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The FOX Top 5 podcast. From greatest Presidential quotes, to favorite family traditions, to guilty pleasures... Join your favorite FOX News anchors, reporters and personalities every week, as they pair up to share their top five lists on a wide range of topics. This week, Co-Host of the “Tyrus and Timpf” podcast, Kat Timpf, & comedian and writer for Gutfeld! on the FOX News Channel, Joe Machi, come together to share their top 5 stand-up comedians.


29 Aug 2021

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  1. Shades of light
  2. 6mm steel rods
  3. Planet fitness careers

Tyrus and Timpf give their hot takes, explore weird headlines and share amusing stories.

  1. Same Old Song & Tune

    Same Old Song & Tune

    This week, Tyrus brings Actor and Bestselling Author, Dion Baia on the podcast to talk about the future of movie theaters.

    Tyrus explains some movies are better experienced in the movie theater and Dion argues that some aspects of streaming at home kills the movie’s momentum.

    Hot Topic: Find out why Tyrus thinks music and movies aren’t the same as they used to be.    

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  2. Death By Wedgie

    Death By Wedgie

    Kat reveals to listeners the real warning signs in a relationship.

    Tyrus cracks the case of a tight situation.

    Tyrus and Kat agree if someone is still going to the club, this one thing should not be on the agenda.

    Hit The Showers: Kat questions a woman's cleanliness.

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  3. Throwback - The Elephant In The Room

    Throwback - The Elephant In The Room

    Tyrus reveals the real reason Kat bullies him for his lunch money.

    Kat and Tyrus break down the coded language from a Dr. Seuss classic.

    And Kat explains how a date once left her footing the bill at a bar. 

    Hot Topic: Find out what might have happened to Kat's emotional support scorpion.

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  4. Nuns Gone Wild

    Nuns Gone Wild

    Tyrus expresses his disdain for clickbait-y headlines about aquatic animals.

    Tyrus & Kat discuss the miscalculation behind this "fruity" infrastructure decision.

    Tyrus ponders whether women actually care about muscle definition.

    Real Talk: Tyrus & Kat get real about the tragic case of Gabby Petito.

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  5. Stuck In Between A Rock & An Elevator

    Stuck In Between A Rock & An Elevator

    Tyrus has some actual breaking news.

    Kat emphasizes the importance of using a gift if you're given it.

    Tyrus draws a comparison between himself and a certain fictional teddy bear. 

    A Legendary Loss: Kat & Tyrus pay tribute to the late comedian, Norm Macdonald.

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  6. Real Talk: The Forgotten Story Of Hurricane Ida

    Real Talk: The Forgotten Story Of Hurricane Ida

    Tyrus brings Sensible Meals Owner, Ingrid Rinck on the podcast to talk about the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

    Tyrus and Ingrid break down how small business owners can adapt and adjust in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Ida. Ingrid also discusses how this storm has impacted her family and business in Louisiana.

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I love watching and hearing you guys on the Podcast Love you all and god bless you all..


Kates cool. Keep her on.

4 stars

I give u 4 stars. If u want 5, well then, u know what u need to do.

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