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The 120 Best Hashtags For T-Shirts Companies [2021]

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When it comes to using social media for your business, using the proper hashtags is key to getting discovered and reaching a larger audience.

In addition, hashtags can also help you identify what's trending in your industry, and most importantly, help you stay up to date with other competitors in the space.

Essentially, hashtags make finding information, products and services easier for social media users. A unique hashtag has the ability to make your message stand out, and could in turn, result in higher conversions.

We've put together a list of the 120 best hashtags for t-shirts companies [2021] + a step by step guide on how to find and use the right hashtags for your posts.

Most Popular Hashtags:

2nd Most Popular Hashtags:

3rd Most Popular Hashtags:

More Popular Hashtags:

Guide: How To Choose The Right Hashtags For Your Instagram Post

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are a way to connect your content to a specific theme, community, topic or conversation.

Hashtags make it easier for users to discover your content and allow you to reach a much larger audience.

Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind when using hashtags:

  • If you want to use hashtags to enhance your social strategy, make sure your account is public
  • Keep your hashtags brief and easy to remember. Try not to put too many words together on the same hashtag
  • Limit the amount of hashtags you use on one specific post - most of the time, quality > quantity (we will get into the details of this later in the guide)
  • Make sure you do not use any punctuation, spaces or symbols in the hashtag (other than the # at the beginning of the word)

Why are hashtags important?

The truth is, the hashtags you use on your posts can either make or break your strategy.

Some businesses make the mistake of slapping together words that looks and sounds good - when in reality, this could do more harm then good to your strategy.

The main reason hashtags are so critical to your overall strategy is because they have the ability to expand your audience, and boost engagement through likes, shares, and comments. Here's how this works:

  • When you use a hashtag, your post will be public to anyone viewing that hashtag
  • Users can actually follow hashtags, which means you could show up on the users feed even if they do not follow you
  • Using hashtags on "stories" also makes it possible for your story to show up in the relevant hashtag "story"
  • Hashtags are also a way to build a community of people, which can enhance your brand and audience.

Example of brilliant hashtag campaign**

Let's take a look at an example of how Coca Cola turned the hashtag "#ShareACoke" into a record number of sales and user generated content on social media:

The idea behind the campaign was that the coke bottles would have names and titles on them - which organically led people to take photos and share them on Instagram using the hashtag "ShareACoke."


The hashtag campaign was so impactful because there was a sense of community world-wide and it felt personal to have your name on the bottle of a multi-billion dollar brand.

What hashtags should I use?

As we mentioned above, the hashtags you use can either make or break your Instagram strategy.

Here are a few different research methods for finding the right hashtags for your post:

  • Look at other competitors and social media influencers: Identify how many hashtags they're using in their posts and which hashtags they use consistently
  • Search specific hashtags on explore page: This will show you how many posts use that hashtag which is an indicator if it's trending or not. Only use the hashtag if it makes sense for your business.
  • Use tools such as This tool allows you to search any hashtag to see how popular it is and if it's trending during the given time period
  • Use "related" hashtags: On Instagram, related hashtags can be more specific than general hashtags you are using. These are located in the explore section of the Instagram hashtag (see photo below)

How many hashtags should I use for my post?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, but it's recommended that the optimal amount of hashtags you should use is 5-10.

Using too many hashtags can make you look spammy and can do more harm to your social strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We put together a list of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to using hashtags for your social strategy:

Why should I use hashtags?

Hashtags give you the ability to extend reach to your audience beyond your social media followers.

Should Instagram hashtags go in the post or comments?

It is recommended that you put the bulk of your hashtags in the first comment of the post. This allows the reader to focus on your caption, avoid looking "spammy" while still allowing your post to be discoverable to non-followers.

A great trick to achieving a clean look is to put the hashtags in a comment, start the comment out with five dots (on their own line break) and add all hashtags in the bottom.

How many hashtags should I use in my post?

Experts state the sweet spot is around 5-10 hashtags to start with.

However, the amount of hashtags you use should be based on what works best for your business and industry. It's best to A/B test a few different methods to see what works for you.

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Best #streetwear hashtags


Hashtag #streetwear is most commonly used by users between the ages of 25-34 years old

Ages rangePercent


This hashtag is most frequently used in English, Polish, and Spanish



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Hashtags for #streetwear

Best #streetwear hashtags

Grow your instagram using the most popular streetwear hashtags

Second most liked instagram hashtags used with streetwear

Use one of these sets of hashtags in your next instagram post and you'll see a big boost.

