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How eBay Business account is better than Personal Account?

How eBay Business account is better than Personal Account?


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It&#;s always a daunting experience when you are presented with two options, and you have no idea which one&#;s the best for you. Almost everyone selling on eBay has had this experience once. That was when you were signing up for your seller account on eBay. There&#;s always confusion at first as eBay offers you two options, i.e., a personal account and a business account. Let us remove the confusion once and for all with which account is best suited for you when you&#;re planning to establish yourself as an eBay seller.

Personal Account vs Business Account

When creating an account, you get to select from two options.

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

A personal account is often employed when you&#;re willing to sell on eBay as a hobby where you list a minimal number of personal products. The products are either antiques or are sitting idle with no use. Long story short, if you do not focus onselling on eBay for business purposes, you should consider getting yourself an eBay personal account.

However, if what you seek is to sell on eBay full-time, dealing in bulk sales, or reselling products the business account is what you should pick moving forward.

ebay account options

When should you register as a Business?

Look for these six signs in your sales if you want to register yourself as a Business but are not sure whether you should or not.

#1. Reselling

Suppose you are a reseller and deal in bulk listings on eBay. Getting yourself a business account is what you should do.

#2. Manufacturer

When you create the products you are listing on eBay (which means if you are already a manufacturer), getting yourself a business account is intelligent.

#3. Sales Quantity

If you&#;re a seller who deals in large quantities of sales regularly, a personal account will not entirely serve your purpose. Registering to a business account will reduce the various fees levied on your products and sales and open multiple other pathways for your business expansion like having an eBay storefront.

#4. Selling items that are not for your personal use

When you&#;re selling items on eBay that you acquired with the purpose of selling and not personal use, you should consider switching to a business account. It can be beneficial in the long run, helping you save taxes.

#5. You’re a Selling Assistant

eBay gives you an option to sell for others if you fulfill certain selling criteria. So, If you&#;re operating as a selling assistant on eBay, it is highly advisable that you get yourself an eBay business seller account. Selling products for other businesses on eBay is almost similar to selling your own products.

Having a business account means you can be flexible with the number of listings you&#;ll be asked to handle by the product owner.

#6. Buying for your business

If you&#;re buying items for your business, you should consider getting yourself a business account. eBay lets you conduct searches using keywords like &#;bulk,&#; &#;liquidation,&#; etc., for the products you plan to sell on eBay. It allows you to buy and resell the same on eBay with ease.

Switching: Personal Account To Business account on eBay

To switch your account type from personal to business:

  • Click on the My eBay tab.
  • Select &#;Personal Information&#; after selecting the &#;My Account&#; heading.
  • Now click the &#;Edit&#; link. It is located next to the Account Type.
  • Select the &#;Business&#; option on the Change Account Type page
  • Enter your details for the Business account, and then click on the Change to Business Account button.

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benefits of eBay business account1

Advantages of using eBay business account

Having an eBay business account comes with notable advantages when compared to a personal account. The benefits that can help you grow your business on eBay includes,

#1. Lower the Taxes

When you start selling under a business account, you need to pay additional taxes other than the personal taxes that you&#;re subjected to. It means more paperwork. However, more paperwork also means you&#;ll get more money in terms of savings from your taxes.

#2. Your company&#;s branding

When you register for a business account, you do not only get a better and improved listing, but you also get access to various subscriptions. The subscriptions can use it for expanding your opportunities in terms of sales, promotions, and other benefits that eBay has to offer for its sellers.

#3. Legal protection

When selling on eBay personal accounts regularly, you&#;ll find it challenging to manage your taxes and your income when the time comes. Whereas with a business account, you attach a legal name to your sales. All your invoices and bills get connected to the business name you select. It also paves the way to various deductions and benefits when filing your taxes.

#4. Higher Selling Limits

The business account lifts many limitations that are imposed on personal accounts too. One of the most significant flaws of having registered for a personal account is getting a minimal listing limit for your items set to The business account raises the ceiling for the listings allowing you to sell more by listing more.

#5. Access to Better Tools & Promotions

eBay has a lot to offer when it comes to its seller. But, the problem you might face when trying to access them through a personal selling account is that they&#;ll be inaccessible. Various tools like Promotion Manager, selling manager pro, and others can help boost your sales manifolds.

Although switching to the business account does not guarantee that you get instant access to all the seller tools eBay has to offer.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us on skypeor drop a mail. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Key Takeaways

It&#;s evident that between the personal and business accounts that eBay offers, business accounts stand out. It unlocks better facilities, higher selling limits, and tools that would have been inaccessible otherwise.

