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That is somehow my opinion too, although you don't really need much more "expertise" than CCP already has to come up with something good. Also, CCP Seagull mentioned at FF2016 that they were staffing accordingly. Add to it that they already have all the assets they would ever need, expertise is not a daunting issue.

One drawback of letting "everyone build an app" is consistency: if you look at the Android store, there are many "Eve" apps, most of which haven't been updated in ages; they don't look remotely similar and each one is a mix of good and bad features. It is better on IOS since Neocom is largely dominating but that's it.

In this regard, CCP most likely didn't help by announcing a mobile application - they gave application authors the idea that the end was near for custom apps, delivered nothing but discouragement to app authors.

Another issue is scalability: it is fine to have 15K-20K users online, doing some things. That's a whole lot of new troubles when you have 50K+ mobile subscribers doing things all the time. This same scalability issue arises as the API allows for more and more features. That's a solvable issue though but it takes more than a finger snap.

Now, as an app author, following changes in Eve, adding/modifying features is very hard and demanding, and eats up a lot of time and resources. Given the current state of existing apps, it is no longer possible to be "that one guy" in his garage creating an app that has enough value to be worth the effort. CCP wins here by having a team, but we're still waiting :P

Source: I make an app: Evanova

Sours: https://redditfavorites.com/android_apps/evanova-for-eve-online

I share much of your grim assessment. It is such a vast indignity that so much of use, so much amazing awesome potential, has no where to go, while the demands to support ourselves remain so persistent & challenging.

I do have some areas of hope.

> Some of the reddit apologists claim telecommunications will free us all, but its mostly bringing us purity spirals, cancel culture, and identity politics.

The current status quo is that technology is a system for building products that consumers consume. Social media is another consumer device, another ready-made provided thing.

We don't have a very good established front for pro-humanistic technologism. Even though these social platforms are about content creation, they're through the narrow windows of what the tools provide, engagement is even more un-liberal, more constrained. The environments are artificial, we have only a small provided window of them that we can participate in, and our participation is prescriptive, via the defined channels of the software.

But that is not an inherent vice of technology nor information technology. This reliance upon adoption adoption adoption adoption, on onboarding as many as possible, as the means of measuring success has suppressed the other forms of technology that are available for us to explore: holistic technologies. Technologies that embrace all of our potential, that always leave the door open to examination & modification. Yes, this is a Free Software rant!! To quote Programming is Hard[1][2],

> No other science is as accessible as computer science, and most of its proceeds happen out in the open - computer science thrives on the internet, and although there are corners that do actual gatekeeping, most of content is freely accessible and thrives on this accessibility.

Science & code are replicable & experimental, always, it's just a question of how accessible science & creativity are. Software faces so few material constraints, so few connectivity limitations- software is malleable, and vast, and forever willing to let us explore our potential, to develop ourselves & grow ourselves. To ongoingly experiment with will & creation, all from a phone and bluetooth keyboard. If and when we are given access to participate, to find our potential!

The current facts on the ground are not nearly so sunny. The iron hold of big platform feels a prison, and virtually is, except that we can escape at any moment. Free Software missed the jump to the internet entirely. Instead Open Source became the underpinnings for great vast monoliths, huge corporate properties to emerge, that dictate digital spaces we might use, but which give us none of the libre liberty that software might so deeply let us enrich ourselves with.

So yeah, I think you're over-doing it, but sure, I think IT is playing a really crap role right now, and I think being trapped on these content-farms has made the natives do some really weird shit. Humankind can deploy none of their amazing perceptual skills, has only abstract potential on these limited, controlled, finite systems, and we never get to see the greater game as it's played: we only have what glimpses the platforms give us. "purity spirals, cancel culture, and identity politics" are not what trouble me, I am way way way more progressive, but I think there are all manners of cultural loops that society becomes bound up in, and our inability to see the knots stems from the consumeristic nature of these systems, from there not being an honest, potential-respecting, augmentative free technological basis from which to perceive, operate, & advance from, in a distributed decentralized pro-human manner.

It's not clear to me where we need to go to start changing things. Free software, not necessarily copyleft, but software made by people for people not for developers, needs to become internet relevant. It missed the connectivity revolution entirely. Social Media/Web Protocols[3] like ActivityPub give me hope, but there still feels like a great missing, that we're still on a too application-ized view of the world, trying to provide experiences, not seed the ground to allow us each to find & discover our own experiences, our own activities: too mechanistic, not computational enough. Systems like Yahoo Pipes were built more upon will & volition & watching & experimentation with computing itself, and I think that sort of componentry is key to starting to unravel some of the built up anti-humanity IT has become shrouded in.

