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I had been an avid user of AT&T’s internet services for the past seven years.

Recently, my family and I moved to a new city. Much to my disappointment, the neighborhood only supported Xfinity.

That meant I had to bid farewell to my old ISP and figure out how to go about getting another one.

With the help of many how-to posts and manuals on the Internet and some advice from the neighbors, I set off to hook up the Xfinity cable box and Internet.

The process was quite hassle-free. Nevertheless, I thought I’d put together a comprehensive guide on hooking up the Xfinity Cable box and Internet.

You can hook up the Xfinity Cable Box and Internet by connecting the xFi Gateway to the wall socket using a coaxial cable and twisting it clockwise at both ends.

Also, connect the xFi Gateway to a power outlet using a power cable. The last step is to activate your Xfinity Internet Sevice either online, through a phone call, Xfinity TV, or the Xfinity xFi Mobile App,

Order your Xfinity self-install kit

If you plan on installing it yourself, you’ll need the self-installation kit. If you have already ordered Xfinity Internet and have the kit ready, well and good.

Otherwise, you can place a request with your Xfinity sales agent while ordering over the phone or opt for a kit if you’re ordering online.

What’s in the self-installation kit?

I’ve made a checklist for you to tick off once you’ve ensured that each item is present and intact.

  • xFi Wireless Gateway (this is your modem-router combo)
  • Power cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Getting Started guide/setup instructions
  • Xfinity documentation (privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc.)
  • Instructions and prepaid labels if you ever need to return anything

All set to get your hands dirty? Let’s begin.

Self-installing Xfinity Internet

Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Follow along to set up your Xfinity Internet:

  1. Pick up the coaxial cable and connect one of the ends to your wall socket. Twist in the clockwise direction until it’s tight.
  2. Find the coaxial input on your xFi Wireless Gateway Plug, and to it, plug in the other end of the coaxial cable. Again, twist in the clockwise direction until you feel it’s tight.
  3. Now, connect one end of the power cable to the xFi Gateway and the other end to a power outlet.
  4. If your Gateway doesn’t seem to power on automatically, try pressing the power button.
  5. Wait for a connection light that looks like a globe. This could take around 20 minutes to show up.

Now, you’re good to go!

Activating your Xfinity Internet service

Your next task is activating the Xfinity Internet service. There are four different methods to go about it:

  • Online: Check out Xfinity’s activation page. You’ll be asked to verify your Xfinity account. Ensure that your plan matches your requirements, so you won’t find that your upload speed is too slow, Once that’s done, follow their instructions to complete the activation process.
  • Phone: Dial 1-855-652-3446. You should reach Xfinity’s activation service. Follow the prompts to finish activation.
  • TV: If you have plans to install the Xfinity TV service as well, you can use your TV to complete activation by following the steps on your TV screen.
  • Xfinity xFi mobile app (Android or iOS): Download the app from the Playstore or App Store.
  • You’ll be asked to sign and complete a few steps. Make sure you have the Gateway make and model information ready. You’ll find it at the bottom of the device.

Professional installation vs. Self-installation

For those who are still caught in this dilemma, I’ve drawn a comparison between the two to help you choose.

MethodProfessional InstallationSelf Installation
ProsYour device is in the safe hands of a tech expertSimple and quick.
Set up at your convenience.
Spend only $15 to cover shipping charges.
ConsYou have to spend around $90.
The hassle of making appointments.
Having to set aside time to set up your Internet.

The bottom line is if you’re unsure about your tech skills or your house isn’t wired to set up the Xfinity service, I recommend professional installation. 

For those willing to put in some time and effort, especially if your house is already wired for Xfinity service, self-installation would be satisfying and easy on the wallet.

Xfinity Internet equipment: Buy or rent?

This question makes it to the list of FAQs on every Xfinity Internet-related post. So once again, here’s a pros and cons list to help you decide which one is best for you.

ProsGreat investment.
You get to choose your device.
Free replacements.
Unlimited tech support.
No hunting for compatible devices.
ConsNo replacements/ tech support from Xfinity (they’ll always blame your router).
Research before making the choice.
Spend $14 a month forever.
No freedom to choose devices and features.

You could be planning to stick with the Xfinity Internet service for some time and would rather have a say in choosing your device than worry about replacements.

