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Dab Rigs

What is a Dab Rig?

A Dab “Rig” is a purpose built bong made for smoking oils, waxes and other concentrates. Dab Rigs are generally made out of glass. There is the main part of the rig that resembles a traditional bong, and a nail, sometimes called a skillet, that is made of titanium, glass, or quartz to hold the heated dab concentrate. The nail must be made of a substance that can withstand the high temperatures required to vaporize the concentrate. The concentrate is placed on the dab nail using a dabber.The dab concentrate on the dab rig nail is then heated using a butane torch and the user inhales the vapor created through the dab rig’s mouthpiece. The dab rig is designed to heat the oils, waxes or concentrates to an exceedingly high temperature of 600 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (316 to 371 Celsius) so that it does not combust but rather vaporize.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of pressing a piece of legal essential oil, extract, or concentrate against a heated surface and then inhaling the vapor. Dabbing is seen as being a healthier alternative to smoking as it is essentially, vaporizing. Vaporizing is seen as being healthier way to consume herbs and essential oils than smoking, as it doesn’t carry the risks associated with the combustion of materials, such as the inhalation of carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful substances. Although, inhaling anything other than air into your lungs can possess some risks and that is no exception when it comes to dabbing. It is generally considered that dabbing is safer at lower temperatures, where the oils are vaporized, rather than at high temperatures where the oils are combusted. This is why more and more people have started to use E-nails, so that they can accurately control the temperature of the oil they are inhaling.

Dab Rig Kits

If you’re starting out in the dabbing world it all might seem a bit confusing. That’s normal! We want to try to make your journey a little easier by offering Dab Rig Kits. These kits include loads of your dabbing essentials to fast-track your way to knowing everything you need to!

First off all our dabbing kits come with a rig a nail and a carb cap. These rigs may seem smaller than other bongs but there’s good reason for that. Smaller bongs deliver a bigger hit because you lose less oil in the rig. This might not seem like a big deal but if you’re dabbing on large bongs you loose a substantial amount of your product. Each of these rigs have been made with thick glass or silicone to give you the best flavour and the most durability.

Second every kit includes a dab matt. These are perfect for extracting oil or preparing your next dab. They're also a great nonstick surface to keep your dab rig on. These dab mats can sustain a large heat so they’re ideal for heat press extraction. Finally all our kits come with storage pots and alcohol wipes for cleaning. These kits really do include everything you need!

Electric Dab Rigs

Dabbing out and about can be complicated! There are so many different parts you need to carry around with you. And carrying a blow torch out and about is just laborious. So here at Shiva we want to offer you the most comfortable and convenient way of dabbing; Electric Dab Rigs!

All you need to do is turn it on and dab. Its as simple as that! These electric dab rigs give you the full control to dab anywhere. The battery life is strong on each of these models nevertheless we advise making sure you keep your Electric Dab Rig charged up to avoid disappointment.

A major difference between electric dab rigs and blow torch rigs is that electric dab rigs deliver a precise and sustained temperature. This temperature control allows you to low temp and high temp with accuracy. This also means more flavour will be released from your oil. Trying to control temperature with a blow torch is a real pain so we advise going for electric rigs to get the best dab every time.

Make your life easier with an electric dab rig. They’ll give you the full punch of a dab but without any of the hassle!

Sours: https://www.shivaonline.co.uk/shop/dabbing/dab-rigs/index.html

Heady glass 10mm dab rig on glass countertop of 710 Pipes' Denver, CO smoke shop location

PICTURED: 10mm Heady Glass Dab Rig by Liquid Glass Arts at 710 Pipes Smoke Shop

Anyone who has stopped by our Northglenn or Denver smoke shops knows that we stock thousands of heady glass pieces – including hundreds of locally-made bongs and dab rigs. Still, many smoke shop visitors may still be wondering – what’s the difference between the two? Before making your next purchase, review these four key factors separating bongs from dab rigs to determine which type of smoking device is best suited to your preferences.

Bowl or Nail?

