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The Atlassian Bamboo team is excited to release Bamboo 6.1. If you’re upgrading, read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

Improvements to Bamboo Specs for plans

Bamboo 6.1 release brings you a number of improvements to Bamboo Specs to make configuration as code even easier.

  • Manage plan permissions to control which users have access to various functions of the build plan.
  • Set up notifications about build results so that you can find out immediately about the success or failure of your builds.
  • Configure Miscellaneous plugins used for various additional functionalities for plans and jobs like Build expiry.
  • Define dependencies between various plans.

Make sure to check out our Bamboo Specs reference documentation for detailed description of these improvements along with code samples.

Bamboo Specs for Deployments

A deployment project in Bamboo is a container for holding the software project you are deploying: releases that have been built and tested, and the environments to which releases are deployed. Starting with Bamboo 6.1, you can configure deployment projects and their automatic triggering using Bamboo Specs.

Visit our Bamboo Specs reference documentation, to learn how to do it.

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Bamboo Support

November 2020

We're happy to announce the latest Bamboo 7.2 release. Take some time and read through release notes to learn what we've prepared for you in this release.

If you're upgrading, make sure to swing by Bamboo upgrade notes as some behavior of Bamboo in this version might have changed from previous ones.

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Bamboo logs - less noise, more control

We know that in order to understand what’s happening with your builds you need quick access to relevant information in your log files. To help you achieve that, we’ve decided to limit the level of noise that gets in your way and give you control over how much your Bamboo instance logs. Bamboo 7.2 brings you the following log improvements:

  • To make things quieter, Bamboo will be logging less data by default from now on. In return we've introduced a verbose mode which will allow you to turn on logging of additional data, like logs from various VCS and environment variables. You can enable the verbose mode when running a customized plan, or in the deployment screen.
  • We have also changed how rerun jobs are logged. Until now, logs for every rerun job were attached to an already existing logs for that job. As a result, it formed a very long log file which was hard to navigate and use. Now, logs for every job rerun are stored in a separate file, which makes fixing things so much easier.

For the complete list of data logged in Bamboo, see Logging in Bamboo

Bamboo Specs improvements

Bamboo 7.2 brings you a number of improvements to Bamboo Specs:

  • We're introducing the any-task command thanks to which you can use tasks from any Marketplace app in Bamboo YAML Specs. 
  • We've added the native YAML Specs support for SSH/SCP, Command, Maven, and Build Warnings tasks.
  • App vendors can now use the new YAML Specs API to manage plan and deployment triggers. 
  • Trigger conditions configuration is now available in Java Bamboo Specs. YAML Specs support is coming at future versions
  • Third party Java Specs builders can be used for repository stored Specs. Create your own Specs libraries to manage large and complex plan configurations.

Tag trigger

Bamboo 7.2 introduces tag triggers. Now you can fire up your builds automatically whenever a selected tag appears in your repository. Learn more about adding a tag trigger to your Bamboo in Tag triggering. 

Enable and disable agents over REST API

Starting from version 7.2, Bamboo allows you to enable and disable agents through REST API endpoints. 


7 October 2021 - Bamboo 7.2.6

This release contains fixes that are restricted from viewing because of their security level.

27 July 2021 - Bamboo 7.2.5

20 April 2021 - Bamboo 7.2.4

5 March 2021 - Bamboo 7.2.3

22 January 2021 - Bamboo 7.2.2

25 November 2020 - Bamboo 7.2.1

23 November 2020 - Bamboo 7.2.0

  1. Kobold name generator
  2. Zenfone 2 themes
  3. I uniforms coupons
  4. Reddit the mandalorian
  5. Planter divider wall

3.5.x release notes

User Sync functionality is now also support for Bamboo.

Variety of Bugfixes (see Changelog for Details)

No special considerations apply for this update.

Data Center

This version is fully compatible with Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket Data Center.


Released on 3 August 2021 for Confluence (Server and Data Center).

  • Fixes a critical security vulnerability.

Please update to this version or one of the other fix versions (5.0.5, 4.0.12, 3.6.6, 2.5.9) as soon as possible. Existing customers should have received or will soon receive a mailing with some details. They will be published in a few days.


Released on 23 May 2020 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

  • This update includes the bugfix release of User Sync 1.5.0.
  • The error page does no longer contain a stacktrace.

Changes specific to Jira

Changes specific to Confluence

Changes specific to Bitbucket

Changes specific to Bamboo


Released on 7 May 2020 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

  • This update includes the bugfix release of User Sync 1.4.4.
  • Fixed possible vulnerability when redirecting to malicious URLs without protocol part.
  • Fixed bug where login was not possible when the Issuer is only present in the assertion.

Changes specific to Jira

  • Fixed NullPointerException when accessing Service Desk logout URL when not logged in.

Changes specific to Confluence

Changes specific to Bitbucket

  • Fixed bug that prevented the regeneration of the session ID after login.

Changes specific to Bamboo

  • Fixed setting lastAuthenticated date on login.


Released on 12 March 2020 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

Changes specific to Jira

Changes specific to Confluence

  • Fixed hanging upgrade from older versions caused by a bug in User Sync.

Changes specific to Bitbucket

Changes specific to Bamboo


Released on 3 March 2020 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

  • This update includes the bugfix release of User Sync 1.4.2.
  • Support for sending RelayState during Single Logout, when the IdP requests this.
  • Added option to use a query parameter ?entityID=<IDP entity ID> to support IdP selection via Shibboleth where are you from (WAYF) pages in large Federations.

Changes specific to Jira

  • Fixed: Redirection to originally requested Page was not working after login, if the User account was updated via Just in Time Provisioning (Updates via SAML attributes).