If you&#;re still selling with a personal account, or if you&#;re someone who&#;s been staring at your screen, perplexed whether to select personal or business accounts. Select a Business account without any second thoughts. The only reason you should have a personal account is if you sell once or twice a month and are not thinking of expanding. But with eBay why wouldn&#;t you?

Sours: https://cedcommerce.com/blog/why-ebay-business-account-is-better-than-personal-account/

eBay Business Account vs Personal: Full Guide

Starting to sell on eBay has two options for selling products. Either you can choose an eBay business account or a personal one instead.


Those who have small sales volumes or plan to sell unwanted items or decide to sell casually can choose an eBay personal account.

Otherwise, one has to take care of the fees and other sales regulations.

With the help of this article, we aim to provide all the necessary information for you as an eBay seller. We will introduce how to open an eBay account and detail the eBay seller registration process.


eBay Seller Registration


No matter the reasons you choose to sell on eBay, the process is easy. eBay is one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces and offers a wide range of sales categories. Apart from it, you can choose to sell on eBay both with fixed and auction-formatted prices.

The first step to start selling on eBay is to make an eBay account and start creating items for listing. Once your eBay account setup is all according to the requirements, you can start selling.

ebay business account


Creating a new eBay account is also possible with using your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts. But note that in that case, eBay will have access to your public profile and email address information.

The next step is about creating product listings and starting to sell. It is worth mentioning that while you make product listings, you should put them in the right product categories.  There are certain sellers who choose to manipulate the product search policy on eBay via listing their product in the wrong categories. This is carried out mostly when those sellers reach the limit for certain monthly sales. In these cases, the sellers are violating the Search Manipulation Policy.


eBay Business Account vs Personal


As already mentioned before, there are two options for eBay account signup, which is to choose between a personal or a business accounts.

Those sellers who have a relatively small number of goods or choose to sell randomly choose to make an eBay account where they can handle the fees. It is not big news that eBay has two main types of fees eBay Insertion fees and Final Value Fees. Here is why the sellers with small sales volumes mainly choose to make a personal account. 


If you plan to sell products in large quantities, you can register a business account. In this way, you can enjoy all the benefits of being an eBay business account seller. Along with all the benefits, you should also consider the eBay business account fees.


Business eBay sellers can choose a company name for the registration, which will appear in the invoices issued by eBay. In order to become an eligible business account user, you can either change your personal account to business or register a new business eBay account. 


In order to change your personal user account to business, you&#;ll need to go to the account settings and follow the steps.


The Benefits of Using an eBay Business Account


Reduced Selling Limits


eBay puts certain sales limits on certain sellers, especially the ones who are new in the business. It can be even more strict as of even 10 items per month. In case of choosing a business account, you can have access to reduced selling limits.

Business Account Tools & Promotions


Along with higher selling limits, eBay also offers tools like Promotions Manager to handle better sales control. This tool is free for business account users and enables them to create customized discounts. Apart from it, you can create coupons with this tool which boosts the buyers to spend more in your Store. This tool allows attracting buyers at the right time via showcasing the right products.

Lower Taxation System


Even though businesses pay additional taxes on top of everything, they get more chances of having deductions simultaneously. Apart from an advanced taxation system for Business   Account sellers, there’s an opportunity to get sales privileges in crisis situations too. It particularly refers to the COVID, in this case. This is mainly carried out in order to prevent price gouging.


eBay Selling Limits


Anyone new to start selling on eBay has particular limitations over the product category on sale. It is done deliberately by eBay in order to save time to understand the rules set by eBay. 


eBay, as one of the biggest sales ecommerce platforms, offers the sellers a wide range of benefits. It refers to multiple issues like helping the sellers solve their problems via the Seller Resolution Centre or offering discounts.

In order to help the newbies on eBay and make their stock manageable, eBay maintains certain selling limits. This is carried out in order to make sure your store can provide good customer service. This is mainly done as far as the new sellers on eBay or on any other platform are having a hard time meeting the customer demand properly. There are many cases of failures due to the lack of accurate inventory management. 


eBay starts increasing your selling limits only when you start meeting the customer demand properly. eBay reviews your seller account every month and makes adjustments according to the sales volumes and customer feedback. You as a seller can check your performance level by checking it on Seller Hub or Seller Dashboard. 

eSwap-eBay Integration


eSwap as an inventory management solution offers the sellers the eBay Integration tool. Via using our powerful tool for your eBay sales management, you can always keep an accurate track of your stock. This platform gives the chance to make all the stock arrangement via one dashboard. It refers especially to your real-time inventory syncing and multichannel sales management.


