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ATC’s Student Ambassadors ProgramExpand


The Student Ambassador’s Program involves students volunteering to connect incoming students, families, and special guests to Atlanta Technical College. Ambassadors represent the college at special events both on campus and within the community, all while enhancing their leadership and communication skills, building community connections, and creating lasting ties within the ATC community.

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Advisor Contact Info
Katie D’Entremont
kd'[email protected]

ATC Student Nursing AssociationExpand


The ATC Student Nursing Association provides students pursuing a nursing degree with a platform to network, receive additional educational resources, and gain nursing experience within the community. As the Atlanta Technical College Chapter to the National Student Nurse's Association, members will have opportunities to attend conferences, have discounts on educational and general resources to decrease the financial burden of students, and build their resumes prior to graduating.

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Advisor Contact Info
Kendra Jackson-Smith
[email protected]

Foundation Setters For Future MindsExpand


The purpose of FSFFM is to recognize the needs and desires of Atlanta Technical College (ATC) Early Childhood Education (ECE) students by providing a forum, support system, and/or network where ideas and communications related to school or business can be discussed.

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Advisor Contact Info
Nan Walker
[email protected]

Health Information Management Student Association (HIMSA)Expand


The Health Information Management Student Association (HIMSA) was created to help promote and educate the community about the health information management profession through community activities and fundraisers, promoting career and educational development and networking amongst students and staff in the Health Information Management and Technology program at Atlanta Technical College. The membership of this Association is open to students who are enrolled in the HIMT program of the Atlanta Technical College.

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Advisor Contact Info
Adrianne Clark
[email protected]

International ClubExpand


The International Club is an organization that embraces the appreciation of global awareness and diversity of cultures. The club is an avenue for students of all cultural backgrounds to exchange information about the world and raise awareness about the importance of global citizenship. All Atlanta Tech students are encouraged to join.

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Advisor Contact Info
Dessie Hall
[email protected]

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Expand


The purpose of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at Atlanta Technical College is to link students into a large collegiate and professional network, thus exposing them to numerous internship, career, social, and networking opportunities. The National Society of Black Engineers, as a national student and professional-based organization, dedicates itself to the development of intensive programs for increasing Black and other ethnic minority participation in the fields of engineering and engineering technology. These programs will be initiated both within and outside the university community and will serve to strengthen relations between the professional industry and the black community. Members of this organization are encouraged to join and participate in their individual professional societies. This organization will endeavor to provide general counseling to all members.

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Advisor Contact Info
Ronald McCullough
[email protected]

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) Expand


The mission of NTHS is to honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS members. NTHS is open to all students in degree or diploma programs. Students must have completed 24 hours at Atlanta Technical College with a 3.0 Grade Point Average.

NTHS strives to bring well-deserved recognition, scholarship opportunities, and career opportunities to students who excel in one of the 108 career and technical educational fields as their profession. Not only do NTHS students embody all the attributes and talent which is in demand today, these students also embrace a clear vision for tomorrow’s workforce and their role in it. NTHS understands changes in industry within local communities and on a global scale.

Current ATC students can apply for membership during the fall and spring semesters.


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Advisor Contact Info
Dessie Hall
[email protected]

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) Expand


Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), a national organization founded in 1958 with state and local chapters, was established for students interested in a career in business. The activities of PBL provide an opportunity for business students to prepare for business and office occupations. It helps students to learn more about our economic system and the business community. By participating in PBL, students are able to get practical experience in the business community. Students participate in local, state, regional, and national competitions.

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Advisor Contact Info
Ashley McCoy
[email protected]

Physical Therapist Assistant Student Association (PTASA)Expand


Atlanta Technical College's Physical Therapist Assistant Student Association (PTASA) was founded in 2021 to promote the profession of physical therapy. Our organization aims to uplift and highlight the role that physical therapist assistants play in healthcare initiatives on campus, in the local community, and at state and national professional events. The PTASA is open to all enrolled ATC students and participates in service activities that promote a better understanding of one's personal health, a greater appreciation for wellness and healthy living habits, and a heightened interest in the field of physical therapy.

