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We applied to dozens of Craigslist SF rental scams. Here's what happened.

These types of definitely-fake apartment listings are just one of the many things that make house hunting in San Francisco one of the most nightmarish parts of living in the city. As someone who is currently in the process of relocating (hmu if you have a large room and love Shih Tzus), scouring Craigslist and Facebook housing groups has become my new part-time job.

Like everyone, I want an uncommon deal, and with the pandemic there are plenty to be had. Three weeks into my search, I feel like I’m watching a stock ticker as I notice the same listings become discounted, move-in dates shift back and buildings looking so thirsty for tenants that they’ll throw in a free month and $1, Amazon gift card. A flood of cheap furnished rooms with mid-century-ish nightstands imply a rush of Airbnb Lords quitting the STR game. But most of all, I see scams.

By my unscientific count, 16 out of listings on the first page of shared rooms on Craigslist San Francisco looked fraudulent. By a scientific count from an NYU study that examined 2 million Craigslist ads, my results are fairly representative of the whole: the company flags 6% for removal, but only caught 47% of the frauds (Craigslist did not respond to multiple emails).

Shockingly enough, they do actually work.

According to data from Apartment List, million people have lost money to a rental scam, which amounts to % of U.S. renters. Surprisingly, younger renters are more likely to fall for these scams, with 19 to year-olds 42% more likely to be victims. The median loss is $, although a scary % lost more than $1,

Typically that payment is requested by super shady means, ranging from old fashioned money order to cryptocurrency to iTunes gift cards. The popularity of Venmo and Cash App makes these scams even more dangerous.

“Those methods of payment don’t have the same types of anti-fraud protections that credit cards or even traditional checks have,” says John Breyault, vice president of fraud at the National Consumers League. “I’d caution consumers against Venmoing that first month of rent to a potential landlord unless you’ve physically laid eyes on the rental yourself.”

The one reassuring stat is that despite San Francisco having the highest rate of fraudulent listings in the country (%), less than one percent of us tech-savvy renters took the bait, compared to a staggering % in Dallas.

So naturally, for the sake of journalism and the promise of deliciously cheap rent, I decided to take the bait. Over and over and over.

To see if I should have even an ounce of hope, first I contacted a couple of apartment locators from J Wavro Associates to get their professional opinion on my chances of finding a diamond in the rough. Neither seemed to even understand my question and on clarification, they assured me they had never come across any legitimate $ listings in their career.

Out to prove them wrong, I waded through an endless list of fake ads that all looked pretty similar. Rent under $ A grainy photo that looks like a horror film set, a sterile stock photo or an attractive profile pic of my future roommate, “a very accomplished Rusian ladies that simply separated.” Expect misspelled platitudes with weird punctuation (“*~ Hoping your lovely time!”) and a list of very appealing amenities like “newer memory foam mattress and jacuzzi tub”. Some have clearly lifted text from other listings, like one 10’x13’ room in a 3 bedroom with brand new OPENABLE windows, located at 24th and Folsom St. (“HELLO Philz Coffee!”). A few roommates even sound real (“Me: Gay male architect - late 30’s. Single, aside from my Australian cattle dog, Rocky (35lbs).”

But that description almost always includes a shady link to a website with the domain name “.casa” which leads to an “application” that casually asks for a whole lot of personal information or to run a “free” credit check, which the Better Business Bureau warns will likely include a hidden recurring monthly fee.

The listings that do have email contacts, which in hindsight I really should’ve made a dummy Gmail account before contacting (sorry IT department!), immediately trigger a torrent of eager responses from multiple senders directing me to the webpage for “their real listing.” However, before I see it, it’s very important that I share that juicy personal information because my new landlord’s husband is understandably hesitant about letting just anyone see photos of his fabulous $ a month Lower Haight two bedroom with a jacuzzi.

Another breed of scammer tries to take the conversation to text message. This is particularly enticing, because the medium itself just feels much more real, even if their first message is “do u need Room ??” In this racket, the scammer says they’ll call you to discuss the details… but only after you supply a Google Voice verification code, which is texted to you from another number along with a link and a counterproductive disclaimer that you should not share it with anyone. It was such a curious technique that my finger actually hovered over the link for a moment.

“There’s some recent statistics that people are starting to fall for text-based scams more,” says Mason Wilder, Senior Research Specialist at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. “There’s a shift from phishing emails. Just on a basic subconscious level, people are more inclined to click on links in text messages because they just haven’t wired their brains to dismiss things as much as email.”

