Wooden sorority letters

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Custom Wooden Greek letters are easy to order for any organization or school. Create custom Greek signs for walls with our innovative Greek alphabet keyboard tool.

Our Greek wooden letters can be cut as small as one inch or as large as four feet. Customers love the quality of Baltic Birch plywood, a popular crafting wood. Baltic Birch is a light colored wood popular for unfinished Greek letters. Like all of our products, wood Greek letters are cut custom per order.

These are indoor rated Greek wood letters to paint. We offer outdoor rated wood in letter heights 6 inches or taller on our site. If you must put these outdoors, we recommend coating them with primer, paint, and sealant once you receive them and hanging them under protection.

Our unpainted Greek letters do not come with any mounting hardware. Double sided mounting tape and removable spray adhesive are available for purchase when submitting your order. If you would rather hang your wooden letters by a nail, we suggest purchasing framing hardware locally and attaching it to the back of the letter. Wood finish may vary from your monitor. Additional shipping applies to large Greek letters over 24".

  • Baltic Birch
  • Paint for walls or gifts
  • Any size small or large
  • Nice grain on face
Sours: https://www.woodlandmanufacturing.com/greek-wood-letters.html

Making wooden sorority letters will probably mean making large sorority letters. These could be cut from plywood, foam board, heavy duty foam board, or cardboard and paper. Whatever you have in mind, you will first need to draw or plot your lettering on the material to be cut. Assuming basic computer skills, you will probably start out with a digital file. Almost all lettering will be in vector format, which is scalable without loss of quality. For those wish to go non-digital, use a lightbox style projector, available from art stores.

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Open your lettering in some kind of editing software that can export and edit PDF’s. My choice would be Photoshop because it allows for scaling lettering to any size, although theoretically almost any software that can export to a PDF should be capable of giving the desired results. The advantage of Photoshop is that it allows you to measure and scale exactly. Once you have your lettering to the correct scale and you have adjusted the spacing between the letters which, for large scale letters will probably not be quite right straight out of the box (default settings), save to a PDF. Open in Adobe Acrobat or in a similar application software. Printing straight from Photoshop is possible but there are many options that you won’t need (keep it simple). Adobe Acrobat will allow you to print large lettering onto an array or grid of paper sheets, which how you will need to print unless you have access to a large format printer (see printer options). To save time later, allow crop-marks before printing, this lets you line-up and tape your sheets together once printed.

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Cutting and Finishing

Now you can either glue your paper lettering on top of your desired base material or transfer your design to the new surface before cutting. There are many ways to do this; some dating back to the Renaissance. The easiest will probably require a visit to a sewing and knitting shop where, if you are lucky, you will find a small tool consisting of a small spiked wheel that rotates on the end of a handle and is used to transfer sewing patterns from thin paper to cardboard. This is done by rolling the spiked sewing tracing wheel over the pattern on the paper and leaving a little line of pin pricks in the board below. With this simple and cheap tool, you will be able to transfer you design to any flat surface. If you have difficulty in seeing the line of poke marks clearly, rub a little colored chalk dust into them. This makes them more visible. Now you simply need to cut along the line. How you do this will depend on the material in question. For paper or thin cardboard, use a razor knife. For thick foam, you will need to use a hot wire or band saw. Depending on the scale, you could also use a coping saw. For plywood use a jigsaw and make sure to use top quality blades designed for the type of board and the shapes you will need to follow. You may need a variety of sizes and teeth patterns to achieve best results. Finish with sandpaper and seal or paint with an appropriate coating.

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Custom Greek Letters

Our wooden Greek letters can be hung on walls as decorations, stand-alone on bases for events, or perfectly placed on paddles. Show off your Greek pride!

Custom Greek Letters

Design something new with Greek letters that can be completely personalized to fit your style for a custom project. Our Greek letters are available in an extensive selection of fonts, materials and sizes to help you easily craft signs, decor and paddles for your sorority or fraternity. We pride ourselves on our experienced and professional team of custom design specialists who are here to make your crafting vision a reality. From large metal outdoor greek letters to adorn a chapter house or small Greek stencils for decorating, we can help you every step of the way.

Wooden Greek Letters

Our wooden Greek letters are the best way to get quality decorations for your organization. We carry a range of wooden options including indoor wall letters, outdoor house letters and paddle kits. We also offer stand-alone greek letters, designed with sturdy bases to look great on your shelves or in large sizes to stand out at events. Our wooden letters are available unfinished for you to design, or fully painted as a completed piece of decor. Contact us today to start creating your own personalized wooden Greek letters.

Sours: https://www.craftcuts.com/greek-letters.html

Wood to Use for 3ft Sorority Letters

If you're looking for weather-resistant and lightweight, you can't do much better than cedar for the wood choice. Cedar also has a good strength-to-weight ratio, making it very sturdy. For thickness, using 2x material (i.e., 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, etc.) is probably ok given your letter sizes. Bear in mind that cedar usually has somewhat of a premium in price over other woods you'd get at a big box store.

A bit less expensive of an option would be pressure-treated dimensional pine boards, which also come in 2x thickness. These will be heavier than the cedar but should have similar weather-resistance and sturdiness at a lower cost.

Based on the link you provided, you might be looking at using plywood for the letters. Pressure-treated (exterior-grade) plywood is available, which will fit the weather-resistance bill. However, I would advise backing the plywood with a frame of 2x material to keep it from bending when wet.

You state that these are going to be used for your recruitment booth. Are they going to be kept outside for long term (i.e., months or years)? If so, you'll want to consider using a waterproof glue such as Titebond III and/or coated deck screws for assembly. This will ensure that it stays together for the long haul as compared to less robust glue and fasteners.

Sours: https://woodworking.stackexchange.com/questions//wood-to-use-for-3ft-sorority-letters

Sorority letters wooden

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