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Advisor Contact Info
Dr. Tamey T. Howard-Feltner
[email protected]



Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps each student to excel. More than 300,000 students and advisors join SkillsUSA annually, organized into more than 17,000 sections and 53 state and territorial associations. Combining alumni and lifetime membership, the total number served this year is more than 350,000. SkillsUSA has served more than 11.6 million members since its founding in 1965. SkillsUSA’s mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens.

ATC students can apply for membership during the fall semester. The state competitions are hosted during the spring semester.

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Advisor Contact Info
Dessie Hall
[email protected]

More Info
SkillsUSA Georgia
Post Secondary

SkillsUSA National Website


Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)Expand


The purpose is to create a network of dental hygiene students, which provides an opportunity for them to discuss current relatable dental health issues and challenges involving their profession. Members will be kept up to date on new concepts, techniques, and products related to dental hygiene.

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Advisor Contact Info
Marisha Singleton
[email protected]

Student Government Association (SGA) Expand


The purpose of SGA shall be to serve and represent the student body, provide a channel through which students may exhibit leadership, recommend activities that enhance student life outside the classroom, and provide for constructive discussion(s) leading to improvement of the College.

There is no fee to join. Students can sign up for membership during fall and spring semesters. Officer elections are held, annually.

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Advisor Contact Info
Dessie Hall
[email protected]

More Info
Contact ATC SGA
[email protected]


Technically Speaking ToastmastersExpand


Technically Speaking is part of Toastmasters International, a US-headquartered nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

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Advisor Contact Info
Tosha Bussey
[email protected]

Veterans ClubExpand


This student leadership organization consists of enrolled students who currently serve or have retired from various branches of the United States Armed Forces. The club creates an environment where individuals (retired and enlisted) can socialize, address common issues, and participate in public awareness activities while attending classes on the college campus. The purpose of organizing this club is to assist our students with navigating through the college experience, while also obtaining referrals for on-campus and community resources.

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Advisor Contact Info
Bernita Banks
[email protected]

Women in Technology (WIT)Expand


WIT provides college women with opportunities to explore and experience careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) fields. WIT does this by building strong partnerships among students, colleges, and companies which allow the club to provide relevant educational programs, internships, and scholarships possibilities to its members.

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Advisor Contact Info
Anissa Ferrell
[email protected]


Student Organizations

Membership in student organizations is open to all Georgia Tech students who meet eligibility requirements set forth in Georgia Tech Student Rules and Regulations. However, certain club activities—especially sports and recreation programs—may require demonstrated ability and signed liability release forms. Clubs may charge dues to defray their expenses. All student organizations must comply with the alcohol and drug policy of Georgia Tech. Organization presidents must sign the “Acknowledgement of Alcohol Policy” form and advisors must sign the “Role and Responsibility of the Advisor” form.

Students may obtain current club contacts and officers’ names by visiting Leadership and Civic Engagement in Room 2211 of the Student Center Commons or at

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Undergraduate Student Council is the undergraduate branch of the Student Government Association. The council comprises representatives from each class and major. The Graduate Student Senate is the graduate student branch of the Student Government Association. The senate comprises representatives from each academic department. The purpose of the Student Government Association is to enhance the quality of student life at Georgia Tech by providing student participation in the governance of the Institute.

Greek Life
The thirty-nine fraternities and sixteen sororities at Georgia Tech strive to provide a different type of relationship among their members. Bound together by common ideals and values, members work together to excel academically, enjoy the development of lifelong friendships rooted in shared experiences, and make the most of campus life while at Georgia Tech. Exciting social events, highly competitive intramural sports, and alumni networking are all benefits of Greek life. Students interested in joining the Greek community should contact the Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC), Interfraternity Council (IFC), the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), or National Panhellenic Council (NPHC).

