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There are 30 questions on the Tennessee DMV Written Test, and you need to answer 24 of them correctly to get your learner’s permit. While you can receive your learner’s permit at age 15, due to Tennessee’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) law, there are many stages and fees before you can receive a regular license at age First, you can receive a learner’s permit at age 15, which requires paying a fee of $ if you are under age Then you can receive your intermediate restricted license at age 16 or days after receiving your learner’s permit, whichever comes first; it will cost $ if you are 16 and $21 if you are At either age 17 or one year after receiving your intermediate restricted license, you can receive your intermediate unrestricted license, which involves paying a fee of $2. Finally, when you are 18 or when you receive your high school diploma or GED, whichever comes first, you can receive your regular driver’s license, which will usually require a fee of $8. This DMV practice test will help you achieve the 80% passing score you need to get your Tennessee learner’s permit or driver license.

Perfect for:

  • Tennessee Learner’s Permit
  • Tennessee Driver’s License
  • TN Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test
  • TN Driver’s License Renewal.

What to expect on the actual TN DMV exam:

  • 30 questions
  • 24 correct answers to pass
  • 80% passing score
  • Minimum age to apply: 15

TN DMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent () official TN DMV Driver's License Handbook.


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10 Things You Should Do Before Your Driving Knowledge Exam (PDF)

Many people do their best but still get to the DMV overconfident and underprepared because they fail to do some of the simple


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Teen/Graduated Driver License

What is the Graduated Driver License Program?

Tennessee’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) Program is a multi-tiered program designed to ease young drivers into full driving privileges as they become more mature and develop their driving skills. By requiring more supervised practice, the State of Tennessee hopes to save lives and prevent tragic injuries.  It places certain restrictions on teens under the age of 18 who have learner permits and driver licenses. The program requires parent/legal guardian involvement, and emphasizes the importance of a good driving record.

The Graduated Driver License law provides for three phases of licensing for teens under 18 years of age:

  • Learner Permit
  • Intermediate Restricted License
  • Intermediate Unrestricted License

The procedures for obtaining a driver license for those under the age of 18 are covered in Section A-3 of the Comprehensive Driver Manual. Review Section A-3of the Comprehensive Driver Manual for additional information on the Graduated Driver License Program.

How do I get a Learner Permit or Intermediate License?

For the issuance of a Tennessee Learner Permit:

  • Must be at least 15 years of age
  • Pass a standard vision screening.
  • Pass the Class D knowledge exam. Access practices tests online in e-Services.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will also need to have:
    • A parent or legal guardian (with proof of guardianship) present to sign a minor/teenage affidavit and financial responsibility form.
    • Show proof of school attendance/progress from a current Tennessee school or a letter from the school in your previous state that confirms your attendance and satisfactory progress during enrollment in that school. This letter must be signed and dated by the principal or guidance counselor no more than 30 days prior to your Tennessee application.
  • Provide all required documentation.

For the issuance of a Tennessee Intermediate Driver License:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have held a valid learner permit for a minimum of days.
  • Must have 50 hours of behind the wheel driving experience (including 10 hours of night driving).
  • AHour Certification form must be signed by your parent, guardian or driving instructor confirming this experience.
  • Pass a road skills test.
  • Provide all required documentation.
  • A vision screening will be required only if you are exchanging a learner permit or license from another state.

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Choose the easiest way to study for the Tennessee permit test by using our free DOS permit practice test! This TN permit practice test for applicants is not the only resource you will need in the run up to the general knowledge driver’s exam, though it is an excellent place to start. Our DMV permit practice test for Tennessee applicants contains real questions and answers from the drivers manual, targeting rules of the road, road sign, traffic signals and everything else you can expect to be asked about during the permit test. One of many DMV permit practice tests we provide on, this beginner-level quiz has been built for completely new learners and experienced drivers who wish to refresh their theory knowledge. Do not worry if you are not yet ready for a full-length Tennessee permit practice test, as this shortened quiz will only take five to ten minutes to complete.

Unlike the real question Tennessee driving test, this drivers permit practice test contains just 20 DMV test questions and answers. Although, our quiz does have the same 80% passing threshold as the real permit test. At the DMV office, that will equate to 24 correct permit test answers. Here, a pass will be awarded when 16 correct DMV written test answers are provided. The other major difference between this practice permit test TN quiz and the real assessment, is that our quiz allows participants as many re-tests as they like. During the real Tennessee learners permit test, applicants must pass first time or be forced to walk away empty-handed. This is the reason that working with realistic TN driving test questions and answers prior to the assessment is so important. With the experience you gain from working on our Tennessee permit practice test, you should not be caught off guard by any question during the real assessment.

Learners who are working on this entry-level driving permit practice test will have the option to ask for assistance if they get stuck on a challenging question. This is a multiple-choice test during which all questions are listed beside up to five possible Tennessee permit test answers. Choosing the correct solution will not always be easy, as the DMV cleverly design their answers so that two or more may appear to be correct to the untrained participant. When you come up against a question you do not understand while using this permit practice test TN quiz, hit the ‘hint’ button on the page to access a clue. If your issue is that you cannot decide between two or more possible answers, click the ‘50/50’ button to cut 50% of the incorrect answers from the multiple-choice list.

