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Shleppers Moving, 434 E. 165th St., Bronx, NY (NEW ADDRESS)Monday, Oct. 1810:30 AM
Bedrock Mini Storage, 241 11th Ave., New York, NY 212-255-5832Wednesday, Oct. 2010:30 AM
Out-A-Space Self-Storage, 206 E. Merrick Rd., Valley Stream (LI), NYTuesday, Oct. 2610:00 AM
American Self-Storage, 330 Tompkins Ave., Staten Island, NY 718-273-1100Wednesday, Oct. 2711:00 AM
Harlem Self-Storage, 9-11 W. 141st St., New York, NY 212-283-1642Thursday, Oct. 2810:30 AM

Storage Auctions in New York

Abandoned and forgotten self storage units are potential gold mines for bargain hunters. From clothing and home wares to antiques and rare collectibles, the contents of typical storage lockers are full of opportunities and surprises. Whether you're stocking a consignment shop, making extra money as an online reseller, or simply searching for unexpected treasures, makes it worthwhile with our convenient online storage auctions.

Local Online Auctions in New York brings local storage locker auctions into the convenience of your living room, so you can browse, bid, and buy without the stress of in-person auctions. View photos of unit contents at your own pace, take the time to research items before you bid, and track offers from other buyers to make informed decisions. When the purchase is finalized, just drive to the appropriate facility and collect your winnings. Our auctions near the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Michigan State University in East Lansing are especially popular.

Self-Storage Units for Sale Throughout NY.

With, conflicting auction times and locations are never problems. Place bids on units in Detroit and Grand Rapids simultaneously, and participate in multiple self storage auctions throughout the state without disrupting your schedule. We strive to give you access to the most extensive selection of inventory available and to consistently provide you with fresh, updated collections through our streamlined online auction process. Tell us how far you want to travel to retrieve your purchases, and we'll show you the latest auctions that meet your criteria.

Abandoned Storage Unit Auctions.

More than 28 million Americans rent storage space each year, according to Statistic Brain. It isn't uncommon for customers to fall behind on payments or completely abandon their units, making it difficult for storage facilities to prosper. State lien laws protect facility owners by turning over possession of any property stored within a unit to the business in the event of nonpayment. When customers are properly notified in accordance with state regulations, facilities may hold storage locker auctions to recover their losses.

Storage Unit Buyers

Are you ready to become part of the excitement? Set up your bidder account, and you'll be ready to buy storage units online in minutes. It's quick, easy, and free. Sign up today to start bidding.

Storage Unit Sellers.

We're dedicated to helping facility owners and managers maintain their profitability through successful, hassle-free auctions. offers free listings to sellers who have the legal right to liquidate abandoned property, and our auctions attract buyers in Michigan and across the nation. Give it a try and list your first unit.

Our listings are free, but we do charge cancellation fees of $20 per unit for a free account. See membership plans for reduced rates.

How to Find Storage Unit Auctions in New York

At, it's easy to find storage auctions in your area, and our convenient online system makes it even easier to participate. Simply enter your city or zip code to find auctions in your vicinity.

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There’s No Eviction Moratorium on NYC Storage Units. Now the Contents of Hundreds are Being Auctioned Off

New Yorkers’ belongings stowed away in hundreds of self-storage units are slated to be auctioned off in the coming weeks, with struggling customers left unprotected, even during the pandemic.

People in dire financial straits and unable to pay their storage bill face an unregulated form of eviction that can lead to the loss of everything from furniture to family heirlooms snapped up by strangers. Meanwhile, the billion-dollar industry is booming as New Yorkers in flux seek places to keep their possessions, movers say.

Nearly 175 units at Public Storage facilities across the city are scheduled to go up for bid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the company’s website shows, with another 849 headed for the block in November. Meanwhile, CubeSmart plans online auctions for units at 49 of its New York City locations next month, according to its website.

Unpaid storage fees differ from most unmet bills because under state law, storage facilities are granted a lien on the belongings within them. That means storage companies have the right to auction people’s things off rather than simply ceasing services to customers who cannot afford to pay rent and late fees.

If customers fall behind too long, they are locked out of their units and their possessions then sold to the highest bidder — à la the TV show “Storage Wars.”

Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY

Denise Holmes, 33, who lives in an East New York apartment after a stay in a city homeless shelter, said she had to decide between saving her stuff from a Staten Island storage facility and putting food on the table for her kids.

“I made the payment, thank God, yesterday, but I’m just trying to get the things out of there,” she said in a recent interview. “It’s now settled up, but it’s going to start re-charging soon.”

