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Saturn in 11th House

The individual with Saturn in the eleventh house may feel a glass world away from others, trapped in an electric aquarium with otherworldly DNA. His separation from wider society is self induced and intimate connections with friends and associates may prove difficult and restricted. Even if he is standing amongst a crowd amidst a wave of social chatter, his sense of isolation floods through social anxieties, shyness or a complete rejection of mainstream trends.

The striking element of this placement is the individual’s own self perception straying so far from the public view of him. They tend to be quite well received, enigmatic and charming individuals. People typically bask in their presence and look forward to hearing their engaging insights and streaks of wisdom, despite his reservations. 11th house Saturn people find a greater ease with 1:1 interactions rather than large group activities.

Saturn in the eleventh relates to high social morality, a deep devotion to social causes and the need to retain conservative measures. The individual seeks deep and meaningful friendships and may partake in off centre or eccentric group activities. He may refuse to read what everybody else is reading, or watch what everybody else is watching. His sense of self is important and he spends his life retaining his unique individuality and expression.

The eleventh Saturn person may disappear from the social scene for days or even weeks on end and eschew entertaining interpersonal contact until he is ready. He is deeply fond of his privacy. The individual is likely vague or reticent around those he deems boring or superficial. Some people may only exaggerate his sense of isolation. And may be he floods his social calendar in search of belonging or to escape his own mind.

Although he may be surrounded by a group of adoring friends, his sense of loneliness can become overwhelming. His inner circle is likely small and his private thoughts are revealed to a very close and chosen few. The people that know him best may know a completely different fragment of the individual.

Saturn here may be drawn to the guidance and advice of older people, and enjoy following the stories of success and writing their own new chapter in the book. He may dream of utopia but shield his idealism out of fear or negativity. The individual is likely to attract altruistic, influential and proud people who provide successful pathways, mentoring and golden networks.

He relies on the structural platforms of society for motion and seeks to design social constructs that promote unity. Because Saturn represents our most transcendent, human potential; its placement in the eleventh house links to public presence, canonization, social immortality. He may become a known public figure or immortalized. Saturn in the eleventh house people find their aspirations and friendships draw cherries from the same tree. They look for the deeper magic in every individual, rather than through the lenses of their societal group and find the mystic riches in every soul.

Saturn in the 11th House

One-to-one relationships are a seventh house function. The eleventh house is best understood as one that governs an individual’s one-to-many relationships. This implies your relationship with friends, extended family, and the organization you work for, and so on. Saturn in the eleventh house therefore works much in the same way as in the seventh (read Saturn in the seventh), except that the nature of the relationships are different.

You may find socializing tiresome and prefer to stay alone. Many people with this position feel some disdain for the superficial workings of casual friendships and of the group - that is, they feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about "going through the motions", doing and saying the right things, and so forth. At the root of this perception, there may be a fear of failure in a group setting.

It may be easier to fall back on, and take too much pride in, your uniqueness as an individual rather than submit to the idea that you belong and identify with a group. It can be a fear of being "ordinary" or just part of the crowd that prevents you from loosening up in social situations. The fact that you take friendships more seriously than most can give you a heavy sense of responsibility and reluctance to form ties, as if you somehow sense that forming them will burden or obligate you too much.

Staying alone might seem to be a better use of your time. Watch out for this. A deep-seated feeling of loneliness and separateness may be the result. Take time to personalize your social interactions. Since you find group activity uncomfortable, develop a few good friends to hang out with. You have a greater capacity than most to be a loyal and long-standing friend! Beyond friendships and groups, the eleventh house is associated with our long-term goals, hopes, and dreams.

Saturn here can make you just as reluctant to commit to any one life path, and to articulate or define your innermost wishes, as you are to attach yourself to a group identity. It is as if doing so would be too binding and revealing. When you learn to identify and overcome your fear of failure, you will discover that this fear has been the only thing holding you back from defining and working towards your dreams.

Houses in Astrology

Planets in 11 House

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As per Vedic astrology 11th house is the highest of the Trishadaya houses, meaning here lies the maximum amount of greed, desires, temptations and wish for materialistic gains. What happens when the disciplinarian and delayer Saturn sits here? Common sense says it should delay fulfilment of your desires and gains; it should cut you off from your network circle and elder siblings. But no, it does not work that way. It actually is a very positive placement for Saturn, actually one of the best placements. Why is it so?