In all, it's really down to Ursala Franklin's Prescriptive vs Holistic technologies[4]. The first, prescriptive, categorizes all technology which is definitive, which has well defined mechanisms that enact processes. These are used to control & process. For example, the control & process of gathering to a central place & then syndicating out posts people make to each other: that's a prescriptive technology. Holistic technologies are those in which the human has total control over means & materials to shape & create an outcome. In short, holistic technologies are technologies built with Free Software ethos, if not necessarily their hard copyleft politics. When humankind can share & exchange & experiment with the world about it, & learn, & form knowing exploring peers, humanity goes places: we explore our potentials, we find new things to get up to. Technology ought be a hotbed for this, for exploring our potentials, & it has gaps but it is already very far along de-pyramidizing the material/monetary order that pervades & so powerfully persists in our world, but this idea of free/pro-human software needs new initiatives & envigorated direction to maintain relevance amid our rising communicative capitalism.

[1] https://dorinlazar.ro/2021-02-programming-is-hard/

[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26711862

[3] https://www.w3.org/TR/social-web-protocols/

[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursula_Franklin#Holistic_and_p...

Sours: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26711308
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  4. Adopt me home
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CCP Rise stops by Reddit for an EVE Online AMA
EVE Online
EVE Online game designer CCP Rise spent a couple of hours on Reddit today answering questions about the past, present, and future of CCP's space-themed sandbox. Questions ranged from incredibly broad to ridiculously specific, but some interesting tidbits did crop up as the Q&A went on.

When asked about the long-delayed ability to walk around stations and interact with other players via character avatars, CCP Rise explained that the team is focused primarily on enhancing in-space gameplay and that putting people on avatar development would require too much in terms of resources and time. He also praised the current Council of Stellar Management for helping the CCP team dodge potential blunders and better understand EVE's players.

The whole thing is worth a read if you're an EVE pilot or are interested in a small peek at the life of an MMO game designer.
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Sours: https://www.engadget.com/2013-11-26-ccp-rise-stops-by-reddit-for-an-eve-online-ama.html

Jestertrek's Reddit AMA

So I figured I’d post Jestertrek’s AMA here, since it contains a lot of interesting stuff.


r/Eve - I was on EVE's CSM8, I was space-famous for a long while, and now my...

428 votes and 421 comments so far on Reddit

The ones I found interesting where:

Why do you think CCP gave so much lip service to caring about the economy when you were a CSM, and now has given up on it so dramatically?

Lots of people have said a lot of things about Dr.Eyjo who was EVE’s chief economist when I was on the CSM. I heard every opinion of the man possible when I was on the CSM, from “he’s useless and never comes into the office unless a reporter or the CSM is in the building” to “he’s critical to helping us balance the economy.”

One thing is for sure, though: when he left, the devs stopped caring about the economy almost completely from a development standpoint. Today, they pay lip service to it (sometimes) but the development isn’t data driven in the way it was (say) in the lead-up to the moongoo rebalance. As bad as that rebalance was done, at least you can say that the devs looked at the data before they did it. These days, I’m not convinced they look.

What was the most audacious, egregious, slap-in-the-player-base’s-face sentiment you ever heard proposed or uttered by a CCP-er? (feel free to leave the CCP employee anonymous if you’d like)

It’s not a single thing. It’s the total disregard that some devs had for player opinion. There were and are some devs that simply don’t give a ■■■■ that there are players out there and that we maybe know the game.

CCP SoniClover was really notorious about this, as were Ytterbuim and Arrow to lesser extents. All of them would come into Summit sessions, drop what they were doing on the table, and pretty much say “take it or leave it”. When Arrow was pushed, he’d say “well, we’ll iterate on that” or “you’ll get used to it”. He said both about monochrome Neocom icons when those were pushed out, which enraged me and I don’t anger easily. He just wasn’t interested in an opinion that didn’t start and end with “You’re a genius.”


Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/jestertreks-reddit-ama/159476

Reddit eve online

Official EVE Forums vs EVE Reddit: Which and When?


Talking about their work on a 3rd-party site, “on their off-time :wink:” to the point it becomes the “place to go” to get info, for some… points to why so many feel that CCP has catered to a minority of players at the expense of everyone else.

Reddit isn’t anymore, the place to go if you want info from devs. They are far more active on the forums. The perception doesn’t match the reality.

