Thief character design

Thief character design DEFAULT

[Fan Character] Design Challenge "Thief"

Hit Points:80
Max Combo:●●●
Normal attack speed:x.2 (x = card rank)
Normal throw speed:x.2 ●● :knockdown:
Normal throw damage:8
Attacks:4, 5, 6, 7, J, Q, A
Throws:2*, 3, 4, 5, 9, T*, K, A
Blocks:2*, 3, 6, 7, 8
Dodges:8, 9, T*

Innate: Sleight of Hand At the end of combat, if you dealt damage with a throw this turn, you may have your opponent discard the top card of their deck. If you do, search your deck or discard pile for a card of the same rank and suit as the discarded card, reveal it and put it into your hand. If they discarded a Joker, instead search your deck or discard pile for any non-Joker card, reveal it and put it into your hand.

Command normals:

4 (Golden Touch) – Attack, speed, 4 damage, 1 CP Starter

Special moves

J (Calling Card) – Attack, speed, 6 (1) damage, 1 CP Linker
Q (Fortune’s Smile) – Attack, +Q, speed, 7(2)+7 damage, 2 CP Starter
K (Turn the Tables) – Throw, speed, 10 damage, 2 CP Ender

Super moves
AA (Royal Prerogative) – Attack, speed, 16 (3) damage, 1 CP Ender
AAA (King of Thieves) – Throw, speed, 36 damage, Can’t Combo


2 – Heist [End of Turn] Discard a card of the same rank and suit as a card in your opponent’s discard. (Jokers do not have any rank or suit.) Your opponent reveals their hand and you choose a card from it. They discard that card. Search your deck or discard for a card of the same rank and suit as the card they discarded. (Again, Jokers have no rank or suit.) Play this ability only if you didn’t put a card in your hand with Sleight of Hand this turn.

10 – Catch Me If You Can! [Draw Phase] Name a rank and suit. (You cannot name “Joker”, Jokers do not have any rank or suit.) If either player combat-reveals a card of that rank and suit this turn and wins combat with it, they draw three cards and the other player cannot play a combat escape card this turn. If either player combat-reveals a card of that rank and suit and does not win combat, their attacks and throws are speed slower next turn.

I was originally going to make Diego a shoto or even rushdown character, but a focus on throws seemed fitting so I thought I’d try to make him something that doesn’t really exist in the game yet – a grappler with low health and fast attacks. That’s also why he has an extra rank of dodges. Hopefully it’s not too broken.



Royalty free illustration

Thief character design with tools.

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