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The best Magnum loadout in Black  Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War has a few pistol options, but the most powerful of the bunch is the Magnum, at least based on pure bullet damage.

Every shot matters on the Magnum in Black Ops Cold War. It's a two shot kill weapon that has serious damage and a lot of bullet velocity for a pistol. With accurate shots, it can take down enemies with ease.

However, the weapon does have some downfalls. One is the difficulty of using the Magnum. It requires some accurate shooting compared to other weapons. Another is the limited ammo for the Magnum. But those problems can be solved with the right attachments in the loadout.

Attachments for the Magnum in Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Treyarch)


Muzzle: Infantry Compensator

The Magnum in Black Ops Cold War is all vertical recoil. Each shot sends the barrel of the gun upwards, and horizontal recoil is really not a problem. That means any muzzle that can enhance the vertical recoil control is a win for the Magnum.

Using an Infantry Compensator gives a 12% boost to vertical recoil but it takes away some horizonal recoil control. As stated before though, the horizontal hit won't make a difference.

Barrel: " Takedown

Effective damage range is the preferred stat for the Magnum barrels. The " Reinforced Heavy is another option that offers damage range and bullet velocity, but the Magnum already has good base velocity.

Increasing the effective damage range by 60% is a great addition for the class.

Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight

Usually, the Swat 5mw sight would be hard to choose because of the decrease in ADS speed. However, this build is going to use the dual wield stock as well. That makes ADS speed an afterthought, and hip fire the main concern in this case.

The Swat Laser for the Magnum in Black Ops Cold War will provide a 35% hip fire accuracy increase.

Magazine: Salvo 12 Rnd Fast Mag

Like the Laser Sight, using the Salvo would be questionable without the dual wield attachment. It makes ADS time 25% slower which is a huge hit along with the Laser Sight. However, with dual wield, it's a huge buff to the weapon.

Ammo is increased by double in the Magnum, reload speed is 65% faster, and max starting ammo is doubled as well.

Stock: Dual Wield

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This attachment is the most important piece for the build. Dual wielding the Magnum will make it a competitive option for close quarters fights, and a great option when a primary isn't an option.

Without the Dual Wield, it can be a great back up, but it's more slow and clunky. Dual Wield makes the weapon far deadlier as a secondary.


The Magnum is the double-action revolver in Black Ops Cold War. It has the highest firepower among the pistols. However, it also has the slowest reload times as each bullet has to be placed into the cylinder.

The Magnum seems to be a 1 shot kill even at close range which was rather disappointing. The pistol, having the highest firepower should be able to take out enemies in 1 shot at close range or at least more consistently.

The Diamatti is a more powerful and reliable choice to run as a secondary. 

Weapon background

The Magnum and its variants have appeared in many Call of Duty titles since World at War. 


  • Damage: 75
  • Rate of Fire: RPM
  • Recoil: Moderate

Best Attachments

The best attachments for the Magnum in Black Ops Cold War are the ” Task Force barrel, the Serpent Warp, and the Vandal Speed Loader. The ” Task Force barrel adds a host of damage and range buffs including even more bullet velocity. The Vandal Speed loader makes that cylinder reload even faster. The reload times of the Magnum are quite on the slow slide. Finally, the Serpent Wrap shaves 25% off ADS times. 

Best Class Setups

Class 1 – Max Firepower

This gunsmith for the Magnums focuses on getting the most bang from each round. Attach the following onto the Magnum. The Task Force Barrel adds a lot of damage and velocity to the weapon as well as range to boot. This leaves us with a lot more recoil. This is why we need the compensator to balance out the stats. The rest of the attachments are speed-related and necessary for using the Magnum in close range.


  • Infantry Compensator
  • ” Task Force
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • Vandal Speed Loader
  • Serpent Wrap

Class 2 – Old Skool BO1 Akimbo Mags

This gunsmith setup brings back memories of the old Black Ops 1 days. Many class setups especially in SND were running Akimbo Magnums. As mentioned above the compensator with the task force barrel is a good combo to balance out accuracy and damage. The laser attachments make your akimbo shots more accurate.


  • Infantry Compensator
  • ” Task Force
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • Vandal Speed Loader
  • Dual Wield

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Best Magnum loadout in Black Ops Cold War

Currently, Black Ops Cold War features three pistols in the secondary category, those being the , Diamatti, and Magnum. The former two are by far the most popular thus far, each providing solid damage and accuracy while featuring very few downsides. However, the Magnum is another story. 

