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This Viral Dragon Ball Z Post Finally Stands Up for Chi-Chi

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The Dragon Ball fandom likes to give some heroes grief, but there are few who can match Chi-Chi. Sure, Yamcha might be the butt of everyone's joke, but Chi-Chi finds herself navigating vitriol day in and day out. Plenty of fans have come to push back on the heroine given her protective behavior and penchant for yelling. But thanks to one fan, the Chi-Chi fandom is rising up and calling for the fandom to lightened up about Chi-Chi.

Over on Twitter, the user ElisaJGCC got the debate going when they stepped out with a post pointing out why Chi-Chi has every right to be a bit uptight. Being a mother and wife in the Dragon Ball universe would be stressful no matter what... and it only becomes worse when you are married to Goku.

"ChiChi is a victim but was made to look like a villain when she didn't want Gohan going to Namek. She lost her husband and 4YO son for a year. ChiChi wasn't informed of everything by Goku's friends which created misunderstandings," the post reads.

"Chichi didn't care about Piccolo's death but ChiChi witnessed Piccolo trying to kill her fiance and later learns he kidnapped her son for a year. Not many mothers would have sympathy for a kidnapper and attempted murderer. Chichi's anger at the hospital was out frustration of her family splitting up again. A mother recently reunited with her kidnapped child will not want to part from him."

Continuing, ElisaJGCC went on to point out how Chi-Chi still gets her digs in without having to raise a fist. If Goku wants to get a point across, the Saiyan will not hesitate to square up, but Chi-Chi has learned there are more effective power moves out there. For instance, a solid bowl cut is sufficient punishment for Gohan after the boy went to Namek despite being told not to.... Yikes!


Over the years, Chi-Chi has found herself targeted for her unapologetic behavior, but her strong will has got Goku wrapped around her finger. For all of the insane things Chi-Chi has lived through, her reactions to them have been appropriate, and fans are backing up this post with their own support.

What do you make of this Dragon Ball debate...? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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Dragon Ball: Chi Chi Is the Only Responsible Adult In the Entire Franchise

Chi Chi takes a great deal of flak from Dragon Ball fans. Yamcha and Krillin may be the butt of a million memes, but the human matriarch of her Saiyan family is generally looked upon with disdain and annoyance. Maybe it's the constant screaming, or forcing Gohan to study even when the Earth is in peril or the general nagging marm portrayal next to some of the universe's greatest heroes and fighters.

On the surface, Chi Chi just gets in the way of Goku and Gohan's training, worrying about clean underwear when all viewers want to see are the fights, transformations, explosions etc. But everything Chi Chi does is with the goal of holding her family together, making sure they have a proper home to return to and providing the most balanced life possible for her children. In fact, it could be argued that she's the only responsible adult among all the fist-happy warriors — and Bulma.

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Much of what Chi Chi does is meant balance out the planet/universe-spanning fights and high drama. She's a crucial reminder that Goku, Vegeta and the rest don't just show up to train and fight and train some more, but that they have homes and lives to resume once there's peace again. Even a constantly endangered Earth must still be kept running by jobs, money, food, clothing and a home to live in.

For Gohan in particular, his mother's insistence that he hit the books and aim to get a quality education is what any common sense parent would do. Gohan's childhood was full of traumatic events like watching his father die or being forced to survive alone in the wild for six months as "training" to fight alien invaders. He hadn't even reached double digits yet when he traveled all the way to Namek and had to confront the universe's then-most powerful evil being. As the series goes on, Chi Chi's actions as a parent become more and more focused on trying to help him live at least a somewhat normal life.

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Later on, as the Cell Games approach, Chi Chi is incredulous when the adult Z-fighters tell her they need Gohan for the battle. Imagine being a mother and your husband and his buddies all come to tell you that the world is in danger from an overpowered, sadistic android and, instead of handling it themselves like the world protectors they claim to be, they need your pre-teen kid to go with them to help do the job. No (sane) parent on Earth would happily send their child off to such a life-threatening situation, though she eventually came to understand why it was necessary.

Chi Chi also gets less credit than she deserves for training Goten, who soon became the youngest Super Saiyan in the series and played no small role in the Majin Buu arc. While Gohan brought peace to the Earth by defeating Cell — therefore earning some time to study and live a normal teenage life for a while — Chi Chi trained Goten to defend himself, keep up with his best friend Trunks and become a proper fighter in honor of Goku's legacy. Thus proving she isn't just a nag who wants to stop her kids from fighting.

