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  • Came here today after making an appointment over the phone because my Crosstrek had a recall come up, I arrived and was checked in promptly. The staff was very nice, and give me a heads up the service could take up to 3 hours. I waited around in the waiting area and once my car was done they returned it to me after doing a car wash. I thought the service was good, and everything went smoothly!

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    Grecia, we're very pleased that we could take care of your recall for you! Hearing that you appreciated our staff's communicative service and warm welcome means a lot to us. We're always happy to return your vehicle to you in the best condition possible. Thank you for putting your trust in Subaru of Pembroke Pines and drive happy driving!

  • "Never trust a car salesman." How said is it that this statement is still relevant in 2021.
     I called to check on a particular make and model. I was told they have nothing in stock. Five minutes later I receive a call and I am told they have the car I am looking for in stock. I mention that I am an hour and a half away and need to be certain if it is indeed in stock. I am told repeatedly that it is; even the color and trim package. I went so far as to send two text messages  also verifying that the vehicle is in stock.
     Well, you can guess how the story goes. I arrive 90 minutes later and salesman is only concerned with having me sit at the desk and take my information. I circumvent this by asking to see the car first. I could tell by the salesman's expression that my worst fears were correct. He continued the charade by saying let me go see. Sure enough he returns and says, "We can order the car for you."
     THEY never had the car in stock, never just sold, never on the way. A complete fabrication just to get me in the office. Salesperson pretty much said as much. He had nothing in the lot of offer. Nothing at all in that model.
     I understand dealers have low inventory but how about being honest up front with customers. I might have special ordered the car if they had treated me with respect.
    A three hour drive wasted on a poorly executed bait and switch.
    Leaving a review in hopes of saving others from this scam. There good reviews are because they ask customers to do so on the spot as part of the negotiations. Their real rating from the BBB is D+…

    UPDATE: The car was not sold. The car was never there. No miss communication.  Salesman was well aware car did not exist.  It's simply a business practice of getting a customer at the desk. Eighty percent chance customer will buy a car once they sit down and invest time.
    I'm sorry that even in the comment from the business they continue to lie.

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    We would never want to cause an inconvenience and I'm so sorry to see that the vehicle you were interested in was sold. It sounds like there may have been a miscommunication along the way and I do apologize for any frustration that arose. If you'd like to discuss these concerns in more detail, please call Duane Massa, our General Sales Manager, at (954) 443-2351. Thank you.

  • Terrible follow-up and customer service. We appreciate PP Subaru for wasting our time and causing us so much headache. Inquired about a particular used car the exact morning it was listed, we had to be the first. On our way there we were told it needed service and was not ready, so we turned around and headed home. Annoying, but somewhat understandable. The car remained listed on their website and on Cargurus for ~2 weeks while still unavailable. Is this common practice? We maintained communication and reached out several times during these 2 weeks begging for a follow-up for when the car would be ready. We happen to see the listing was updated on 6/7 as a new arrival and called to confirm. We were told by Ana that the car would be ready around 6 today, perfect. Things were looking up again. Rounded the family together at 5:30 and left the house only to find out the car had already been sold. HOURS AGO.

    Despite about a dozen texts asking for a follow-up, absolutely NO attempt was made to reach out and the car was sold from underneath our noses before our appointment. Words cannot describe our frustration with the sales team for the lack of communication, and for having an unfit vehicle listed for sale for 2 weeks.

    Don't buy used cars from Pembroke Pines Subaru.

    EDIT: A day later the dealer contacted us and said the car went to auction, this was a BLATANT LIE. During my call yesterday when finding out it was sold, the woman mentioned "it was sold to a guy who really wanted it". LOL... way to try to cover your ass.

    Would you want to do business with sleezy liars and high gross salesman?

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    Hi, we're extremely disappointed to hear that you left our dealership unsatisfied. If you would be willing, please reach out to us at (954) 443-2575 so we can understand the details of your particular situation and try to make this better. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Soooooo I went to this website:…

    That guided me to this information on Subaru at Pembroke Pines…

    Turns out after emailing them and getting an appointment to see the car, test drive it, and possibly buy it.  I got to my appointment at the Subaru at Pembroke Pines dealer to have Ridel Linares tell me the car was sold. No empathy for the situation, and my time just a simple "oh it happens all the time". Not an email or any communication about it knowing I was coming today for it.

    This has been the most brutal clickbait to attract customers to come to a dealership under false pretenses.

    If I were you I will avoid this location as with this experience is clear to me they're in the business of scamming customer and trick them to come to their dealer under false pretenses.

