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10 Things Sakura Can Do That Naruto & Sasuke Can't

There is a common misconception that Sakura is a useless character in the Naruto series. At first, this might seem like a reasonable complaint; the kunoichi herself laments her powerlessness in the story's earliest arcs.

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However, she gains a much more robust and unique identity as time elapses, conquering the many limitations which have held her back from greatness. Sakura's ascension has been so magnificent that she can do many things that neither Sasuke nor Naruto can match despite the godlike power they themselves have acquired. Through acknowledging her abilities, fans can appreciate her distinct gifts.

10 Reviving A Dead Fish

Part of Sakura's training under Lady Tsunade was to practice her medical ninjutsu on a fish. However, her subject was (as far as one could perceive) already dead. Nonetheless, the kunoichi restored it completely, proven through how it flopped listlessly on the table.

As inconsequential as it might seem (since she was still only reviving an animal), Sakura's ability to restore life itself is nothing short of phenomenal. Chiyo demonstrated a similar technique to resuscitate Gaara - albeit at a grave cost.

9 Chakra Control

Though Sakura's baseline chakra may have improved as the series has progressed, it still pales compared to Naruto's or Sasuke's (especially given their innate gifts, such as Kurama and the Sharingan, respectively).

However, she can use what chakra she has much more efficiently than her allies on account of her delicate medical ninja training. As a result, she would be nearly unstoppable if given the (often unearned) abilities her two comrades were born with.

8 Fight Kaguya Without Hagoromo's Blessing

One of the iconic final frames of Team Seven's battle against Kaguya included Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura's combined efforts. From what is perceived, they did similar damage to the Otsutsuki, helping to bring about her second sealing and thereby saving the ninja world.

However, Sakura was the only member of the three to have confronted the alien without Hagoromo's blessing (which the sage had only imparted to his reincarnated descendants since he knew they would need them for victory). Given her tenacity despite an absence of his enhancement, it belies Sakura's superhuman capacity.

7 Heal Others Efficiently

Perhaps Sakura's most well-known ability is through her gift for healing others. She restored Naruto from the brink of death during his battle against Madara Uchiha and tended to hundreds of injured shinobi throughout the Forth War.

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Though Naruto himself could protect others through Kurama's chakra and prevent Might Guy from dying outright, neither of them has demonstrated a fraction of the healing power at her fingertips. This puts them at a staggering disadvantage as team utilities, even if they might be powerful individual warriors in their own right.

6 Settling A Rivalry


Naruto and Sasuke weren't the only two ninja at each other's throats. Sakura had her own rivalry with Ino, one which exacerbated after she had been placed on the same team with their mutual interest in the roguish Uchiha.

However, even after it appeared as if Sakura would win his affection, neither girl held any resentment toward one another. This was a conflict settled much more gracefully than her peers', which was a several hundred episode grudge matches culminating with Sasuke's maddened proclamation to enslave the entire planet.

5 Break Out Of A Mind Transfer Jutsu Using Only Willpower

During her battle against Ino in the Chunin Exam, Sakura was struck by her rival's mind transfer jutsu. After it connected, many (including the seasoned Jonin in attendance) had presumed that the match was already over.

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However, Sakura was able to break the spell using her sheer determination to win. This demonstrates fortitude, unlike anything Sasuke or Naruto had ever shown, as they require the Sharingan or Kurama respectively to navigate their opponents' treacherous attacks. Though she may have ultimately tied during her match in the Chunin Exam, Sakura had proven herself in a way few other shinobi were capable of.

4 Detect A White Zetsu

The White Zetsu were fantastic infiltrators since they could copy the presence and mannerisms of anyone they chose. It made their espionage particularly deadly since it challenged the Five Nations' already tenuous alliance.

Though neither Sasuke nor Naruto had an affinity to detect and strike them out, Sakura could outwit them, thereby saving the patients under her charge. It was an example of intelligence outside of the battlefield that is rarely seen in the anime.

3 Control Her Emotions

Of Team Seven, Sakura has the most emotional restraint. Naruto might fly into a long-winded tirade about how his enemies can be redeemed (with the varying result) or how Sasuke might blindly destroy anything he thinks has wronged him, Sakura can think rationally when pursuing her goals.

The only exception to this phenomenon is of matters about Sasuke. She was willing to put up with any abuse to court him, whether enduring the mistrust of her allies or nearly being killed by the wayward Uchiha directly.

2 Creating A Life-Saving Antivenom

When Sasori and his nefarious puppets had poisoned Kankuro, the Akatsuki member was confident that his foe would not survive. After all, the antidote had not even been invented yet, and it would only take several days for the venom to kill its target.

Not only was Sakura able to arrive at her ally's bedside in time, but she also concocted the perfect remedy by which to restore him to health. Placed in the same situation, Naruto and Sasuke would both be powerless as they were forced to watch the man gradually wither into a desiccated husk.