If you prefer to watch the video on this topic on my YouTube channel, here is the video link: SATURN IN 11TH HOUSE of the birth chart – Vedic Astrology

Let me tell you all a story from Ramayana which shows how important and beneficial Saturn’s 11th house placement is. The story goes like this: Ravan, who was a great astrologer himself, had chosen a time for the birth of his son Indrajeet when all the planets including Saturn were supposed to be placed in the 11th house and that would have made Indrajeet an invincible warrior in any battle. However, Saturn disobeyed Ravan’s order and at the last moment put one step in the 12th house and this etched Indrajeet’s defeat and death in the hands of Lakshman. Now you know how powerful Saturn is in the 11th house.

In the natural zodiac, 11th house is occupied by Aquarius, Saturn’s Mooltrikon or power sign. 11th house is second from your Karma house, so it is the place where you get the fruits of your hard work and right karma. 11th house is also an Upachhya house, meaning the results of this house gets better with time. Saturn’s own energy gels really well with the energy of the 11th house and that is why the good results of Saturn manifests at it best here. We need to remember that in addition to teaching lessons for detachment, Saturn also denotes materialistic gain and it helps to achieve this when it sits in the 11th house. Do not forget that with the right placement Saturn gives immense wealth and rise to power in his Mahadasha and even during Sadesati. The famous examples are Amitabh Bachhan and Indira Gandhi. Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been in the peak of power during his Sade Sati.

Anyway, coming back to Saturn in the 11th house, if you have this placement, you are lucky because you are born to reap the maximum benefits of you hard work and toil. What matters here is the sign of the 11th house and if there is any malefic conjunction or aspect on Saturn. A clean Saturn placed alone in the own sign or in the exalted sign or in friendly signs is wonderful for materialistic growth. This position is particularly good of you have Aries or Pisces and Sagittarius ascendant. You will also get very good results if your ascendant is Cancer, Leo or Scorpio. There will be medium results for Taurus and Aquarius ascendant. For Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn ascendant we need to see if Saturn is getting any further support from any other planet to manifest its potentials related to 11th house. Normally success and gain for Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn comes after initial struggle.

If you have Saturn in the 11th house, you need the support of your friends’ circle. Friends are a very important part of your existence and you are very loyal to them as well. You gain from the friends’ circle as well. However, this Saturn also makes you a bit cautious about opening up fully to them. It is like you want to be part of a group, and yet somewhat detached from them. You will create your own identity even when in a group. You are a great team player with this position. You can manage a large team of people whose work would eventually contribute to your own success.

11th house is the house of income. Saturn here ensures steady income for you. Initially the gain may be less but is you have Saturn’s virtues in you like, hard work, patience and discipline, you will eventually earn a lot adding to your savings. You will also earn from multiple sources.

Saturn here denotes some kind of karmic relation with your elder siblings. They can either be the promoter of your growth or you may have cold relation with them. This depends on the sign placement and aspects on the Saturn.

When Saturn in the 11th house is negatively aspected by other planets or not placed in the favourable signs, it gives a tendency to develop antisocial behaviour for one’s own gain. The line between ethical and unethical gets blurry.

Now coming to the aspects of Saturn from 11th house.
Saturn’s aspect on your ascendant from the 11th house shows that you are an extremely hard working, focused and down-to-earth person. No matter how much money you may have, it does not reflect in your lifestyle and in your persona. However, there is an inherent need in you to have a lot of money and wealth to feel secure in life. You are likely to have a tall, lean structure. There can be nutrient deficiency in your body. You may also have knee related issues. Health may cause issues often.

From 11th house Saturn aspects your 5th house. You are extremely organised in planning. Your creativity also has a sense of structure and organisation and it is not the free flowing type. Your study area may be related to technology, science and mathematics. You are studious and dedicated towards studies. There can be delay or pause in your studies as well. As a parent, you have plans well laid for you children. You love them a lot, but there may be less display of it. There may be delay in getting children.

Lastly, Saturn aspects your 8th house. Well, this gives mixed results. It shows that you can endure the ups and downs of your life and any sudden events much better than others. It gives you great resilience to rise again from any situation. You may benefit from your spouse’s wealth. You may have some karmic obligation towards your in-laws, either you will gain from them or they will gain from you.

