Janspeed
&#; Bell Engineering
&#; Mangoletsi
&#; Clifford Performance 4-barrel intake
&#; Arizona Z Car 4-Barrel intake
&#; Cannon induction systems (Torrance California) Intake manifold
&#; TWM Intake manifolds
&#; &#;

I&#;m sorry to say that some of these Pictures are not mine. I collected them over many years from the Internet and unfortunately i was often not able to track down the the original source anymore.
The sources i know are
&#; RHDjapan.com
&#; Kameari engineworks Catalogue
&#; Harada Shokai Website
&#; Various Ebay sales
&#; Datsun Competition Website
&#; artisanexcite.blogspot.com
&#; https://www5.plala.or.jp/power_planning/history.htm lots of old SK ads!
&#; HKS Website

If any of these Pictures are yours i will happily add your credits or remove them upon request. I tought it&#;s ok to post it here since it&#;s about General interest and knowledge to every Z-owner to learn some history and sadly too much of this Information already disappeared in some bookshelves.

Sours: https://www.jdmjunkies.ch/wordpress//z-jdm-l6-intake-manifolds-turbo-surge-tanks/
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Harada Shoukai Intake Manifold Kit L-Type Full Set - L6 L20 L24 L26 L28 Wire Type

Harada Shoukai Intake Manifold Kit L-Type Full Set - L6 L20 L24 L26 L28 Wire Type - RHDJapan



This was designed with a larger cylinder diameter and made to be used with OEM, Weber, and Solex carburetors. The smooth design of the ports allows increased airflow while tuning the carburetors is easy with the throttle linkage kit. Get this and all your JDM at RHDJapan!!

Brand: Harada Shoukai
Product: Intake Manifold Kit L-Type Full Set - L6 L20 L24 L26 L28 Wire Type
Part Num: _Wire Type Full Set

Linkage Type: Wire
Port Size (mm): 42
Fuel Hose: Included
Manifold Gasket: Included

Compatible Engines:
- All L-Type Full Set L6 L20 L24 L26 L28
- Cannot be used with 50mm Carburetor

Nissan Bluebird G L20 (01//)
Nissan Bluebird G L20 (01//)
Nissan Cedric/Gloria L20 (01//)
Nissan Cedric/Gloria L28 (01//)
Nissan Cedric/Gloria L20 (01//)
Nissan Cedric/Gloria L28 (01//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS L20E (08//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS L20E (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS L20ET (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS30 L20 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS30 L20E (09//)
Nissan Fairlady Z GS31 L20E (07//)
Nissan Fairlady Z HGS L28E (08//)
Nissan Fairlady Z HGS L28E (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z HS30 L24 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z HS30H L24 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z KHS L28E (08//)
Nissan Fairlady Z KHS L28E (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S L20E (08//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S L20E (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L20 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L20E (09//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L26 (09//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L26 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L28 (09//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S30 L28 (10//)
Nissan Fairlady Z S31 L20E (07//)
Nissan Laurel HC L20 (04//)
Nissan Laurel HC L20 (01//)
Nissan Laurel HC L20 (11//)
Nissan Laurel KHC L20 (01//)
Nissan Laurel KHC L20 (11//)
Nissan Laurel KHC31 L20ET (11//)
Nissan Laurel KJC31 L20 (11//)
Nissan Laurel KNC L28 (01//)
Nissan Laurel KNC L28 (11//)
Nissan Laurel NC L28 (01//)
Nissan Laurel NC L28 (11//)
Nissan Leopard HF30 L28E (09//)
Nissan Leopard PF30 L20E (09//)
Nissan Leopard PF30 L20ET (09//)
Nissan Skyline GC10 L20 (09//)
Nissan Skyline GC L20 (09//)
Nissan Skyline GC L20 (06//)
Nissan Skyline HGC L20 (08//)
Nissan Skyline HGC L20ET (04//)
Nissan Skyline HR30 L20E (08//)
Nissan Skyline HR30 L20E (08//)
Nissan Skyline HR30 L20ET (08//)
Nissan Skyline HR30 L20ET (08//)
Nissan Skyline KGC10 L20 (09//)
Nissan Skyline KHGC L20 (08//)

Sours: https://www.rhdjapan.com/harada-shoukai-intake-manifold-kit-l-type-full-set-l6-llllwire-type.html

Aluminum Intake Manifold Fuelrail For Nissan Z Fairlady Z L28E L28 Engine

CXRacing Intake Manifold + Fuelrail Kit for Nissan Z / Fairlady Z L28/L28E Engine

This Kit is Designed and Made for Nissan Z, Brand New Aluminum Intake System.

Due to the Original Factory Design Which Has the Intake and Exhaust Manifolds Integrated Together, This Intake Manifold is Designed to Work with CXRACING's Exhaust Manifold ONLY, or You Will Need to Build A New Exhaust Manifold Based Off This Intake Manifold.

It Is NOT Compatible with Factory Exhaust or Any Other Exhaust System. Do NOT Purchase This Manifold Unless You Will Build a New Custom Exhaust System.

New Intake System:
-Aluminum Intake Manifold
-Built-in Velocity Stack for Each Cylinder, Smoother Air Flows
-Aluminum Fuelrail, AN8 Inlet/Outlet. Fits BOSH Style Injectors, 14mm O-Rings Slots and 60mm Length, Such as EV14L
mm Throttle Body Provision (See Picture for Bolt Pattern and Size). Throttle Body NOT Included.
-3x 1/8 NPT Vacuum Ports

Sours: https://www.cxracing.com/

Intake manifold l28



The goal of this project is to design and manufacture a L-Series EFI manifold that will deliver better performance and give the engine an updated and clean look.  The project will include a Manifold, Fuel Rail, and Throttle Cable Conversion.  The manifold will be designed to work with an aftermarket throttle body and the fuel rail designed to interchange between our manifold and the stock one.


An N42 intake manifold (early z, no EGR) will be used as a baseline for performance and packaging. The manifold and plenum shape will be used for baseline CFD data which will be compared to new design iterations. 

To get the project started and transfer the geometry into CAD the N42 intake was laser scanned.  This model will be used as a reference for packaging and provide measurements for the flange, injector bosses, and other details.   The outside surface will also be used to estimate the interior wetted surface and used for CFD. 

Sours: http://www.hokeperformance.com/l-series-intake-manifold
Datsun 280z Ep.26 Installing the Intake Manifold

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