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JBL Farm - Quality Broodfowl Bred by Jerry Lawrence


Pure Peruvian Brood from JBL Farm. JBL Farms Poultry Pellet Feed. All Fowl are for Breeding and Show Purposes Only!


This web page jblfarm.com has the following on the site, "Pure Peruvian Brood from JBL Farm." Our analyzers saw that the website also said " JBL Farms Poultry Pellet Feed." The Website also said " All Fowl are for Breeding and Show Purposes Only!."

Sours: https://jblfarm.pagaloo.com/

List of Bloodlines

1. Jimmy East (J.E.) Kelso – YLeg
2. J.E. Kelso – WLeg
3. J.J (DR) Kelso – YL
4. J.J (RB) Kelso – YL/WL
5. J.E Leiper H.
6. J.E McClean H.
7. J.E. 1/2 Leiper – 1/2 McClean
8. J.E. Yellow-Legged H.
9. J.E. Butcher
10. J.E. Gerard Hatch
11. E.Cavazos (E.C.) Typewriter Blues
12. E.C. Golden Hackle Hatch
13. E.C. Golden Hackle Hatch (Peacomb)
14. E.C. Black Miner Gowdy Hatch
15. E.C. Frost Grey
16. E.C. Butcher
17. Chris NeSmith (CNS) YLH
18. CNS Gilmore Hatch
19. CNS Radio
20. CNS Kelso (J.J.) original
21. CNS 1/2 Gilmore – Bonanza
22. CNS $5000 Sweater
23. CNS Sweater Possum In-In
24. G.W. Roundhead (CNS)
25. G.E. Mapalad Dan Grey RHD
26. Sam Kirkland (SK) Albany
27. SK Leiper
28. SK Bob Bennet Grey
29. SK Leiper Hatch
30. RA Hulsey Lemon 84
31. L Carter (LC) E.H. Worthman Pumpkin Hulsey
32. Frank Myers (FM) Gleezen White Hackles
33. FM Red Quill
34. Sam Ezel Yellow Peacomb Kelso
35. Ray Morrison (RM) Albany – Kelso (Cardinal Club)
36. Ray Morrison (RM) Cardinal Club Kelso
37. Bill Morris (BM) Blue Face]
38. BM Butcher39. BM Richardson Greys
40. Joe Vance (JV) Murphy
41. JV Claret
42. JV Radio
43. JV Doc Robinsons Kelso
44. Johnny Stancell (JS) G.C / Grey
45. JS McGinny Sweater
46. JS H/Grey Gavilan
47. JS Gavilan Club Hatch
48. JS Gavilan Club Grey
49. Kendali Kalesiki (KK) Lemon (old Duke Hulsey blood)
50. KK Jc Allen Sweater
51. KK Frost Grey
52. KK Lacy Roundhead RO-LO
53. RL Bishop Bad Company (BC ) Sherill Penny Hatch
54. RL Bishop J.Moore Albany
55. RL Bishop (BC) Cobra Asil
56. Tom Hargus (TH) Toppy Kansas Grey
57. TH Sherill Penny Hatch
58. TH Grey
59. TH Red Toppy
60. Mel Sims (MS) Black Hatch (BR)
61. MS Light Black Hatch
62. MS Dark Black
63. Randy Hall (RH) Fever Blues
64. Jerry B. Lawrence (JBL) JC Allen Sweater
65. JBL Guy Whitmire Lacy Roundhead
66. JBL Cowman Roundhead
67. JBL American DOM
68. JBL Johnny Moore Albany
69. JBL Lynwood Kelso
70. JBL Sparks Syd Taylor
71. JBL Spencer Syd Taylor
72. JBL Brownred
73. JBL Sherill Penny Hatch
74. Pucket Farm Charles Stevens (CS) Black McCrae
75. CS Johnny Moore Albany
76. CS H. Norman Grey
Sours: http://longscoregamefarm.com/blood-lines/list-of-bloodlines/
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Irish Dom Gamefowl Jbl

Images Gallery "Irish Dom Gamefowl Jbl" (403 pics):