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Saturn in The Eleventh House : Vedic Astrology

Saturn, the tough taskmaster is just like the strict teacher in school time. It represents father and authority figures. Saturn keeps in mind the boundaries of a person, his time limit and restrictions. It reminds its natives of self-control, responsibilities, and commitments. It is known as the planet of contraction. It brings a hard time, which might seem depressing, but it helps people to discover the meaning of life. It also governs old age. The eleventh house in astrology is known as “labha (gains) house” as well as the house of “bhadak”(obstruction). It is also the house of social circles and hopes. It is considered as an auspicious house. However, it is obstructive for cardinal signs. Saturn in eleventh house may make its natives feel lonely. They may feel the fear of failure in regard to their social circle and their dreams. However, once they overcome that, they may be able to define their dreams with more precision and work on that. They may also be able to hang out with friends and make a stronger bond with them. 

The areas affected due to Saturn in the 11th House:

Illegal business

Positive Traits/Impact

As the 11th house is of gains and social circle and the Saturn is the Lord of the eleventh house, it feels like at home. Hence, it provides its natives with lots of gains through various means.

Saturn in 11th house Vedic astrology ensures that they get regular income for the long term through any method. Their income might be low in the beginning but slowly it may increase as Saturn symbolizes patience.

They may be accompanied by their partner in terms of earnings. They may have at least two earning members in the home and family. They may gain through speculations and investments as well. There are high chances that they may accumulate a good amount of savings after the age of forty. 

The effect of Saturn in 11th house may make the natives search for a deeper meaning of life and they may commit to only one path of life. They may discover their true desires and wishes. They may detach themselves from group identity and try to create their own identity. They may carry big dreams and high hopes and work hard for the same. They may be patient and enduring as well. 

They may have a huge and genuine circle of friends. They may be looked up to in difficult times and maybe approached by their peers and friends. 

What is the role of Saturn in your Janampatri? How will the Saturn transit affect your life? Get to know the effects of Sade Sati plus the practical tips to balance its negative effects with the help of Saturn transit report. 

Negative Traits/Impact

The natives of Saturn in eleventh house may easily become bored and tired of socialization and might prefer to stay alone at times. 

They may fear being normalized and losing their special place and value in their social circles. This might induce a feeling of loneliness and separateness from their close ones. Hence, at times they find it difficult to loosen up or share personal feelings. 

The 11th house is the house of illegal activities like blackmailing, hoarding, smuggling, kidnapping, etc. Hence, the natives have chances to involve in such activities. It is all the more likely with retrograde Saturn in 11th house in birth chart

They can be quite deceiving at times and may outsmart people for their own personal benefits. Natives who have a strong Saturn in their house and possess the support of Mars or Sun are likely to become good politicians. They may become an authoritative figure at levels from “panchayat”(jury) to even at the national level. 

They may exploit the workers under them and get maximum productivity at any cost. They may also try to earn huge profits by any means, from increasing the prices to reducing the quality of the products. They don’t realize the difference between ethical and unethical sources of income. They may deceive and act cunningly and get huge amounts of profit with the help of the same. Natives with Saturn in eleventh house may experience failure in marriage.

Are the problems in your life causing too much stress and worries? Are you stuck in the midst of chaos and don’t know what to do? Talk to our expert astrologers and get proper guidance for all the areas of life. 


Saturn is the planet of hardship and teaching. The eleventh house is the house of social circle, gains, and obstructions. Hence, these natives may be hardworking, talented and outgoing individuals. For these natives, money, and income hold huge importance in their lives. However, they are suggested not to use any ill methods to earn money.

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Saturn in House Eleven

Saturn in the 11th house is a placement that indicates shrewdness and caution in the area of friendship and social life. Trust and loyalty is very important here and it is not given out freely. Instead, social activity is conducted with a certain level of detachment and glibness.

Saturn in the 11th House Overview:

True intimacy and vulnerability is never really shown except with the trusted few who earn that access. This placement engenders an understanding of social networking and community as mostly a tool that can be used to achieve a common goal or an agenda of one’s own. Because of this, Saturn in the 11th house can be perceived as scheming and manipulative and sometimes display a misuse of power and influence. 

More often, Saturn in the 11th house indicates a sense of candor and authenticity that is admired by one’s peers. In the 11th house, Saturn brings clarity and seeks to call others out for being dishonest or out of touch with reality. Additionally, people with this placement are bound to be quite trustworthy and honorable friends. Even if they manage to attract a lot of popularity, they are shrewd judges of character who understand that not everyone has their best interests at heart. They maintain a certain detachment and  demeanor that could be described as personable yet professional. Here’s a breakdown of Saturn in the 11th house and its significance in both the natal chart and as a Transit.