If this is the case, I would suggest getting an Xfinity router and/or Xfinity modem of your own and stop paying Comcast rent. It’ll be worth it.

Xfinity Wi-Fi setup

On the final leg, here’s what you need to do to manually set up your Xfinity Wi-Fi:

  1. On the bottom of your Gateway, you will spot the default network name and password for your Xfinity Wi-Fi network.
  2. Navigate to the list of available devices for Wi-Fi on your device.
  3. Select the network name given on the Gateway and type in the password.

You should be able to connect now. Alternatively, you can also use the Xfinity mobile app.

Scan the QR code at the bottom of the Gateway using the device you wish to connect.

The app can also help you personalize settings, like changing the network name or password.

If you are unhappy with the coverage that the Wi-Fi offers, consider investing in xFi Pods.

They come at $119 for one or $199 for two units and essentially act as Wi-Fi extenders. Follow these instructions to set it up:

  1. Install the Xfinity mobile app.
  2. Connect the xFi Pod to an outlet within a certain radius from the Gateway. The signals will be stronger for areas within this radius.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on the device on which the Xfinity app has been installed.
  4. Tap the Account icon and choose to Activate xFi Pods.
  5. Tap on Get Started to start activating.
  6. Soon, you’ll be asked to keep the device within six inches of the xFi Pod. 
  7. To complete the process, name the Pod to easily identify its location.

If your xFi Gateway is offline, you can try restarting it.

Connect the Xfinity Cable Box so You can Connect to the Internet

Setting up the Xfinity Internet service should be child’s play for those well versed with tech.

Even if you’re not, this post is more than enough to guide you through it. In case something goes wrong and you want to seek professional help, you’ll find it here. If the Xfinity Cable Box isn’t working, try restarting it.

Being a monopoly provider in my area, there is always someone who has faced the same issue before me.

So, finding help is quite easy. Not having to check regularly for firmware updates is the icing on the cake.

Safe to say that my switch to Xfinity has been a smooth ride so far. If change your mind about the whole thing, make sure to go through the return procedure to avoid paying the cancellation fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Comcast TV and Internet use the same cable?

Yes, both of them use the same coaxial cable.

Can two TVs use one cable box?

Yes, that is possible. Here’s how:

  • Connect the main cable line to a coaxial splitter. Use a two-way splitter if you wish to connect two TVs and multi-way for more.
  • Use a coaxial cable to connect each output port of the splitter to a cable receiver.
  • Now, connect the receiver to a TV.

How can I watch Comcast without a cable box?

You can use the Xfinity Stream app to browse channels and stream movies without renting a cable box.

Does a smart TV need a cable box?

No, smart TVs don’t need a cable box to access the Internet. You can stream shows and movies using any app that you may download.

Some of these may be free, while others need a monthly subscription.


Xfinity X1

The ultimate entertainment experience

X1 brings together your live TV, sports, and music. Plus stream new episodes of your favorite NBC shows on Peacock the day after they premiere. And easily control it all with our award-winning Voice Remote.
X1 programming - mobile
Xfinity X1 on TV MobileXfinity X1 on TV

If you love it, X1’s got it

Get our most complete, full-spectrum TV experience. And easily search across everything instantly with our award-winning Voice Remote.
  • 100s of channels, DVR, 4K Ultra HD
  • Most free shows & movies On Demand
  • Streaming apps & music in one place
  • Peacock Premium included (a $4.99/mo value)
Streaming on Xfinity X1Streaming services

Stream on, my friend

Watch The Office (now exclusive streaming on Peacock), Peacock originals, mega-hit movies, shows, and more. Even stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Youtube, HBO Max, Spotify, and Pandora. 
Explore More Apps
Separate subscriptions required for certain streaming services. 
Law & Order: SVU, Ordinary Joe, and La Brea on NBC - mobileLaw & Order: SVU, Ordinary Joe, and La Brea on NBC

Enjoy all-new entertainment with X1

Don't miss brand new series Ordinary Joe and La Brea. Fresh episodes of your favorite NBC shows, like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. And all the action of Sunday Night Football.