Bongs and dab rigs are both available in dozens of different forms, typically made from borosilicate glass or other high quality glass forms. Each type of device has a built in male or female joint, which can be used with accessories of the opposite-type joint. With bongs, you’ll insert a bowl piece into the joint and pack it with dry herb to light up and inhale. If you’re using a dab rig, you’ll substitute that bowl piece with a dab nail. Dabbing involves heating up your chosen dabbing tool with a dab torch, then using it to vaporize your chosen type of concentrates. In other words, water pipes with a bowl piece can be considered a bong, and trading that out for a dab nail can transform that piece into a dab rig. Many devoted fans of dabbing (ourselves included) swear by state-of-the-art forms of electronic dab rigs – like the Focus V Carta, Puffco Peak, and High Five Duo – to consume your favorite concentrates more easily than ever before.

Wax or Flower?

If we had to ask only one question as to whether you should use a bong or dab rig, it’s “what are you planning to smoke?” While many of our customers swear by dry herb and flower exclusively, others are much more interested in vaporizing varieties of legal concentrates including oil and wax. Dab rigs are designed for vaporizing concentrates, and bongs are built to enjoy your favorite flower. Both dab rigs and bongs percolate your preferred form through water. This filtration process helps dab rig and bong users to enjoy smoother hits, no matter the material they’ve chosen.

Bigger or Smaller?

To optimize your dabbing experience, our smoke shop team recommends using a smaller water pipe. Choosing a piece without multiple percolators is also a good idea whenever possible. Wondering why is this the standard? When vaporizing concentrates at lower temperatures, adding distance between the wax you’re consuming and the lungs they’re traveling to typically results in reduced strength and flavor. Thankfully, smoke from dry herb and flower isn’t the same way. Using larger bongs and pieces with multiple percolators increases the distance between your bong’s bowl piece and mouthpiece, which will make your hits smoother without sacrificing strength or taste. In other words, if you’re buying a heady glass water pipe to primarily use as a dab rig, you’d be better off thinking smaller and simpler. With bongs, added percs are an added perk – and the bigger the piece, the better.

What’s Your Budget?

Last but certainly not least important, there can be cost differences between your average bongs and a standard dab rig. As we’ve stated above, the same water pipes can be used as a dab rig or a bong, depending on the accessories you use with them. Investing in the equipment you’ll need to dab can be a little more pricey up front, as you’ll need a few more accessories for the dabbing process than you would to smoke a bowl with your average bong. Anyone looking to dab will need a dabbing torch, carb cap, dab nail and dabbing tool to do so, and typically a storage container to keep your spare concentrates safe until your next session. However, if you already have those materials on hand and are looking for a new water pipe alone, the smaller and simpler models recommended for dabbing will lower your total over more complex models we’d recommend buying for bong hits.

Dab Rigs, Bongs, and Accessories – Our Smoke Shop Has It All!

710 Pipes is proud to have unique, high-quality water pipes available at all three of our Denver-area locations. We also carry hundreds of additional accessories for smoking and dabbing – including screens for your existing pieces, carb caps, quartz inserts and so much more! Our Northglenn and Denver head shop locations are open seven days a week. Denver University students get 10% off with a valid student ID!

Still staying indoors in the name of social distancing? If you’re over age 21 in Colorado or other legal U.S. states seeking quality pipe shop products, our online smoke shop has several options available for immediate purchase from the safety and comfort of your couch. Our online smoke shop also carries a few fantastic glass dab straw options available to order anyplace and anytime. If you’re looking for a more simplistic glass dab straw, a nectar collector with a little extra flair, or an all-inclusive micro nectar collector kit equipped with a quality storage case, we’ve got the perfect options in store. You’ll also find exceptional prices on hundreds more of our popular products – all deliverable straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re shopping online or onsite, 710 Pipes is proud to provide you with the very best smoke shop products on the market today.

Sours: https://www.710pipes.com/blog/2021/3/7/four-big-differences-between-bongs-and-dab-rigs/
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How to Clean a Banger, Rig \u0026 Other Dabbing Accessories

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