Saturn in the 11th House Key Traits:

  • Honest and to the point
  • Detached around superficial and fake people
  • values loyalty and true friendship
  • may have many acquaintances but few they would call friends
  • has no problem with telling people what to do
  • may have personal ambitions and aspirations that are often blocked or impeded by authority figures.

The 11th House:

The 11th house in astrology is the house of friendship, hope and aspirations. It is associated with community, activism and social change. Ruled by the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus, This house represents our relation to others on a wider scale than that of the 7th house which pertains to more personal one-on-one relationships. The type of planets that happen to reside in this house and the angles they form will indicate the nature of your social life and how you relate with others. Do you enjoy a large circle of friends, a smaller tight knit group, or almost no friends at all? It can also indicate what type of groups and organizations you are drawn to and would find camaraderie in.

The Planet Saturn:

In astrology, Saturn is described as the great teacher. It is counted as one of the personal planets but mostly with regard to how it is aspected with other, faster moving personal planets like Mars and Venus. Saturn has a slow orbit and because it takes around 30 years to complete one trip through all 12 signs, it will take roughly 3 years to pass through a single sign or house. Therefore, its influence can represent a significant period of growth and maturity within whatever house it passes through. 

Saturn represents grounded reality and its constraints. This contrasts sharply with the unconstrained fantasy world that Neptune indulges. Furthermore, Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, law and order, rules, fears, authority and suspicion. Saturn represents restriction while Jupiter represents expansion. Saturn is also a malefic planet along with Mars which means these planets can sometimes attract bad luck and misfortune depending on where and how they are placed. 

Saturn in the 11th House Natal:

Those who have Saturn in the 11th house of their natal chart are not the types of people who seek after a large circle of friends. Although they may enjoy a certain influence and popularity, they are very selective and discriminating about who they consider a true friend. They instead value the utility of having strong social ties and networks as a means to an end. To serve a goal or purpose that is necessary or important. People with this placement are more likely to prefer a smaller but more trusted selection of friendships and acquaintances. The friendships they do have are likely to be taken very seriously. 

In the 11th house, Saturn can also engender a certain amount of schmoozing and desire to ingratiate oneself with authority figures and people who have some degree of power and influence. This stems from a practical understanding of the benefits of being in the good graces of powerful people. Establishing useful connections and relationships with such people can be advantageous in helping further their cause or come in handy further down the road. People with Saturn in the 11th house try to make friends with their teachers, mentors, bosses or even the police they encounter. They put more effort into forming alliances with people they perceive as more important and influential than they do with regular people considered as their peers. 

Individuals with this placement may take interest in social issues but do so in a rather tangential and dispassionate way. Instinctively, they worry about problems of scarcity and waste that affect humanity and the environment. They are likely to support causes related to conservation of energy and resources. When it comes to politics, they despise wasteful spending on programs that are ineffective and do not serve the interests of the communities and organizations they care about. Saturn in the 11th house fosters a long term perspective and a prudent mindset in what they decide to focus on and prioritize. They are interested in building long term success and prosperity for others and would like to be in a pivotal position to direct and guide the work involved in bringing it to fruition.

Additionally, individuals with this chart placement may harbor fears and worries relating to trust and acceptance by others. They may sometimes cut people out of their lives or alienate people who are no longer useful to them or seem like a liability. People come and go in and out of their lives because many of their ties and relations with others are very conditional. In order to become a mainstay in their world, you must show true loyalty and be an asset to them. Throughout the course of their personality development, people with this Saturn development have dealt with competing desires to be a part of something bigger than themselves while holding onto their sense of individuality. Nevertheless, they are driven in part by a sense of responsibility to others and to do what they think is best for the greater good of humanity.

Saturn in the 11th House Transit:

The Saturn in the 11th house transit is one that can be seen as a stage in one’s life where social connections and memberships may be strongly leveraged towards the advancement of your individual aims and aspirations. For the roughly 3 years it will take for Saturn to pass through this house, you may form ties with people who can help and benefit you professionally and other ways. Approval from authority figures may be a primary obstacle or impediment to your goals. During this transit, you may learn to negotiate and deal with people strategically to get what you want. Depending on the aspects that occur with this placement, you may experience pleasant or contentious relations with those who wield power and authority over you. You may have a different vision that is in conflict with that of your colleagues or those who outrank you. 