Some numbers using high profile devs:

CCP NameForum NameRedit NameLast Form PostLast Reddit PostForum Post Last 12 Monthsr/eve posts last 12 months
CCP Fozzie@CCP_Fozzieu/ccp_fozzie2 April3 months ago454
CCP Falcon@CCP_Falconu/ccp_falcon2 days ago2 days ago~600~600
CCP Rise@CCP_Riseu/ccp_rise18 April2 months ago1410
CCP Lebowski@CCP_Lebowskiu/ccp_lebowski11 April2 months ago9369
CCP Darwin@CCP_Darwinu/ccp_darwin23 May1 day ago31123
CCP Affinity@CCP_AffinityNo Activity28 FebruaryNo Activity460
CCP Bartender@CCP_Bartenderu/ccp_bartender2 days ago1 month ago4142
CCP Avalon@CCP_Avalon12 February3 months ago3317

Except for CCP Falcon, who is paid to interact with the community, most of the others are more active on the forum than they are on reddit over the last year, although a look at the dates they post suggest they become more active on both platforms when they have something relevant to say.

All official information is posted here in devblogs and official threads are here on the forum.


Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/official-eve-forums-vs-eve-reddit-which-and-when/163427?page=2
5 Most Common Scams in EVE Online

Reddit Eve Online have gone private

Well I am not sure that was the reason r/eve went dark.

The reason Bernie is alluding to & the one which will see you instantly banned of Reddit is this,

Reddit hired a new employee to focus on childrens issues on the platform.

The employee is called “Aimee” Challenor, they are transexual. Previously while running in the Green UK political party they hired a convicted pedophile to assist the party, their father.

Then while running works for the UK Liberal democrats they hired another pedophile their “husband”.

They have now been hired by reddit, if you post or link to any of the above facts it appears your reddit account is terminated. People have stated losing reddit accounts for even just reading the above.

This has effected admins of sub reddits who have had accounts deleted. Many admins have went into private to protect users as simply reading regarding this employee can trigger a ban on reddit.

I for one am no longer using the forum site reddit. This is not a meme or troll.


Reddit hired a transexual who has been alledged to be a pedophile, a person who previously hired convicted pedophiles & is married to a pedophile to spearhead development of childrens issues on their platform.

This is not a troll or a meme.


Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/reddit-eve-online-have-gone-private/302029

Similar news:

STK-S: USTZ based Initiative corp has a few openings - Reddit calls INIT the Imperium's Shock Troops

Re-posting: Still looking for USTZ players for pvp action. Really would like to see 3-4 more people that would be a good fit for our culture.

What we are flying (so you know if you can come with): Ravens, Magus’, Pontifexs, Interceptors, Ishtars, Purifiers, capitals, Retributions, Lokis, Tengus, Black Ops battleships/blops capable recon, and some other t1 cruisers that are random.

Disclaimer: We are in war-mode. Combat fleets are out 5 days a week minimum.

The alliance blops SIG is picking up a following, took out my first blops group recently - had some good fun and got a few rorquals. Normally 10-15 of us go out a few times a week to blow things up.

Priority is on more fun people to come on some fun fleets.

Also - I find it VERY funny that Mordus is recruiting claiming to have access to Fade, Pure Blind, and Deklein… it’s empty 24/7, well… not of INIT ships hunting. But you know…

Who’s winning the war in the north?
Pandemic Legion is big and scary, right?

Black Legion and Adversity are big hitters too!

Guardians of the Galaxy? 5 Eagle fleets deleted and counting.


zKillboard.com / Related Kills | X-7OMU | 2018-05-11 20:00

A battle took place in X-7OMU (Pure Blind) involving 518 pilots who lost a total of 49,004,988,237.85 isk

Another fine example of GOTG displaying ownership of Pure Blind


zKillboard.com / Related Kills | ROIR-Y | 2018-05-06 12:00

A battle took place in ROIR-Y (Pure Blind) involving 294 pilots who lost a total of 67,442,877,398.23 isk

So you live far away from us? Our Whaling fleets will find you. A recent visit to the newly reformed CO2 to welcome them back! Our Snuff allies were a little too aggressive, losing 15b in battleships - but the universe is a better place without these nasty rorquals!


zKillboard.com / Related Kills | 7G-H7D | 2018-04-29 16:00

A battle took place in 7G-H7D (Vale of the Silent) involving 486 pilots who lost a total of 67,652,512,913.82 isk

You think NC can save the north? Ha ha ha! They watch, tethered, while their tax payers burn.

All those titans and can’t win an ISK war - gotta love that!