Get our best features, for everyone

football player and stats

Sports fans

Personalized for the teams you love, Sports Zone is a must-have for die-hards. Reminders. Stats. Suggestions. And much more.
kids programming


Screen time, simplified (and secured!) With easy Parental Controls, and age-appropriate shows & movies on Kids Zone.
X1 accessibility options


Voice commands, TV guide, and Voice Guidance in English and Spanish. Plus enhanced closed captioning.
XFINITY X1 on TV - mobileXFINITY X1 on TV

DVR anything, anytime

On your TV and on the Xfinity Stream app. Just add DVR service at checkout.

  • Record up to 5 shows while watching another

  • Never run out of space with 500 GB of storage

  • Schedule and watch recordings on the go, download to enjoy offline 

Make X1 your own. Explore all add-on channels.

Make X1 your own

Customize your plan, your way. With premium channels, sports packages, ad-free subscription On Demand, and international programming.
Explore All Add-On Channels

Watch like never before

With the best entertainment experience, built for the latest technology and all the ways you watch.

two cheetahs

Stunning 4K Ultra HD

Watch 4K UHD shows, movies, live sports, and Netflix the way they’re meant to be seen — in ultra-high definition, for lifelike picture quality that jumps off the screen.
several devices

TV on every screen

We’re talking your entire channel lineup at home. Top networks and live sports that go where you go. And DVR you can take anywhere. All on our Xfinity Stream app.

Access to Peacock, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Prime Video on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible set-top box with Xfinity TV and Internet service. Subscriptions required to access Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. Peacock Premium has a $4.99/month value. Viewing will count against any Xfinity data plan. Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. © 2021 Comcast. All rights reserved. Individual programs and marks are the property of their respective owners. (All Disney+ content © 2021 Disney and its related entities). © 2021 & TM Lucasfilm. Ltd

The use of Olympic Marks, Terminology and Imagery is authorized by the U.S. Olympic Committee pursuant to Title 36 U.S. Code Section 220506.
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Comcast Xfinity X1 DVR Review
We’ll help you figure out if the X1 is the right DVR for you as we go over storage space, features, the voice remote, and fees.

Xfinity’s X1 DVR gives you the best of all worlds.

Xfinity’s cable box gives you access to live TV, sports, loads of on-demand entertainment, your favorite streaming apps, a decent DVR storage space, and top-notch technology.

You can stream Peacock Premium for free, watch what you want within seconds with a voice remote, and get daily updates on the news and weather.

But more importantly, this DVR lets you record 150 HD or 300 SD hours of TV programming.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the details to determine if Xfinity’s X1 is right for you.


  • You'll get 500 GB of DVR storage space
  • The X1 provides smooth technology
  • It comes with an X1 voice remote control


  • The fees for the X1 can get pricey
  • There are other providers in the TV industry with more storage space

How much does Xfinity’s X1 DVR cost?

Unfortunately, Xfinity has a big list of fees. And most of those fees are for the X1 set-top box.

Your first TV box is $5 per month, and the additional TV box for your living room downstairs will be $10 per month. And you’ll likely want crisp HD channels ($10/month) and DVR service ($10/month).

So your X1 experience will be $40 per month on top of the monthly TV package price. Yikes.

Unfortunately, Xfinity’s TV box has the highest number of fees in the TV industry, but you won’t find a cable TV box similar to the X1. You might find the X1 is worth the price when you read more about the features you can’t get with another DVR.

How much are the fees for Comcast Xfinity's X1 DVR?
FeeMonthly price*
First TV box$5.00/mo.
Additional TV box$9.95/mo.
HD technology fee$10.00/mo.
DVR fee$10.00/mo.

*Data effective 6/28/2021.

If you want to know more about other fees Xfinity has, check out our full review, which includes regional sports and broadcast fees.

How many hours of DVR storage does Xfinity’s X1 have?

The X1 Cloud DVR can store 150 HD or 300 SD hours, and your recordings will save indefinitely.

Compared to other cable TV services, the X1’s storage space sits in the middle of the pack (scroll down a little for more comparisons).

How much storage space does the Xfinity X1 have?
DVRStorage spaceStorage hoursSimultaneous recordingsDVR service fee
X1 DVR500 GB150 HD or 300 SD hours6$10.00/mo.

*Data effective 6/28/2021.