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While juggling a few legitimate Zoom interviews and masked showings, I tried to keep conversations going with all my scamlords, playing the role of a dumb renter who 1) is desperate for a cheap room, and 2) has money and can send it very quickly if only they’d tell me more about my future roommates other than “I am Carolyn.” To their credit, they did a great job of staying on-script and didn’t fall for my own scam, which was to try to waste as much of their time as possible. Typically conversation fell off after I’d tell them that the Google Voice code I received was Whoops, I meant Still not working? Can’t you just send pics? I have cash!

I wish I could say I found one of these mega-cheap apartments, or at least that I broke down the defenses of a scammer and made them accidentally reveal their location that I would then pass on to the FBI (the California attorney general’s press office directed me to file a report at But all I found was a whole lot of spam.

The legitimate half of my apartment hunt was genuinely enlightening though. As a newcomer to the city whose first house was with a friend, this was my virgin dive into the depths of Facebook housing groups, and I now feel like I’ve seen inside every variety of apartment in the city (and learned that many, many people don’t make their beds before taking photos).

And in the end, I found a very attractive rent-controlled room on Haight St. the old fashioned way, via a word of mouth tip from a friend. It looks like a done deal as long as my little Shih Tzu Peanut has a successful playdate tomorrow with a shy mutt named Roubey. It may not cost under $ or have a memory foam mattress and jacuzzi, but at least I’ve already seen for myself that it does in fact have windows that open.

Dan Gentile is the culture editor at SFGate. Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @Dannosphere


Craigslist&#;s New York apartment classifieds are a con artist favorite, bilking individuals and families out of their hard-earned deposit and rent money.

Fraud in New York City&#;s Craigslist classifieds has become so pervasive that Craigslist has considered charging a fee for its ads. Their hope is that by putting a charge in place, they will discourage phony listings.

Most of these fraudulent postings are common bait and switch schemes. However, some of the cases reported involved more elaborate schemes run by professional criminals. These scam artists have managed to bilk apartment seekers for thousands of dollars.

Everyone knows how competitive the New York apartment market is, with too many people looking for far too few apartments. Some bold con artists have capitalized on this situation and used it to their advantage.

In one of the worst cases we found a woman who promised a small studio apartment to several dozen different people. She collected enough money from each hopeful tenant in the form of rent and security deposits to make off with over $60,

This may not be the most common apartment scam on Craigslist but it&#;s not unique. People sub-renting the same apartment to multiple people and making off with their money are numerous enough that anyone using Craigslist or any other online service should thoroughly check out their landlord before handing over their money.

Tips for avoiding Craigslist apartment rental scams

  • Ask to see the landlord&#;s ID &#; record all the information you can from it.
  • Use a browser to search for the person&#;s name who you&#;re dealing with. Be sure to add quotes around their name. You could add the words &#;fraud&#; or &#;scam&#; at the end of your search terms.
  • Use reverse directory look up if the person has given you their telephone number. It&#;s important to double check that they are who they say they are.
  • Visit the local county courthouse to look up property ownership for the apartment in question. Who really owns it? Is it the person you&#;re dealing with? Or someone else?
  • Scan any provided photographs carefully. Do they match up with what you&#;ve seen in person? Do they look like they all came from the same place?
  • They don&#;t ask for an application or permission to check your credit? That&#;s a red flag!
  • Considering the current state of our economy and the rise in foreclosures, ask the landlord if they&#;re current on their mortgage payments, and then get their answer in writing.
  • Consider using another method for obtaining a rental, i.e. real estate agent, going through a rental agency, etc&#;

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Craigslist is many people’s go to website not just for finding a new home but for everything however craigslist is notorious for scams. Here’s how to spot craigslist scams

  1.     The Listing Has No Photos

While this isn’t always indicative of a scam, these days most everyone has a smartphone with a camera to snap a few photos of their leased home, business, room, or unit. If an advertisement for rental has NO images, beware.

Make sure to utilize Craigslist’s new anonymous email reply feature (which encodes your actual email address for your initial emails) and ask the user to add photos to their posting. Beware of photo files sent to you, that you have to download to open

  1.     They Want Your Personal Information

You see a beautiful rental listing and reply to the post, hoping to be one of the first people to view it in person. Surprisingly, the original poster writes back needing various personal information about you ranging from your driver’s license, social security number, a credit card, or even your bank information. The moment someone asks you for personal information of this kind, you can rest assured that it is almost guaranteed that the listing you sought is a scam and the person on the other end of the ad merely wanting to steal your money and identity. Below is an example

  1.     The Email Address or Domain Looks Fishy

While there are many real, but unusual sounding screen names or email addresses that are legit, if someone is writing you from an uncommon @————.com, then it is highly possible they are phishing or a scammer/thief.