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As for the other mothers, Dragon Ball Super in particular shows that Bulma, 18 and Videl have grown since they settled down and started families. That said, in DBZ Bulma also brought her infant son Trunks to a battlefield where the Z-Fighters were up against the androids. Both she and Trunks would have died in Dr. Gero's energy blast if not for Future Trunks saving them. When Yajirobe is the voice of reason, it's time to step back and reexamine your priorities. 18 is generally calmer, cooler and more collected than her fellow mothers. However, she also brought her daughter Marron, then a toddler, to watch a fighting tournament in which much blood was spilled, Gohan was stabbed and Videl was quite literally tortured. Not the best choice for a family outing, but at least Marron got to watch her mom make a lot of money blackmailing Mr. Satan.

Being a parent is an incredibly tough, full-time job in any world. When your husband is constantly running off fighting and training — and disappearing from the home for lengthy periods of time — the job grows infinitely more difficult. Chi Chi's actions and her desire for her sons to be educated young men whose brains are as strong as their fists is the natural inclination of any parent. By these metrics, Chi Chi may just be the only consistently responsible adult in the series.

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This article is about the original character. For the character portrayed in live-action by Jamie Chung, see Chi-Chi/Dragonball Evolution.

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"Listen, all I'm asking you two to do is get your driver's license, it's not like I'm asking you to save the world."
— "Goku's Ordeal"






The Ox-Princess

Chi-Chi (チチ,Chichi) is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of the Ox-King.[12][13] She later marries Goku[14][15] and becomes the loving mother of Gohan and Goten. She was first introduced as a shy and fearful girl, but later, as she gets older, develops a very tomboyish, tough and fierce personality, which sometimes causes her to have angry outbursts seen several times throughout the series. Despite this, she has shown her love for Goku and their sons many times throughout the series.[16]


Chi-Chi is a beautiful, light-skinned woman of slender yet curvaceous frame and average height. She has long, straight black hair reaching mid-back with short square bangs, and large black eyes.

As a child, Chi-Chi's appearance consisted of a blue bikini, pink gloves and boots, a green cape and her pink helmet. Chi-Chi kept this appearance until the Piccolo Jr. Saga where she wears a blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) with red pants, armband, and shoes, white socks and a red sash. In this appearance, she also wore her hair in a ponytail. Nearly all of the clothes Chi-Chi is seen wearing in her adulthood are Chinese dresses and martial arts uniforms.

In the first half of Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi's primary clothing was a purple dress that has an orange cloth tied on the top and a yellow sash. Her hair was tied in a high bun but she still had her hair coming down on the sides. Chi-Chi keeps her hair the same through the Androids Saga but she wears a Purple uniform with pink sleeves and pants. In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, after Goku and Gohan come home, she wears a light purple martial art uniform with light blue sleeves, a blue sash, light purple pants, and blue martial art shoes. In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, she wears a pink cheongsam with a black sash, light blue pants, blue socks, and purple shoes. In the Buu Saga, she wears a yellow uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back with turquoise pants, blue martial art shoes and with all of her hair put into a bun and also wears white Chinese earrings. At the party celebration for the defeat of Kid Buu, she still wears her hair in a bun with long strands of hair framing her face, with pink lipstick, and wears a pink collared shirt, along with white pearl earrings and a pearl necklace and wears white pants and black high heels. Chi-Chi also has a fairly small chest, which is implied in the Japanese version to be the reason why Goku didn't consider using her to bargain with Old Kai to unlock Gohan's potential and instead settled for someone else.

In Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, before the party, Chi-Chi wears a yellow martial arts uniform with blue sleeves with white cuffs, a red cloth tied around her shoulders, a red sash with white pants, green earrings, and black martial art shoes. At dinner, she wears a more casual outfit, consisting of a yellow cheongsam, a turquoise cloth around her shoulders, a light purple obi, white pants, and purple earrings. At the party, she wears a pink cheongsam with a small white jacket, white bracelets, and white dress shoes. She retains her green earrings.

In Battles of Gods, she wears a red cheongsam with a crimson cloth tied around her shoulders, a red sash, crimson pants, light blue bracelets, white socks and red shoes with red lipstick.

In Dragon Ball Super, she wears her hair in the same hairstyle as in the Majin Buu Saga, with a yellow martial arts uniform with a purple sash, white long sleeves, a purple cloth around her shoulders, turquoise pants, blue martial arts shoes, green earrings, and red lipstick.

