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In 1991, the too-cool-for-school hedgehog’s debut on the SEGA Genesis proves a decent play too. You’ve gotta love slotting the cartridge into the console, listening to the unforgettable SEGA opening title, and of course zooming through the high-contrast landscapes as Sonic to save those animals from Robotnik.

The Spring Yard Zone brings up the expensive, swinging lifestyle that so much vaporwave music tackles. It would be great to hear a remix of the level’s theme. Not so much the gameplay, but the world that Mirror’s Edge (2008) takes place in is akin to telesales advert for the perfect city, one that is hyper-efficient, clean and safe. Take the album cover of PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises – Home™. It brings to mind the almost creepy ideal that advertising can gloss over familiar places like the home.

So, if you’re wanting to extend your A E S T H E T I C experience beyond the realms of music optimized for abandoned malls, why not give some of these Vaporwave video games a go. If you want to find more, just ask the vaporizers on reddit where to look. I’m sure daffodil, the person who programmed Executive Towers, would love to hear from you once you’ve played the game.


There’s more to vaporwave than just music…

Vaporwave may have “died” multiple times since its arrival a few years ago, but if the vitality of the scene is anything to go by, it’s still alive and kicking. But as labels like Dream Catalog push the sound into entirely new territory, the baseline aesthetic of ’80s advertising, malls, cheesy cyberculture, neon-flecked Japanese cityscapes and Greek sculptures has begun to creep into other media.

One example of this media creep can be found in the way that Vaporwave’s musical and aesthetic cues have found their way into the world of video games. Below, we’ve compiled seven of the most essential games for anyone wanting to revel in ’80s reverie-soaked virtuality. It’s the perfect way to get your musical and gaming fix from one of music’s strangest phenomena.

Mall Quest: The first ever vaporwave video game of its kind, and probably the perfect distillation of the genre’s fascinations, Mall Quest tasks the gamer into a procedurally generated, technicolor mall full of odd objects to fulfil the task of shopping for goods. The mundane has never been so brilliant.

Data Wing: A slick neon-hued racing game with over 2 hours of storyline and 40 levels. Featuring music from the likes of luxury elite, 18 Carat Affair, ESPRIT 空想, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, Eyeliner and NxxxxxS, Data Wing is an essential Vaporwave meeting of the minds for gamers and music fans alike.

Islands: Non-Places: Equally a work of interactive art as it is a game, Islands: Non-Places is a site of magical possibility, where the fringes of normality transform into the mystical, the hazy and the strange.

Hotline Miami: Neo-noir chic and Miami Vice reveries collide in this surreal and challenging top-down shooter game.

Party Hard: Vaporwave’s bright, subdued aesthetics takes a rather twisted turn in this shoot-em up party game.

[V A S T] aesthetic simulator: Build, assemble and reconstruct your very own mesmerising vaporwave environment to explore. The designers are also taking submissions for aspiring musicians to have their music featured in the game. So get playing!

Broken Reality: Find the Illuminati, reach spiritual transcendence or just breath in the scenery in this insanely beautiful first person adventure game set to a 3D reimagining of the internet.


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“I do not believe that our game is perfect. I have to spend a lot of work on the game, before the full release.
This will allow me to advance and improve the game while giving you a first version of the game. This will allow me to receive your feedback and know what i need to edit or add.” “I plan to release before the end of 2021.” “I plan to add :

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It is also possible that following certain reviews of the players i modify or add some features.

I want to make a game much more complete than the current version.
The graphics of the game should not normally change.” “It's safe to say that the game is developing. This is early access, the game may have small bugs that we will fix as they are detected. At this moment the game has few locations to explore and a unique nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere.
Other information in the "About This" section.” “I plan to gradually raise the price as we build new content and implement new features, such as the ones mentioned before.” “I will read every comment throughout development, and take all opinions into consideration.
You can participate in the development of the game on the community hub on Steam by sharing your ideas.”
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Are These Games Outrun or Vaporwave? Retro Aesthetic Games Part 2

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