Although it does pack a punch, the strengths of the Magnum don’t appear to outweigh the weaknesses. A small magazine size and noticeable recoil have stopped players from equipping the Magnum on their classes for the most part.

However, if you want to use the pistol in Black Ops Cold War, take a look at the class set-up we’ve put together below. 

Best Magnum class in Black Ops Cold War

best magnum loadout and attachments black ops cold war
(Picture: Treyarch)

With the Magnum in your hands, it’s hard to be competitive, as almost any other weapon in the game is going to have an advantage over the pistol. That said, we’ll be focusing on sheer firepower for the attachment set-up. Damage and range boosting attachments are really the only way to go when designing a class for this classic pistol. 


  • Muzzle: Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel: ” Takedown
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser
  • Magazine: Salvo 12 RND Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield 

We’ve chosen to attach the Dual Wield stock simply for the fact that two Magnums offers a better chance to kill an enemy with an MP5 or assault rifle up close.

To benefit the dual wield pistols, there’s the Salvo 12 RNd Fast Mag, which only features a negative of an increased aim down sight time. Of course, with dual wield pistols you won’t be aiming down sights, so these attachments work in concert. 

To further benefit the overall damage, the 4.”7” Takedown barrel offers a buff to the damage range. Rounding out the class is the Steady Aim Laser since you’ll only be hip firing and the Infantry Compensator helps manage the recoil. 


Coming off of the back of Modern Warfare most players probably don&#;t care about the Magnum. Outside of the poorly balanced snake shot variant, it was arguably the worst secondary in the game. But to be fair Modern Warfare was a game where almost every pistol was weak. Thankfully, Black Ops Cold War has given the Magnum a new lease of life.

Although mostly outclassed by the incredible M, the Magnum can still be a good secondary option for any mechanically skilled players. Regardless of your barrel used the Magnum will always be a two to three-shot kill. Sadly, this handgun cannot one shot to the head at any range. Also, it has a dreadful fire rate of just rounds per minute. To make this gun work you&#;ll have to land two consecutive rounds whilst ducking into cover between shots. This can be tricky and means that for most people it probably isn&#;t worth trying out. But if you&#;re up for the challenge, here&#;s how I like to build my Magnum.

Magnum Perk Greed build

  • Optic: Microflex Sight
  • Barrel: &#; Task Force
  • Body: SWAT 5Mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: Vandal Speed Loader
  • Handle: Serpent Grip
  • Wildcard: Airborne Elastic Wrap

When building the Magnum you have one of two options. This guide is going to focus on being a traditional slower-paced, precision handgun. But as usual with Call of Duty the actual best build is the one that exploits mechanics the hardest. If you just want to have fun with the Magnum and don&#;t care about precision, don&#;t use this build. Instead, throw on akimbo, the longest barrel, and the 5Mw Laser Sight. The other attachments don&#;t even matter. When dual-wielded, the Magnum can instantly kill if both shots land onto your target. And it&#;s not exactly difficult to hit those shots. As long as whoever you&#;re firing at is within ten meters or so, you&#;ll delete them before they have a chance to fire.

However, that&#;s not a playstyle I&#;m particularly fond of. Instead, I use the Magnum as a precision secondary that partners well with submachine guns. Think of it as being a miniature DMR of sorts. To make the most of this playstyle I consider an optic necessary as I find the Magnum&#;s default iron sights hard to use. There are only three optics to pick from and both the Quickdot LED and Otero Scope are far too small for my liking. So by default, the best option is the Microflex Sight, which makes it easier to track targets at longer ranges.

Black Ops Cold War Magnum Iron Sights

Black Ops Cold War&#;s Magnum features obstructive iron sights that can completely cover up your target making it hard to land back-to-back shots.

Any barrel that increases either effective damage range or bullet velocity works fine. But the best option by far is the &#; Task Force, as it&#;s the only barrel that improves both at the same time. The % increase to bullet velocity is extremely nice as the Magnum&#;s default value of meters per second makes hitting targets at range unnecessarily difficult. Also, this barrel increases your max damage from 75 up to This still isn&#;t enough to land a one-shot kill but will at least guarantee you a two-shot kill at most ranges. Just be aware that at some of Cold War&#;s longest sightlines present in-game modes like Dirty Bomb, it can still require three shots to secure a kill.