Holmes plunked down the money, she said, then found birth certificates and her Social Security card in the unit. But the van she hired to bring the stuff could only fit so much. She wants to go back and get her kids’ clothing, but that will require making the next $200 monthly payment first.

“Every time I get out of one hole, I’m back in another hole,” she said.

An ‘Added Layer of Cruelty’

Lisa Pearlstein, director of the City Bar Justice Center’s Legal Clinic for the Homeless, was so concerned about auctions among people who had lost their jobs during the crisis that she asked a law firm, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, to examine the possibility of a moratorium on auctions.

“They’re unemployed, they can’t pay their storage bills so easily,” Pearlstein said. “They pay their rent, they buy their food first. And then, you know, boom, they’re hit with a storage auction notice, and they don’t have the funds to pay the bill and they lose their possessions.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the city is down 648,000 jobs, and unemployment has soared to 14%.

“Paying rent and buying food when you’re unemployed is the priority,” she said. “And items in your storage facility, you know, are not. I mean, you go for your basics.”

The law firm found that a mandated pause on auctions would require either executive action from the governor or for the state legislature to modify the lien law that governs storage, Pearlstein said.

Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY

Self-storage is also the go-to place for the most precious belongings of many poor New Yorkers who become homeless. The city’s Human Resources Administration helps shelter dwellers foot the bill temporarily.

But once people find housing, some quickly drown in mounting monthly payments and late fees, which are unregulated by the state or city governments.

Any requirement to set or limit prices, such as storage fees, would require a law change by the City Council, according to a spokesperson from the city Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

Anne Callagy, director of government benefits at Legal Aid, also volunteers at the Havens Relief Fund Society, helping to distribute one-time grants for people in need. In both capacities, she has seen many New Yorkers asking for help with storage payments.

“It always strikes me as the added layer of cruelty that they’re homeless or just getting redomiciled or in a nursing home for an extended temporary stay and then they’re threatened with the possessions they have in the world being auctioned,” she said.

A Big Money Business

Meanwhile, self-storage is a profitable industry that does well in tough times. The Wall Street Journal reported in March that investors were flocking to the investment.

Private-equity firm Blackstone Group just struck a deal to buy Simply Self-Storage for $1.2 billion, The Journal reported Sunday, citing the sector’s strength throughout the pandemic.

Public Storage pulled in $2.8 billion in revenues and $1.5 billion in profits last year, while CubeSmart brought in $644 million and cleared $171 million, public filings show. Neither company, whose national holdings include a large presence in New York City, responded to inquiries from THE CITY.

Local movers say they saw an increased number of customers taking their things out of city apartments and putting them into self-storage over the spring and summer as the pandemic seized the city.

Metropolis Moving, based in Brooklyn, recorded a 20% increase in the share of their customers moving belongings to storage units during the coronavirus crisis as compared to last year, the company said in a blog post.

Movers packed up younger adults who headed to stay with families out of town and work remotely, unsure of whether they might return to the city. Others were unable to make rent and moved to friends’ or family’s houses, storing their things.

“People discussed their plans and how everything got screwed up and how they didn’t know what they are going to do,” said Saad Sid, a manager at Brooklyn’s Great Movers.

Sam Hassan, vice president for marketing of Manhattan’s Imperial Movers & Storage, said demand for storage got so high his firm had to rent out space from other companies.

“We literally grow out of our own facilities, which we, in the past, we could not fill up,” he said.

Imperial Movers & Storage has not yet held storage auctions this year, he said.

Have you lost belongings recently in a storage auction or fear you soon might? Let us know: [email protected] or text 646-397-1795.

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Storage Auctions in New York, NY

Keepers Self Storage Manhattan follows New York State guidelines for holding auctions of storage unit contents when the renters default on payment. If, after proper notification, a renter fails to pay what is due, we must empty the locker to make room for a new neighbor. Auctions can present a unique opportunity for buyers to purchase pre-owned merchandise for a fraction of its wholesale value. While some bargain hunters go to auctions looking for inexpensive furnishings for themselves, most attend with an eye toward selling the contents elsewhere. Goods bought at a storage auction are often re-sold for profit at:

  • Flea Markets
  • Garage Sales
  • Charity Rummage Sales
  • eBay

Auctions are open to the general public. Some auctions offer online purchasing options. Interested parties may consult up to 2 weeks in advance to get the details about online opportunities. Call the leasing office at Keepers Self Storage Manhattan for an update on dates and times for upcoming events.


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