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How to refill your Clipper Lighter


A while back in adifferent article we spoke about the clipper lighter, its origins in Barcelona Spain and its characteristics. It is a very interesting lighter that is highly popular among collectors too. Compared to other lighters, the clipper offers some distinctive advantages. But what about when you are out of fire? Is the clipper lighter ecological? How to do the clipper refill? Find out everything below.

Refill Clipper Lighter

Even for the best lighters, at some point the tank is empty and it is time to recharge. Let’s have a look at how the clipper butane gas refill works. To refill the clipper lighter, you only need to follow a few very simple steps.

1. First shake the clipper to find out whether there is no liquid left within the container

Sometimes there might be small congestions within the little tubes. In this case it is possible that you can still wait for a while recharging your Clipper. With a simple shake you might just do enough to light up another few fires etc.

2. Flip the lighter around and find the refill aperture

The valve for the gas to enter is located on the bottom of the clipper. Simply turn it upside down and you are going to find it easily.

3. Check that you have the right gas available to refill

The clipper lighter uses butane gas, so any high-quality clipper lighter gas will do.

4. Hold the Clipper upside down and in a straight position while refilling

Hold the Clipper downwards during the lighter gas refill. This way you will avoid air entering the lighter.

5. Shake the butane container and afterwards plug the Clipper gas refill on the lighter

Make sure the butane container has been stored safely and still contains gas.

6. Refill with short squeezes of a few seconds

Squeeze clipper lighter butane during around 3 seconds into the lighter, check whether it is filled and repeat if necessary.

Changing the flint of your Clipper lighter

Since you are already doing maintenance work on your clipper, why don’t you check whether the flint is still okay as well. If it starts to become more difficult to light up the fire it is maybe time for a change. I mean, if you do it you just might do it right as well, …right??? So, follow these steps to change the flint piece of your lighter.

1. Take out the little metal wheel of the lighter

Take out the little metal wheel of the lighter. Underneath, there is a tube that contains the flint.

2. Unscrew the plastic bottom

Unscrew the plastic bottom. Maybe you can even use a tool like a mini screwdriver. Be aware, take out the stick cautiously, the flint is located within the lighter and might fall out if you are not careful.

3. Replace the flint and put it back into the piece

Simply replace the used flint with a new one. You can buy them just the way you can buy spare gas in specialized stores.

4. Put all the pieces back together

Put the section back together, tighten and place it back into the lighter. Check whether all the pieces sit correctly and enjoy your almost new lighter!


Clipper Gas Refill is easy and quick to do. It will help to reduce the waste produced and you can use and enjoy your favorite Clipper Lither for a long time.
In addition, this step by step guide also counts for other refillable lighter, like the Jet Lighter from El Capitan.


What is a Clipper lighter?

The clipper lighter is an interesting alternative to traditional lighters for collectors and users who a appreciate a simple and functional design that is still classy.

Why Clipper lighters?

Clipper lighters are classier than standard lighters, more ecological than Zippos, in addition functional and quick to maintain. These are only some of the reasons why they are a good choice.

What is the history of the clipper lighter?

The history of the Clipper actually started in Barcelona in Spain back in the 60s where the first plant was opened. Nowadays, some models are produced in different places of the world.

Is a clipper reusable lighter eco-friendly?

Compared to other lighters, the clipper version is in fact more eco-friendly. Since there is butane gas used instead of Naphtha or other heavier carbon or petroleum-based liquids 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Clipper Lighter?

Normally there should not be an age restriction on lighter purchases. However, in order to use the lighter to smoke you should be at legal age in your country.

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Our Values

You know details make a big difference. Clipper is one of the safest lighter brands and one of brands that mostly contributes to the ecology: over 90% of Clipper sales are made with reusable lighters.


Iconic shape

Designed in Barcelona since 1971

The reusable

The truly refillable lighter (gas & flint)

packing tool

For Rolling Tobacco


Nylon: one of the safests*

Highest performance: Flexible, resistant, uncrackable and self-extinguishable.

*According to DuPont's technical specification.

Isobutane: one of the safests*

ISOBUTANE: Lower Pressure, Odorless.

*As certified by Geolab accredited laboratory.

Flame Fix: The Safest

Pre-set Flame Valve. Highly safe* fixed flame valve: stable flame, maximum 30mm**, throughout the life of the lighter.

*The international safety norm ISO9994 allows a maximum flame height of 50 mm for the fixed valve and 100 mm for the adjustable valve. A lower flame = fewer accidents.

**Clipper internal standard.

*According to DuPont's technical specification.

*As certified by Geolab accredited laboratory.

*The international safety norm ISO9994 allows a maximum flame height of 50 mm for the fixed valve and 100 mm for the adjustable valve. A lower flame = fewer accidents.

**Clipper internal standard.


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