To put 150 hours in perspective, you can record 30 episodes of The Office, 30 episodes of Family Feud, 20 episodes of The Murder Tapes, 10 soccer games, and 28 movies.

You’re not likely to run out of space, so you and the family won’t have to stress about finding more space for that final NBA championship game (since your kid so happens to have a dance performance the same night).

And to make family matters even better, you can record six shows at once when you’re not at home. Or you can record five shows at once while you’re actively watching TV.

Megaphone icon
Does the Xfinity X1 require internet?
The Xfinity X1 requires internet because of its Cloud DVR, which means it can save your recordings online, making it possible for you to watch your recordings with your streaming device on the go. If you already have Xfinity TV, we recommend Xfinity internet for the simplicity of one bill.

How does Xfinity’s X1 compare to other DVRs?


The Xfinity X1 is one of the best DVRs in the cable TV industry, primarily because of its features and technology. But the X1 might not be the best when it comes to pricing (it’s not the worst either).

It’s difficult to compare pricing across all cable TV providers because all cable companies have different fees.

Some give you a better deal when you order a certain number of set-top boxes, some include the first-set top box into your plan, and some let you choose how much storage space you’d like.

To get a better idea of pricing, check out our top cable TV providers review. But, for now, we’ll give you a quick rundown:

  • Xfinity TV‘s first cable box is $5 per month, the DVR service is $10, and you’ll most likely want HD channels ($10/month).
  • Spectrum TV‘s monthly price for one receiver is $9. The DVR service for two receivers is the same price as the X1, but you’ll get only one-third of the storage space.
  • Verizon Fios TV includes the first set-top box with two of its plans. If you’d like 500 HD hours of storage space, your monthly price will be $20 (that’s the price of Xfinity’s DVR service and HD fee combined).
  • Optimum TV charges $11 per month for each cable TV box. To get the same storage space as the X1, the monthly fee will cost $22.
  • Cox TV includes the first set-top box in your plan. And Cox TV certainly has the most generous DVR storage space, but you’ll have to pay $30 each month for the 1,000-hour DVR service.

*Data effective 6/28/2021.

How does Xfinity’s X1 work?

Pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV, or schedule a DVR recording up to two weeks in advance with the X1 (so you don’t miss the first episode of the new season of The Bachelorette).

Xfinity’s DVR has an easy-to-use guide, free on-demand content, a hands-free voice remote, and some extra features and technology that make this X1 stand out.

How does the Xfinity X1’s guide work?

Xfinity’s guide is intuitive, smooth, and easy to search through.

Xfinity’s X1 also makes it easy for you to record new episodes of a TV series.

Just use the search option or click on a show in the guide, click Record, and a pop-up will ask if you’d like to record the single episode or all future episodes.

Comcast Xfinity TV guide

We also like the Episodes button. With this convenient button, you’ll be able to see all episodes that are available for you to stream.

You can access the standard guide when you click the Guide button, but you’ll get more options when you click the Guide button twice.

From left to right, you can choose to see the following:

  • All Channels
  • Free to Me (on-demand titles)
  • HD channels
  • Favorites (channels you’ve favorited)
  • Trending (current popular shows)
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Kids
Xfinity X1 guide options

Some guide features you movie buffs might enjoy are cast and crew information and movie reviews and ratings.

When you hover over a program in the guide, click info. Here you’ll find Series and Movie Info to find more information about the actors. You can even set up recordings based on your favorite actors or directors!

Additionally, you’ll see Rotten Tomatoes and audience ratings on the right-hand side when you hover over the program. No one wants to waste their time watching a movie with a critic rating of 50% or less.

How does the Xfinity X1’s voice remote work?

Say your command into the voice remote, and voila! You get what you asked for within seconds.

Just say “ESPN,” “Watch Paw Patrol,” or “Show me action movies.” You can also ask questions like “When is the next Chiefs game?” or “What’s on tonight at seven o’clock?”

Another convenient feature we really like on the remote: when you click the Last button, a pop-up at the bottom of the screen lets you see the last nine channels or recordings you recently watched.

So you can just quickly jump to your favorite channel you watch every day or to the This Is Us recording you didn’t finish.

First of all, you can stream NBC Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, Pandora, and Spotify.