1 Talk To Her Parents

Sakura has a relatively firm relationship with her parents despite being rarely seen in the series. Her stable upbringing helps to balance her as an individual and renders her relatively "normal" when juxtaposed to her friends in Team Seven.

Conversely, Sasuke's parents were butchered before his very eyes, and Naruto's family was lost to Obito's machinations shortly after he was born. Both young men were drastically shaped (for better or worse) through their childhoods' volatile circumstances. Sakura's relationship with her parents may not be exceptional, though it's nonetheless a feat neither of her teammates can match.

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Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura

Even before Sasuke and Naruto became friends, and before Sasuke ever considered him a rival, he had already shown several signs of caring for Sakura.

Sasuke and Sakura's relationship is one of the most interesting in Naruto, with Sakura making her feelings known while Sasuke walks the path of an avenger. Sasuke struggles with letting people get close to him due to losing his entire clan at the hands of his brother. In a moment he lost his parents, his friends and neighbors, and his brother. It's no wonder he struggles to form relationships.

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Yet, despite his loner tendencies, Sasuke has a hard time pushing Sakura away, particularly in the manga. Even before Sasuke and Naruto became friends, and before Sasuke ever considered him a rival, he had already shown several signs of caring for Sakura, albeit in his own way. What Sasuke can't say in words, he says with actions instead.

10 Sasuke Stays With Sakura Until She Wakes Up During The Bell Training

During their first training exercise as a team, Sakura struggles to even get close to Kakashi to steal a bell. She is less skilled at hand-to-hand combat and quickly falls under a genjutsu. Sasuke, on the other hand, touches one of the bells, though he fails to take it. When Sasuke ultimately loses to Kakashi, Sakura comes upon him and faints. Rather than leaving after freeing himself, Sasuke instead chooses to stay by Sakura's side until she wakes up, putting his path as a ninja in jeopardy as time dwindles.

Sasuke acknowledges the lack of time, yet he still chooses to remain by Sakura's side despite this, which ultimately costs him a second shot at the bell.

9 Sasuke Defends Sakura During Their Bodyguard Mission

During Team 7's first mission outside of the village, they are attacked by a pair of ninja who are set on killing Tazuna, the bridge builder and the one Team 7 has been charged with escorting. When the two ninja seemingly kill Kakashi, Sasuke quickly stops them from attacking Naruto. However, when the two ninja split up, one of them goes after Tazuna.

Sakura blocks him, putting herself between the bridge builder and the attacker. Sasuke notices this and leaves Naruto on his own, placing himself between the attacker and Sakura with no time to counter the attack.

8 Sasuke Encourages Sakura During The Chunin Exams

When Team 7 agrees to take the Chunin Exams, Sakura is worried that her abilities will not be enough and that she may be a hindrance to her team and not pass the exams. The morning of the first exam, Sasuke notices right away that something is wrong, and when the team encounters a genjutsu, uses the opportunity to give Sakura's confidence a boost.

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Sasuke praises her intellect and states that she must have already noticed the genjutsu due to her advanced analytical skills. Sakura, feeling reassured, explains the genjutsu and silently thanks Sasuke. Sasuke's perceptive ability when it comes to Sakura is extremely high, and the fact that he goes out of his way to build her confidence speaks to their positive relationship.

7 Sasuke Avenges Sakura In The Forest Of Death

When Sasuke is given the curse mark from Orochimaru, he collapses and Sakura is left to defend both him and an unconscious Naruto. During this time, the Sound Ninja attack, seriously injuring Sakura who fights desperately to protect her teammates, taking extensive damage and even chopping her hair off to protect them.

When Sasuke wakes up, he is taken over by the curse mark. However, his entire focus is on Sakura, who hurt her, and on hurting them more. Sasuke breaks one of the sound ninja's arms brutally and would have continued his rampage if not for Sakura hugging him and begging him to stop.

6 Sasuke Regains Control Because Of Sakura

During the one-on-one tournament in the third round of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke struggles to keep his curse mark under control. During his fight with Yoroi, Sasuke's curse mark begins to activate, and he fights desperately to keep it from taking over his body again.

However, as he recalls Sakura's voice begging him to stop in the Forest of Death, he can regain control and the curse mark symbols disappear from his body, allowing him to finish his fight without relying on Orochimaru's power, and keeping his promise with Sakura to control the mark.

5 Sasuke Prioritizes Sakura's Safety In The Fight With Gaara

Sasuke's fight with Gaara during the Chunin Exams is intense and ends up involving nearly all of Team 7 when Gaara allows the Shukaku to take over his body, significantly increasing his power. Gaara captures Sakura, pinning her to a tree, and Sasuke tells Naruto to prioritize Sakura's safety first and foremost.

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When they manage to free her, Sasuke catches her and leaves her with Pakkun, telling him to keep her safe before returning to the fight. Sasuke, who is focused on his revenge for much of the series, is now prioritizing his teammate's safety over the thrill of engaging with a strong opponent.

