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This took quite some time to draw, so sharing/favourites are VERY appreciated!!
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Tikki 2D ~ Miraculous emoticon 
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Miraculous Ladybug - Cute Tikki Icon 

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Gallery quality, % cotton rag. Ultrachrome archival inks for rich, long-lasting color. Trimmed for framing with a 1 inch border.

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Ladybug gets her "Spots-on" and stands on her own in a natural pose. A fun, well balanced model that demonstrates how modifiers can be used.

Print instructions

The .3mf has all of the STLs setup in the proper order. I labeled the STL files with numbers to define the order. The mask is a modifier and mask-spots modifies the mask so the order the STLs are loaded is important.


I print with PETG and have trouble with long strings on the tips after retraction. These tips causes failures in a number of ways but I have found a solution, 'dribbling'.

The GCode was generated with my fork of PrusaSlicer which is just the standard release with a user submitted pull labeled 'Dribbling'.

I encourage anyone printing with PETG that has long strings on their tips to try the GCode I've provided; it has dribbling. If you believe 'dribbling' makes a difference leave a comment and let Prusa know.

Print Settings

To print with PLA or change setting the .3mf file can be loaded into PrusaSlicer where changes can be made.


Here is where I found 'skin' colored PETG. The rest of the colors are readily available.

Extruder Colors:
1) Blue
2) Red
3) Skin
4) White
5) Black

Technical Details

spheres embedded in the suit
presented a challenge and after a lot of trial and error I came to use embedded spheres as as modifiers in Prusa Slicer.


Inspired by: Marinette Miraculous Ladybug"
Origin: Sketchfab - kotbfg



Blender is an amazing tool enabling me to shorten legs and arms and create a set of 3D objects for defining multicolor prints.

Blender also has amazing tools for manipulating meshes including fully animating them. There is an online tool, Mixamo.com, that allows you to upload a model, rig it, review hundreds of animation sequences with your model, and download the ones you like for use in your projects. A standing pose got me very close to the final model presented here.

Final Result


Sours: https://www.prusaprinters.org
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    Print miraculous ladybug

    Like Marinette, Ladybug sometimes leaps before she looks. Her great sense of responsibility, however, keeps her fo-cused on the mission until it's accomplished. Ladybug aims to help everyone, including the villains who have been aku-matized by resident bad guy, Hawk Moth. With the power of luck, she must use quick wit, resourcefulness and creativity to determine the best way to use the lucky charm she is given, in order to defeat villains and restore peace to the city.

    Under Cat Noir's mask lies a strong and confident Adrien, who has the freedom to be everything he wants to be! With the power of Cataclysm, Cat Noir has the ability to charge up and bring chaotic defeat to any villain in his path. Enamored by Ladybug, Cat Noir spends much of his superhero time trying to make a good impression on her. Unfortunately, the demands of villain fighting often get in the way of his love for Ladybug.

    Marinette is the sweetest girl in Paris. She's generous, kind and always eager to help solve others' problems. With dreams of being a great fashion designer, Marinette spends endless hours working towards her goal. Sometimes she fails to look before leaping, which can spell one of 2 things - mini disasters or exciting adventures. Marinette has a major crush on school friend, Adrien, which often ends up being a major distraction. Secretly, Marinette is the superheroine, Ladybug, responsible for keeping her beautiful city and all within it safe.

    Adrien is the son of wealthy fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste. Within a huge mansion, across from the Eiffel tower, Adrien has everything he could want Everything, except an ordinary lifestyle! Since a young age, Adrien's free time has been spent modeling for his fa-ther's clothing lines, under pressure to always present the perfect image. As transformed superhero Cat Noir, however, he can let his wilder side out!

    Tikki is a magical pet Kwami who gives Marinette the power to transform into superheroine, Ladybug! A cute red creature with black spots, Tikki is always in support of Marinette's need to jump into action and fight baddies, while also being a sweet and kind source of inspiration. Plagg is a magical pet Kwami who gives Adrien the power to transform into superhero Cat Noir. Plagg is small, stubborn, sarcastic creature who likes to prank and taunt Adrien just as much as he likes to help him. The only way to truly get his attention is with a piece of his favorite stinky cheese.

    Chloe is Marinette's greatest frienemy (friend + enemy)! She is the spoiled-brat-daughter of the mayor of Paris, 21st district, who thinks Paris should revolve around her — no one else. Chloe also has a major crush on Adrien, leaving her in a constant rivalry with Marinette. Secretly, Chloe is a big fan of Ladybug.

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