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GTA 5 Online Vehicle Stats, Price, How To Get

The Overflod Autarch is a Super Car featured in GTA Online, added to the game as part of the 1.42 The Doomsday Heist update on December 26, 2017.

How to get the Autarch in GTA Online:

The Autarch can be purchased in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport for a price of $1,955,000.

The Autarch can be stored in the Garage (Personal Vehicle). It can be customized at Los Santos Customs.

Overflod Autarch in Real Life:

The design of the Overflod Autarch is based on a real life Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003, McLaren Senna, KTM X-Bow GT4, Koenigsegg One:1.

Overflod Autarch Top Speed:

The actual top speed of the Autarch in GTA V is 125.50 mph (201.97 km/h), as it's been accurately tested in-game by Broughy1322.

Can you sell the Autarch in GTA Online?

Yes, you can sell the Autarch at Los Santos Customs for a resale price of $1,173,000 (60% of the original purchase), plus 60% of the value of your upgrades.

Overflod Autarch: GTA V Vehicle Info

Seats 2
Mass / Weight 1,300 KG
Drive TrainRWD
Gears 6

Autarch: GTA V Statistics










Autarch Description:

This is not a hypercar. It's not a sports prototype or a concept GT. It's something else. Something much, much better. And this isn't even an advert for whatever it is. The Autarch doesn't need an advert. It doesn't need anything it doesn't have already, least of all the approval of an irrelevance like you. No, you need it: more than you need money, dignity or life itself. Go on, we dare you not to buy it.

In-Game Model Name autarch

Overflod Autarch: GTA V Appearances

Autarch: GTA V Screenshots

Autarch User Paint Jobs

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Autarch Video

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The Overflod Autarch is a 2 seater vehicle in the "Super sport" class available in Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This vehicle was added to the game with the "The Doomsday Heist" update in 2017.

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The top speed of the Overflod Autarch with all the upgrade as observed in the game by Broughy1322 is 201.97 km-h / 125.5 mph. The engine power is delivered to the rear wheels. The weight of this vehicle is 1300 kg / 2866 lbs.

How to get your Overflod Autarch?

You can buy the Overflod Autarch at a cost of $ 1 955 000 at Legendary Motorsport. Your mechanic will deliver the Overflod Autarch close to where you are by contacting him with your phone.

Where do I go to get mods on my Overflod Autarch?

Modifications can be done on your Autarch at Beeker's Garage and Los Santos Custom. You can get modifications on your Autarch in your CEO Office Custom Auto Shop or Arena Workshop if you have bought all the requirements needed to customize this vehicle there.


OverflodSuper sportLegendary MotorsportBeeker's GarageCEO Office Custom Auto ShopArena WorkshopLos Santos Custom

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Emerus vs Autarch - GTA V & GTA Online Vehicles Comparison

GTA V & GTA Online Vehicles Database & Statistics

Side-by-Side Comparison between the Progen Emerus and Overflod Autarch GTA V Vehicles. Compare all the vehicle specifications, statistics, features and information shown side by side, and find out the differences between two vehicles or more.

Vehicle Class Super Super
Manufacturer Progen Overflod
Seats / Capacity 2 seats 2 seats
Available From Legendary Motorsport Legendary Motorsport
Story Mode Price
GTA Online Price$2,750,000$1,955,000
Storage Location Garage (Personal Vehicle) Garage (Personal Vehicle)
Modifications Los Santos Customs Los Santos Customs
Sell Can be sold only if purchased (High-End) Can be sold only if purchased (High-End)
Sell Price (Resale)$1,650,000$1,173,000
Sell Price (Stolen)
Special Features
Based on (Real Life) McLaren Senna Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003, McLaren Senna, KTM X-Bow GT4, Koenigsegg One:1

Vehicle Statistics

Speed 86.55% 86.38%
Acceleration 94.50% 94.25%
Braking 40.00% 40.00%
Handling 100.00% 100.00%
Overall Rating 80.26% 80.16%

Technical Specifications

Top Speed (Game Files) 100.23 mph (161.30 km/h) 100.04 mph (161.00 km/h)
Top Speed - Real (Broughy) 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h) 125.50 mph (201.97 km/h)
Mass / Weight 1,198 KG 1,300 KG
Gears 7 6
Model Name emerus autarch

Release Information

Release Date August 15, 2019 December 26, 2017
Title Update1.48 Diamond Casino & Resort1.42 The Doomsday Heist
Game Edition GTA Online GTA Online
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Note: The Real Top Speeds of the vehicles have been accurately tested by Broughy1322 in a long straight line. For all the details, read his full explanation on how the Top Speed values were calculated accurately.



GTA 5 Overflod Autarch

Overflod Autarch GTA 5 Online
Overflod Autarch is a brand new prototype hypercar, which became available in GTA Online along with the release of Doomsday Heist.

It's not just the car in front of you is something more. Overflod Autarch have a very special feature. This is a car that is not in mass production, so it is quite a large degree unique. The developers have put in it all soul and tried to make the performance and handling maximally perfect. In addition, this car offers the driver to plunge into the world of comfort and luxury to your interior decoration.

Where to find in GTA 5 Online Overflod Autarch? Most likely you already know the answer to this simple question. Look at game Internet and go to Legendary Motorsport. There you find this new hypercar. And for those who do not like to pay for your car you can offer to look for him on city streets. Of course, such a beast on them is extremely rare. But suddenly you get lucky and you will be able to steal it from their friends.

Overflod Autarch GTA 5 Online front viewOverflod Autarch GTA 5 Online side viewOverflod Autarch GTA 5 Online back view
But the purchase of the salon remains the easiest and most affordable way to get the car. Even though a high price of 1 955 000 GTA$ it will be easier, than to find it. How to buy in GTA 5 Online Overflod Autarch? Just accumulate money. Complete missions, robbery and competitions in General, do what you love this game and the required amount will be in your pocket.

Sometimes it may seem that such large investments may be in vain, when suddenly the car will not be pleased. So here you can learn how to sell Overflod Autarch in GTA 5. It is very simple, although the sales price would be significantly lower than the amount that you paid when buying in the salon. However, you will be able to return anything if you'll look in the garage.

Overflod Autarch in real life does not exist, it's just a prototype. However, among modern hypercars you are sure to find the car that inspired the developers of Rockstar for creating this work of automotive art. In particular pay attention to the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003. In addition, appearance in real life Overflod Autarch is very reminiscent of the Senna McLaren and Koenigsegg One:1.

The cost and characteristics of GTA V Overflod Autarch
Speed210 km/h
Weight1300 kg
Capacity2 persons
Brake force distribution1.2
Damage in the collision-
Damage during the deformation of the body-
Damaging small arms-
Damaging the engine-
The purchase price GTA Online$1955000
The price of legal sale-
The illegal sale price-


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