Hashtag report

Post using this hashtag50,249,121

RELATED hashtags for #streetwear

Use this list to find new related hashtags for your posts

The number after hashtag represents the number of instagram posts for that hashtag.

Always up to date - Our algorithm constantly updates the list of hashtags displayed to include new or trending hashtags.

Last update was on 2021-09-18 17:14:46

View instagram photos and videos for #streetwear


If you didn’t Instagram your new outfit, did you even wear it?

Instagram is a haven for fashionistas looking for outfit inspiration and trends, as well as brands and influencers to promote new styles and pieces.

You can increase your reach and engagement tenfold by using the right hashtags. This list of fashion hashtags is therefore a must for every blogger and brand in the fashion industry…

💡 Need to revisit your entire hashtag strategy? Check out our All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags 💡

1. Most Popular Fashion Hashtags
2. Outfit Hashtags
3. Men’s Fashion Hashtags
4. Swimwear Hashtags
5. Handbag Hashtags
6. Shoe Hashtags
7. Jewellery Hashtags
8. Streetwear Hashtags
9. Fashion Week Hashtags
10. Schedule Hashtags in Advance

1. Most Popular Fashion Hashtags

Here’s a summary of some of the most popular fashion hashtags on Instagram you’ll be familiar with seeing…

These are all highly popular hashtags with millions of posts, so we’d recommend using a few of the most relevant, and mixing them up with more specific smaller volume hashtags.

#Fashion #OOTD #Style #InstaFashion #Vintage #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #StreetStyle #Stylish #MensFashion #WomensFashion #InstaStyle #LookBook #WhatIWore #FashionDiaries #StyleInspo #FashionBlogger #LookBook #WIWT #FashionWeek #FashionStyle #StyleBlog #Blog #StyleBlogger #StreetFashion #OutfitOfTheDay

top fashion hashtags

2. Outfit Hashtags

OOTD (outfit of the day) has been a theme on Instagram for years, so it’s no shock it tops the fashion hashtag charts! However, there are plenty of fashion hashtags you can use specifically to show off an outfit on Instagram:

#OOTD #OOTDfashion #DailyLook #InstaOOTD #WIW #WIWT #LookBook #OutfitPost #OutfitGoals #TodayImWearing #MeToday #OutfitOfTheDay #TodaysOutfit #OOTDShare #MyLook #CurrentlyWearing #MyLookToday #InMyCloset #LookOfTheDay #OutfitIdeas4You #OutfitLook #Inspofashion #InspiringOutfit #OOTDinspo #OutfitGrid

top fashion hashtags

3. Men’s Fashion Hashtags

The male fashion industry has just as much to play for on Instagram, with stylish male models, influencers and bloggers sharing their street style and latest looks. Here are the top men’s fashion hashtags:

#MensFashion #MensStyle #MenWithStyle #Menswear #StreetStyleGuys #GuyFashion #StyleForGuys #MaleStreetwear #MensFashionTeam #MensFashionairy #MenAboutFashion #OOTDMenStyle #MensFashionApparel #MensFashionTrends #MensStylePage #MenOOTD #ClassyDapper #BestOfMenStyle #DapperMan #MensFashionFix

top fashion hashtags

4. Swimwear Hashtags

A huge industry on Instagram, swimwear dominates travel bloggers’ feeds all year round. If you’re posting swimwear photos on Instagram, use specific swimwear hashtags to increase your reach

#Swimwear #Swimsuit #SwimwearFashion #Bikini #BeachWear #BathingSuit #TwoPieceSwimsuit #BikiniLove #BikiniStyle #BikiniLife #BikiniSeason #BeachBabe #LifeIsBetterInABikini #LuxurySwimwear #SwimStyle #FashionSwimwear #SwimwearBrand #SwimsuitSeason #SwimsuitsForAll #SummerSwim

top fashion hashtags

5. Shoe Hashtags

We all know a shoe addict (if you don’t it means it’s you). Instagram is the platform for sharing photos and videos of new trainers, heels and sandals. Make your post stand out by using these top hashtags:

Remember to include hashtags stating the brand name i.e #NikeKicks or #LoboutinHeels — the important thing with hashtags is to be as relevant and specific as possible.