You may find greater interest in solving real issues that affect people and perhaps seek to carve out a more defined and valued role to play in the context of whatever group or organization you may belong. Furthermore, your ability to organize people around a common goal is strengthened. You can make great strides in your capacity for coordinating and managing humans effectively. At this time, there will be a focus on bringing more clarity and structure to groups that you find disjointed, directionless and inefficient. On the other hand, you may be subjected to the agenda of authority figures who seek to do much of the same. 

There may be a newfound motivation to take on additional responsibility as well and to further your personal goals. There is a willingness to do what’s necessary that can verge on ruthlessness. You may feel the need to perhaps take more control in order to affect the changes you want to see. You may need to avoid the temptation to do too much on your own and remember to put trust in the people who are willing and able to help.you. You can accomplish a great deal due to sheer persistence and will power. 

During this period, your social life may downsize and there may be a significant reduction in the time you spend in unproductive interactions with people. You may desire to interact with only a few of your friends and some people will likely take this personally. The relationship with the father or father-figures of some sort may take on a more friendly tone. Someone in an authoritative, mentorly, or paternal role in your life may be trying to relate with you on your level or treat you like a peer rather than like a subordinate or underling. Although this may seem patronizing, the intent is more likely an attempt to guide and teach you in a non-overbearing or peremptory manner. Of course, this can all depend on what aspects accompany this placement as well as what other planets are presently in range.

Saturn in the 11th House in Each Sign:

Saturn in the 11th House in Aries – In the sign of Aries, this placement means you are an energetic and loyal friend who likes to play the leader in your tightly knit posse. You tend to think you know what’s best for everyone and are often eager to prove it with action. You are quick to volunteer and lend your abilities for the aid of others.

Saturn in the 11th House in Taurus – In the sign of Taurus, this placement brings about a trustworthy friend whose loyalty may be nearly unconditional. People with this placement can be dogmatic in their devotion to a cause or movement but also stubborn in their views. They are reliable, conscientious and can be counted on to play their part as needed.

Saturn in the 11th House in Gemini – In the sign of Gemini, this Saturn placement engenders a social engineer of sorts. They understand certain realities about how people operate and they use this knowledge to their advantage. Additionally, they are drawn to complex social issues that require intelligent and systematic analysis and discussion to solve.

Saturn in the 11th House in Cancer – In the sign of Cancer, this placement may manifest as a deep concern for social issues stemming from and affecting the family structure in society. Insuring the security of their family’s future is likely to be a very strong motivation for whatever group or organization they become part of.

Saturn in the 11th House in Leo – In the sign of Leo, this configuration can bring about an element of leadership that others are drawn to. These individuals can be very passionate and loving friends but they tend to express their affection in less overt ways. They are encouraging and supportive of others and appreciate the importance of rewarding people for their good deeds.

Saturn in the 11th House in Virgo – In the sign of Virgo, this configuration is likely to manifest as a high degree of orderliness and conscientiousness as well as stress and neuroticism. These individuals may be very friendly and shy but may seem a little uptight. They are very opinionated but super loyal and helpful to their friends and colleagues.

Saturn in the 11th House in Libra – In the sign of Libra, this placement is bound to bring about a person who takes special interest in preserving harmony and balance among the people they associate with. They can make for excellent counselors, and mediators. They have a natural sense of equity and justice that can be well applied in interpersonal disputes.

Saturn in the 11th House in Scorpio – In the sign of Scorpio, this Saturn placement can produce an element of strong conviction and belief that infuses the way they deal with people and how seriously they are taken. They can be magnetic and intimidating and exude an aura of power and sexual appeal that is commonly found among cult leaders.

Saturn in the 11th House in Sagittarius – In the sign of Sagittarius, this Saturn placement takes on a philosophical and intellectual bend with a focus on the structure of society and an interest in collaborating with other enlightened individuals. They may have a knack for political humor.

Saturn in the 11th House in Capricorn – In the sign of Capricorn, this configuration engenders a strong capacity for leadership and managing people. Both as a friend and leader, these individuals tend to engender trust because of their diligence and hard work. They take the roles they play seriously and aspire to make a meaningful impact through it.

Saturn in the 11th House in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius this placement is bound to engender a truly loyal friend. This person may present themselves as a friend to all people but they likely prefer quality over quantity. Depending on how Saturn is aspected, there may be an aversion to authority or an appreciation of authority as an ally in support of their hopes and aspirations.