  1.   Beautiful Home or Unit, for Pennies on the Dollar

Everyone would love to find a great deal on a local home or rental, but when a particularly attractive or sought after home or area is listed for hundreds (or thousands) less than the going rate, you can be all but guaranteed the posting are Craigslist apartment scams and only there to trick eager leasers.

  1.     No Security Deposit, a Month Free, etc.

Most modern owners with decently rentable properties don’t want to give away their earnings for free. While including free cable or water paid is regular, a suspiciously large offer of something “free” should be met with more scrutiny

  1. Credit check before seeing the property 

Giving out information before seeing the property or signing any forms is very risky, and is a dangerous road to being scammed

  1.     Owner Is out of Town

They have photos of a property you are sure you want to rent, for a high price. The original poster gives you the address, and you drive by the property to look at it, where you see a “for lease” sign in the front yard. So far, everything seems to check out.

However, a popular Craigslist rental scam is to post photos and the address of an actual rental property, which the poster doesn’t actually own, then attempt to have prospective renter wire transfer or authorize payment for the lease or deposit, by claiming they can rent it but it isn’t available to show right now. This is often excused by saying the “owner” is out of town.

  1.     You Are Shown the Home/Rental, but the Person Showing It to You Doesn’t Actually Own It

In cases like this, the person you’ve met with has broken into the home, cracked the lock box code, or stolen a key in some way. They may know that the owner is out of town or meet with you long enough to get funds via a fake lease or deposit.

This can be a disaster for a hopeful renter and the actual home or rental owners as well. City records can sometimes help verify the real owners or reach out to a respected realtor to act as middle-man/woman. 

    If You Find out You Have Been or Suspect You Might Be the Victim of a Housing Scam:

-Flag the posting.

-If funds have been exchanged or you feel others may have been or are about to be scammed, file a police report by consulting local law enforcement.

-File a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 

for more information on social services for housing and shelters please visit this link


FakeCraigslist Houses for Rent

Houses for Rent on Craigslist

Craigslist Homes for Rent &#; Don&#;t Let Them Fool You!

On any given day, it&#;s possible to search Craigslist for houses for rent by owner. Craigslist might just be one of the largest online search sites for rentals in any given area. However, some rentals on Craigslist appear too good to be true. And if that&#;s the case, it probably is just that, too good to be true, and there&#;s a good chance it&#;s a Craigslist real estate scam.

The internet has made it easier than ever for scammers to try and steal money (and maybe even the identities) of real people through fake house ads on Craigslist. Houses that are actually listed for sale have been found as rental scams on Craigslist, these are Craigslist scams when selling.

Common Rental Scams on Craigslist

How do Craigslist Rental Scams Work?

Craigslist rental scams typically include houses for rent and apartments for rent. But, they aren&#;t really for rent. The scammers will first search online for vacant houses that are listed for sale. Then they will use a few of the pictures that are already posted online of the house or condo that is truly for sale, and post it as a house or apartment for rent on Craigslist. These scammers don&#;t own the house, have never been to the house, and don&#;t even have the keys&#;because they don&#;t really own it! But it&#;s oh so easy to use the same pictures of an empty house and make it look like it really could be available for rent. These scammers are sneaky&#; and smart&#; and know exactly what they are doing to steal money from innocent people who are truly looking for a place to rent. And there&#;s no real way to know where these scammers are actually located, which makes it even more difficult to try and track them down.

Here&#;s an example: A Craiglist post advertised a single family home in Frederick, Maryland. The homeowners had actually put the house up for sale through a REALTOR®. It didn&#;t take long for a scammer to steal the information from the listing, including a picture, and turn it into a fake Craigslist ad.

Here&#;s the Fake House Ad on Craigslist:

$ / ft2 &#; One of the most beautiful home (Frederick, MD)

0BR / 2Ba ft2

cats are OK &#; purrr 
dogs are OK &#; wooof 
Affordable & Available home is ready to go. With a covered front porch and large living space, this is a great project to make your own or maybe your first investment. Close to an area park, shopping and restaurants, you&#;ll like the location too!
Listing ID: XX. Please contact with us for more details. Call now- ()  (remainder of the phone number has been intentionally deleted for purposes of this blog post). I wantjust serious inquiries to take over payments a R,en,t to 0,wn property. Bad or poor credit no problem. Generally immediate move in is possible.