#ShoeAddict #InstaShoes #ShoeLover #Shoestagram #Shoeaholic #ShoeAddiction #ShoeGame #ShoeGram #ShoesOfTheDay #ShoeSelfie #ShoesOfInstagram #FootwearFashion #ShoeSwag #ShoeLoveIsTrueLove #ILoveShoes#Instaheels #ShoePorn #Sneakerhead #KicksOnFire #Kickstagram #Sneakerfiles #TodaysKicks #Solenation #ShoutMySneakz #Crepslocker #KicksOfTheDay 

top fashion hashtags

6. Handbag Hashtags

Got a new bag that you just have to share on Instagram? Make sure you use the top hashtags so fellow bag-lovers will find your post!

#Handbag #BagFashion #HandbagLover #HandbagAddict #BagCollection #PurseLove #HandbagStyle #LadiesHandbags #LeatherHandbag #BagsOfInstagram #BagsAndPurses #BagShopping #UniqueBags #VintageBags #ShoulderBags #ToteBag #PurseAddict #BOTD #CrossBags #PurseSwag

top fashion hashtags

7. Jewellery Hashtags

On the topic of accessories, jewellery also has its own world on Instagram! Fashion lovers are always looking for additional ways to express their style and jewellery offers just that. Use these jewellery hashtags when posting your bling on Instagram:

#JewelleryGram #InstaJewel #JewelleryDesign #FashionJewellery #InstaJewellery #JewelleryOfTheDay #StatementJewellery #JewelleryLove #JewelleryTrends #BodyJewellery #JewelleryBox #JewelleryLovers #EarringsOfTheDay #EarringStyle #EarParty #EarringSwag #BraceletStacks #BraceletOfTheDay #Bracelet #NecklaceLover #NecklaceFashion #RingStack #RingAddict #ShowMeYourRings 

top fashion hashtags

8. Streetwear Hashtags

Street style is a huge niche on Instagram, particularly on Stories! People care about who is wearing what and look for inspiration for urban streetwear on the app. Use these streetwear hashtags specifically for any urban shots or stylish people out and about:

#StreetStyle #StreetwearFashion #StreetFashion #StreetLook #UrbanStyle #PauseShots #BestOfStreetwear #StreetwearAddicted #AllStreetwear#StreetwearSource #UrbanOutfit #StreetwearStyle #UrbanWear #StreetwearCulture #DailyStreetLooks #StyleBlogger #StreetwearCentral

top fashion hashtags

8. Fashion Week Hashtags

Every year the fashion capitals of the world host week long festivities in their cities. New York, London, Milan, Paris you name it! Instagram activity amongst fashion lovers ramps up during this time due to all the models, brands, and visitors posting about fashion week. Join the conversation using these hashtags:

#FashionWeek #FashionWeekStyle #ParisFashionWeek #PFW #NewYorkFashionWeek #NFW #NYCFashion #MilamFashionWeek #MFW #ModaMilano #MilanFashion #LondonFashionWeek #LFW #FashionArchives #AnnaParisChic #Vogue #Runway #FashionMag #RunwayModel #RunwayStyle #RunwayFashion #EmergingDesigners #FashionDesigners

top fashion hashtags

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Hashtag Tips

When hashtagging, it’s important not to overload or spam your posts with hashtags that don’t work and could result in you getting shadow-banned.

The trick is to use a few generic and a few niche specific hashtags to give you the best reach – just make sure they are always relevant to the photo, video or story you’ve posted.

Check out our All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags here for more tips!

For more top Instagram hashtags by niche, take a look at our other guides:

Top Photography Hashtags 📸
Top Food Hashtags 🍕
Top Fitness & Health Hashtags 🏋️‍♀️

social media hashtag calendar

Schedule Hashtags In Advance

Byscheduling your posts in advance together with your chosen hashtags, you will save time growing your Instagram account! 🤩

With Hopper HQ you can:

  1. Search for the most popular hashtags
  2. Add hashtags to your caption
  3. Add hashtags to your first comment
  4. Schedule your post and first comment in advance
  5. Set and forget – Hopper HQ posts automatically for you!

Here is Hopper HQ’s hashtag search and selector in action:

Try Hopper HQ free for 2 weeks and start saving time today!

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Instagram Hashtags 2020: What You Need to Know

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