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Blackpink's Rosé stuns in her Rs 5 lakh airport outfit

Blackpink's Rosé stuns in her Rs 5 lakh airport outfit 

If you have been active on social media today, you may probably know that the Blackpink girls have taken over the internet with their stunning looks. As Jisoo and Rosé jet off to Paris for the 2022 SS Paris Fashion Week, they made sure to turn the airport into their own personal runway as soon as they stepped out!

Rosé in particular even earned the title of 'Human Saint Laurent', on the lines of 'Human Chanel' that is specifically for fellow group member Jennie. In fact, fact fans were so enthusiastic about this title, that it has been trending since morning with Blinks gushing over her dapper airport look. 

Rosie looked like a million bucks as she rocked flared pants with a crop top and blazer to complete the look. To no one's surprise, she decked from head to toe in Saint Laurent, the luxury brand she endorses. The Rs 5 lakh outfit captures her personal style really well and created a frenzy on the internet too!

Take a look at Rosé nailing airport fashion like the fashionista she is:

Check out what she is wearing and how much it costs:

From the trusty old Saint Laurent, Rosé has adorned the wide-leg pants worth Rs 95k, their single-breasted jacket that can go as high as Rs 1.89 lakh, Andy sneakers worth Rs 40.5k and a stunning Kaia bag for a whopping Rs 1.6 lakh. The Blackpink vocalist really does take her brand ambassador duties really seriously!

Apart from these, her outfit is completed by an Alaia Cropped Wool Blend Cardigan that will set you back Rs 53.6k.

If it wasn't clear already, now you see why 'Human Saint Laurent' has been trending on Twitter relentlessly. And this was just the airport look! We can't wait to what storm the girls brew up in the fashion world once they land in Paris. 


Blackpink's Rosé achieved a major feat for any artist tonight: attending her very first Met Gala. The K-pop star and Saint Laurent ambassador stepped out on the red carpet alongside Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello, wearing a little black dress from the fashion house with a white bow embellishment. She accessorized with choker and dramatic dangle earrings.

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Rosé released her first solo project, -R-, earlier this year. She reflected to Billboardabout that process in April and why she chose to focus her debut single, “On the Ground,” about her career and how she sees herself rather than love or relationships.

“We went through the whole thought process of: ‘What are we going to sing about? What is Rosie going to talk about for a good three minutes by herself?’” she started. “It could have gone any other way—love songs, breakup songs. They would have all been great. But we wanted to find something that spoke to me, so it felt right to be talking about what I’ve been thinking about these past couple of years. When we debuted, it was all chaos, everything was happening—bam, bam, everywhere. We were on that whole rollercoaster. And there comes a time when you gotta just sit and [ask yourself]: Where am I going? Where am I at?”

“I had a lot of these thoughts in my head anyway, and I think this song just spoke to all of us,” she said. “We felt like it sounded the most like me. It sounded like if you would have dinner with me, have a conversation with me. It's something I would passionately talk about and question. It's something I would question myself before I go to bed. So I thought it would be a good approach for my first solo song.”

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7 times Rosé from Blackpink rocked a little black dress

7 times Rosé from Blackpink rocked a little black dress 

Key Highlights

  • Rosé made her MET Gala debut on September 14
  • She wore a little black dress by YSL for the occassion
  • Her LBD looks over the years have always been quite stunning

Rosé from Blackpink quite literally took the internet by storm as she walked down the red carpet at the MET Gala alongside YSL's creative director Anthony Vaccarello. Apart from the fact that Rosé is one of the first K-Pop female artistes to have ever attended the MET, the Blackpink vocalist also left a mark with her little black dress.

Clad in a mini dress with a statement bow at the front, Rosé was definitely a sight to see. Her modelesque physique and natural beauty too had a major role to play in one of the iconic moments of her career. While we absolutely loved her LBD on the red carpet, this is definitely not the first time she has adorned the look.

Check out 7 times Rosé was a total head-turner in the all too classic little black dress:

Each and every photoshoot of hers is a work of art, but this sultry number made her look even more gorgeous. 

Her impeccable fashion sense has made her a front-row favourite at various fashion shows and we can totally see why!

This one is a much more casual look and is perfect with some sneakers and minimalist accessories. 

Coachella Blackpink was on a whole another level, but Rosé looked like a total babe with her unruly tresses and that black number.

It's just a simple black dress, but Rosé manages to make it red-carpet-worthy too!

We are convinced that Rosé in mini skirts and the colour black can never go wrong!

This cute little number is hard to look away from, isn't it?

And there you have it! Some of Rosé's iconic LBD moments came before her even more iconic MET Gala debut. Rosé was in attendance at the MET along with former 2NE1 member CL, making them the first two ladies from K-Pop to have ever walked down the red carpet at the elite event. While Rosé of course stunned in a YSL little black dress, CL too was a sight to see in her much more out there Alexander Wang dress. 


BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently made her mark as one of the first female K-Pop idols to attend the Met Gala, an event where the top celebrities and fashion designers show off their unique styles.

She wore a cute little black dress from Saint Laurent. Check out the other times she rocked this style below!

1. In the Met Gala

Of course, we have to start off the list with the aforementioned dress. Rosé looked stunning in the white-bow embellished outfit with a bejeweled choker and dangling earrings.

2. In a Saint Laurent exclusive

She was one of the best people to showcase their previous Spring/Summer collection.

3. In a leather dress

Who said you can’t combine classy and fierce? Rosé proved we can do exactly this with her leather dress.

She’s gorgeous!

4. While on the red carpet

All eyes were on her when she rocked the long-sleeved, asymmetrical look.

5. In an intricate floral pattern

This was the most detailed little black dress she wore, and we hope she dons it again!

6. In a Saint Laurent event

She was the belle of the ball in a Saint Laurent fashion show.

7. In Incheon airport

This was the most casual dress on this list, but she looked fantastic nonetheless!

8. In a full-body photo

Her mirror selfies are gifts to the world.

9. In a photoshoot for W Korea

She wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry during the shoot and reminded everyone that she’s their ambassador for a reason!

10. In The Album 

Last but certainly not the least, this photo from The Album is one of the classiest she’s ever done.

Rosé in a little black dress is everything! Check out how BLACKPINK wears it differently below.

BLACKPINK All Wear Little Black Dresses Differently—Here’s How

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