Changes specific to Confluence

Changes specific to Bitbucket

Changes specific to Bamboo


Released on 18 December 2019 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

  • This update includes the bugfix release of User Sync 1.4.1.
  • Added: option to rename users during login when using EMAIL oder ADDITIONALID as authentication attribute. This is optional and needs to be explicitly enabled in the section "User Creation and Update from SAML Attributes".

Changes specific to Jira

  • Fixed: redirection to Jira mobile view after Sign on.

Changes specific to Confluence

Changes specific to Bitbucket

Changes specific to Bamboo

  • Fixed: Just in Time User Provisioning in combination with REDIRECT binding no longer results in a Server Error.


Released on 11 November 2019 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (Server and Data Center) and Bamboo

  • This update includes User Sync 1.4.0 with support for Bamboo.
  • Fixed Sign On issues when clicking links from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Fixed problem with IdP selection when multiple Atlassian applications are running on the same host.

Changes specific to Jira

  • Fixed redirection to specific Jira dashboards after Sign On.

Changes specific to Confluence

Changes specific to Bitbucket

Changes specific to Bamboo

  • This is the first release of SAML Single Sign On version 3.x for Bamboo with User Sync and the new functionality that was released for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket in the meantime. Due to technical restrictions of Bamboo the minimal required Bamboo version from now on is 6.6.0.

Release Notes: 2020 April 18 (Bamboo)

System-Wide Updates

Updated French language keysWe updated French language keys throughout the system. March 31, 2020
Bug Fixes
Connection to GoTo webinar provider We fixed an issue that prevented any functionality (e.g., editing sessions, self-enrolling, etc...) that required a connection to the GoTo webinar provider. March 25, 2020
Rows in dropdown grids

We made a change to all dropdown grids so that they display a maximum of five rows per page. This change prevents the grid from displaying off the display area. 



March 31, 2020


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Learner Interface

Proctoring service information displayedWe now display the proctoring service information on the course details page, the quiz accordion, and the transcript after the learner completes a quiz. April 8, 2020
Bug Fixes
Display of updated courses and actions in a learning planWe fixed an issue that prevented updated learning plan content (i.e., courses/actions that were added or removed) from displaying in the learner interface. March 25, 2020
Next button in quiz questions for FrenchWe fixed an issue for French users where the Next button in quiz questions was missing a label and unclickable. March 27, 2020
Display of non-graded SCORM coursesWe updated the display of non-graded SCORM courses in the learner interface so that the information displayed is consistent.April 14, 2020 


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Account Administration

Support for SSO logout URL

We've added a new account setting to support for signout URL functionality in SSO for SSO providers that include a logout URL in their metadata. If a user logs out of SmarterU (or their session times out), we'll send a signal to the provider to log the user out of all other SSO-initiated sessions. SmarterU will also listen for signals from the SSO provider so that we can end a user's session if they've been logged out of the SSO provider.  

March 24, 2020
Bug Fixes
Logging SSO users out We fixed an issue that prevented SSO users from logging out of SmarterU when the metadata didn't include a logout URL. April 17, 2020


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Enrollment_ID added as filter to getLearnerReport API callWe updated the getLearnerReport method's call XML package to include Enrollment_ID as filter. March 19, 2020
Bug Fixes
Duplicate error UR34 in updateRequirementWe fixed an issue where we had two errors for error code UR34 in the updateRequirement method. To address this, UR:34 is the error code for "One or more of the courses provided are not valid.", while UR:47 is the error code for, "Type provided is invalid. Type must be 1 or 2."April 3, 2020


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Course Administration

Display of course prerequisites that were removed from all groupsStarting with this release, administrators and course managers will be able to see prerequisite courses that have since been removed from all groups. March 11, 2020
Bug Fixes
URL for images in online course tasks

We fixed an issue that caused the images in online course tasks to be saved with an incorrect URL which could prevent the content from loading for some accounts.

March 6, 2020
Removing a time-based point tracker

We fixed an issue that prevented a point tracker from being removed from a course if another point tracker relied on it. For example, suppose you have a course with a grade-based point tracker and a time-based point tracker with the percentage sub-type. In this example, the grade-based point tracker could not be removed since the time-based point tracker uses it to calculate the percentage. 

March 11, 2020


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Learning Plans 

Links to view course details

We added links to view a course's details from the Add/Edit Certification and Add/Edit Requirement workscreens. These links are only available to administrators and owners.

March 5, 2020
Viewing learning plans by groupWe added an option in the Learning Plans Dashboard to view learning plans by group. March 5, 2020
Bug Fixes
Action description with line breaksWe fixed an issue that prevented an action from being saved if its description included line breaks. March 17, 2020
Auto-enrollment in courseWe fixed an issue that prevented learners from being auto-enrolled in a learning plan's courses if the enrollment process occurred prior to the course being added to the learner's home group.March 31, 2020


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Report Administration

New scheduled report settingWe've added a new Always Send Email setting for scheduled reports that lets you control whether the Queued Export Notifications email is sent to the report's recipients when it doesn't contain any results. April 17, 2020
Bug Fixes
Enrollment Report summaries for distinct sessionsWe fixed an issue with the Enrollment Report where the summary for distinct instructor-led sessions only included completed and finalized sessions. April 14, 2020


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User Administration

Bug Fixes
Unenrollment for courses that had auto-enroll enabledWe fixed an issue that caused a background error to occur when an unenrollment was processed for a course that had auto-enroll enabled.March 5, 2020
Setting Role ID for recommended enrollmentsWe updated the recommended enrollments process to ensure that it properly set the role ID. March 19, 2020
Users by Requirement grid in Certifications DashboardWe added the Status column to the Users by Requirement grid in the Certifications Dashboard and fixed an issue where the status buttons didn't work. April 8, 2020


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