And the X1 has some cool everyday built-in features, such as sports stats, weather, and news. So if you’re looking to consolidate your daily activities from the couch, these features are convenient.

While you’re cleaning the living room or kitchen, you can throw on Pandora and listen to your favorite jams.

If you pause your movie because your spouse has to use the restroom for the third time, the X1 will keep you entertained with rotating images. There will be beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes while recent news headlines pop up on the bottom lefthand corner.

And lastly, you’ll get to enjoy everything in high-definition picture. Who doesn’t love to watch a Western and feel like you’re in the movie, as well?

You’ll also be able to rent and buy movies from the comfort of your home.

Elderly couple watching Xfinity TV with daughter

Photo credit: Comcast Xfinity

Recap: Is Comcast Xfinity’s X1 DVR worth it?

The X1 isn’t applauded for nothing

Xfinity’s X1 is worth it if you fall into the following categories:

  • You don’t have a DVR (record those MLB games or cooking shows)
  • You have Xfinity’s TV and internet service
  • You like the idea of a Cloud DVR so you can watch your recordings on any of your devices anytime
  • You want to record six shows at once (perfect for families)
  • You want to set up a DVR recording from your smartphone

If one of these categories made you raise your hand, the X1 would be worth it for you and your family.

If not, you can save money by not paying those pesky fees (and use it toward movie snacks).

Check out our Xfinity TV Review to find out more about channel lineups, bundles, and compatible devices.

What is the advantage of the Xfinity X1?

The Xfinity X1’s greatest upside is its technology and features you can’t get with another DVR.

The X1 makes it possible to do the following:

  • When you click on a program, you can see cast and crew information along with movie reviews and ratings.
  • Set up recordings based on your favorite actors or directors.
  • Record a show two weeks in advance.
  • You’ll get access to lots of on-demand content.
  • Click “Last” on the remote, and you’ll be able to choose one of the nine channels or recordings you recently viewed.
  • The X1 has everyday built-in features, such as sports stats, weather, and news.
  • Like other set-top boxes, the X1 comes with a voice remote control and lots of integrated apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Spotify.

The Xfinity X1 isn’t included in the pricing of your Xfinity TV plan.

Your first set-top box is $5 per month, additional TV boxes are $10, and DVR service for the X1 is an extra $10.

Is Netflix free with the Xfinity X1?

Comcast Xfinity doesn’t include a free subscription to Netflix with its plan, but it does include a free subscription to NBC Peacock.

Chantel Buchi
Chantel Buchi
Chantel is all about finding the best tv or streaming service to watch as many football games as possible to keep her Fantasy Football team in check. Prior to being a TV and Streaming Tech Reporter for, she worked for NFL Network and The Alliance of American Football. Before that, she received a B.A. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. in Sports Journalism at USC. Go Utes and Fight On. Contact her at [email protected]
Chantel is all about finding the best tv or streaming service to watch as many football games as possible to keep her Fantasy Football team in check. Prior to being a TV and Streaming Tech Reporter for, she worked for NFL Network and The Alliance of American Football. Before that, she received a B.A. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. in Sports Journalism at USC. Go Utes and Fight On. Contact her at [email protected]

Xfinity Equipment Guide

During the Xfinity checkout process, you can add a bunch of TV and internet equipment to your package. While we won’t knock it if you want to do a big unboxing video for all your new gear, some Xfinity TV and internet equipment is more essential than others.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about Xfinity equipment and the best hardware for your home TV or internet setup.

Xfinity’s equipment catalog isn’t limited to a single hulking cable box these days. Between its streaming devices and cable boxes with integrated streaming apps, Xfinity’s TV equipment bridges the gap between old-school cable TV customers who just want the local news and cord-cutters who jump between live TV and streaming TV shows.

Xfinity Flex is a free 4K streaming device that’s available to Xfinity internet subscribers, and it works like a Roku or Amazon Fire set-top box. On Xfinity Flex, you can watch streaming services like Hulu and Peacock Premium.

Flex isn’t a full-fledged cable TV replacement, since it lacks an easy way to watch local channels or live sports. But for a free device, the Flex still offers a lot of value for Xfinity internet customers.