CPC sororities will hold formal membership recruitment August 16 – 21, 2012. An application and small registration fee are required. Formal membership recruitment is held only in the fall. Two special-interest sororities conduct recruitment two weeks into the fall and spring semesters.
IFC formal rush dates are August 16 – 22, 2012. A registration process is required for rush at no cost. A more informal spring rush will occur in January 2013.
MGC and NPHC fraternities and sororities hold an individual membership intake. MGC has four culturally based fraternities and three culturally based sororities. NPHC has four historically African American fraternities and four historically African American sororities. Membership intake may occur during the first, second, or third year after a certain GPA and number of credit hours are attained. Each group sets its own intake dates. Interested students should contact the members of the fraternity or sorority they want to join for specific information.

All new fraternity and sorority members experience a period of orientation that includes participation in leadership retreats, community service projects, weekly meetings to learn about the Institute and Greek history at Tech, and activities to build friendships among new and current members. Fraternity, sorority, governing council, and Institute policies all forbid hazing, and all chapters are committed to a membership education period that instills a sense of responsibility and commitment in all new members.

Order of Omega is a national honor society open to fraternity men and sorority women who have attained a high level of achievement in academics, Greek involvement, campus involvement, and community service.

G.A.M.M.A. (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) is a nationally affiliated organization open to fraternity men and sorority women who wish to educate their peers on issues around alcohol including responsible use, abuse, and intervention.

Collegiate Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, and National Panhellenic Council
These councils comprise representatives from fraternities and sororities at Georgia Tech and coordinate Greek Life activities, including Greek Week and Homecoming. The Collegiate Panhellenic Council comprises seven international and national sororities and two special interest sororities. The Interfraternity Council comprises thirty-two chapters of international and national fraternities. The Multicultural Greek Council comprises four fraternities and three sororities. Among these culturally based groups are Asian, Southeast Asian, and Latin chapters. The National Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body for the eight historically African American fraternities and sororities on campus.

Presidents’ Council
Presidents’ Council was established in 1995 to promote collaboration, communication, and interaction among all campus student organizations to increase organization interaction and capabilities, ultimately enhancing student life. The council comprises representatives from student organizations; presidents are automatically members of the council. The council’s governing board and advisory board are student and faculty committees, respectively, that provide guidance and direction to the council and strive to promote the council’s objectives.

Student Center Governing Boards
The Wenn Student Center and Stamps Student Center Commons are hubs of campus activity. The Student Center is governed by a board that consists of alumni, faculty, staff, and students. The governing board acts in an advisory capacity to the director of the Student Center with regard to the center’s management, operation, and services.

Student Publications and Media
The Office of Student Media houses all seven student-run publications and media organizations at Georgia Tech. These include:

Departmental and Professional Societies
Departmental and professional societies give students an opportunity to meet others in their field and to learn about programs pertinent to their studies. Most of the societies offer affiliation with national professional organizations as well as promote a relationship between the student and his or her academic department. Through these organizations, students discover the connection between the study of theory and its practical applications.

Honor Societies
Honor societies recognize excellence in academics, leadership, and/or extracurricular activities. Most majors and classes have associated honor societies.

Leadership & Civic Engagement
Volunteerism and community service have long been a part of the Georgia Tech tradition. The Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement promotes civic responsibility and service-learning by encouraging student involvement in meaningful and reciprocal service with the community. The Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement sustains this tradition by serving as a resource for community service and service-learning initiatives at Georgia Tech. More than forty service-based student organizations provide for local and international service opportunities.

The Community Service Council connects community service organizations, encourages the sharing of ideas and resources, raises awareness of community service opportunities, and promotes community service involvement within the Tech community.

MOVE (Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Events) 
MOVE comprises fourteen committees that organize events and activities to provide co-curricular service opportunities to Georgia Tech students while encouraging partnerships between Georgia Tech and community-based organizations.