4 Sasuke Thanks Sakura Before Leaving

In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, Sasuke ultimately abandons Konoha in favor of joining Orochimaru to gain power, choosing the path of revenge over bonds. Sakura manages to catch Sasuke before he leaves the village and begs him not to go. She ultimately relents, asking if he will take her with him if he is set on leaving. In response, Sasuke appears behind her and thanks her before knocking her out. He lays her on a bench before leaving.

This scene says a lot about the relationship between these two characters, particularly as Sasuke struggles to share his feelings. Yet, in the moment he knew he would be leaving the village, he chose to thank Sakura, acknowledging her feelings and caring enough about her to make sure she would stay safe.

3 Sasuke Catches An Exhausted Sakura

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke is trapped in another dimension, wandering the desert as he looks for a way out. Sakura and Obito desperately search the various dimensions for him, finally finding the one he is trapped in when they are both physically exhausted.

Sasuke runs to the portal, but Sakura is too exhausted to continue sharing her chakra with Obito and falls. Sasuke uses Sakura's jacket and swaps places with it, appearing beside her in time to catch her. Rather than helping her to sit or simply steadying her, Sasuke continues to hold Sakura tightly as he explains his escape to Obito.

2 Sasuke Apologises To Sakura In The Valley Of The End

After his long-time-coming fight with Naruto concludes, Sasuke and Naruto both end up with a missing arm. However, Sasuke ends up with something much more important: he finally comes to terms with his feelings for his friends and recognizes the importance of those bonds.

As Sakura arrives to heal them, Sasuke finally apologizes to her for everything he has put her through over the years. Sakura cries as Team 7 is finally reunited, and Sasuke finally returns to Konoha and her. Sasuke, after apologizing, shares a rare smile as he reunites with his team, and finally accepts Sakura's feelings.

1 Sasuke Shows Sakura His Feelings With A Poke

As Sasuke prepares to leave the village to begin his journey of redemption, Sakura is once again there to see him off. However, unlike the first time he left, this moment is heartwarming rather than heartbreaking. Sasuke tells Sakura he needs to go, and once again she offers to go with him, this time with a blush rather than tears. Sasuke rejects the proposal but taps her forehead and thanks her to her face, giving her hope that he may bring her the next time.

This moment beautifully mirrors Sasuke leaving in the first series, with a much more satisfying conclusion. Ultimately, Sasuke and Sakura end up married after the series concludes, and have a daughter, Sarada.

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Commission - Sasuke Vs Sakura 1/12

Commission - Sasuke Vs Sakura 1/12

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Commissioned by :icongeneraldodders:. Another project called Sasuke Vs Sakura. I hope you watch out for this ^_^ 

After an attack on the Five Kage Summit, Sasuke sets out to kill Danzo. Sakura, who learned about truth of the Uchiha Clan massacre from Tobi, goes after Sasuke hoping to stop him from making a big mistake. After catching him, Sakura pleads with Sasuke not to throw his life away but her words fall on deaf ears. Sasuke is bent on going after Danzo but Sakura is not going to let him walk away. Sasuke won't let anyone get in the way of his revenge, so he hopes to make short work of Sakura. Knowing that she would have to use force, Sakura summons a miniature clone of Katsuyu so as to use a special jutsu taught to her by Tsunade: Slug Fusion. By ingesting Katsuyu and merging her DNA together with her own, Sakura is linked to Katsuyu's main body and has access to her massive chakra reserves. Sakura hopes that a technique will enable her to hold her own against someone as strong as Sasuke. Now it was Sakura's turn to stop Sasuke.………


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Sakura Haruno | Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto.
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Oh, that explains the marks in her body. Hope she has better results than in the anime
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I truly enjoy the idea of Sakura kicking Sasuke's ass and putting him in his place over whining over the git!
Fern-Sama's avatar not hardly
Kishimoto did fine with HIS story. He told it how he wanted to
DraggonnReaper's avatar
I know, but if they had this instead....

Dear lord, with all these ideas popping around, imagine if the canon storyline went and visited these storylines like the one above 0-0
Fern-Sama's avatar
But kishi told his story
fans can tell theirs....

Canon is over, its the story he told.
I think if you like fan stuff just support the fans, dont demand the poor guy come back out to write more or change anything.
its so much work to do more things and i think we should just enjoy cannon as is, and enjoy fanwork too.
I loved the cannon.
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Everybody has their own 'canon', but Kishi's canon is the canon-'canon'. We have fandom-'canon'.

Personally, I liked the canon canon as much as the next guy (watch as it ends up being a hater XD), but I like the fandom canons people make up. 
Fern-Sama's avatar
Actualy fandom stuff is called Fanon not canon.

I love fanons as well, I fully support canon with all my heart but i support fanons where like sasusaku have a little boy too  sense kishimoto
is too embrassed to write romance i rely on fanon to help romance the canon couples.

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Sasuke vs Sakura

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