During the very end of Dragon Ball Z, after the 10-year gap after Kid Buu's defeat, Chi-Chi wears a red uniform with a purple cloth tied on the back with purple pants before the tournament as well as having her hair in a ponytail. During and after the tournament, she wears a dark pink cheongsam with a black sash, and dark yellow pants with white bracelets and earrings.

In Dragon Ball GT, Chi-Chi's hair is much shorter (probably chin-length or shoulder-length) and it is styled differently. Her attire is a pink uniform with light green sleeves, a turquoise sash, violet pants, and black shoes and gold Chinese earrings.


As a child, Chi-Chi was very shy and often thought about who she would marry. Despite being the daughter of the Ox-King, who had a reputation of being terrifying, she was shown to be the opposite of him, as she was shown to be of pure heart by being able to ride the Flying Nimbus. During fighting, she is often scared and defeats her opponent while crying.

Chi-Chi's personality changed when she became an adult, especially after marrying Goku and having her son Gohan. She is often depicted as a sometimes nagging, overprotective, controlling, tough and fundamentally well-meaning woman, similar to the stereotypical overbearing shōnen mother, compared to Bulma's personality, who is happy and easy-going. Though her power pales in comparison to most of the Dragon Team, she is still one of the strongest women in the world and has been seen fighting well above the level of an average human on more than one occasion. She is also shown to be mentally clumsy at times, such as when she hits Krillin in the head with a door, thinking he is Gohan. Although Chi-Chi is often seen yelling at Goku over fighting, or Gohan over his schoolwork, it cannot be disputed that she loves Goku and her family very much. This is shown at the end of the Buu Saga, when she is brought to tears and hugs Goku just over the thought of finally getting to live as a family of four with Goku, Gohan, and Goten. Also, she seems to worry about Goku the most when he develops a Heart Virus in the Androids Saga and Imperfect Cell Saga, caring for him and crying by his bedside. When she finds out that Goku is all better, she jumps out of Kame House and runs to Goku and gives him a big hug, to which Goku responds by swinging her around. She usually cries when she finds out Goku is injured or dead, or when he's home safe, clearly showing her love for her husband. Even though Chi-Chi disapproved of Goku preferring Gohan learning to fight than being socialized, she nevertheless showed herself to be easily angered when her husband and/or her son got disrespected due to this, as in the English dub she kicked out Mr. Shu without hesitation for insulting Goku despite him being Gohan's private tutor (in the Japanese version, she instead kicks him out due to his extremely abusive actions towards Gohan such as openly whipping him in front of her and openly declaring that Gohan was a monkey with no potential.). Although Chi-Chi is insistent to Goku that Gohan's studies are more important than anything in the world, she, along with the rest of the characters around them, goes into shock when Goku actually agrees with her (in "Memories of Gohan"). She even goes as far as checking his temperature to make sure he was feeling well. Similarly in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge she worries about Goku when he insists Gohan finish his homework only to learn that Goku wanted Gohan to finish it so they could go camping. This suggests that despite her often nagging him to think or do something besides fighting with their son, she actually prefers her husband the way he is.

She is notable by emphasizing on Gohan's "academic achievement" rather than his fighting ability, as she was hesitant for Gohan to repeat Goku's habits of getting into danger, and she also did not want Gohan to grow up without proper education as Goku had. Therefore, she often becomes frustrated when Goku decides to take Gohan to fights, so much that often Chi-Chi is willing to go to battle herself to defend her son, though she's always restrained by some of the other characters to keep her from getting herself killed; nonetheless, it is often implied that Chi-Chi is proud of Gohan whenever he does fight but refuses to admit it save for when he participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament and Intergalactic World Tournament in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. Inevitably, Gohan had to work hard on both his human identity as well as his academic skills. It can be implied that she probably does not want Gohan to fight after witnessing Goku almost get killed by Piccolo in the World Tournament and does not want the same to happen to Gohan. In some cases, her insistence that Gohan study can also impact her common sense, as evidenced by her trying to prevent Gohan from aiding Goku when the latter was being attacked by a pairof assassins in order for him to finish his studies, causing Gohan to sternly ask her which between his studies or Goku's life mattered more, shocking her enough to let him go fight them in Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!. However, by the Androids Sagas, Chi-Chi apparently grows more accepting of Gohan fighting, as she allows him to train because of the androids and attend the Cell Games, even though she did not want him to participate. The very last chapters of the Dragon Ball manga state that Gohan had become a scholar and thus did not participate in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Henceforth, she taught Goten martial arts apparently out of a desire to prevent him from being incapable of defending himself whenever needed,[17] just like her father did with her and showed extreme strictness on it equaling when she was on Gohan about his education. Chi-Chi also allowed Gohan (and Goten) to participate in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, although part of the reason she allowed this was because she was excited to see Goku again for the first time in seven years and because winning the tournament or even being the runner-up would allow Gohan to obtain enough money to pay for his college tuitions.

