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About Post Boxes

Post boxes (postboxes, pillar boxes), also known as a collection boxes, mailboxes, letter boxes or drop boxes (American English) are physical boxes into which members of the public can deposit outgoing mail intended for collection by the agents of a country&#;s postal service. This free Post-Box-Finder app helps you to locate post boxes near you or anywhere in the world.

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Post-Box-Finder is powered by AnyFinder, OpenStreetMap and a constantly updated database of millions of places of interest (POIs). Download the free app now to your iPhone or iPad!

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Adding your commercial post box or business to OpenStreetMap makes it available to millions of users of great apps, websites, navigation systems and other helpful products.

While anyone is free to add places or points of interest (POIs) to OpenStreetMap, this can be a time consuming and technically challenging process even for experienced users.

If you prefer to focus on what you do best and leave the technical stuff to us, we are very happy to help. Our service to list your business in OpenStreetMap starts at € And occasionally we offer discounts on even that low price!

AnyFinder is a universal finder app for iOS that uses OpenStreetMap data.

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Mail from each postbox is collected regularly according to the collection times displayed.

Any items being sent off island are dispatched on the evening plane Monday to Friday.

Local mail is delivered the next working day after collection. However, there are a limited number of post boxes that receive a 6am collection where local mail is delivered same day.

All post box locations are mapped below. You can see the collection times of each post box by clicking on the icon.

For your convenience those with 6am collection are highlighted green and listed below:
1. Postal Headquarters/Douglas Delivery Office, Spring Valley, Braddan
2. Main Road, Onchan Post Office
3. Northern Delivery Office, Ramsey
4. Kirk Michael Post Office
5. Peel Post Office
6. Shoprite, Derby Road, Peel
7. Spar, Colby
8. Castletown Post Office
9. Port Erin Post Office
Main Road, Crosby Post Box
Laxey Post Office
Millichaps, Parliament Street, Ramsey

Further to those listed above, a number of boxes will have a 6am collection on Mondays ONLY. These boxes are not highlighted in green but do have the extra Monday collection listed.

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Find your nearest postbox - legally

One of the winners of the Cabinet Office's Show Us a Better Way competition – held last year to find ways of using government-owned data – is getting into its stride, after Royal Mail was forced to release the location details of its , postboxes by the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.

The idea of finding out where your nearest postbox is – put forward by Jenny Ingram – was one of six winners. But creating a map of those postboxes had to be put on hold almost immediately when Royal Mail expressed reservations about providing its data to an outside party.

But following a series of FoI requests, the details not only of the postcodes of the postboxes but also their collection times has been gathered. The crowdsourcing effort (which readers are encouraged to help with) aims to pinpoint every postbox in the UK on an openly licensed map so it can be provided on future mobile platforms without licensing concerns.

The scheme, being run by Matthew Somerville, a web developer, at builds on the complete set of postboxes released under an FoI request in August. Other requests have also gathered collection times.

Royal Mail has insisted it retains all rights in the information released through the request – which would include precise locations of the postboxes. But Somerville has got around that by using the open-sourced OpenStreetMap system, and asking viewers to click a spot that they think is closest to a named, postcoded postbox.

Does that infringe the Royal Mail's rights? "I don't think locations of postboxes are being derived from the list, regardless of what the IP [intellectual property] status of the list itself might be." Somerville said. "I would hope that they would consider what I have done/ am doing worthwhile and a public service. They could even use the accurate locations themselves to run things such as travelling salesman algorithms to work out better routes to collect from the postboxes!"

So far 22, have been located out of about , in total. And how long could it take to finish? "No idea," says Somerville. "People can really only do the ones around them unless they're travelling, so it's really up to getting people all over the place."

It's a wonderfully useful idea – though the fact that it required multiple FoI requests and still has faint legal uncertainty shows that the government urgently needs to stop looking at its non-personal data as requiring protection – and start allowing the public to create new products with it.

Join the debate at the Free Our Data blog


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