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48Sheet Design French Nail Art Manicure Nail Tip Sticker Foams Nail Stickers DIY Nail Tools Mix

Specifications: If you're a professional nail artist stock up on your French manicure guides with this pack of sticky. The guides are flexible and perfect for use on both finger and toes nails. Sticky back, easy to apply to your nails, cell phone, ipad cover. The guides are flexible and perfect for use on both finger and toes nails. Suitable for professional and home DIY use.

How to use: 1. Use tweezers carefully to lift guides from backing sheet & place nail guide along natural nail tip.(Use a French tip pen for best results.) 2. Paint quality white nail varnish across actual tip, allow varnish to dry. 3. Carefully peel off the nail guide stickers from each finger/toe. 4. Paint over with opaque clear/opaque pink nail varnish. 5. Optional -enhance your design with decals, gem & glitter .

Type: Sticker Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Quantity: 48 Pcs Features: Nail Art Tips, French Stencil, Beautiful Pattern Note: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Package Includes: 1 x 48Pcs French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

Product type: Stencils and stamps for nails

Product type: Nail Stencils & Stamps

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Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Karen looks down at her hands and proclaims, "My nail beds suck"? Well, me too, Karen, me too — especially now that nail salons are closed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For as long as I can remember, I've been getting gel manicures and acrylics, and now that that's not happening, I decided to go natural with my short nails.

After a week at home, I was over them and ready to try something else. Since I am, for some reason, not capable of painting my own nails (the left hand is so hard), I've resorted to trying out nail stickers. And after much trial and error, I can say I've picked up a few tricks on how to apply nail wraps on short nails.

Choose your design wisely

Sure, a picture of your cat's face or an elaborate landscape design is beautiful on a long nail, but when you have less surface area to work with, you're probably going to have to chop off a good chunk of that sticker before you apply it. It's better to pick a pattern that's small or repetitive, like polka dots or stripes. And if you must have a more elaborate design, make sure the bulk of the image will be down near your cuticle.

Don't just stick them on

According to Los Angeles-based manicurist Holly Falcone, you should always start with a fresh base. Wash your hands, remove any old polish, and wipe down your nails with acetone. Then, size your stickers by trimming the wrap down to fit your nail. Most stickers come pre-sized for each of the five fingernails, but that doesn't mean you have to use them on the assigned nail.

"Apply the sticker as close to your cuticle as possible, then use your other fingers to pat it down," she tells Allure. "Finish by filing off any excess wrap, and then blow-dry the nails to adhere the sticker to the nail to ensure they don't move." For extra security, apply a top coat to seal in the sticker. Right now, I'm loving Revlon Ultimate Shine Top Coat, because it gives off such a shine, it almost looks wet. Plus, it's $7 and can be picked up from the drugstore while I'm out grabbing essentials.

Remove and treat

Removing nail stickers is just as simple as removing regular polish, says Falcone. "Just soak your nails in acetone, this will loosen the sticker from the nail." After soaking for about 10 minutes you'll notice the sticker starting to disconnect from your nail. Dry your hands and gently peel off the sticker.

Finish with hand cream, like 2019 Allure Best of Beauty winner, Love Beauty Planet, or cuticle oil to ensure your hands and nails get the moisture they need after soaking in acetone.

With these tips, you'll easily finesse nail wraps until you're back in your nail technician's chair again.

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IDK about you, but I've always been embarrassingly bad at painting my nails. Here's the thing, though: You'd never actually know that just by looking at my hands, since I'm secretly obsessed with a genius little alternative called nail stickers. All you do is peel and smooth 'em over your nails, and you're basically left with a salon-worthy manicure (no lengthy tutorials or drying time required, tvym) that lasts for up to a week. And considering the majority of nail stickers are made with real nail polish, they're just as shiny and glossy as the real deal.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for the 12 best nail stickers—and a couple tips and tricks for getting the most out of 'em—that are about to fully convert you. Work smarter, not harder, amirite?

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Dashing Diva After Glow Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette


Best Gel Nail Stickers

1. Dashing Diva After Glow Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Palette

The coolest thing about Dashing Diva's nail stickers is that they'remade with actual gel nail polish(meaning, yup, they're super glossy and shiny). Start by quickly cleaning your nails with the included prep pads, place and smooth the stickers right above your cuticle line, and gently file away any excess material until it fits your nail shape. Pro tip: Hold off on applying any creams, lotions, or oils until your stickers are set (usually an hour or so).

