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 Tell us your story! We’d love to hear a little bit about yourself and your family.

I’ve been making music, videos, picture books and stories for kids for more than 20 years now. I’ve been married to my husband, Brian Mueller, for almost as long. When I first started performing kids’ music, Brian used to play bass with me in The Laurie Berkner Band. After we had our daughter, Lucy, about 15 years ago, he decided to go back to school and become a psychologist. Lucy started 9th grade this year at the performing arts high school in Manhattan, with a focus in Technical Theater. She claims it’s because she grew up backstage with me and feels the most at home there. I am just grateful that she still seems to like spending time with us, now and then. 

 How many kids do you have, what ages? 

Just Lucy. She is 15. 

What inspired you to start teaching? 

I was just a year out of college when I started. I was living in the East Village in Manhattan and babysitting for my downstairs neighbor’s daughter. I used to also perform at local cafes, and I would sing some of the same songs I played at my gigs, when I was babysitting. My neighbor, who was a movement teacher at a local pre-school, knew that I loved making music with her daughter and told me they were looking for a new music specialist at her job. I applied and got hired, mostly because I was both eager, and thrilled with the relatively low salary. At first I was really quite bad at working with the kids, but once I started listening to them and putting what I wanted to say into the music, I started to get better. 

 As a mom, musician, teacher and content creator, you have a full plate. What are three tips/wise words you have for parents feeling under pressure of juggling work and parenting?

I actually think I can answer this question best by quoting my own songs. These are words that I say or sing to myself when I feel stressed, self-critical, beaten down, or just disconnected from my heart and from what’s really important. (I hope it’s ok that I added a 4th one!)

  1. I’m not perfect, no I’m not. I’m not perfect, but I’ve got what I’ve got. I do my very best, I do my very best, I do my very best each day. But I’m not perfect and I hope you like me that way. 

  2. I’ve got so much to give. I’ve got so much to give. This is the life I was born to live and I’ve got so much to give. 

  3. Listen to the sounds of my breath as I breathe in and I breathe out. That’s me. Love me.

  4. I’m a mess, I’m a mess, I’m a big old messy mess. From the north to the south and the east to the west, what I am is really really really big mess!


Inside the Life of a Kids' Music Star: Laurie Berkner On Being a Toddler Celebrity for Two Decades

Balancing Parenting and Fame 

One big career boost for Berkner arrived way back in 2004, when she started appearing on what was then called the Noggin TV channel (now Nick Jr.). The timing was rough, though, because just as her popularity was soaring and her shows were selling out fast, she was pregnant with her only child—a daughter named Lucy—and preparing to take maternity leave.

Berkner recalls doing one show at Central Park SummerStage in New York City, where she lives, while eight months pregnant: "I couldn't sit down without getting dizzy. As long as I stood up for the whole show and didn't sit down beforehand, I knew I was going to be okay."

Lucy's birth encouraged Berkner to slow down and see the world through her child's eyes. "I called her my Zen baby. Everything was so studied. Walking down the block was a 20-minute experience," she says.

When Lucy was 5 months old, Berkner returned to touring, and when Lucy was about 9 months old, Berkner continued filming TV appearances. Her independent record label, Two Tomatoes Records, was doing well, but the first few years after Lucy was born were challenging at home. During this period, Berkner's husband Brian stopped being the bassist in her band in order to become a psychologist. And when Lucy was a toddler, Berkner couldn't take her to places like children's museums without being swarmed by fans every 10 to 20 seconds. Though Berkner appreciated being acknowledged for her work, it was confusing and upsetting to little Lucy. "She would cry or say, 'Mommy, why are you talking to those people?' Because I would suddenly be in a conversation with somebody I didn't know," says Berkner.

In short, it was Lollapalooza for Little Ones. If she had decided to crowd surf, these amped-up toddlers—most of them probably on a sugar high from apple juice—would have summoned the strength to support her.

She also found that young Lucy preferred watching her on TV to playing with her in person. "That was disturbing to me," says Berkner, so she took a break from TV, even though it may not have been the best career move. "It did really feel like I was choosing my family over my ego at that moment, and I think I really needed to do that personally."

As Lucy got older and started to understand Berkner's accomplishments, that tension faded. "She sees that I'm a woman who is running my own business," says Berkner. Over the years, Lucy has joined in the fun. She's sung on Berkner's records, been in her music videos, tossed out beach balls from the stage, and sold merchandise at the shows. Now 15, Lucy is studying technical theater at an esteemed arts high school.

The Laurie Berkner Band Waiting for the Elevator cover art

Adapting to a New Musical Landscape 

One key to Berkner's longevity is that she's figured out how to stay relevant during what has been one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the music business. On top of that: Unlike musicians who cater only to adults and create lifelong fans, she has had to appeal to a new crop of 0- to 7-year-olds (and their parents) over and over.