Chi-Chi has a somewhat negative opinion of Super Saiyans as she seems to associate the transformation with delinquency due to its hair color. This is shown when she first saw Gohan in his Super Saiyan Full Power form shortly before the Cell Games and mistakenly assumed that Gohan and Goku had dyed their hair (which is considered a sign of delinquency in Japanese culture), unaware that it was a result of the transformation. Though she comes to understand that it a Saiyan transformation, she retains her initial negative opinion of the Super Saiyan form as she reacted negatively when Goten transformed while they were sparring.

She is shown to have developed a friendship with Bulma, especially after Bulma's marriage to Vegeta, as Bulma understands the struggle of both being married to a Saiyan and raising half-Saiyan children. However, despite their friendship, the two have been known to argue especially when their children compete in tournaments as shown in Bojack Unbound and the 25th Martial Arts Tournament.

Though she loves Goku, she is often frustrated by his tendency to focus most of his time on martial arts training instead of contributing to their family financially. In fact, it is implied that for most of her marriage, Chi-Chi relied on her father's wealth to support her and Goku financially to make ends meet. Her frustration over their financial situation is understandable given that Goku is naively ignorant when it comes to money (as he politely rejected 100 million Zeni peace prize Mr. Satan offered him for his role in defeating Kid Buu and only relented after Goten pointed out that Chi-Chi would let him off work to go train if he took the money). Considering she grew up with her father's wealth, she may be frustrated by the fact that her husband is unable to provide the same for her and their children and implied to be somewhat envious of Bulma's wealth and quickly changed her opinion of Videl when she learned Videl lived in a mansion with 50 rooms, to the point she keenly asks Gohan if he was going to marry her. In Battle of Gods and the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, she was shown to be excited at the prospect of winning one of the prizes for the bingo tournament held at Bulma's birthday party.

In Dragon Ball Super, after the defeat of Kid Buu, she forces Goku to work on their family's radish farm as a way for them to earn money after telling him that her father became poor due to a fire on Fire Mountain burying his treasure. However, after Mr. Satan gives Goku the 100 million Zeni peace prize, she allows Goku to go train on King Kai's Planet without a second thought, though. However she later forbids him from going to King Kai's to train after the events of the God of Destruction Beerus Saga, as their family had spent and saved the 100 million Zeni, and are once again broke (which turns out to be a lie by Chi-Chi in order to get him, to no avail, to work instead of train all the time), forcing him to go back to farming to support them, which shows she will let Goku go off and train as long as their family is well off financially. In addition to their family's radish farm, in the Dr. Slump crossover episode Chi-Chi forces Goku to take a job as a security guard at the World Invention Conference after Mr. Satan had offered him the job, which would be easy for Goku to carry out due to his power and fighting abilities, as well as giving her husband a job that potential involves him fighting due to the nature of the work, as a way to satisfy her husband's love of fighting.

With the birth of her granddaughter Pan, Chi-Chi becomes adamant that Pan is raised as a gentle girly-girl with a normal life so that she will not end up as another “battle-loving idiot”. She also wants Goku to be a good grandfather and not just fight all the time; going as far as furiously hunting him down to forbid him from leaving with Whis to train under him alongside Vegeta so he can grow stronger to protect the Earth, attempting to scare him into submitting to her. Surprisingly, however, she does not get mad after Goku blatantly disobeys her and leaves with Whis to go train, apparently accepting that Goku means well.



Chi-Chi was born in November 5th of Age 737, which the death of her mother shortly followed the same year. When she was two years old, both she and her father the Ox-King were trapped outside their castle when a fire spirit was unleashed on it making it become Fire Mountain.[6] During her childhood with the Ox-King, she was trained in martial arts, and it is said she has to behave well around him.

Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Main article: Emperor Pilaf Saga

Since her father's castle on Fire Mountain was impossible for both of them to reach, she was sent to retrieve the Bansho Fan from her father's old mentor, Master Roshi. Chi-Chi is first seen on her way to find Roshi while running away from a Dinosaur that she later decapitates with her helmet's blade and explodes with a blast from her helmet. Afterward, she runs into Yamcha who she attacks with a laser beam fired out of her helmet since she is afraid of strangers. After getting knocked unconscious by Yamcha for attempting to attack him, he returns to her aid after realizing she is the Ox-King's daughter. When she first awakens, she views Yamcha as a threat and gets ready to attack. He lies and says he loves her to keep her from hurting him because he had seen what happened to the dinosaur. Because she is naive, she believes him. When she turns her back, Yamcha runs away.

Soon afterward, she comes across Goku on his Flying Nimbus, who tells her that the Ox-King sent him to find her and take her to Master Roshi. While getting on the Nimbus, Chi-Chi accidentally pulls Goku's tail, revealing to Yamcha who was hiding, what Goku's weakness was. While riding the Flying Nimbus with Goku, he patted her genitals with his foot to determine her gender (in the edited version, he merely tells her that she should put more clothing on). Though Chi-Chi initially got angry and pushed Goku off the Nimbus (and comically crashed into a large rock afterward), this act made Chi-Chi believe that Goku may be in love with her. This is when Chi-Chi falls in love with Goku, although due to Goku's much more naive personality, he does not realize what this means until he meets Chi-Chi again in the Piccolo Jr. Saga (when he does, he seems uncomfortable with it at first, but then gets used to it and eventually shows that he cares a lot about Chi-Chi). When they arrive at Master Roshi's, Roshi told both of them that he accidentally threw the Bansho Fan out and that he will have to put it out himself.

Chi-Chi and Goku took the Flying Nimbus back to Fire Mountain to meet back up with everyone with Master Roshi riding Baby Gamera right behind them. Master Roshi demonstrated the Kamehameha to put out the flames on Fire Mountain, but unfortunately, it destroyed their castle, as well. After Goku's friends get the Dragon Ball, Goku leaves. Just before Goku left, she asks Goku if he will think of her during his journey, to which he replies yes. Then, he asks her if she will think of him, which causes her to blush and giggle making Goku wonder if all girls are this silly.

First Date with Goku

Main article: Gohan's First Date

During the Great Saiyaman Saga episode "Gohan's First Date", Chi-Chi tells Gohan, who had just been blackmailed into going on a date with Angela, of her first date with Goku through a flashback to when they were teenagers (though still with the appearance of pre-adolescent children); she claims that she forced Goku into it, but did not blackmail him. She told him to think of the "most pleasurable thing to do" and then coax her into doing it; naturally, Goku considered fighting the most pleasurable thing to do, and, though initially unwilling, Chi-Chi quickly got into it, surprisingly proving to be a fairly equal match for him. Looking back on it, Chi-Chi states that it was "a great first date".

When this occurred is unknown, though it was presumably at an off-screen point sometime before Goku trained under Master Roshi, as he was not wearing the Turtle School uniform, instead, wearing the blue uniform that he wore at the time he first met her.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Main article: Red Ribbon Army Saga

After the town at Fire Mountain was rebuilt and repopulated Chi-Chi grew lonely and waited for Goku. The Ox-King took Chi-Chi to the village psychic to tell her when Goku was going to come back. When the psychic said that he was approaching, and since she wants to marry him, Ox-King began to prepare for the wedding.

While the wedding was being prepared, Chi-Chi picked flowers outside the village and Goku showed up and they talk for a while. Eventually Goku and Chi Chi notice smoke coming from the nearby village, so they go to check it out.

Colonel Silver and his troops attacked the village making Goku and Chi-Chi get on the nimbus and help. Chi-Chi ended up taking out several soldiers while crying using the laser from her helmet. The Red Ribbon Army forced Goku to leave and continue his journey. Just before he leaves Chi-Chi asks him "What about the wedding?" to which Goku replies "I'll be back, I'll try some of that next time." Goku's naivete causes him to think that a wedding is some sort of food. When Goku came to Korin Tower during his time training to fight Mercenary Tao, he looked into a jar that showed what had happened before in the meadow where they were talking.