It goes without saying that you can put away the heavy burden of making manual updates or creating new sales orders per each sales platform. Using our eSwap for eBay stock management will help you with the order fulfilment process too, as far as we offer shipping courier service with USP, UPS, DHL, FedEx and many more.






Sours: https://eswap.global/ebay-business-account-vs-personal/
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The Pros and Cons of an eBay Business Account

On the eBay registration screen, there's a tempting little link suggesting that you create a business account. The most common response is to stare at the screen in confusion. First-time sellers rarely know if they need an eBay business account, let alone what the pros and cons are.

Here are the reasons for and against choosing an eBay business account:

Last updated 4/3/


“Business” is just another name for “work,” and you’ll have yours cut out for you if you choose a business account.

1. Complicated Taxes

eBay Business Account Pros and Cons for Taxes

If you register as a business, you will have to handle your eBay income as business income. This will probably double the work you do on taxes every year.

2. More Paperwork

You will need to keep detailed records of every transaction to prepare for tax season. This doesn’t just mean your eBay sales, but purchases of things you plan to sell on eBay, gas money and mileage while you’re on the job, etc. as well.


Registering a business account can help keep you in the good graces of your country’s tax agency and save you a lot of money. Plus, eBay lists a few good reasons to go for it on their registration page, as pictured on the left below.

eBay Business Account Benefits

1. Higher Selling Limits

eBay places selling limits on new sellers, which can be as strict as a maximum of 10 items per month when you first open an individual account. Using a business account will get you access to higher selling limits so you can actually do business!

2. Access to Better Tools & Promotions

eBay is pretty cryptic about what exactly these tools and promotions you're getting are. But, there are quite a few tools and features on eBay that are restricted to a limited number of sellers, like Promotions Manager. Here's what happens if you try accessing Promotions Manager with an average individual account:

Thank You for Your Interest Message eBay Promotions Manager

It's safe to say that business accounts are more likely to have access to features like this. There's no guarantee you'll be able to use them the moment you switch to business, though.

3. Lower Taxes

A Lot of Money

Although businesses have to pay additional taxes on top of those that individuals pay, they have far more opportunities for deductions. Some sellers have saved five figures a year* just by switching from individual to business taxes and making good use of deductions. Just be sure to do your homework—Uncle Sam doesn’t always go out of his way to share all the ways you can pay less on your taxes.

*Source: "An Independent Tax Specialist's Advice for eBay Sellers" on eBay. The article was lost when eBay removed their community chatter pages.

4. The Ability to Use Your Company Name

It’s a bit of a tragedy to go through all the trouble of registering a business name only to be unable to use it on eBay. On top of that, you may be legally required to do business under a registered name if you have one. Choosing a business account allows you to use your company name on all communications with buyers.

5. Legal Protection

The last thing you want is for taxes to go sideways when an auditor sees you used an individual account for both personal and business transactions. The results could be bad. If you have a registered business, it’s better to dot your i's, cross your t's, and sleep easy knowing that all your business transactions are on a clearly labeled business account.

6. Greater Selling Privileges in Crisis Situations

We're updating this article at the height of the COVID pandemic to mention that eBay has temporarily restricted certain items to business sellers only. For example, if you don't have a business account, you can't sell toilet paper. Read "What eBay Sellers Can Expect during the Coronavirus Pandemic" for details.

Do I Need to Choose a Business Account?


If you’re just selling your old stuff and buying things for personal use, an individual account should be fine. But a business account is essential if you’re using eBay for, well, business. Selling things you’ve purchased or made strictly for the purpose of selling generally counts.

Make sure you’re legally registered as a business if you aren’t simply running a sole proprietorship under your own name.

I’ve Registered as a Business. How Can I Make This Less Work?

VAT Calculations

Your taxes won’t be fun, I’ll give you that. But now you can use your ability to deduct eBay business expenses to make life a lot easier!

Services and software used only for your online selling business will almost certainly be tax-deductible. That means you can take advantage of eBay customer service software, contracted labor, multichannel software for eBay and Amazon, and all sorts of other powerful time-saving options that were too expensive to use before.

Running your eBay operation as a business can look like a lot more work and expense at first and then turn out to be a lot less. The cons of an eBay business account may be inevitable, but use the pros to your advantage and you’ll be glad you took the leap!

Need more help with the tax challenges of running an eBay business in the US? See “A Quick Guide to Online Sales Tax.”

Sours: https://www.channelreply.com/blog/view/ebay-business-account-pros-cons

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