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Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont Dealership In California

5600 Cushing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538

Make Your Car Feel Like A Brand New Car

About Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont

Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont provide vehicles of Lexus in Fremont, California. We have exciting deals for buying new or used cars and on services. While you are buying your Lexus, our staff will guide and answer all your queries. We have various options available on finance and services. Visit us for on-going offers at 5600 Cushing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 or check our inventory online .


We Dont just sell cars, we solve problems

Make Cash Payment And Takeaway Your Car

Having a liability creates stress and might cost you mentally too. So if you think so you can get the best-assured deal and that too at a special discount. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up to go on an adventurous ride.

Funding & Finding Your Car Solution

Want funds for financing the purchase of your car? Avail car loan at the best interest rate for the longest assured tenure period or takeaway the car on lease and make flexible monthly installment, warranty claim, and more.

24/7 We Think Of You

We bring together hassle-free car-servicing by providing a wide range of custom repair solutions for your car. We’ll take care of your car needs with an array of car services like wheel alignment, gear oil, engine diagnostics, brake repairing, maintenance, car-washing, and what not!

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Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Best Lexus Service Center in Fremont

Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Services

Timely Oil Changes

The oil of your vehicle is the diet and fluids on which it relies and the lower the engine amount and the riskier it is for the engine pistons to work with. Get routinely oil changes for the vehicle you are driving.

Improved Tire Pressure

The integral part of any vehicle is the tire pressure that plays the most important factor for the healthy movement of any car, there happens to be a yellow light indicates that shows that tire pressure is malfunctioning. We have full-fledged machinery to gauge the tire pressure.

Concerns For Air Filter

The gas mileage and oddly generated emissions can reduce the performance of the vehicle. The fleet of skilled mechanics that we procure can do a lot more improvement to your vehicle.

Engine Oil Concerns

Engine oil pressure and healthy oil conditions are a must for your vehicle and getting a good hold of it requires a full-fledged service station and there comes the call of visiting one. Visiting our store will unlock vehicular benefits for you.

Tire Pressure Regimes

The vehicle that you drive on a mundane regime floats on a certain set of circled feet induced with air in it, the healthier the air pressure it procures the quicker you reach your destination. Our specialized team has greTire Pressure Regimesat expertise in working with tire pressure issues.

Air Filter Routines

Your vehicle really relies on the genuine health of the air filter and the more neat and clean it is, the higher are the chances for your car to replicate a good driving experience.

Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Vehicle Service Specials

Nationwide Warranty Regimes

There lies a whole suite and a fleet for your vehicle’s service and what suits one owner might bother the other. Our specialized warranty services cater to you throughout the nation, serving you with the most astounding warranty services.

Collision Protection

The wear and tear can happen at any time of the day and no one is to blame for that until and unless you have our collision protection service. Make an appointment today for the broken skin of your car and get it repaired today.

On-Road Assistance

The road-side assistance works as a real boon to the driver who is caught alongside the road and beneath the hot sun, his very urge is to get a solacing call from the dealer, we provide you with the best of roadside assistance so that you can feel at home even though you are stuck in traffic.

Save your money on Lexus cars with discounted Coupons

Get special vehicle’s maintenance and repair services on discounts. Keep your vehicle running properly with a range of discounted services like brake repair, batteries, oil change and more.

*The discount can not be used in exchange. Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only.

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Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Top Lexus Service Center in Fremont

Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Services

Cosmetic repairs and Vehicle customization

If your vehicle paint is chipping or you have got a few cracks in the windshield. We have professionals to repair them and gives you feel like a new vehicle. Services like clear bra installation, change of paint, graphics, and pinstripes are also available.


If your vehicle has any type of repairs like blown up of engine gasket or an axel may be broken down. We have manufacturer-certified mechanics for fixing them. We only use original manufacturer parts in case of replacing.

Air Intake Exhaust Service

It generates a proper amount of air from filter box to engine where it mixes with fuel to power engine, its service is important for performance and safety. The service includes cleaning or replacement of the air intake hose or exhaust system. Our trained technician provides a demonstration then replaces it with OEM parts.

Oil changes

Scheduling oil changes increase car engine life as the oil degrades with time and doesn't give proper lubricant to the engine. Every oil changes include up to five quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and courtesy vehicle inspection.

Tire rotation

The tires require regular rotation for their longer tread life and comfortable ride. In this tightening of lug nuts, setting tire pressure and change of tread to the front to rear wheels is done according to vehicle specifications.

Parts and accessories

We believe in giving out customer genuine OEM parts either for their home project or using it for replacing in the vehicle. We have combined everyone’s taste in accessories you can find them at our dealership. If you can’t find any part or accessories you can place an order by filling the form online.

Schedule Service

If you are busy or you don’t have time on weekdays. You can book us on weekends also and we can pick and drop off your vehicle at your place. You can schedule service by calling or fill a form online.

Roadside Assistance

You can get free 24/7 roadside assistance to your vehicle when you bring your vehicle to our dealership. It includes all the emergency services that can happen and you will have personal assistance that will help you inform your family and friends or finding you nearby hotel or ATM or any other help you need.

Multi-point inspection

This service is free with any vehicle service you will take from us. This includes detailed vehicle inspected reports and car wash on request. Schedule an appointment today to get the report of your vehicle.

Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont: Vehicle Service Specials

Vehicle protection plan and offer

The vehicle protection plan is like insurance of the car that includes all minor parts to major according to plan. We have some offers going on that include special programs for students, incentives on the new vehicle and local specials.


It’s good to purchase a warranty to avoid costly repairs. The warranty is given by the manufacturer no third party is there but there is a limit of time and mileage.

Certified collision

We have special professional teams that are certified in repairs of accidental cars and our plan includes free pickup and delivery, fast free estimates, on-site repairs, and on-site rental cars.

Lexus car service is made inexpensive by Magnussen's Lexus Of Fremont

Now save your money on all maintenance and repair services. We offer a wide range of Auto services and care like engine, brake, body repair and more.

*Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only. The discount can not be used in exchange.

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