Student Organizations
A wide variety of student organizations enhance the extracurricular life of Georgia Tech students. These involvement opportunities include:

  • service organizations;
  • political organizations;
  • recreational activities;
  • sports clubs;
  • cultural and diversity organizations;
  • educational and major-related groups;
  • religious and spiritual groups;
  • production and performance groups;
  • publications and student media;
  • fraternities and sororities.

A complete list of Georgia Tech student organizations can be found at

Student organizations are responsible for promoting and educating the lawful and responsible use of alcohol by students, and to educate about illegal drugs in order to maintain an environment that is consistent with the educational focus of Georgia Tech. The complete policy and event planning form can be found at:

Leadership Development
Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) provides students with leadership skills and knowledge to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. The goal of the LEAD program is to improve students’ leadership skills through a combination of instruction, practice, and action. The LEAD program is also the coordinator of the minor in leadership studies. Students can apply to the minor from the LEAD website.

Student Center Programs Council (SCPC)
The Student Center Programs Council is responsible for the development and administration of programs that serve the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of the student body, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of Georgia Tech. All events are envisioned, planned, organized, coordinated, and executed by students in collaboration with the Student Center staff, campus partners, and external sponsors. The programs council assists and encourages students to reach their full potential, gain experience, and have fun all at the same time. It is a perfect training ground for students to learn about marketing, management, public relations, and many other skills they will need for success in their career.

Religious Activities

Religious/Spiritual Organizations

  • Asian Christian Fellowship
  • Atlanta Chinese Christian Church
  • Baha’i Club
  • BAPS Campus Fellowship
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries
  • Bethel Campus Fellowship
  • Bhakti Yoga Club
  • Campus Freethinkers
  • Campus Outreach
  • Catholic Student Organization
  • Chi Alpha
  • Christian Campus Fellowship
  • Christian Students
  • Cooperative Student Fellowship
  • Crossroads
  • Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students
  • Fellowship of Christian Students
  • Gifted Gospel Choir
  • Global Outreach Campus Ministries
  • Hillel/Jewish Student Union
  • Hindu Youth for Unity, Virtues and Action
  • International Youth Fellowship
  • Joshua Generation
  • Journey Christian Fellowship
  • Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Latter-Day Saints Student Association
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • Meditation Club
  • Midtown Campus Ministry
  • Muslim Student Association
  • The Navigators at Georgia Tech
  • Operation Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Reformed University Fellowship
  • Students for Christ
  • Tathagata Buddhist Student Association
  • Tau Alpha Omega
  • The Nichiren Buddhist Student Association
  • Veritas Forum
  • The Way Campus Fellowship
  • Wesley Foundation
  • Westminster Christian Fellowship
  • Youth Evangelical Fellowship
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Student Activities

Tech offers a multitude of ways to meet people, build life-long friendships, and make connections

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Clubs and Organizations - Section 1

Clubs and Organizations

A big part of student life at Georgia Tech is what goes on outside the classroom, so you'll have plenty of company in pursuing your passions and interests.

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13 Honor Societies

icon of greek columns

56 Greek Organizations

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400+ Student Organizations

Sports and Recreation Section - 1

Sports and Recreation

Our NCAA Division I athletics program features 17 men’s and women’s sports, and Tech students are passionate about their beloved Yellow Jackets.

Intramural teams and club sports, plus our award-winning Campus Recreation Center, make it easy for all students to find opportunities for competitive fun and personal fitness. Georgia Tech also has one of the best outdoor recreation programs in the country, with year-round excursions near and far.

icon of a football

4 National Football Championships

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100 Yearly Guided Adventure Trips

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43 Club Sports

Sports and Recreation Section - 2

Arts and Culture Section - 1

Arts and Culture

Because we live in a world where art, science, and technology touch every aspect of the human experience, Georgia Tech has a thriving arts and culture scene that ranges from the classroom to the coffeehouse.

icon of painter pallete

37 Student-led Arts Organizations

icon of a guitar

9 Campus Arts Venues

icon of a robot toy dog

28 Academic Programs that Blend Art & Tech

Map of Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology
North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332
Phone: 404-894-2000


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