Read our full Xfinity Flex review to learn more about the streaming TV device.

If you’re tired of hopping between your cable box and streaming device, the Xfinity X1 promises to eliminate the number of remotes in your living room. The X1 is an Xfinity cable TV box that includes a voice remote, on-demand content, and streaming apps like Netflix.

But potential Xfinity customers have to jump through several hoops to get the X1. The device, which costs $7.50 per month, requires an Xfinity TV plan, so it’s not an option for cord-cutters. Only two X1 models (the ARRIS XG1v4 and ARRIS Xi6) support 4K video, and you’ll have to call Xfinity or go to an Xfinity store to request the units.

Most customers will be able to get an X1 box, but the device’s availability can vary depending on your home address. If the X1 isn’t available in your area, you’ll only be able to get a cable box that comes with some X1 applications.

Still, there’s no reason not to snag a 4K-capable X1 with your Xfinity TV plan if you can do so. Check out our Xfinity X1 review to find out more about the cable box.

Standard Xfinity set-top box

Xfinity X1 Side ViewIf your home isn’t covered by X1, you’ll be able to add only a standard cable TV box to your Xfinity TV plan. At minimum, we recommend a high-definition cable TV box, which costs $14.95 per month. For an additional $10.00 per month, you can upgrade to a DVR.

Xfinity internet equipment

Xfinity’s internet hardware helps connect your home to its internet network. But depending on your home internet needs, you might not need to pay for all of Xfinity’s equipment.

The xFi Gateway is an optional combo cable modem/Wi-Fi router that’s built to streamline your home internet setup.

The Xfinity Gateway wirelessly connects your home devices to the internet, supports Xfinity Voice, and integrates with services like the Xfinity mobile app. The xFi Gateway’s biggest downside is its price tag — you can only rent the combo device for $14 per month, and there’s no way to buy one outright.

The rental costs might make sense if you need only short-term internet. But if you plan to stay with Xfinity for a while, you’ll save a lot of money by buying your own modem and router instead.

Visit our Xfinity xFi Gateway review to learn more about the combo device.

If your xFi Gateway is struggling to provide reliable wireless internet throughout your house, xFi Pods will expand the Gateway’s wireless range using a mesh Wi-Fi system to eliminate download and upload speed issues. To use the Pods, you plug them into a wall power outlet and control them with the Xfinity mobile app.

The Pods can be a decent Wi-Fi support option if you plan to stay with Xfinity for a while and have a large multi-story house that can’t be covered by one Gateway. In most cases, you won’t need a Pod if you live in a small apartment or home.

But you’ll need an xFi Gateway to use the Pods, since they don’t work with non-Xfinity Wi-Fi routers. At $119 each or $199 for two, the Pods are expensive additions to your home internet setup, although they’re comparably priced against other Wi-Fi extenders.

Plus, you don’t even need Pods to extend the Gateway’s signal, because the Gateway works with non-Xfinity extenders. The xFi Pods aren’t a bad option if you need a mesh Wi-Fi setup, but since you don’t have to stick with Xfinity hardware, prioritize finding the best deal on a mesh Wi-Fi system.

If you want to watch TV with Xfinity, get a 4K-capable X1 box or a Flex.

For Xfinity internet, our advice boils down to two questions. Do you want someone else to handle tech support? Rent from Xfinity. Do you want to save money? Buy your own equipment.

Xfinity’s internet equipment is powerful enough to support most home Wi-Fi setups if you want something you can set and forget. But if you’re willing to do your own tech support (or rope in a tech-savvy family member), buying your own internet hardware is a better deal versus renting it from Xfinity.


Box xfinity cable

RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Having used the Xfinity cable box for some time, I’ve noticed the Box struggles to hold on to the signal.

This simply won’t do when I’m trying to relax on my couch and watch my favorite TV shows.

I’ve spent hours looking through online guides to troubleshoot this problem. Most of the time, a simple restart gets the signal back.

In this article, you will find a detailed guide on how to fix your Xfinity Cable Box. You will understand the first steps you need to take in this scenario.

If your Xfinity Cable Box isn’t working, restart the Comcast cable box. If this doesn’t get the Xfinity cable box to work, proceed to factory reset it.

If the problem persists, contact Xfinity customer care.