Here&#;s the REAL Details for This Same House:

3 bedrooms / 2 baths. Property has no utilities turned on. Buyer is responsible for turning on utilities for inspections etc. Property sold AS IS. Large four level split with attached deck and gazebo. Situated on a corner lot and just under 1 acre of land. Home needs some TLC to make all your own.

Here&#;s Where This Craigslist Scam Gets INTERESTING:

The house was actually under contract to be SOLD when it was found on Craigslist, and it really did SELL to new owners. It was never a rental to begin with. It was a house that was listed for sale by a REALTOR®. But because it had been vacant, the scammer was able to successfully use the same pictures and advertise it as being for rent, when it never was to begin with.

Craigslist Apartment Scams

Craigslist apartment scams are also prevalent. Here&#;s another real example: The apartment below was listed in 2 entirely different areas in Maryland! The Craigslist ads are identical. Who knows where else it might also be listed?!?

Here it is, Listed in Craigslist Baltimore:

$ Bright and Spacious 2 Bedroom 2 Bath unit rent in Baltimore (Baltimore)

Bright and Spacious 2 Bedroom 2 Bath unit rent in Baltimore. New open kitchen, with granite counters, new cabinets and new light fixtures . Come home to all new renovations, brand new Central A/C and Heat, Washer and Dryer. walking distance to downtown shopping and restaurants. $ RENT PER MONTH.New dishwasher. Updated bathrooms, new water heater, new A/C, newer appliances.SMOKING AND PETS ALLOWED. All updated. Ready for immediate move in, Maple Grove features Laundry facilities on site. Great area for restaurants, shopping, and schools. This beautiful 2 Bedroom 2 Bath, floor plans with nearly sq.ft of living space, features new wood like flooring, granite countertops, multicolored backsplash, beautifully renovated, storage, natural light much more. You pay gas, electric, water/sewer- trash is included. All Ready!! JUST SERIOUS PERSON INQUIRES TEXT PLEASE::^^ XXXXXX^yahoo^com^. Thanks

Here it is Again, Listed in Craigslist Frederick:

$ Bright and Spacious 2 Bedroom 2 Bath unit rent in Frederick (Frederick)

Bright and Spacious 2 Bedroom 2 Bath unit rent in Frederick. New open kitchen, with granite counters, new cabinets and new light fixtures . Come home to all new renovations, brand new Central A/C and Heat, Washer and Dryer. walking distance to downtown shopping and restaurants. $ RENT PER MONTH.New dishwasher. Updated bathrooms, new water heater, new A/C, newer appliances.SMOKING AND PETS ALLOWED. All updated. Ready for immediate move in, Maple Grove features Laundry facilities on site. Great area for restaurants, shopping, and schools. This beautiful 2 Bedroom 2 Bath, floor plans with nearly sq.ft of living space, features new wood like flooring, granite countertops, multicolored backsplash, beautifully renovated, storage, natural light much more. You pay gas, electric, water/sewer- trash is included. All Ready!! JUST SERIOUS PERSON INQUIRES TEXT PLEASE::^^ XXXXX^yahoo^com^. Thanks

How to Identify a Craigslist Housing Scam

Fake Rental Ads on Craigslist

If you&#;re looking for a place to rent on Craigslist, it&#;s important to know how to spot a rental scammer on Craigslist. There are common ways to spot a Craigslist scammer who wants to cheat you out of your money. Once you give them your money, it is gone, and there isn&#;t much you can do about it.

How to Spot a Rental Scammer on Craigslist:

Real estate scams on Craigslist are (unfortunately) often found. There are several &#;red flags&#; that are commonly found in the fake ads on Craigslist for houses and apartments for rent. Look for any of these common elements that are often included in fake Craigslist rentals:

&#;A Ridiculously Low Price on Craigslist

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is just that&#;. too good to be true. The first example above was &#;rent to own&#; for $/month. Really? A single family house in Frederick? Huge red flag. You can&#;t even rent a condo for that price. If you&#;re lucky, you might find a room for rent, but certainly not a house.

The second example above was $ / month, for 2 bedrooms and 2 baths! Again, completely unreasonable and another huge red flag.