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Scratch Florista Nail Wraps


Best Floral Nail Stickers

2. Scratch Florista Nail Wraps

You know those floral manicures you keep seeing all over your IG feed? Yeah, these nail wraps are the easiest, sneakiest way to recreate 'em at home (especially if nail art isn't really your thing). To make your stickers last as long as humanly possible, paint a thin layer of base coat on each nail, letting it dry all the way before you get started.

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Olive & June Nail Art Stickers in Lucky Stars


Best Minimalist Nail Stickers

3. Olive & June Nail Art Stickers in Lucky Stars

Looking for a couple subtle nail stickers to finish off your manicure? IMO, Olive & June makes the prettiest, minimalist stickers for every occasion. I'm personally a fan of Lucky Stars, which includes a cute lineup of gold and silver decals that look great against everything from red nail polish to French tips.

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Artips Delilah Gel Nail Strips


Best Abstract Nail Stickers

4. Artips Delilah Gel Nail Strips

If delicate, abstract nail art is more your vibe, you'll love these gel nail wraps from Artips. These glossy stickers are made with gel polish for the ultimate shine, and they last for a full week—no chipping or peeling included.

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Ciaté London Cheat Sheets Volume 3 Garden Party


Best Mix-and-Match Nail Stickers

5. Ciaté London Cheat Sheets Volume 3 Garden Party

Perfect for mixing and matching on each nail, these stickers from Ciaté London include everything from cute florals and fruits to pink and black cow print. Just stick them on your bare or painted nails and lock them in with a thin layer of top coat. Easy, right?

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ManiMe Stick On Gels in Berry Compote


Best Customized Nail Stickers

6. ManiMe Stick On Gels in Berry Compote

I get it: One of the more annoying aspects of nail stickers is filing them down to fit your exact nail shape. That's where these customizable wraps from ManiMe come into play—after hitting "add to cart," you'll submit a couple quick photos of your nails so the brand can size your stickers for the perfect fit. Plus, they come in a bunch of cute colors, like the negative-space mani pictured here.

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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips


Best Nail Stickers for Easy Removal

7. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Unlike the majority of nail stickers that require you to gently (albeit, tediously) peel off your mani when you're done with it, this option from Sally Hansen slides right off with a little nail polish remover. Just smooth them over your nails, enjoy them for up to 10 days, and grab a little remover when you're ready for a clean slate.

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Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Love Potion


Best Glitter Nail Stickers

8. Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Love Potion

The smartest way to get a glittery manicure without making a g'damn mess? Slap on a couple of these nail stickers from Incoco. They're made with real nail polish, they're v easy to apply, and they're quickly removed with nail polish remover. I mean, you can't really go wrong here.

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Dashing Diva Sorbet Sunrise Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Pedicure


Best Pedicure Nail Stickers

9. Dashing Diva Sorbet Sunrise Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Pedicure

Yup, you can totally use nail stickers on your toes too. These pre-shaped nail wraps from Dashing Diva are perfect for quick and easy pedicures, and they leave you with shiny, fresh color that lasts for days. Now all you need is a pumice stone for the real spa-like experience.

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Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips


Best Solid Nail Stickers

10. Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips

Nail stickers aren't just about cute little decals and accents, BTW—they're also great for creating quick, solid-color manicures. This kit comes with everything you need for a stick-on manicure, including prep pads, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, and teal nail strips.

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Kingmas 50 Sheets Nail Art Stickers


Best Nail Sticker Variety

11. Kingmas 50 Sheets Nail Art Stickers

Not sure what vibe you're looking for when it comes to nail stickers? There's no need to choose when you snag this pack of 50 sheets, which includes a nice assortment of butterflies, florals, and feathers. Hot tip: Since these stickers are on the smaller size, it's not a bad idea to place them onto your nails with tweezers.

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Le Mini Macaron 'La Touche Finale'' Mini Nail Stickers


Best Affordable Nail Stickers

12. Le Mini Macaron 'La Touche Finale'' Mini Nail Stickers

If you're new to the nail sticker game and aren't totally ready to invest, look towards this affordable pack for an easy entryway. It's only $5 but you still get a solid assortment of heart decals that are easy to tack onto any manicure (a win-win).

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