    VIN: 5J8TB3H55DL019271 Stock: 21096401
    This add should be remove as the car was sold and is no longer available.

    Photo of Subaru of Pembroke Pines - Pembroke Pines, FL, United States. The phone number of the salesperson you don't want to buy a car from.
    Photo of Subaru of Pembroke Pines - Pembroke Pines, FL, United States. Car was sold already, this is a clickbait to attract customers under false pretenses.
    Photo of Subaru of Pembroke Pines - Pembroke Pines, FL, United States

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    Luis - it is never our intention to cause an inconvenience and I apologize for your frustrations. I understand you are disappointed that the vehicle was sold. If you would be interested in looking for a different option, I'd be more than willing to assist you. Please reach out to our manager. Thank you.
    Contact: Duane Massa - General Sales Manager - (954) 443-2351

  • Subaru Service...Friendly and thorough, highly recommend.
    Great front-end service by Elba and and Savannah. Smiling and upbeat customer experience that exceeded all my expectations. This is my third time in for scheduled maintenance and the service department is consistent.  Thank you for the great service!

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    Thank you for the wonderful review, Walter! Hearing that your visit with Elba and Savannah was friendly, thorough, and upbeat, lets us know we're making all the right moves. Thank you for visiting Subaru of Pembroke Pines and we look forward to your next service visit!

  • Brought my car here a few weeks ago to fix the AC. It turns out my car needed more repairs than I initially thought. Even with all the repairs, they got my car done within 8 hours. Joe Salerno is the best! Will be bringing my car here for years to come!!!

  • Update:  

    Thank you @igor_subie for giving us a great deal and we were able to upgrade our 2018 Forester Premium into a 2020 Forester Sports.  Our second car from Igor.  Also thanks our sales person Mike for helping us for the sale.  Wifey is loving it! #wifescar #happywifehappylife @subaruofpembrokepines

    Review update-We ended up purchasing a car from them. A little hick-up on the delivery of the new car, but the dealer made it right for us. Even the whole thing took a while, we were glad the dealer took care of the issue for us. You just don't find honest and sincere dealers these days!

    First off, I have to say that we didn't buy a car here during this visit.  We are still deciding which car to get; however, if we decided to get a Subaru, this just might the dealer we purchase our car from.

    I think a lot of people would agree with me that the whole car buying experience sucks.  I always wonder why the dealers can't just put the price sticker on the cars so we know exactly what they want for the car.  The constant going back and forth on the negotiation, in your face tactics to pressuring you to buy the car and sending a closer in to close the dealer might be exciting to some people, but it's definitely something we don't appreciate.

    That's why it was so refreshing to us when we came    here yesterday.  Igor was the sales rep who helped us yesterday.  He was not pressuring us to buy a car from him right from the start.  We told him we are looking at several car makes and he really spend a lot of time explaining the different features a Saburu has to offer.  He was extremely knowledgeable about the cars we liked and answered all of our questions.  Normally a lot of reps would pressure you to sit down and to go over the numbers after the test drive.  But they do things differently here in this dealership.  They were very understanding of our situation and were very sincere  when telling us if we do decide to buy a Saburu, they hope to earn our business.

    To me, who has purchased a dozen cars or so in the past, this is definitely the most honest and sincere car dealer I've ever encountered.  We are going to make a decision very soon and if Saburu is the car we want to buy, we are most definitely going to give them a first shot to get our business.  Thank you very much Igor for your time yesterday, we truly appreciate it!!!!

  • I'm very impressed with Subaru in general and particularly with Subaru of Pembroke Pines. I plan to buy my next vehicle from them.

    From the fabulous dog commercials that Subaru sponsors to the wonderful community support that the Pembroke Pines location displays, I really like Subaru.

    Subaru of Pembroke Pines has frequent Barbecue events supporting children's issues, animal charities and many, many more. Whoever is in charge of their outreach department is doing a simply fantastic job! They won me over!

    Subaru makes beautiful, safe cars and SUV's. They are priced very fairly. I recommend them very highly, based on the experiences I have had with Subaru of Pembroke Pines. They seem to be doing everything in a first class manner!

    Photo of Subaru of Pembroke Pines - Pembroke Pines, FL, United States. 1963 Police car from one of the many events at Subaru

    1963 Police car from one of the many events at Subaru


Wees slim, check van tevoren CARFAX. Jouw bron van voertuighistorie.