&#; There&#;s No Exact Address Provided

Let&#;s face it, when landlords advertise their rentals online, they want you to know where it&#;s located, they want you to drive by to check out the exterior, the general location and the neighborhood. A Craigslist ad without an address is another huge red flag. Why wouldn&#;t they want you to know where it&#;s located? Some Craigslist ads included a map of a &#;general&#; location. How can you be sure it&#;s accurate? You can&#;t! Do you really want to contact someone who&#;s throwing up red flags?

&#;There&#;s More Than 1 Listing for Same Apartment&#; in Different Areas

A common example is the apartment rental listings above. Scammers will often times list the exact same vacant place for rent in multiple geographic areas on Craigslist. This increases their chances of scamming the most people out of money. After all, if you&#;re looking for a rental in one area, you might not be looking in those other areas, and they are less likely to get caught.

&#;The &#;Owner&#; Can&#;t Actually Meet You at the Listing So You Can See It in Person

Let&#;s say you contact the the person who put the ad on Craigslist, because you&#;re genuinely looking for a place to rent. A scammer will reply back to you saying something like, &#;I&#;m really sorry! I had to move for my Job and that&#;s why I&#;m renting out the house (or apartment) until my job sends me back sometime next year&#;.

Other scammers might say they can’t meet you at the property because they’re out of the country. Some will tell you to drive by the location and see the outside, but they can’t show you the inside for any number of reasons. If they can’t show you the inside, it’s because they don’t have access. It&#;s not because they are away.

&#; There&#;s a Sob Story Involved

When you contact a scammer who is advertising a fake rental on Craigslist, they might respond with some sort of sad story about their life. Some scammers will tell you there was a death in their family, and they need to rent the house or apartment as soon as possible so they can pay for the funeral. Or they might tell you a family member was in a bad accident, or is very sick, and they need to rent the place as soon as possible to pay medical bills. Don&#;t fall for those lies.

&#; You&#;re Required to Put Down Money Before You Have the Chance to See the Place

Legitimate rentals will require you to pay an application fee and/or credit check fee upfront. After you&#;re approved and you&#;re ready to sign the lease, you&#;ll then need to provide a security deposit (which is typically equivalent to 1 month&#;s rent), along with the first month&#;s rent. If you have pets, you might also need to pay a pet deposit.

If you&#;re asked to pay for anything other than an application fee and/or a credit check fee before even seeing the place or signing the lease, it&#;s most likely a scam. Being asked to Pay for anything else before signing the lease is highly suspicious.

&#; Improper Grammar and Punctuation

This is another huge red flag. It&#;s certainly easy to misspell words or use the wrong punctuation. But poor grammar, misspelled words and punctuation that doesn&#;t make sense are good signs a scammer has posted a fake rental on Craigslist.

Take a look again at the ad for the house above. What the heck is: R,en,t to 0,wn? Another sure red flag is: 0BR (Yes, it says zero bedrooms, really?) A 3rd red flag is: wantjust.

&#; Craigslist Rental App: Complete a Free Credit Application / Bad Credit is OK

Credit Applications Aren&#;t Free

It is completely reasonable and customary for a legitimate landlord or property manager to require a background check, employment verification, and a credit check. However, it&#;s never free. There is a fee for those checks. Anyone 18 and older who will be living in the property will be required to complete an application and pay the associated fee to have those checks done.

So if the Craigslist ad says they require &#;all applicants and additional renters who will be living in the home complete a FREE credit report to ensure their eligibility,&#; there&#;s a good chance it&#;s a scam.

Credit Really Does Matter

Beware if you see: &#;It is okay if you have bad credit (trust me)&#; in the Craigslist ad. While some landlords will rent to someone will less than stellar credit, it&#;s on a case by case basis. And the applicant must be able to justify why their credit is bad, and prove their ability to pay their monthly rent. If someone is telling you your credit doesn&#;t matter, there&#;s a very good chance they&#;re a scammer.

How to Avoid Rental Scams on Craigslist

Is Craigslist Safe for Renting?

If you are doing a Craigslist apartment search or are searching Craigslist homes for rent, you can indeed find some rentals that are legitimate and safe to respond to. Some homeowners do not want to spend the money to list their homes or apartments for rent with a real estate agent. The cheapest way for many homeowners and landlords is to put their homes for rent on Craigslist. These people would rather &#;do it themselves&#; as opposed to having a property management company or REALTOR® list it for them. They can often reach a greater number of people who are looking for a place to rent on Craigslist.