Jerry Lawrence irish black - Sabong

Dom or Irish Dom. Breeding Dom Gamefowl Good breeding practice for producing high quality Dom gamefowl will be to maintain a balance between the Sumatra and Persian characteristics from the best stocks that you have available to you. If you breed too strong to the Persian type of fowl (for example Whitehackle type fowl), the quick For the preservation the Asil, the oldest breed of gamefowl JBL DOM. Click on image to view larger image. Photo Details but yall type of fowl z amazin, congrat! JBL Sweater Trio In PI at farm Bumblefoot Grey game Fowl Won our first derby with Irish Whitehackle Gamefowl irish white whitehackle irish white hennie. Bobby Jones, Game Fowl Breeder. i am new with this gamefowl sir so i am willing to learn it from the experienced ones. The show site for American Game Fowl. JBL Dom hen that took grand champion female at Georgia Gamefowl Breeders Association 2008. Irish Poultry Breeders directory. Ninetyfive percent of us gamefowl breeders don't know how our own fowl are bred further than two or. Duryea Whitehackle gamefowl as raised by Ron Lutz in Kansas. The results we display for the keyword Dom Gamefowl will trade over the years as new keyword tendencies develop within the irish dom gamefowl. Cockfighting and The Short Heel Welcome Gamefowl Chicken Men! DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN GAME STRAINS. Balance in breeding the Dom By Jerry B. Lawrence Good breeding practice for producing high quality Dom gamefowl will be to Secret of the Bulik. Gamefowl Plans I have Tom O'Neal bred a cock from this cross in 1860 on an imported Irish hen frm Waddell. In 1817 he bred a Dom cock My plans for gamefowl. Poultry Wanted Post Your Requests Here. Tynan white irish dom cock and hens. Looking for pure white tynan irish. March 8, Dark Dom Cock, Picture Dom Broodcock, Dom Broodcock Sent To PI. Irish Black Broodcock, Sid Taylor Broodcock. BLUEDOMSTAGA Gamefowl Irish MuffRonin Shadow Grey cross. I had given the stags mother to him last year and he bred her to what his father called Old. We are here to Provide And Create Quality Gamefowl To Supply For Tomorrow. I've Grown Up With These Birds In And Around My Life. Tnt DomLacy Roundhead Sid Taylor Blacks are some of the best Black fowl to choose as broodstock, and they are as aggressive as Brown Red Irish fowl that sired them. Chicken Shack Gamefowl sells freerange chickens in West Silverback Grey, Spangle Kelso, Spangle Hatch, Copperhead Blues, Minor Blue, Blue Dom, Chappell Dom What is the best fighting gamecock breed in the world? The whitehackle has been outcrossed on irish black fowl to make the hatch fowl we know today and in today. Garcesbros gamefarm shared jayson garces's video. Bobby Jones, Game Fowl Breeder. But by 1977, I was traveling with my birds to states where game fowl harvesting was legal. Dark Dom Cock, Picture Dom Broodcock, Dom Broodcock Sent To PI. Filed Under: Irish Black Broodcock, Sid. DATE: AUTHOR: tubeco jbl gamefarm. Boles Game Farm [JBL Farm Dom eggs from John Morse shipped from Missouri to Guam All the stags that I. Chandler Gamefowl Farm is in Northeast Alabama and provides chicks, eggs, and gamefowl. JBL Dom hen that took grand champion female at Georgia Gamefowl Breeders Association 2008. Herrisford Yellow Birchens, Wasatch, Joe Goode and Chocolate grey gamefowl breeding for show. Yellow golden birchen gamefowl imported from Ireland by Andrew O'Conor. I have been in the gamefowl business all of my life. I am a Third Generation Game Fowl Breeder. My grandfather is Ira Parks, my father is Gale Parks. Sweater Gamefowl Fighting Style etc. Breeding Dom Gamefowl Dom gamefowl will be to maintain a balance be JBL dom at Laguan farm of Gilmore Hatch Bloodline Fighting Style Fast with multiple strokes and hardhitting.

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