Who are we?
• An experienced corporation, that successfully blends the two distinct paths of PVP content and industrial might, stretching back to nearly the very beginning.
• We have participated in every major war in the game to speak of.
• More than our fair share of firsts and seconds.
• Very cohesive, friendly group. We are seeking quality over quantity, which is why our recruiting methods, interviews, and standards are so high. Don’t let that deter you, for it might be the perfect home for you in which you end up playing with the same group of people for years.
• Inside and outside of game community, enjoying playing not only EVE but other games together when something fresh and fun comes out to play.
• Community extends to social media, discord, coms, and sometimes text shenanigans.

What do we have to offer?
• We are a member of The Initiative, arguably THE BEST entity in the game for PVP. Our alliance is a member of the Imperium coalition, a group of some 30,000 players that have proven that a lowly bunch of rifter pilots with no Skill points can grow into a large group that creates content, enjoys their time online, and has become a strong group of friends – sometimes memes too!
• Thriving pvp and pve opportunities abound.

• The alliance deploys multiple ready action fleets on a daily basis along multiple fronts.

Large Fleet ActionsMedium Fleet ActionsSmall Fleet ActionsBlack Ops Fleet Actions
150+ people50-150 people20-50 people5-20 people
1-2 per day2-5 per day2-3 per day2-3 weekly

• Be a part of newly developing trends, fleet comps including the vaunted and feared Snatch Fleet, and come drop the hammer with us - Burn it with fire!

Tier 1 ISK OpportunitiesTier 2 ISK OpportunitiesTier 3 ISK OpportunitiesAmenities
Explore - Data/Relic/Combat sitesRatting in capitals and supersThriving Market to seedMaximum indexes
Mining in barges to rorqualsIndustry - build/react/copy/sellMoon MiningRefineries, Engineering complexes, and a Keepstar

• Active – always 40-50 on our voice coms and alliance even at the quietest up to several hundred for peak times.
• No matter where your assets are in game, they can be moved to our space.

What are we looking for?
• Someone that is active. That means you are playing 2-3 times a week or more. This is your primary vice.
• Someone that will be interested and active in coms and chat.
• Someone that is either knowledgeable about pvp/fleet mechanics or is willing to learn and develop.
• The Initiative possesses some of the absolute best FCs in the game, spread across time zones and corporations, that means that our fleets are successful through attentive pilots that are aware and can think on their feet.
• Someone that can fly doctrine ships or is willing to modify their skill plan for a 30-90 day arrangement to get into fleet doctrine ships.
• Someone willing and eager to go on fleet (both large and small) events.
• Someone that is interested (as interesting as shooting rocks can be!) in being industrious and self-sufficient.
• Crucially important: We want people that can get where to they need to be, with or without help.
• You don’t need to be a space rock shooter, but you should be capable of earning a healthy living in our space without being on a welfare program!
• We use mumble and discord.
• The Initiative is 60 % EUTZ and 40 % USTZ. We have room for both, but we are particularly interested in finding new USTZ pilots.

The Initiative Blops crew believes in dropping the heaviest objects on people, if you use it - be ready to lose it. No room for Killboard Queens! 3 of the 8 Marhsal Losses are INIT - we are tied for first!

If you are motivated purely in stat padding your killboard, refusing to take the bad fights with the good, and generally need to tell yourself that blue balling is better that dying- I don’t think we are for you.

Metrics and stats below if you are motivated by killboard whoring.

STK-S zKillboard


STK Scientific | Corporation

STK Scientific: 49,834 ships destroyed and 13,206 ships lost.

Initiative zKillboard

The Initiative. | Alliance

The Initiative.: 499,936 ships destroyed and 218,693 ships lost.

STK: Founded 5-31-2003. A legacy of good and bad times, lots of things dying, and being so space rich we all have monocles and mythical beer fridges under the desk.

Do yourself a favor, find out if this opportunity is good for you. Real talk time – it might be a great fit and it might not.

Our core of players is very protective of each other and what we have established. Because what we offer, for most people, is such a good opportunity – we are very thorough in our recruitment process. We are one of the few corporations that was able to successfully blend being heavily into industry and pvp at the same time, most groups have to choose what to be good at. We chose both. Which is why we are looking for that special fit, someone who is interested in all aspects of the game and more importantly is a really fun person and good addition to our atmosphere.

Join our forums and apply HERE.

If you are interested in finding out more join our public channel in game STK-S Recruitment Channel and speak with myself (IGN: Sharnhorst von Deathwish), Waking Tea, or Ceema.

In game channel: STK-S Recruitment Channel

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Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/stk-s-ustz-based-initiative-corp-has-a-few-openings-reddit-calls-init-the-imperiums-shock-troops/77005

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