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Schön Quick Clic Engineered Catalog Page - Lumber Liquidators

Schon QuickClic ® Engineered - 30 Year Warranty

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Engineered Flooring


7/16” x 4¾” Natural (QCCIA4)

Bourbon County Oak

5/16” x 4” Natural (QCO6BB)

Brazilian Koa

7/16” x 4¾” Select (QCBRK4)

Diamond Ridge Oak

3/8” x 3” Natural (QCDR3)

Red Oak

7/16” x 4¾” Natural (QCROK4)

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Amber Valley Oak

5/16” x 4” Natural (QCO6AV)

Brazilian Cherry

7/16” x 4¾” Select (QCBRC4)

Canadian Maple

7/16” x 4¾” Select (QCCDM4)

Eagle Rock Oak

3/8” x 3” Natural (QCER3)


7/16” x 4¾” Natural (QCHIK4)

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Heat-Infused Thermo Engineered Flooring

These deep, beautiful colors comes from the wood’s own natural sugars. An eco-friendly,

chemical-free heating process – called carbonization – causes the sugars to caramelize

and darken. The color is literally “baked in” from top to bottom, enhancing the character

of each piece of wood.

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Copper Maple

3/8” x 4¼” Thermo (QCTCM4)

Golden Birch

3/8” x 4¼” Thermo (QCTGB4)

36 | 1-800-HARDWOOD | • Financing Available • Free Samples at Store

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Santos Mahogany

7/16” x 4¾” Select (QCSAN4)

Whistler Maple

7/16” x 4” Natural (QCWM4)

Solid or Engineered?

Solid hardwood is the traditional choice for above-grade locations.

By design, engineered hardwood is less susceptible to the effects

of moisture and temperature fluctuation, allowing it to be

installed above or below grade (even over concrete).

Both add value and beauty.


» QuickClic ® Engineered Bamboo

Horizontal Carbonized

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMHC)

Strand Carbonized

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMSTC)

Vertical Carbonized

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMVC)

Horizontal Natural

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMHN)

Strand Natural

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMSTN)

Vertical Natural

9/16” x 5” (QCBAMVN)


Engineered Flooring

Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

= Floating Installation

TO ORDER, VISIT your local stores, CALL 1-800-HARDWOOD or CLICK | 37

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Magazine: Schön Quick Clic Engineered Catalog Page - Lumber Liquidators


Schon Flooring

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Read Schon wood flooring reviews

The Schon brand of flooring is distributed by Lumber Liquidators throughout the country. Hardwood manufactured by Schon can be found by visiting the Lumber Liquidators website or retail locations.

Products from Schon

Featuring a line of engineered wood, a Schon floor is designed to be installed in a variety of rooms and applications, which includes places where moisture would normally be a concern. Plus, Schon hardwood floors can be installed using a glue or nail down process, and the Quick Clic floating floor snaps together. Schon also offers a 30-Year Warranty.

Schon Company History

Although limited information is available about the Schon company itself, the supplier of its hardwood flooring is Lumber Liquidators. Beginning in 1993, Lumber Liquidators has steadily built its reputation to become the largest independent retailer in the United States (Floor Focus Magazine), emphasizing primarily the hardwood market. There are currently 46 stores and more than 10,000 employees working for Lumber Liquidators, and a number of celebrity client endorsements have helped in the company's promotion.

Customer Resources

While looking at the Lumber Liquidators website, customers can browse an extensive selection of Schon engineered hardwood. Many convenient options are provided on the site, such as full room pictures of the floors, and information about care and installation. In addition, customers have the chance to order catalogs and view clearance items, new arrivals, and overstock deals.

Questions are answered by installers, and the Floor Finder section of the website guides people to possible solutions for individual situations. Customer reviews are also presented along with a store locator. Using the Room Designer, homeowners have the ability to actually see the flooring in various settings, manage styles, and search through the catalog of hardwood.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Lumber Liquidators
3000 John Deere Rd.
Toano, VA 23168

Phone: 757-259-4280

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do not use lumber liquidators or schon products

Schon installation instructions are clear and regulating interior temperature and relative humidity is something the consumer is responsible for managing. When the outside climate is dry and the need for humidification may be a requirement, consumers are recommended to use a humidifier to regulate the interior conditions.

We took an extra step to inspect the flooring just like the tile and carpet industries do to uncover the source of the problem in response to your concerns. These are independent of our company and if a manufacturing defect is found, we'll stand behind the product, but we are not responsible for installation or site related concerns.

In almost every instance where we see these types of complaints, the consumer was not present when the product was installed, they failed to oversee the project, the floor care instructions are not followed, and no manufacture should be expected to cover issues unrelated to the direct manufacturing of the product. One or more of these types of failures can result in a negative experience. Please read the invoice, warranty, and installation instructions so you know how to protect your investment and properly care for the product.

We're sorry to hear this happened and its a difficult lesson to learn afterwards when this could have been avoided by reading the instructions / warranty.

This is not our preferred way for consumers to learn how to care for flooring, but if this keeps someone else from having this type of problem by stressing the importance of reading this information; it will lessen these types of poor experiences in the future.


Schon Hardwood Flooring

Write a review of Schon Flooring
Read Schon wood flooring reviews

Schon manufacturers engineered hardwood floors that are sold through Lumber Liquidators online and in stores. One of the benefits of owning an engineered wood floor is that it can withstand humidity and temperature changes because of the multi-layer construction. As a result, the planks do not expand or contract as much as solid hardwood.

Engineered wood floors are known for their versatility in both application and installation. Glue, nails, or floating techniques can be used to install them on, above, or even below grade. However, they are virtually identical to solid hardwood in appearance and visual functionality.

Schon Engineered Hardwood

The Schon line of engineered wood flooring is produced using several layers of bonded wood. Based on the description that is provided on the Lumber Liquidators website, Schon hardwood floors work in all rooms, regardless of moisture content or concerns. If a customer would like to have a wood floor in a kitchen, bathroom, or basement, Schon offers protection and stability.

Plus, Schon engineered floors are built for installation over concrete subfloors and radiant heat areas for an extra convenience. Widths and lengths vary depending on the product, and there are approximately ten types of wood to choose from, including American Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Gunstock, and Teak. Focused on making it easier to install a wood floor, the Schon Quick Clic line is snapped together and floated, which is simpler and faster for homeowners.

Engineered Hardwood Care

Lumber Liquidators recommends using area rugs to preserve the durability of Schon engineered hardwood. Steam cleaners and wet mops are not advised and customers should clean their floors by regularly sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and dirt. Cleaning products that are specifically intended for wood flooring will help to maintain the finish.


Schon Engineered Hardwood floors have a 30-Year Warranty.


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