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Try mindful embroidery with this free winter solstice pattern template to download

For Danish designer Carina Envoldsen–Harris, stitching is a wonderful way to take some time out and take a step back from the worries of everyday life.

“It is a great way to occupy yourself away from the glowing screen of a mobile or tablet. Of course, it is also a chance to create something beautiful for yourself or someone else at the same time,” she says.

“Doing something creative, or something else you enjoy, is great for reducing stress And it gives your mind freedom to wander. The rhythm of working the embroidery stitches is very meditative.

“When you get really absorbed in the embroidery, it is like the rest of the world melts away and your thoughts can drift freely in any direction.

“You can work on your embroidery in silence or while listening to quiet music. Or you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts. While your hands and eyes are busy, your ears can take in stories and ideas that will transport your thoughts to other times and places.”

Carina recommends turning off email and social media notifications on your mobile so you can stitch without interruptions. And put the device outside reaching distance so you’re not tempted to check it every five minutes.

“Sit somewhere comfortable so you can relax, and make yourself a drink. Maybe a nice cup of cocoa or soothing tea. A couple of biscuits are a nice touch too,” she adds.

“Make sure you stay comfortable when stitching. Get up and stretch from time to time so you don’t develop odd muscle pains.”

Gather all your materials together before you start. It is frustrating to have to stop in the middle of the work to go search for a thread colour you forgot or a pair of scissors.

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How to embroider mindfully

The act of selecting colours for an embroidery project can be a mindful one. Unless you are following a pattern exactly, there is a multitude of ways you can put together a colour scheme. Some colour combinations feel wild and carefree, others are more thoughtful and reflective.

You can affect your mood by the colours you choose. Take your time to put together different combinations. Think about how they make you feel. Even if you are following a pattern, you may want to swap out a colour or two to make the scheme feel just right.

You can pick your colours and once you get to know the pattern, you can let yourself be absorbed in each stitch. It is worthwhile to do each stitch properly. Not because it should be perfect but so you force yourself to slow down completely and focus on the simple act of needle and thread through fabric. The mind becomes quieter when focusing on the repetition of the pattern and each stitch.

It is a very tactile kind of being in the moment. The repetition of motif and stitch sections in a mandala design gives the mind a break because the pattern quickly becomes familiar, so you don’t have to worry about which stitch comes next or how to do it.

If you’re new to embroidery, visit the Simply Sewing website to try these 6 easy stitches for beginners.

Winter solstice embroidery pattern

In this motif you can really get lost in the repetition of stitches. Stitch one row at a time, gradually, giving yourself space to relax and be calm as you stitch.

When working the pistil stitches and buttonhole wheels, be mindful of the tension of the stitches.

Download the template

Stitching suggestions

Work the continuous stitches first: chain stitch and running stitch. Then, move onto the rows of individual stitches: French knot, pistil stitch, lazy daisy, fl y stitch, straight stitch, buttonhole wheel and star.


You can find instructions all of the stitches except buttonhole wheel here. You can find the steps for a buttonhole wheel here.

  • Buttonhole wheel
  • Fly stitch
  • Chain stitch
  • French knot
  • Star stitch
  • Straight stitch
  • Running Stitch

DMC colour suggestions

About Carina

Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Danish designer and author living in the UK. Under the name Polka & Bloom, Carina has been designing and selling embroidery patterns since 2009. The patterns combine her life-long passions for art, design, history and nature, often including floral motifs and bright colours.

You can find Carina’s work at and her blog at

Books by Carina: Mandalas to Embroider, published by Search Press in 2017, Romantic Motifs, published by Search Press in 2016 and Stitched Blooms, published by Lark Crafts in 2013.


Mandala IV – Downloadable hand embroidery pattern

* Important: this is a downloadable file. No physical product or materials will be sent to you. *

This PDF hand embroidery guide + pattern will guide you through the embroidery project, step by step. You will be using your own embroidery materials to stitch up this project.

This mandala embroidery pattern has been originally designed for stitching in one color. The PDF guide will have a few different color options, but you can ofcourse also use your favorite color. The pattern itself is included in one size: 15cm (6”).

This pattern and guide is beginner friendly.

Beginners will be able to first follow the explanation of the basic techniques, including how to do every embroidery stitch being used.

Advanced stitchers can skip to the pattern stitch guide and the step-by-step walkthrough, which will explain every step of the pattern itself.

** You will need a PDF reader (eg Acrobat) to be able to open the purchased file(s). You will also be able to print the PDF from your home printer. **
** This is a digital download. You will receive the PDF as a download after payment is confirmed. You can then display the PDF on a desktop, tablet .. or print it out. No physical products will be sent to you! **
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Free Snowflake Mandala Hand Embroidery Pattern

It is said that no two snowflakes are alike, and this lovely hand embroidery design from Stitch Floral proves that.  It is such a delicate design that combines a number of elements, a snowflake and a mandala.  And when you think about it, most snowflakes do look a bit like a mandala.  I had never thought about that before I saw this.

If you look closely at this pattern, the snowflake almost looks like a circle of flowers, with leaves and a blossom on each stem.  It is an easier design that can be made in a number of stitches.  The author used the lazy daisy stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, and the satin stitch.  The combination gives the entire piece lots of detail to look at.

No size for the embroidery hoop is given, but when you print out the downloadable pdf pattern, you can make the size you prefer.  For the background canvas, the designer uses grey fabric which gives the whole thing a unique and modern look.

This would look lovely hung on the wall, or depending on the size, on the Christmas tree.

Click here to get the free pattern: Snowflake Mandala Embroidery Pattern

[photo from Stitch Floral]

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