Saturn in the 11th House in Pisces – In the sign of Pisces, this placement may bring about an individual who is very sensitive to the suffering and woes others face in the world. They place importance on using their imagination and creative energy in the service of humane goals. They enjoy fellowship with other socially conscious idealists.

Saturn in the 11th House Celebrities

  • Donald Trump – Saturn in the 11th house Cancer
  • George Clooney – Saturn in the 11th house Capricorn
  • Sharon Tate – Saturn in the 11th house Gemini
  • Freddie Mercury – Saturn in the 11th house Leo
  • Cameron Diaz – Saturn in the 11th house Gemini
  • Megan Fox – Saturn in the 11th house Sagittarius
  • Natalie Portman – Saturn in 11th house Libra
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Saturn in the 11th house Scorpio
  • Marion Cotillard – Saturn in the 11th house Leo

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Saturn 11th house

Saturn in 11th House in Astrology | Health, Career, Wealth & Relationship

Saturn in 11th House in Astrology VidhyaMitra Vedic AstrologySaturn in 11th House in Astrology VidhyaMitra Vedic AstrologySaturn in 11th House in Astrology VidhyaMitra Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 11th house in Astrology gives nothing but gains if placed in a friendly sign. This native will have property, liquid money, and good status in life, and if Saturn is with Moon and Venus in this house, then the native will definitely gain from all kinds of assets.

Saturn in the 11th house is one of the best positions for Saturn to be because Saturn originally rules the eleventh house. The 11th house is a house of hopes and wishes the native carries in his life such as money, family, marriage and education. Saturn is restrictions, delays, it brings reality, and it judges and criticises.

Significance of Saturn in the Eleventh House

  • The 11th House represents friends, and a professional network circle that would help the native to achieve his goals as networking is really important in terms of business and growth. The eleventh house also represents the incoming gains and wealth, making this one of the strongest houses in the planetary placement with Saturn.
  • The eleventh house is termed as the house of materialism as it helps the native achieve his hopes, desires and wishes. If Saturn is debilitated, then the native’s friends might cheat on him or he might have a wrong network circle.
  • The native of Saturn in the 11th house is provided with a social circle, a network and an unlimited amount of gains and the main characteristic of Saturn is restrictions and limits. Hence, Saturn keeps his friends, gains and success to himself within set boundaries. Also, Saturn represents a friend circle consisting more of the older or mature crowd as Saturn is a mature, older and slow-moving planet.
  • Saturn in the eleventh house makes hopes and wishes come true after the native puts forth the effort, and it rewards him quicker than any other house.

What does the 11th House signify in Astrology?

The 11th House in Astrology shows gains of all kinds, hopes, wishes, power to achieve your desired goal and your source of income. The 10th house shows career, rise & fall in career, but the 11th house shows the big gains you will receive in your life in terms of wealth.

The 11th House in Astrology represents one’s actions, income and general fulfilment of desires. It also represents the years after the career is over, enjoyment of a pension, having time to spend with friends.

Physically, the 11th house relates to the 3rd part of the legs, the calves, and shins. The 11th house corresponds with Aquarius

What does Saturn represent in Astrology?

Saturn in Astrology is

our limitation in life, and it sets boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve. It's the wake-up call, as Saturn shows the truth and the reality of life. Most of us are walking around daydreaming and have an illusion of our elicit future, but during Saturn's Dasha and Saturn’s transit, we are awakened by the harsh reality that exists around us. We are forced to be more practical and disciplined about our goals rather than searching for them in a puzzled manner.

Saturn in Astrology represents grief, although this is a harsh description and must be understood more deeply. Saturn is a significant and sometimes deeply spiritual influence in the horoscope. Saturn symbolises everything that is deep, profound, thorough, long-lasting, and serious in life. It is associated with all the aspects of life that teach one how to be more thoughtful and practical. The condition of Saturn in the birth chart will indicate whether these values are put to good use by adding depth and a sense of meaning to life, or whether one refuses to get serious and therefore experiences the grief of being forced to comply with Saturn's demands.