King Piccolo Saga

Main article: King Piccolo Saga

Sours: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)

A female character in the Dragon Ball franchise

Chi-Chi, sometimes written as Chi Chi, is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball media franchise. Created by Akira Toriyama, she first appears in Chapter #11 of the Dragon Ball manga entitled "...And into the Fire!". Typically portrayed as the shrewish wife of series protagonist Son Goku and the overprotective mother of Son Gohan and Son Goten, Chi-Chi is considered to be one of the most prominent female characters in the franchise, and is featured consistently in merchandise and in cosplay by Dragon Ball fandom.


Chi-Chi is known by different names in other language localizations of the Dragon Ball anime adaptation. For example, she is known as Kika in Portuguese dub.[3] and in Spanish dub as Milk.[4] Lisa Nguyen from TheGamer suggested that her name was changed for Latin American localizations because the word "chi chi" is used as vulgar slang for female bodily fluids or genitalia in the region.[5] Her original swimsuit style costume was based on a costume earlier manga character from the same creator called Pola from Pola & Roid.[3] Toriyama had expressed disdain for the character in a 2003 interview by saying:

To be honest, I'm really not fond of Chi-Chi as a character. (laughs) In the middle of the comic, I started to think, “I don't want to draw her anymore,” and, sort of as a way of spiting myself, I decided, “you’ll have to draw her if she gets married to Goku, so marry them off!” So, I drew her as a kind of punishment. (laughs)

This was after one of the animators asked Toriyama if he preferred either Bulma or Chi-Chi.[6]


Chi-Chi is voiced by Mayumi Shō in the Japanese version of the series up until Dragon Ball Z episode 88,[7] from which point she is voiced by Naoko Watanabe.[8][9] In the Funimation English dub, she is voiced by Laura Bailey as a child and Cynthia Cranz as an adult. In the Ocean dub, she was voiced by Andrea Libman as a child and by Laara Sadiq and Lisa Ann Beley respectively as an adult.

Chi-Chi is portrayed by American actress Jamie Chung in the American live-action film Dragonball Evolution; her voice was dubbed over by Ami Koshimizu in the Japanese version of the film. An important scene in the movie involves Chi-Chi fighting a duplicate of herself, the development of which Chung described as a "technical, meticulous process" which took three days to film. Chung worked extensively with her stunt double for the scene, which involved mimicking each other's movements in conjunction with the use of CGI body replacement technology, or engaging with an imaginary version of herself.[10]


Dragon Ball[edit]

Chi-Chi first appears as an unnamed child running away from a dinosaur, which she later decapitates with a blade attachment on her helmet. After an awkward encounter with Yamcha, she later meets Goku, who offered her to ride with him on his flying nimbus cloud. When Goku ignorantly patted Chi-Chi's crotch with his foot to determine her gender, she instinctively reacted by smacking Goku, but then became bashful and believed that Goku liked her. Chi-Chi and Goku's interactions would continually display Goku's naivety about love and emotions; Chi-Chi tells Goku that when she becomes older, he will be the person to take her hand in marriage, to which he agrees, thinking that "marriage" was a kind of food. She would meet Goku again at the beginning of the Red Ribbon Army Saga, when he would visit her to search for one of the Dragon Balls, which at the time was being sought by both Emperor Pilaf and Colonel Silver of the Red Ribbon Army.

Years later, Chi-Chi resurfaced as a competitor at the 23rd Tenka'ichi Budôkai martial arts tournament and kept her identity concealed. Chi-Chi is angry that Goku had never come back to keep his promise to marry her, which he had completely forgotten about. They eventually faced each other in a tournament match; after winning the match, Goku is shocked to realize that his opponent was in fact Chi-Chi, who had grown up as he had. Being a good-natured man, Goku decides to keep his promise of settling down with Chi-Chi, and publicly announces that he will marry her. In the anime-only filler conclusion to the Dragon Ball TV series, they would go on several adventures to retrieve a magical fan in order to put out the fire on Chi-Chi's mountain home to save her father. By the end of the original Dragon Ball series, she and Goku are married.

Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Chi-Chi's role in the succeeding Dragon Ball Z series revolves around her status as Goku's wife and mother to their son, Son Gohan, and later, Son Goten. She demonstrates behavior typical of a helicopter parent, and is adamant that her children, Gohan in particular, prioritize academic pursuits and stays away from Goku's lifestyle of fighting and constant conflict. She often becomes frustrated whenever Gohan is encouraged to hone his fighting skills or is drawn to a fight, so much that often Chi-Chi is willing to go to battle herself to defend her son. Under her influence, Gohan worked hard to develop a career path as an academic scholar. She is widowed after Goku sacrifices his life to stop Cell from destroying the world, and would go on to raise Gohan and Goten, the latter being born shortly after the events of the Cell Saga arc, as a single mother.

