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Warface: Global Operations – Shooting game (FPS)

Dynamic battles await you in the universe of the world-famous Warface shooter! Enjoy various combat modes, easy-to-learn controls, and amazing graphics. Create a unique character and break into exciting multiplayer PvP battles designed specifically for mobile devices!

Warface: Global Operations is actively growing and developing: new maps, weapons, equipment and character skins regularly appear in the game, as well as unique new game modes and events in which you can receive valuable rewards. The team is constantly improving the game optimization and matchmaking system with each update, providing the best gaming experience for fans of mobile first-person shooters.

Warface: Global Operations is:
- 7 awesome maps for dynamic PvP battles;
- 4 game modes and more than 20 mini-events in which the conditions change every day;
- More than 200 types of customizable weapons and equipment;
- 15 skins to alter your character's appearance - and the list is constantly updating!

Get a series of brand-new special weapons and gear, and play as a team of four to smash through enemy hordes and dangerous bosses. Unearth the latest Blackwood plot and make the World a little safer!

Explore all game modes:
✯ Team Deathmatch ✯
Kill enemy players and take the lead. Be the first to reach the score.

✯ Control ✯
Capture zones to get more points for killing enemies!

✯ Plant the Bomb ✯
One fight to three victories. Plant the bomb at one of the enemy controlled zones and don't let them blow up yours.

✯ Free-for-All ✯
Every man for himself! Prove that you are the king of the hill.

Warface: Global Operations is a military team-based action shooter in which everything depends on your skill. Carefully consider your tactics for each battle, explore different locations and modes, develop your shooting skills, upgrade your equipment and demonstrate your superiority!

You can easily master Warface: Global Operations and quickly break into the heart of the battle. Even if you are new to the world of mobile shooters, you will become familiar with the game controls in no time.

The game provides dynamic team gameplay in perfectly balanced maps designed specifically for mobile gaming. Take part in exciting battles around the world and enjoy the intense action while our matchmaking system takes care of finding you a worthy opponent.

Is it important for you that your character's appearance reflects your playstyle perfectly? Warface: Global Operations gives you this opportunity! Dozens of pieces of equipment and many skins will allow you to create a unique, memorable soldier and stand out among millions of other players!

In Warface: Global Operations, there are weapons for both natural born snipers and melee fans! There are hundreds of fully customizable weapons: assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, SMGs and much more will not leave you indifferent. Create the gun of your dream with a huge number of additional modules and a non-linear upgrade system, and then try it out in intense PvP battles!

If you have any problems with the game, please let us know: [email protected]

Join our communities to stay up to date with the latest game news:
VK: https://vk.com/warfaceglobaloperations
Facebook: facebook.com/WarfaceGlobalOperations/
Discord: https://discord.gg/ttJCTXW
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/WHALEKITGames

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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It’s like it was planned but just as we see Warface: Breakout turn into a freebie through the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for March 2021, a new premium DLC pack rolls out with it. Fancy getting access to the Elite Forces Cosmetic DLC?

For the month of March 2021, Warface: Breakout has been stripped of its usual £16.74 asking price, becoming available as a free download for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. And whether you are looking to play the game right now or not, when something arrives for free, you should download it. If anything, it makes your digital library fill out, giving more options for the rainiest of days.

But with the access of Warface: Breakout, there are multiple ways to expand your sessions, mostly in the form of new DLC. That is what we are seeing arrive in-game right now with the Warface: Breakout Elite Forces Cosmetic Pack. Costing £4.19, this brings together some of the latest playable skins and content from the latest season of Warface, with many new items to allow you to stand out from the crowd.

In place in the Elite Forces Cosmetic Pack are all of the following…

  • Simoom (Reapers): Epic helmet skin
  • Desert Warrior (Wardens): Epic helmet skin
  • Luxury (M16A3): Legendary weapon skin
  • Luxury (AK-103): Legendary weapon skin
  • Death Angel (Knife)
  • Marksman: Rare victory pose
  • Elite Squad: Rare avatar

Whilst it would have been nice to see the Games With Gold scheme for March 2021 provide an altogether higher quality of free games, anything that allows us to play without the need to splash the cash is alright in our books. But then, it does feel a little cheeky to see this new Cosmetic pack roll out on the same day as the free-ness, tempting players in to opening the wallet.