The 5 Mw Laser may seem an odd choice for a precision build, but it&#;s important to make your Magnum as versatile as possible. Without this, you are going to lose most gunfights against submachine gun users. Since it can&#;t one shot to the head, the Magnum is a poor weapon at close range. But at least with the 5Mw Laser Sight equipped you can hip fire with surprising accuracy. It&#;s much easier to land two hip fire shots up close than two shots whilst aiming down sights up close.

Black Ops Cold War Magnum Akimbo

Akimbo, &#; Task Force, SWAT 5Mw Laser, Salvo 12 Rnd Fast, and Dropshot Mag. Want to ruin everyone&#;s day and be that guy? Use this Magnum build, AKA the most broken weapon in Black Ops Cold War.

The most notable downside to the Magnum is its appalling reload time. Just like real-life revolvers, the Magnum has to be loaded one shot at a time. This results in a full reload time of just over six seconds. Given that it requires two shots to kill and you&#;re likely to miss the occasional shot, it can be hard to get even two kills with one magazine. For this reason, I&#;d highly recommend the Vandal Speed Loader which cuts your reload time by two-thirds. The new reload time of just seconds is quick enough to avoid getting punished. Alternatively, the Salvo 12 Rnd Fast Mag provides both a large magazine and fast reload time, but comes at the cost of aim down sights time. The latter is an incredibly broken attachment when coupled with the akimbo build that you can&#;t aim in with anyway.

At this point, it shouldn&#;t come as a surprise that we&#;re using the Airborne Elastic Wrap. Not only does it provide the best aim down sights improvement of any attachment, but it also negates our flinch. The added ability to drop shot won&#;t do much for you with this build but can be useful with the akimbo alternative. The Serpent Grip is also a decent choice if you don&#;t want as large a penalty applied to your sprint to fire time. But all things considered, improving your Magnum&#;s handling will help you land those two required shots as fast as possible.

For more Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tips and guides, be sure to check out our guides and features hub.


Cold war magnum

Best Magnum Loadout in Cold War

There are many reliable secondary weapons to run alongside your assault rifle, tactical rifle, or sniper loadouts. One of the most fun secondaries to use is a Magnum, and it’s often overlooked by many players. With the right attachments, this pistol can pump out some serious firepower. Here’s a look at our version of the best Magnum loadout in Cold War.

You may want to consider using a Magnum with primary weapons like the FFAR 1 or Pelington The double-action revolver has high damage, good penetration, and fast bullet velocity.

Best Magnum Loadout in Cold War

Here’s the best Magnum loadout in Cold War:

  • Optic: None
  • Muzzle: Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel: ″ Takedown
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser
  • Magazine: Salvo 12 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Stock: Dual Wield

For the Muzzle, we are going with the Infantry Compensator. It will reduce our muzzle climb and give some more control of the weapon between shots.

COD Magnum Muzzle

The Barrel we will be using is the ″ Takedown, giving us some greatly improved range on the gun with only a slight decrease in Sprinting Move Speed.

COD Magnum Barrel

On the Body, we are going to use the Steady Aim Laser. Always a solid choice that gives us improved hip-fire accuracy with no downside.

COD Magnum Body

The Magazine will be the Salvo 12 Rnd Fast Mag. This improves our reload quickness and doubles our ammo capacity. We take a heavy hit on our Aim Down Sight Time but for this build, it doesn’t matter since we will be using dual wield.

COD Magnum Magazine

Lastly, on the Stock, we will be using Dual Wield to complete the build. This will give us a gun in each hand but will prevent us from iron sighting.

the GOLD MAGNUM... WOW!😍 (MAGNUM BEST CLASS SETUP) - Black Ops Cold War Best Class Setup!

Call of Duty: Warzone Magnum Class Setup

By Joshua Goodpastor


Call of Duty: Warzone fans are moving back towards a pistol meta with this powerful Magnum loadout offering an alternative secondary option.