Beware, though, of those that seem &#;too good to be true&#;, or those that seem even slightly suspicious. It&#;s easy to fall prey to scammers&#;they are smart and know how to entice people who are desperately trying to find an affordable place to rent. Let&#;s face it&#;renting a home is expensive, and it gets more expensive all the time. This is because there are always lots of people trying to find a decent place to rent, but there aren&#;t enough decent places available for rent, at a good price. Its easy to steal pictures online (because that&#;s what they do), write up a vague description that is often untrue, and throw in a price that seems like an unbelievable deal. For someone who is trying to find a place to rent, it&#;s very easy to &#;jump on it&#; while it&#;s still available, before someone else signs the lease. These scammers rely on everyone who is looking on Craigslist for a place to rent.

Renting on Craigslist Tips

If you&#;re trying to find an apartment for rent or a house for rent on Craigslist, make sure it&#;s legitimate before contacting the &#;landlord&#; because they might be scammers. Once scammers have your information or worse yet, your money, there might not be much you can do. If the scammers are in another country, you are most likely out of luck. Scammers are smart, and devious, and they make it so easy to believe they really have the authority to advertise a house or apartment for rent.

When looking for housing on Craigslist, there are 2 things you can do to help determine whether the ad is real or fake:

Craigslist Tip #1:

If an address is included in the Craigslist ad, or if you make contact with the person in the ad and get the address, the next step is to Google the address. If it&#;s a property that is actually listed for sale, it will show up on multiple websites. Then, contact the listing agent just in case the seller is willing to lease it. Occasionally, a seller is willing to either sell or rent a property. It doesn&#;t happen very often, but it&#;s worth the call. If nothing else, you&#;ll learn the ad on Craigslist was someone trying pull a quick scam. And, the listing agent will know there&#;s someone trying to use their listing to scam people out of money. There are ways for REALTORS® to have fake Craigslist rentals removed from Craigslist, but they can&#;t do it if they don&#;t know about it. You are not causing any problems by checking to see if the Craigslist ad is real, you might just be helping someone else avoid being scammed.

Craigslist Tip #2:

Another way to check suspicious ads is to do a reverse image search. Right-click the image and select &#;Search Google for Image.&#; It&#;s not foolproof, but if the image has been stolen it will usually come up with a list of pages that include matching images. You can then look in the sites to see if anything matches.

What to Do if You Get Scammed on Craigslist

How to Report a Rental Scam on Craigslist

If you believe you&#;ve been scammed on Craigslist, there are several ways to report the scam. Also check with the local police and attorney general in your state to learn other options that may be available.

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center

FTC Complaint Form or call FTC-HELP

Email Craigslist

If you&#;re selling your house and you suspect someone&#;s using your house to try and run a scam, report the listing to Craigslist. Send an email to “[email&#;protected]” and provide as much detail as you can about the listing. Make sure you include the URL (or 8 digit post ID number) in your email.

How to Avoid Rental Scams on Craigslist

If you can’t go see a property yourself because you&#;re moving from another area (or for any other reason), try to send someone you trust on your behalf. If that isn&#;t possible, ask to see a live video tour. If the landlord is legitimate, he or she should be willing to go to the property and do a live video of both the interior and exterior of house or apartment. Ask them to FaceTime you while they do the tour, so you know they are the ones who indeed have access. You don’t want to put down a deposit on a house or apartment that doesn’t exist.

An even better, more reliable way to find a legitimate rental is by contacting a REALTOR® or a property management company in the area you want to move to. They will have access to lists of properties that are legitimately for rent.

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Melissa Spittel is a local real estate expert who serves Carroll County, Maryland and the surrounding areas in Maryland. Her knowledge, skills and experience are invaluable when it comes to buying or selling a house. Her experience working with out-of-state buyers and sellers makes her a great relocation REALTOR®, and she is part of Coldwell Banker’s Relocation Team. Do you need a real estate expert in another part of Maryland? Or even in another state? Melissa can easily connect you with a REALTOR® from her wide network of real estate pros.

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Exposing a CRAIGSLIST SCAMMER (We Rented His FAKE Apartment!)

She came up with such a conspiratorial plan, thereby convincing her new gentleman that I would not find out about anything. Their evening promised to be eventful because they were going to the theater for the symbolic opera "Othello" in as many as four acts with three intermissions. Although I doubt that my joy will endure at least until the second act.

Our marriage turned 6 last month. The wedding was in the last year of the institute.

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But I bring my job to the end, licking the last drops of your juice. My cave is shrinking in the last eruptions of passion. A lonely tear rolls down from the corner of my eye. For the last time I kiss your sleeping beast. I get up, trembling about a slight weakness, endlessly tenderly kissing on the lips.

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