Auspicious Results of Saturn in 11th House in Astrology

  • One is very sympathetic, grateful, sweet-spoken, lean, contented, and victorious over enemies.
  • One is long-lived, courageous, fixed, and calm-headed.
  • One will be thoughtful, fortunate, pleasure-loving, and contented.
  • One will be skilled at all arts and is recognized by the state.
  • One will be artistic, happy, and not greedy at all.
  • One will not suffer from long-lasting ailments, and his recovery will be speedy.
  • One will be victorious at war.
  • One will be very wealthy.
  • One will have permanent property and wealth.
  • One will become wealthy and prosperous through farming.
  • One will possess dark horses, sapphires, beautiful things, camels and elephants.
  • One will possess a lot of cattle.
  • One will gain wealth and property and will acquire knowledge from scholars.
  • One will acquire and accumulate a lot of wealth.
  • One will be famous.
  • One will enjoy the company of good friends.
  • One will be pleasure-loving and will enjoy varied comforts.
  • One will have many servants at home.
  • One will possess vehicles.
  • One will have no sons or probably one son only.
  • One may have children.
  • The earlier and later part of one’s life may be a troubled one, but the middle part will be happy.
  • One will be a lawyer, barrister, politician, and scholar.
Saturn in 11th House in AstrologySaturn in 11th House in Astrology

Inauspicious Results of Saturn in 11th House in Astrology

  • One may be more fraudulent than thousands of people.
  • One may be full of anger and enmity.
  • There may be obstruction at work.
  • One may suffer from many ailments in childhood.
  • One may fear fire and suffer physical pain.
  • One’s spouse may be infertile, or children may be delayed or may not survive.
  • Children may cause pain and hardships.
  • One’s children may not survive.
  • The firstborn child may not survive.
  • One may not have a son.
  • In the earlier part of one’s life, circumstances are unfavorable.
  • In the latter half of one’s life, sons and spouses may cause pain and hardship.
  • Friends may cause losses to the native.
  • Money loaned is never recovered.

Note : The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon the complete analysis of the horoscope (Birth-Chart).

Saturn in 11th House for Various Ascendants in Astrology

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Explaining Your Saturn Placement - Saturn in the 11th House


Saturn in 11th house Love, Career, Friendship & Networking, Finance, Gains& Loss Marriage:- Saturn in this particular house feels most comfortable and gives results mainly favorable and sometimes very auspicious. Saturn in this very house gives a lot of wealth in old age and also popularity in villages or towns. Saturn in this very house gives so much support in career establishment and gives more than 1 house to the person.

Shani in 11th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Saturn in this specific house makes a person very articulative and very diplomatic but at the same time very helpful towards friends, relatives, etc. The native will the pain of poor people and will get his assimilated in some charity work and donation. The native will be very proficient in their speech, especially in public speaking. There can be love for power, wo

Saturn or Shani 11th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Saturn in 11th house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 11th house, degree, lordship, malefic and benefic, dignity, degree, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, combination conjunction, combustion of  Saturn, Saturn in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Shani in 11th bhav.

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Saturn in 11th bhav gives wealth from more than 1 source. There will be gains in business even in partnership business. Although, native will be angry and sensitive in nature but he or she will fulfill all his or her duties at work along with fulfilling domestic priority. The native will be moody in nature.

Native may gain much success in foreign land along with popularity and significant status. Saturn in 11th bhav will give good name fame in society after some struggle, hardship, and delay.

Native will se happiness as well as moments of sadness or bad time in life as well. Saturn in this particular house gives sharp intelligent but wise nature  most of the time. Although, Native can behave like emotional fool sometimes.


Results Of 11th house Saturn and Your Career

Career in politics may give native amazing height and popularity after the age of 40. Native can become popular due to their work in society or town. Native can also become successful and wealthy in their own business or in partnership business. Native can do wonders in the writing field. He or she can become a successful popular author or own a publishing agency. A person can establish a stable source of income through their sheer dedication.

Self-employment will be the best for the person. Native may also earn from government source or can become a government officer. Native can also do wonders in the field of education and teaching. A person might become chief professor or lecturer in a popular college or university. Native can also earn much wealth from farming or dairy industry. Saturn with this placement also loves buying and selling of land or real estate business.

Saturn In 11th house in Kundli and Your Finance

Earning will be good if person is in job or service. Native will start becoming wealthy after 35 years of age. Significant growth in status and income will be there in life after the age of 39.  Increment and promotion in job and much wealth and growth in business especially related to iron, iron-ore, wire, etc. The native will also be successful and gain significant money from the agriculture business. 

Financial conditions at young age will be average but after middle age native can become very wealthy along with all comforts and luxury. Native can have 2-3 houses or properties some even in foreign land or distant city.