While Call of Duty: Warzone is easily dominated by SMGs, Assault Rifles, and Snipers, some fans have taken towards dual-wielding pistols for defense. What handguns lack in range they make up for in damage, speed, and mobility, and players who wield two can gain the same benefits twice. Call of Duty: Warzone fans are wielding a new combination as many consider the Magnum Pistol the best handgun combo to duel-wield in the battle royale environment.

Magnums have been scattered throughout the Call of Duty franchise, but none have gained the reputation that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's have. Massive damage, decent accuracy, and high firepower make these pistols popular among Call of Duty: Warzone competitors. If geared right, these pistols can compete with shotguns and submachine guns easily in close-combat situations.

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The Magnum Revolver is a double-action weapon that can send powerful damage over extended ranges. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War version comes with a heavy body for reduced recoil and increased damage compared to the Modern Warfare version. The power of this gun is in how a player chooses to load its attachments, as it can be equipped for a variety of situations. The main consistent factor for most Call of Duty: Warzone fans is the ability to dual-wield the weapon.

Call of Duty: Warzone Magnum Loadout

  • Stock - Dual Wield
  • Muzzle - Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel - " Task Force
  • Laser - Swat 5mw Laser Sight
  • Ammunition - STANAG 12 Round Fast Magazine

To start, players should immediately exchange their stock with the Dual-Wield option. This will double a player's damage output by carrying two magnums rather than one. The next most important Call of Duty: Warzone attachment is the Agency Suppressor, which provides sound suppression for the player. Staying hidden on the map is vital to survival in any battle royale environment.

The " Task Force Barrel increases the gun's damage range, effective damage range, and bullet velocity. This allows the gun to fire further and hit harder, which can mean downing Call of Duty: Warzone enemies faster. The SWAT 5mw Laser Sight is vital as the Dual-Wield stock will remove ADS as an option. The laser increases hip-fire accuracy, and the STANAG 12 Round Fast Mag allows for quicker reloads between confrontations.

In the past, dual-wielding pistols in Call of Duty: Warzone have caused problems within the meta. With recent adjustments, these guns will be powerful, but their power is limited by the skill and mobility of the user. Players should wield these weapons with a long-range primary as they are only effective in close-combat situations.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PC Invasion


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Black Ops Cold War | Call of Duty: Cold War

Magnum Handgun - Best Loadouts Build & Stats

Check out Magnum Handgun in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War & Zombies Mode. Know Warzone & COD Cold War best loadout, how to unlock, unlock level, attachments, & setup!!

Table of Contents

New Season 1 Weapons

Best Weapon Tier List

Magnum (Handgun Bravo) - Stats & How To Unlock

Magnum Handgun Basic Information

Magnum Handgun Basic Information
Weapon TypeHandgun
Weapon FeatureDouble action revolver. High damage with increased penetration and lower muzzle velocity.
Unlock LevelLevel 31
Max Level35

Depending on weapon unlock level, you may need to firstly level up to unlock the weapon.

Magnum Stats

Magnum Handgun Weapon Stats
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Magnum - Cold War Multiplayer Best Loadout & Attachment Setup


Attachment Setup For Magnum


Magnum - Warzone Best Loadout & Attachment Setup

Marksman's Friend Loadout

Check Out Other Warzone Best Loadouts Here

Reliable Close-Range Secondary Weapon

One of the biggest problems for a sniper is its self-defense weapon when not using Amped. An Dual Wield Magnum can fight toe to toe up close with most other weapons, freeing up a perk slot so players can pursue other aspects like stealth.

Check Out The Weapons List Here

Dual Wield To Down Armored Targets Faster

Due to the new Body Armor mechanics and having to fight whole teams, having the Dual Wield and having 2 Magnum will let you clear even the armored opponents rather quickly. It is also vital for dealing with enemy teammates that comes up.

Check Out The Attachments List Here

Focused On Stealth

This loadout emphasizes stealth as UAV & thermal optics can cause problems for snipers even more if their position is exposed. The listed perks will stop these 2 from exposing your position.

Check Out The Perks List Here

Attachment Setup For Magnum

Muzzle Brake APCMuzzle
\" Task ForceBarrel
SWAT 5mw Laser SightBody
Salvo 12 Rnd Fast MagMagazine
Dual WieldStock

Reliable Sidearm Setup

This setup makes Magnum a reliable secondary - fast swap speed, controllable recoil, large ammo size & high burst damage. It is a powerful setup for those that wants a powerful self-defense sidearm without having to resort to Overkill perk.

