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Best City Maps for Minecraft PE? Traveling at home, an idea that sounds crazy and impossible. But with Minecraft, that is possible.

You will save a lot of money for traveling, resting, and eating, these Minecraft PE maps allow you to explore the bustling cityscape, both realistic and fantasy freely.

From the detailed reproduction of major cities in the world to the dream cities of the future, all these Minecraft maps await you.

How to download the Best City Maps for Minecraft PE for free?

On this site, we have a lot of MCPE city maps for you to choose from. However, in this article, I only mentioned the five best maps that many Minecraft players voted.

Choose a map and discover them.

Mega city Map for Minecraft Pocket Edition

This is an extremely interesting city to discover. Thanks to lots of lights from buildings, they make the city become beautiful at night. You can see a variety of skyscrapers and other structures that will be completed in the future. There are empty land areas you may across on your way. However, hope that they will have great developments in the future.

Founded by: Ammarmr

How does Mega City Maps for Minecraft PE work?

Megacity [Creation] looks very cool at night.

Are you ready to enjoy the game? Let’s start. Download Megacity Map.

Avrin Country (Creation) Map

Avrin Country right now looks less like a country and more like a medium sized city in Minecraft. If it is going to be anything like its name suggests then an expansion is well on the card. However, we can’t really rush these things as most people like you and me can’t muster our way out of a 3×3 shelter house. The current city is made up of carefully detailed structures, while most part of it is still in progress. If you are looking for some sort of inspiration to build a city from little more than scratch, you might want to have a look at Avrin Country.

All credit goes to Avrin09

Download Avrin Country (medium sized city)

TN City Map for MCPE download

Continues to be a city extremely luxurious and modern for the player, maybe you’ve been too reserved with the rod a map like this so we would not say what. Join relatives or friends to enjoy the great things with this map. If something does not understand please contact us to get the most useful information.

Author: AlexPrki

Download TN City here.

New York MCPE City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Surely everyone knows the city of New York, a city of magnificent, majestic, the most extensive in the world today. A bustling city with high-rise buildings, industrial complexes, entertainment world’s most modern. On this map you will enjoy a New York Monday, a New York city in the world MCPE.The modern architecture and luxurious continuous existence of this map, please enjoy this map with friends or relatives.


Download this city map here.

Elmsville: A Modern City (Roleplay) [Creation]

This city is a perfect place for roleplaying. There are many interactive things here, including the garage doors, the showers, and many shops. You will find it interesting to play the game by enjoying redstone and commands. Let’s play the map now.

Founded by: TripleThreat817/2cuteRedstoneKitty

Download here.

More City Maps for Minecraft PE for Free Download

Below is a list of other City Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that you may want to explore.

Or maybe you like the 5 Best Adventure Maps for Minecraft PE here.

Sours: https://mcpebox.com/best-city-maps-for-minecraft-pe/

City maps for Minecraft PE


This is City maps for Minecraft PE!

One of the biggest and cool minecraft pocket edition city maps for mcpe. Visit wonderful cities and stay in your homelike precious cheer with minecraft in the city mcpe maps.

This app was created for fans of journeys and minecraft city games. You can diversify gameplay with our renewed collection Minecraft city maps.

You don’t need so much time to install maps in your lovely game.

1. Just choose our collection of city maps for minecraft pe
2. Then click "Install" city minecraft maps on the screen of your smartphone
3. Open the app
4. Enjoy the city maps for minecraft pe.

That minecraft in the city mcpe maps will hansel you sumptuous world of square world. The study of minecraft in the city mcpe maps take a long time. Another advantage of these maps, that at least in the early levels, you will not need to build temporary shelter. You can live in one of houses city for minecraft pe, and later expand it.

Minecraft maps city with a school is a quite old map, but useful for your crazy ideas. Here you really can do anything you want. Can you make out of it a beautiful house for your residence or horror location.

Minecraft city map is a pixel world. Constant skirmishes between the mafia and the police. You will take part in this war with minecraft city mode! Perform complex missions in minecraft maps.
New York is metropolis of world significance and the largest city in the United States. The city is the economic and financial center, one of the most famous cities in the world. Today, a copy of the Big Apple can appear on your phone with the minecraft new york city mcpe maps. The minecraft new york city map is located on the Atlantic coast. New York is the most populous of the great American cities now in city minecraft maps. In the city on this city maps for mcpe you will find government buildings, city hall, city parks and other establishments and public places. Also on the map you will find shopping malls, almost a full metro system, hotels and more. Beautiful city texture packs for minecraft pe, where a huge number of skyscrapers, shops, offices and residential buildings. On the map has new york city map for minecraft pe placed all the buildings that can be attractive to tourists.

Do not forget to take precautions at night in city maps for minecraft pe, as in dark alleys can inhabit hostile mobs. If, however, you will get it, then you know that it can be.

There is a police station, which as you can look. In this case you will not touch. In addition, the city mcpe maps built a fire station.

On Universal City minecraft maps a large-scale size town, which consists of two islands with nine regions in each. It's just a great minecraft city building like huge skyscrapers and other highest towers which have helipads, flowerbeds and other administrative and user-defined fields, which are located on the roofs of some houses and skyscrapers city texture packs for minecraft pe.

Our city maps for minecraft pe collection includes a stunning city, which built huge skyscrapers, there are helipads, flowerbeds and other administrative and user-defined fields, which are located on the roofs of some houses. Download minecraft city games free you can right now. Its feature is a huge scale. You will see plants, markets, homes, shopping centers and many other things that are in the modern metropolis.
Install minecraft city maps for mcpe right now.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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The Mafia City Map For Minecraft PE

Product Details

Release Date: 2021

Date first listed on Amazon: June 17, 2021

Developed By: Sabir

ASIN: B097CH29D7

Customer reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars4 customer ratings

Product features

  • The Mafia City Map For Minecraft PE
  • City
  • Buildings
  • Enemies

Product description

The Mafia City Map For Minecraft PE is a new city map for Minecraft PE.
It is a city in which you can play with friends, explore, use it for a kind of rolplay or survival, but also be very careful that the enemies may come to pillage and steal the city, 4
are you prepared?

Supported Versions: 1.17 and 1.17 beta

Note: If you have any problem with this map please contact us on our email address.
For Support Email: [email protected]


Technical details

Size: 10.3MB

Version: 1.1

Developed By: Sabir

Application Permissions: ( Help me understand what permissions mean )

  • Open network sockets
  • Read from external storage
  • Write to external storage

Minimum Operating System: Android 4.0.3

Approximate Download Time: Less than 90 seconds

Amazon Appstore Return Policy

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Mafia-City-Map-Minecraft-PE/dp/B097CH29D7

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