She's done that, largely, by hiring a team to help her, making smart deals, shifting her focus from selling CDs to streaming audio, and creating a YouTube channel (which features pre-recorded music videos, as well as interactive, live performances, and has 78,000+ subscribers). In 2019 alone, to date, she's generated more than 93 million audio and video streams from Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, Apple, and YouTube combined.

She's also been courageous enough to take risks and funnel her creativity into other mediums. In addition to touring and releasing 13 albums—including her new one, Waiting for the Elevator—she's written three children's books, she's a regular presence on Sirius XM radio's Kids Place Live, she's written original songs for three Off-Broadway musicals, and she's developed an Audible audiobook.

All of it works because all of it contains the same magic. Berkner, who majored in psychology at Rutgers University, knows how to tap into what kids are feeling.

"When I'm singing with kids, I think I get it. I feel like I'm one of them," she says. "I don't mean that in a cliché way. I mean it in a little bit more of an embarrassing way. I really do have this sense of: Oh, yeah. That is funny, isn't it? I feel very connected to a 4-year-old."

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The Laurie Berkner Band

Answer: Engaging and enriching music videos for kids - that parents love, too! From "The queen of kids' music" (People Magazine) NEW MUSIC VIDEOS RELEASED MOST FIRST FRIDAYS OF THE MONTH! Welcome to my Official YouTube Channel! I'm Laurie Berkner and I write fun songs that preschoolers (and beyond!) love to sing and dance to (I love to sing and dance too!) Along with my band, you may have seen me on Noggin/Nick Jr. (Jack's Big Music Show), Universal Kids, Netflix, Amazon, and more. We are proud to be YouTube Creators, which means we get to use the YouTube Creator Space to make new, high-quality videos - just for you! We upload a new MUSIC VIDEO on the first Friday of most months, with lots of fun videos every Friday in between. Let me know what songs you'd like to see become videos! Do you have a favorite? Please let me know. You can find more info about the band, concerts, music, and more at Remember: YouTube contains a wide variety of content, surf safely!


NEW YORK  Legendary children’s musician Laurie Berkner has hurdled pandemic-related obstacles to bring her 14th album,Let’s Go! to children and families. Set for release on March 5, 2021, Let’s Go!showers Laurie’s ever-growing list of fans with an inspiring array of original, interactive songs in her signature style, famous for its clarity, warmth, and wisdom.

NPR’s All Things Considereddeclared, “Laurie Berkner is like a goddess to these children. And there’s a reason. Laurie Berkner is like the coolest mom there ever was.” WithLet’s Go!,the “cool mom” in Laurie helps kids step into the future without forgetting to love who they are in the here-and-now.

“A pandemic is a strange and challenging time to make and release a new album,” says Laurie Berkner. “What’s really important? What’s going to change completely by tomorrow? I didn’t expect a song about handwashing to end up on this album, or a song about wearing a mask, and I waited to release the title track until after we were no longer under strict stay-at-home orders because … well, where were we going to GO? Somehow, through the remote help of my amazing producer, Dave Darlington, my great bandmates, and my incredible Two Tomatoes team, I was able to finishLet’s Go!from my home and put it out into the world. I love the shape of this album, and I hope families will, too.”

The album’s title track bursts out the door with pent-up anticipation that just might ring a bell of recognition. “When It’s Cold” is an evocative production number that opens with a shiver and a sense of mystery as Latin rhythms murmur in the background, before breaking the ice to become a rocking action song loaded to the brim with personality. “I’m On Vacation,” with more than a hint of the sounds of the ‘60s, sings out with an enthusiastic good-times vibe. The Latin folk rhythms of “Happy New Year” are just the ticket to express the joy of saying adios to 2020.

Holding a special meaning for Laurie Berkner are two songs: “Listen To The Sounds” and “Beautiful Light.” Laurie, speaking of the former, says, “Quiet listening to what’s around me has always felt somewhat magical, but actually listening to my own heartbeat and breathing – my own life force – is something I only learned to truly love as an adult. I wrote this song hoping to open up the possibility for kids to feel that love for themselves.” Of “Beautiful Light,” she notes, “I wrote this song inspired by a friend who is so good at sharing the light inside of herself with the world. It made me realize that we all have the capacity to do that if we can see and acknowledge what we have. I love imagining young kids singing these words about themselves – and truly believing them.”

Laurie Berkner is a singer, songwriter, lyricist, author, and founder of Two Tomatoes Records, LLC. With an average of more than twelve million monthly streams and millions of albums, songs, and DVDs sold, Laurie’s songs have become beloved classics for children worldwide. Her debut DVD, which went quadruple platinum, was the first-ever indie children’s music DVD to enter Billboard’s Top Music Video chart at #1. Her top five music videos have garnered more than 32 million views on YouTube.

As one of the most popular children’s entertainers in the US, Laurie has filled numerous performance spaces nationwide with adoring fans. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she maintained a busy touring schedule, both solo and with The Laurie Berkner Band, and has performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the White House among many prestigious venues. She is currently presenting livestreamed, virtual concerts.

Let’s Go! will be available at all major online outlets and at

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