Schone schijn is er genoeg in de markt van tweedehands auto's. Maar wat zit er onder die glanzende motorkap? Als onafhankelijke aanbieder van kentekenchecks en voertuighistorie heeft CARFAX een missie: om je zo veel mogelijk informatieve mijlpalen (zogenaamde meldingen) uit het leven van een tweedehands auto te bieden. We willen namelijk dat jij je volgende tweedehands auto leert kennen. Van binnen en van buiten. En dat alles vóórdat je beslist, je leven met hem te delen.

We hebben daarvoor een unieke tool: een databank met meer dan 25 miljard historische meldingen uit het leven van gebruikte auto's. 3 miljard daarvan komen uit Europa. En deze databank groeit dagelijks. Zelfs als de gebruikte auto uit een land komt waarvan we geen informatie hebben, is een kentekencheck de moeite waard. Wie weet, misschien blijkt die kleine Italiaan wel grotendeels uit Oost-Europa te komen.

Maar begrijp ons niet verkeerd. We doen ons uiterste best om de complete achtergrond van een voertuig door te lichten, maar de achtergrond van de vorige eigenaren houden we er buiten. De meldingen in onze databank hebben op geen enkele wijze betrekking op personen. We richten ons uitsluitend op de gebruikte auto en zijn kilometerstand, mogelijke verdekte ongevallen, waar de auto vandaan komt en nog véél meer. Soms vinden we ook niks. En dat is alleen maar mooi, toch?

Waarom is uitgerekend vóór de aankoop de voertuighistorie zo belangrijk? Het is een feit dat er meer gebruikte auto's dan nieuwe auto's worden verkocht. Deze vorm van hergebruik kunnen we natuurlijk alleen maar anmoedigen. Maar daardoor ontstaan natuurlijk ook in de markt gangbare methoden en tactieken om schadewagens in goud om te toveren, de kilometerstand te manipuleren of andere dingen zoals de herkomst of zelfs diefstal te maskeren. Het zijn allemaal onvermijdelijke nadelen van een vrije markt in occasions. Wij vinden, dat je nieuwe tweedehands auto je juist een gevoel van zekerheid zou moeten geven. Daarom is ons doel, dat jij je bij het kopen van je auto goed voelt en dat je niet het gevoel krijgt, dat je teveel voor je nieuwe levensgezel hebt betaald.

Toch willen wij vooral dat je niet onbewust aan het stuur van een risicowagen komt te zitten. Wij helpen dagelijks om dit soort wagens letterlijk uit de roulatie te halen. Zo maken we niet alleen de markt van tweedehands auto's, maar uiteindelijk ook onze straten veiliger.


CARFAX is in 1984 in de Verenigde Staten opgericht en maakte in 2007 de stap naar Europa. Momenteel werken 100 medewerkers bij zes Europese filialen om meldingen uit het leven van tweedehands auto's uit meer dan 20 landen te verwerken.

Door langdurige samenwerkingen met toezichthouders, handhaving, ministeries, verzekeringsmaatschappijen, taxateurs, automotive partijen en andere toonaangevende organisaties zijn wij in staat om een unieke internationale databank voor tweedehands auto's op te bouwen. Met meer dan 25 miljard meldingen is deze tot nu toe de grootste databank van voertuighistorie wereldwijd. En elke dag komen er meer meldingen bij. We gebruiken deze databank als basis voor een aantal slimme voertuighistorie-applicaties, zoals bijvoorbeeld ons uitgebreide voertuighistorierapport. Zo maken wij de occasion-markt transparanter.

Ondanks deze nauwe samenwerking met instanties en bedrijven zijn wij neutraal en onafhankelijk. Want uiteindelijk is ons doel, onze klanten zoveel mogelijk voorlichting en veiligheid te bieden. Daarbij gebruiken we overigens geen persoonsgerelateerde informatie en houden we altijd rekening met de wet op de gegevensbescherming. Verder gebruiken we de informatie altijd met het oog op juridische randvoorwaarden - en dat doen we in alle landen waar we actief zijn. Van illegale activiteiten als bijvoorbeeld datadiefstal, scraping of hacking distantiëren we ons nadrukkelijk.

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At Subaru of Pembroke Pines, we offer new Subaru cars in Pembroke Pines, along with used cars, trucks and SUVs by top manufacturers. Our sales staff will help you find that new or used car you have been searching for in Pembroke Pines. We proudly serve new and used car shoppers from all over the south Florida communities of Kendall, Fort Lauderdale, Miam, and Dade County. For years, our financial staff at Subaru of Pembroke Pines has offered expert advice for those seeking a great Subaru car loan or lease. Our service doesn't stop there. Pembroke Pines customers can come in and take advantage of our knowledgeable Subaru car repair technicians and a fully-stocked inventory of Subaru auto parts.

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