This initial Tennessee learners permit practice test covers all the core subjects that are addressed during the permit test, to give you a taste of everything you will be studying. Further along the line, you may wish to explore a particular permit test topic – like road signs, or traffic signals – in more detail. To facilitate this, we have created a range of dedicated practice tests which focus solely on a single subject. We also provide full-length DMV cheat sheets and a permit test simulator, for students who are almost ready to take the real TN DMV permit test. Whichever information you are currently focusing on, your main reference source must be the Tennessee permit book. Make sure you download your free digital copy of the manual to guide your studies, once you have completed your introductory round on this TN DMV permit practice test.


Tennessee Drivers Practice Test

Permit Test TN Practice

Are you preparing to take your Tennessee driving test?  You’ve come to the right place when it comes to Permit Test TN practice.  The permit test in Tennessee is known to be difficult.  It should be.  Passing at the Tennessee Department of Driver Services can be a pressure-filled experience that makes many quite anxious.  The test is difficult because driving is one of the biggest rights you will ever earn as an American citizen.  Make sure you get ready for the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles.  Take a Tennesse Drivers practice test before you head to the DMV!  

One of the best ways to ease anxiety and ensure you’re ready for your exam is by taking a Tennessee DMV practice test.  Here at DMV Written Test, you can take practice permit tests with questions that were actually administered on real permit tests.  We crowdsource real Tennessee driving test questions and answers from students who have already completed and passed their exams.  You can now take as many Tennessee practice permit tests as you need to.  Make sure you pass the first time!

Don’t have time for practice tests?  Perhaps you prefer a .pdf or one-page type of study approach?  Our Tennessee DMV cheat sheet gives you access to DMV permit test questions and answers in one place for a minimal cost.  It’s worth it for those who want to pass with as little difficulty as possible.

How to Get Your Tennessee Driver’s Permit

The Tennessee Driver Services Division and Department of Safety require all potential new drivers younger than the age of 18 to fulfill the requirements of the graduated driver licensing program.  This is also known as the Tennessee GDL.  The program is designed to develop your driving skills gradually and in stages.  This reduces the chances of car accidents and limits risk for fellow Tennessee drivers on the roads.  There are three stages to getting your GDL: learner’s permit, intermediate restricted license, and intermediate unrestricted license.  The TN lerner’s permit test is the first step in getting your license.

What Paperwork Will I Need to Get My Tennessee Learner’s Permit

Are you wondering what paperwork will be required to get your Tennessee Learner’s Permit?  The process can be intimidating.  It’s important to know exactly what you need before you go to the Tennessee DMV so you don’t find yourself doing this process twice and wasting a ton of time.  

The Driver Services division requires the following paperwork when you are getting your learner’s permit and driver's license.  

  1. Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Presence
  2. Proof of any Name changes if your name is now different from what it is on your Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Presence.  
  3. Proof of Full Social Security Number (Social Security Card)
  4. Two Proofs of Tennessee Residences.  One must be dated within the last 4 months.  No P.O. Boxes are allowed as proof of Tennessee Residence in any circumstance.
  5. Proof of Attendance from your school (Form SF)
  6. Have your parent or guardian sign a Minor/Teenage Affidavit and Cancellation (Form SF) if you are under 18 years of age.
Remember, all documents are subject to verification with the issuing agency.  If this does happen, it could delay the issuance of your permit or driver’s license.  All documents must be original and not photocopies.

How Much Does the Tennessee Learner’s Permit Test Cost

There is no fee for the administration of your permit test in Tennessee.  There is a general $ learner’s permit fee that is paid when paperwork is submitted at the Tennessee Department of Driver Services.

How Many Questions are on the Tennessee DMV Written Test?

The Tennessee DMV Written Test has 30 questions on it.  To pass you will need to get 24 of the questions correct.  This is an accuracy rate of 80%.  The written permit test contains questions that are all multiple choice based.  You will be tested on traffic signs and signals, rules of the road, distracted driving, drunk driving, and safe driving principles.  To best prepare for your test, you should try one of our Tennessee DMV cheat sheets.

What if I Fail My Tennessee Permit Test?

If you didn’t pass your Tennessee Permit test, it’s important to know that it’s not over.  You may retake the test as many times as it takes to pass.  You will have to wait 7 days each time a failing grade occurs to retake the exam.

Failing your Tennessee permit test can be a costly experience when it comes to both time and money.  Make sure you’re prepared before you head into the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles.  Our Tennessee DMV Cheat sheet virtually guarantees you’ll pass your permit exam.  We help thousands pass each and every day.

Tennessee Learners Permit Driving Restrictions

There are several restrictions you will be subject to while you hold a Tennessee learner’s permit and are driving.  You must be accompanied by a licensed adult who is at least 21 years of age and sober.  You are not permitted to drive between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.  Remember, you are not permitted to drive if you are not certified.

The Tennessee DOS requires you to complete 50 hours of driving practice.  Night driving must also have 10 hours completed (as part of the 50 overall hours).  

Drivers Education in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the rare states in the US where Drivers Education is not required for teenagers to get their driver’s license.  The Tennessee Department of Safety only requires you to complete a driver’s education course when you have been convicted of multiple moving violations during the tenure of your intermediate restricted license.  

If you get two moving violations while on your restricted driver’s license in Tennessee, you then must complete Drivers Education with an approved provider.  You will not be able to get an unrestricted TN driver’s license until this is completed.

While it is not required to obtain your permit or license, Drivers Education is one of the more helpful things you can do to prepare yourself for your permit test and driving test.  Courses are offered online, in High Schools, and with certified state driving schools.

Remember, Drivers Education isn’t a defensive driving course.  They are completely different things.  If you are in the permitting process and want a course, it’s Tennessee driver’s education that you’re looking for.


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