If you do or not is totally your call. Let us know what you think about the new Elite Forces Cosmetic Pack for Warface: Breakout by posting in the comments and if you do decide to grab it, the Xbox Store will sort you out.

Neil Watton


An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360's life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - mostly with the brilliant indie scene that has come to the fore. Gamertag is neil363, feel free to add me to your list.

Sours: https://www.thexboxhub.com/games-with-gold-freebie-warface-breakout-gets-new-premium-dlc/
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Warface Breakout Update Version 1.05 Details

Warface Breakout version 1.05 released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Breakout update 1.05 changelog, the latest update brings Season 1, Ranked matches and added fixes for some of the game issues. Apart from this, Warface Breakout patch 1.05 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, an update was released with various balancing, gameplay changes and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Warface Breakout 1.05 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Warface Breakout update 1.05?


  • Introduced Season 1 and Ranked matches
  • All five maps have been optimized:
  1. Reduced FPS drops;
  2. Added some barriers not letting people fall off the climb points;
  3. Fixed some animations of bomb explosions;
  • Fixed more situations leading to game freezes (optimized UI loading patterns)
  • Penalty system has been added for Hardcore – now such actions as leaving and team killing will be punished. The punishment is cumulative, i.e. it becomes stronger each time.
  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn far from the team spawn point at the beginning of a round
  • Improved the overall game client stability
  • Bomb defuse marker now always has a higher priority than weapon grab marker
  • Players are now properly sorted in the scoreboard during the game
  • You now receive a special notification when you hit the enemy’s helmet
  • All damage sources are now indicated in the damage counter
  • Added more accurate information in the damage counter
  • You can now reconnect to the Hardcore match if you got disconnected


  • Decreased the price of assault rifles, machine guns and shotguns


  • Reworked the loading window appearing after the final screen
  • Added a special visual effect when you earn money in the match
  • Voice lines are no longer used when players remain solo
  • Muted players no longer get unmuted after the sides are changed
  • Addressed important issues with footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where squads getting matched into different teams.
  • Added fixes for some crashing.
  • Addressed issues related to UI.
  • Added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Fixed some localization bugs.

Warface Breakout version 1.05 is now available for download.

Sours: https://updatecrazy.com/warface-breakout-update-version-1-05-details/

My.Games have revealed Warface: Breakout, a paid spin-off to the free to play first person shooter, coming out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today.


Warface: Breakout is a tactical shooter specifically for console, notably lacking the free-to-play business model that the main game has used since its wider release. However, this is still a budget title, priced at $19.99 USD for the standard version and $29.99 for the Deluxe Edition with a handful of cosmetics.

It features tactical multiplayer in the vein of CS:GO and Valorant, with two teams battling in a Search and Destroy game mode to either plant or defuse a bomb on the map, and an arms store appearing between rounds where you spend credits earnt through a match. There’s five maps at launch, with 30 weapons, and matches feature two teams (the Wardens and Reapers) of five players.

Ivan Pabiarzhyn, Warface franchise lead said, “We’ve been constantly developing the Warface franchise by expanding the original game and bringing it to new platforms, including the recent launch on Nintendo Switch. With Breakout, our goal was to introduce console players to this classic, grounded FPS experience with a heavy focus on gunplay and resource management – the kind of experience which was first defined by the legendary Counter-Strike on PC.”

Post launch, My.Games will support the game with seasonal content updates to add new challenges and cosmetic rewards. You won’t have to buy a Battle Pass to take part in this, with monetisation beyond the initial purchase will be for cosmetics to customise the look of characters and weapons.

Warface as a whole is a pretty fascinating franchise, having struggled to find enough success under original developer Crytek on the last generation of console. It was revived for the current generation with a 2018 release on PS4 and Xbox One, the development team splitting off to create a new studio in early 2019. Since then, the game has come to Nintendo Switch, which has a bespoke 32-player Battle Royale mode, and now we see this tactical shooter spin off.

Source: press release

Tags: Warface, Warface: Breakout

Sours: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/05/26/warface-breakout-is-a-paid-tactical-shooter-spin-off-thats-out-today/

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