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Max A is Pall Ultipleat High Flow Water Filter Cartridge Replacement. Max A series high flow filter cartridge is made of 100% polypropylene melt media. Unlike original Pall Ultipleat series’ outer soft netting, Max A high flow filter cartridges make use of rigid hard cage as outer case. The strong hard cage enables the high flow water filters to undertake larger operation pressure during filtration process.

And as a pleated water filter cartridge with optimized membrane structure, better filtration precision and efficiency can be offered by Max A series. In the pre-filtration process of reverse osmosis membrane filtration, Max A high flow filter provides better protection for RO membrane than melt blown and string wound sediment filter cartridges.

If further project parameters offered to Brother Filtration, we are glad to customize the special Pall Ultipleat High Flow filter cartridge substitute for your only use. Longer service life and better filtered water quality can be achieved by our OEM/ODM services.

Features of Max-A High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Large water flow capacity in one high flow filter element, max is 113 m3/h
  2. Large filter outer diameter for high flow, 6inch (152mm)
  3. Graded filtration pore sizes in one high flow filter element
  4. Multi membrane layers for large dirt holding in the high flow filter elements
  5. Thermally bonded construction for stronger pressure resistance
  6. In-Out water flow direction to block the contaminants inside the pleated filter

Advantages of Max-A High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Less filter elements quantity in need
  2. Smaller installation footprint
  3. Easier and quicker installation & change out
  4. Less labor needed and lower operation & maintenance cost

Applications of Max-A High Flow Filter Cartridge

  1. Power Condensate System
  2. Municipal Water
  3. Chemical
  4. Petrochemicals
  5. Electronics (RO Pre-Filtration, Process Water)
  6. Food & Beverage (process Water)
  7. Pharmaceutical (process water)
  8. Waste Water
Sours: https://www.brotherfiltration.com/products/max-pleater-filter/

20 Micron Flow-Max Pleated Sediment Filter
Actual: (20" x 4½")

Part #: FM-BB-20-20

This Flow-Max 20" Big Blue Water filter is a 20 micron sediment filter pleated cartridge that will reduce sand, dirt, sediment, and rust from your water which affect the taste and appearance. The Flow-Max pleated sediment filter (FM-BB-20-20) offers excellent chemical resistance and high dirt holding capacity, all at an economical price. 100% synthetic and cellulose free.

Note: 5 Micron and up pleated filters are cleanable and can be reused a couple of times, depending on water conditions.

This water filter fits most water filter housings that require standard-sized large Big Blue 20" water filters (20" x 4½"). It is compatible as a replacement filter for all 20 inch Big Blue filter housings by Culligan, Ametek, Pentek, US Filter, Plymouth Products, American Plumber, and others that use 20" x 4.5" filters. These Big Blue filters feature a higher flow rate and dirt-holding capacity than standard-sized sediment water filter cartridges.

Flow-Max filter cartridges outperform wound, spun, resin bonded and other "depth" type filter elements because our cartridges are pleated to provide increased surface area and longer life. Flow-Max filter cartridges outperform other pleated elements because our high performance filter media is systematically produced using 100% synthetic fibers, with no binders or additives to leave a residue, foam or contaminate. Our filter media is dramatically thicker than other products. For this reason, Flow-Max cartridges provide "depth" filtration.

Features and Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • No leachables
  • High dirt holding capacity

spacerMade in USA

Typical Applications

  • Potable water
  • Beverages
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis equipment
  • Fine chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Plating solutions and more!


Maximum temperature:140°F / 60°C
Cartridge packaging:Individually shrink wrapped for purity
Micron rating:20 Micron
Dimensions:20" x 4½" (actual)

Filter life depends on water conditions and use patterns; it is recommended that the filter be replaced when water pressure drop is noticeable.

Sours: https://www.vitasalus.net/20-micron-flow-max-pleated-sediment-cartridge-452
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Flow-Max Filter Cartridges | Flowmatic Filters

Note: Pressure drop data shown above include filter housing and cartridge.

Flow Rates

Maximum flow rate guidelines for Flowmatic cartridges are shown below:

Flow-Max Maixmum Flow Rates Per Cartridge

Washable and Reusable

Flow-Max Jumbo Washable Cartridges

Flow-Max cartridges are washable and reusable, five micron and up to reduce filtration costs. For best results, direct spray into pleats to dislodge sediment. Or, let dry and brush off filter cake from surface of the media.

All Flow-Max cartridges are individually shrink wrapped for purity

Flow-Max Shrink Wrapped Cartridges
Sours: https://www.h2odistributors.com/pages/products/cartridges-flow-max.asp

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