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Saturn in 11th house in Horoscope and Your Love Life

Love life of the native will be exciting, adventurous, romantic but neither it will be long lasting nor will turn into marriage. The native will have very little chance to gets success and fulfillment in love affairs. Most of the time native will face dejection and failure in turning their love affair into marriage. Many exciting and trustworthy bonds will break on small issues.

The native will also have nagging and dominating nature which might not turn well in their love affairs. So, overall love life off the native will not be satisfactory. Although native might enjoy very romantic and loyal affair at least once in life.

Saturn in 11th house In Kundli and Your Marriage

Native may have more than 1 marriage in life after failure of 1st marriage, childless first marriage, or widowhood. But many times there will be problem in 1st marriage and sometimes even in 2nd Marriage. Overall, Married life will not be a happy one but can be long-lasting and satisfactory if both people compromise, adjust and sacrifice to an extent.

There will be misunderstanding and domestic quarrel at home and there can be emotional turbulence in the life of the native as well. The native will have conjugal bliss and comfort at home after marriage but not for long period of time.

Peace will be lacking in person’s life or life will become monotonous for him. The native might also become very busy in their career or business that he or she might not give much time at home. Chances of divorce or temporal separation can be there but in a few cases only. Death spouse can happen if 7th lord and 11th lord is Maraka or in the worst malefic state.

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Saturn in 11th house in Horoscope and Your Gains and Loss

There will significant loss of land, property, or agricultural land in the youth years of the native. But, native will regain all their wealth again after hard work from the age of 40. The native will gain in the business of iron, machinery, and agriculture from the age of 40.

There will also be gains from careers especially in government job or in politics. Saturn in this house can make few people MLA or MP. Native wins election if he or she deals with honesty because native can connect with the masses easily.

Saturn in 11th house in Birth Chart – Your Friendship & Networking

Native will be the person who will gain from their contacts and friendship at higher level in society and even with authorities at government level. There will be people who will help native in their endeavours and there will be people who will take advantage of generous native of native. Friends will also have gains and profit with the help. Native will give monetary assistance to relatives, friends and sometimes even strangers.

Special effects of Saturn or Shani in 11th house of Kundli

Native will have lot of short travels in life. Most travels will be fruitful and successful.  Native’s children will be bright and successful but will not share very close bond with native itself. Native may have delay in getting child especially 1st child.

The native will send their children to different city or countries for studies also. There will some communication gaps or distant relationships with children. Saturn in this house also gives success in the business of medicine. Saturn in 11th house also gives fear of death from animals or poison. Native can become addicted to alcohol and smoking if not guided properly. Consumption of excessive non-vegetarian food regularly will not be good for the finances of the native.

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Effects of Saturn in 11th House in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology if Shani or Saturn in 11th house present, being a high grade malefic it gives both positive and negative outcome for both male and female of all ascendants.

Results of Saturn in 11th house

  • In astrology Saturn in 11th house is considered good, eleventh being house of gains and mostly expected gains. Thus Saturn here signifies earning through government, contracting work with government, service in government organization. Since Saturn deals with labors, workers, downtrodden etc. so earning while working with them or employing workers or akin to this is seen.
  • Shani Graha or planet Saturn in Eleventh house of friendship gives very few friends, there can be many friends or acquaintances but native will be having some really true friends.

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  • Planet Saturn in 11th house aspects 8th house also hence increases in own karakatwa house of longevity, blesses both man and woman long healthy life yet sometimes gives bone related issues, rheumatism etc.
  • In case Saturn in Eleventh house if unafflicted makes person rich, wealthy and brave as well. The native may or may not appear to be wealthy from outside. But certainly both male and female will be possessing firm financial background either ancestral property or self-earned.

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  • Shani in 11th house if afflicted creates hindrance or delays in progeny. Native will be thoughtful and contemplative, trouble from fire, burn is also encountered during course of dasha.
  • Various vedic scriptures depicts Saturn in 11th house is capable of bestowing native with awards and accolades from government, makes native benevolent and merciful. Native will be soft and sweet spoken. These man and woman will be learned, educated and becomes pundit of many subjects. In our experience we have seen native getting sudden breaks in education also.
  • Both male and female should have to take special attention while making and dealing with friends as because loss through over confidence or faith will be certainly occurring. If well placed then savoir will be there but unafflicted will not spare from loss and bring troubled finances or poverty too.  

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Words of Wisdom for Saturn in 11th house-

Above saturn or shani effects in 11th house are extremely general in nature. These are influenced by the various factors such as aspect of planets on house, their strength, position and strength in Navamsha etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .


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