Resetting vs Restarting Xfinity Cable Box

You can go about fixing your Xfinity Cable Box in two ways: resetting or restarting. Restarting is a simple way to fix most errors.

With the Xfinity Cable Box, restarting will end up refreshing your system while maintaining all your previously stored data.

If restarting doesn’t work, then you can go for resetting your Xfinity Cable Box.

Using a factory reset erases all the previous data and brings the device back to its initial setting.

Use this method if you don’t mind losing saved data such as recorded programs.

Restart your Xfinity Cable TV Box

You have three methods to restart your Xfinity Cable box. I will walk you through each of them step by step.

Use The Power Button on Your Comcast Cable Box

This is the first go-to step to get your signal back. All you have to do is switch off the streaming device.

If your Xfinity Remote does not turn off your TV Box, follow these easy steps to get it done:

  • Locate the Power button on your Xfinity Cable Box
  • Hold the button for about 10 seconds
  • The device will then automatically restart

Unplugging the Xfinity Cable Box

By unplugging your cable box from the outlet, you can restart your device. Follow these steps to get the signal back on the cable box:

  • Switch off your Xfinity Cable Box.
  • Unplug the device from the outlet
  • Wait for 10 seconds and then plug it back to the outlet
  • Press the Power button
  • Your device will then automatically restart

Using the Help Menu on Xfinity Cable Box

If you own an Xfinity remote, you can use this method to restart the cable box. 

  • Locate the A button on your Xfinity remote control. Press it to access the Help Menu
  • Select the Restart option, then press OK
  • You will get a confirmation message at this point. Press OK and select Restart again
  • Your device restart will then be completed in a few minutes

Factory Reset Your Xfinity Cable Box

Factory resetting the Xfinity Cable box will lead to loss of data. It is better to proceed with this option after you have tried all the restarting methods.

Using the Xfinity My Account App

Xfinity’s “My Account” application is available on both iOS and Android. By downloading it onto your smartphone, you can easily perform a factory reset.

Follow these steps to do a factory reset using the app:

  • Open the Xfinity My Account App installed on your smart device
  • Under the Overview Menu, you will find the TV option
  • Select the device you need to troubleshoot
  • Select Troubleshoot and then tap on Continue
  • Now, select System Refresh to reset Xfinity Cable Box

Using the Restore Default option

If you want to perform a factory reset without using the app, you can do so with the help of the remote.

Follow these steps to get it done:

  • Hold the power button of your cable box. Ensure the device is turned on, which can be confirmed by blinking green lights
  • Now open the User Settings by pressing on the Power and Menu buttons together on your remote.
  • Press the Up and Down arrow together to find the Restore Defaults option
  • Click on the Right button and then press OK to start the resetting process

Call Comcast Tech Support

If you are still unable to make your Xfinity Cable Box get a signal, you will need expert help. Call the Customer Care number from your phone.

Call 1-800-Comcast or 1-800-266-2278 during work hours and tell the technician about the problem you’re facing along with your customer account number.

The technician will then do a signal reset from their own computer. This will refresh your device. This process can take several minutes.

Did It Fix Your Xfinity Cable Box?

I have gone through all the methods you can take to get the signal back on the Xfinity Cable TV Box, including restarting and resetting your Xfinity Cable Box.

Maybe your Xfinity Cable Box is working fine, but your Xfinity Remote is Not Working. If that’s the case, try Resetting your Xfinity Remote.

It is better to go with the reset option only after trying all the restart methods because it causes you to lose previously stored data.

If none of the reset or restart methods work, it is better to call the Customer Care number and get help from the technician to solve your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cable box not getting a signal?

Your cable box may be unable to get a signal due to bad weather or hardware issues.

You’ll encounter this problem when there is a downpour or disruptive winds.

You can easily get the signal back by switching the device off for a few minutes or doing a quick restart.

What input should TV be on for cable?

The most common input cable for TV is HDMI. Take your TV’s remote and press the Input button, then select the HDMI version like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3.

Can a smart TV work without a cable box?

You can watch TV without connecting it to a cable box. With the Wi-Fi-connected TV, you can download popular streaming apps and pay the subscription fee to access their services.

How to Self Install Xfinity Digital Adapters

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