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Magnum (Handgun Bravo) - Compatible Attachments



AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Muzzle Brake APC【Effects】
+ 5% Vertical Recoil Control

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 3
Flashguard APC【Effects】
+ 90% Muzzle Flash Concealment

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 8
Sound Suppressor【Effects】
+ % Muzzle Flash Concealment
- 15% Effective Damage Range
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 13
Infantry Compensator【Effects】
+ 12% Vertical Recoil Control
- 8% Horizontal Recoil Control
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 19
SOCOM Eliminator【Effects】
+ 85% Muzzle Flash Concealment
+ 17% Vertical Recoil Control
- 10% Shooting Move Speed
- 10% Horizontal Recoil Control
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 24
Agency Suppressor【Effects】
+ % Muzzle Flash Concealment
+ 8% Vertical Recoil Control
- 25% Effective Damage Range
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 29


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
" Extended【Effects】
+ 40% Bullet Velocity

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 4
" Cavalry Lancer【Effects】
+ % Vehicle Damage

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 9
" Reinforced Heavy【Effects】
+ 30% Effective Damage Range
+ 80% Bullet Velocity
- 4% Sprinting Move Speed
- 15% Aim Walking Movement Speed
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 14
" Chrome Lined【Effects】
+ % Bullet Velocity
- 25% Aim Walking Movement Speed
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 20
" Takedown【Effects】
+ 60% Effective Damage Range
- 5% Sprinting Move Speed
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 25
" Task Force【Effects】
+ 17% Damage
+ 40% Effective Damage Range
+ % Bullet Velocity
- 25% Max Starting Ammo
- 30% Vertical Recoil Control
- 20% Horizontal Recoil Control
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 25


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Steady Aim Laser【Effects】
+ 15% Hip Fire Accuracy

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 5
Mounted Flashlight【Effects】
+ 20% Reveal Distance

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 10
SOF Target Designator【Effects】
+ 60% Reveal Distance (ADS)

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 15
SWAT 5mw Laser Sight【Effects】
+ 35% Hip Fire Accuracy
- 8% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 21
Tiger Team Spotlight【Effects】
+ 40% Reveal Distance
- 10% Sprint to Fire Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 26
Ember Sighting Point【Effects】
+ 30% Reveal Distance
+ 25% Hip Fire Accuracy
- 10% Sprint to Fire Time
- 10% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 31


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Dual Wield【Effects】

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 35


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
9 Rnd【Effects】
+ 50% Magazine Ammo Capacity
+ 50% Max Starting Ammo
+ 50% Ammo Capacity
- 33% Reload Quickness
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 6
Fast Mag (Magnum)【Effects】
+ 57% Reload Quickness

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 11
9 Rnd Speed Mag【Effects】
+ 50% Magazine Ammo Capacity
+ 56% Reload Quickness
+ 50% Max Starting Ammo
+ 50% Ammo Capacity
% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 16
STANAG 12 Rnd【Effects】
+ % Magazine Ammo Capacity
+ % Max Starting Ammo
+ % Ammo Capacity
- 67% Reload Quickness
- 5% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 22
Vandal Speed Loader (Magnum)【Effects】
+ 68% Reload Quickness
+ 25% Max Starting Ammo
- 6% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 27
Salvo 12 Rnd Fast Mag【Effects】
+ % Magazine Ammo Capacity
+ 65% Reload Quickness
+ % Max Starting Ammo
+ % Ammo Capacity
- 25% Aim Down Sight Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 32


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Speed Tape【Effects】
+ 10% Aim Down Sight Time

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 7
Dropshot Wrap【Effects】
+ 10% Aim Down Sight Time

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 12
Field Tape【Effects】
+ 90% Flinch Resistance

【Unlock Requirements】
Level 17
SASR Jungle Grip【Effects】
+ 15% Aim Down Sight Time
+ 80% Flinch Resistance
- 12% Sprint to Fire Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 23
Serpent Wrap【Effects】
+ 25% Aim Down Sight Time
- 10% Sprint to Fire Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 28
Airborne Elastic Wrap【Effects】
+ 30% Aim Down Sight Time
+ 90% Flinch Resistance
+ Aim While Going Prone
- 10% Shooting Move Speed
- 15% Sprint to Fire Time
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 33
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