During the Buu Saga arc, Chi-Chi's parenting style is depicted as not being as strict with Goten and a now teenaged Gohan, though she is still very protective of her children. She initially disapproved Gohan training Videl, misunderstanding that the two were dating. However, her mind changes drastically when she learns that Videl lives with a rich family, encouraging Gohan to marry her. Along with the family members and associates of the Dragon Team, she was relocated to Kami's Lookout after Majin Buu was unleashed and went on a rampage throughout the world. When she learned of Gohan's apparent death at the hands of Buu, Chi-Chi takes the news badly. She confronts Buu when he arrives at Kami's hideout, scolding and slapping the creature out of anger for the lives he has taken; Buu retaliates by turning her into an egg and crushing her. Chi Chi and everyone else who had died at Buu's hand are wished back to life at the end of the storyline, and is happily reunited with her husband, who has been brought back to life in order to defeat Buu. By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi becomes a grandmother to Pan and mother-in-law to Videl, who ended up marrying Gohan.

Chi-Chi appears in multiple Dragon Ball films which carry the Dragon Ball Z branding, often in minor supporting roles which provide comic relief.

Dragon Ball Super[edit]

Chi-Chi's appearances in the Dragon Age Super series continue to be defined by her relationships with her husband and sons. She often reminds Goku that he has a responsibility to provide for his family as a husband and a father, and continually nags him about getting a job and earning more money. While she still tries to keep everyone in her family away from physical violence, she appears to accept that fighting is in a Saiyan's nature.

In Dragon Ball GT and other media[edit]

Chi-Chi plays a minor role in the Dragon Ball GT series. She mostly associates with Bulma and Videl, while also supporting her family in times of crisis. Goku is turned into a child at the beginning of the series, which frustrates her, but she still cares for him deeply. Chi-Chi, along with nearly the entire population on Earth, is later possessed by Baby, but later cured with the sacred water. She is last seen with Goku, when he says goodbye to everyone and departs the mortal world with Shenron.

Chi-Chi usually appears as a non-playable character in cut scenes or referenced in dialogue for most Dragon Ball video games. She is a support-type character for Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu. Chi-Chi is a playable character in 2006's Super Dragon Ball Z; her appearance is derived from her time as a competitor at the 23rd Tenka'ichi Budôkai martial arts tournament. The child version of Chi-Chi is playable in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, while both adult and youth versions are playable in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. She appears as an enemy character in Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo, Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen, Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishōden and Dragon Ball: Origins. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Chi-Chi appears as one of several cooks that can cook meals for the playable characters using various recipes and ingredients acquired through gameplay.

In the live-action film Dragonball Evolution, Chi-Chi and Goku (played by Justin Chatwin) are high-school classmates; she encounters him and Bulma (played by Emmy Rossum) as their quest for the Dragon Balls intertwines with the competitive martial arts world she is active in. At one point, a villainess character morphs into an evil duplicate of Chi Chi, resulting in a fight scene between her and the real Chi-Chi.[10]


Chi-Chi is a divisive character who is disliked by a significant section of the Dragon Ball franchise's audience.[11][12][13] Some commentators believed that the character had potential based on her early appearances as she was originally depicted as a tough but angry female fighter, but she was later developed as a stereotypical housewife, overprotective mother, and nagging woman archetype instead.[14][6][15][11] Megan Peters from Comicbook.com described Chi-Chi as "misunderstood",[11] while Monique Jones from Syfy identified the cause of the character's negative reception to Toriyama's lack of interest in the proper character development of certain DBZ women of the franchise, and argued that she deserve to be better written.[16] She has been cited as a responsible adult and empowered female character who introduces a sense of maturity to her family dynamics and to the franchise, despite also being criticized for fighting only to keep both her husband and son out of failing normal lives, rather than allying herself with her family to help fight the threats of the world.[4][17][18][19][11][14]

Chi-Chi is a popular subject for cosplay activities by Dragon Ball fandom.[20][21][22]

Her original appearance as a child wearing a revealing two piece swimsuit costume has been scrutinized by commentators for not being age appropriate.[16][12]


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