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Beretta Nano: A Strong Choice for a Concealed Carry 9mm Pistol?

With so much interest in concealed carry these days, it’s time for me to put the spotlight on the Beretta 9mm Nano. You may be well-familiar with several larger everyday carry 9mm pistols. However, the unique miniature size of a pocket pistol brings a new set of ideas and challenges to the table.

The Size Question

Let’s start with the most obvious challenge, size. It is a pocket pistol. So, as you’d expect, the Beretta Nano is a small gun. Seriously small and easy for anyone to conceal. The footprint of the BU9 is essentially the same as a 4&#;6 photograph, and less than an inch wide. 3” of that length is barrel. The remainder consists of completely enclosed mechanisms and action system that allows almost all of the moving parts to remain within the interior of the BU9. There’s no need for worry about typical ambi-controls. Aside from the nub of a mag release, there aren&#;t any controls to maneuver. The clean exterior and minimal motion provide a completely snag-free pistol. A functional trigger safety, paired with a heavy double-action, increases security.

Heavy is the name of the game with the Beretta Nano in the best ways. Considering the micro-compact size of the BU9, it has a remarkably solid feel. No rattles and no wiggles, the Nano feels tough. In my hand, there’s a notable heaviness through the front end of the Nano’s squared-off barrel. Just over a pound when empty, the weight will push up towards the equivalent of a 20 oz. soda bottle when fully loaded.

That heft is likely a large part of the Beretta genius when it comes to shooting this powerful pocket pistol. Generally, with a pistol of this size and caliber, you are expected to control that energy with either a jumpy muzzle flip or some rather heavy sting through your hand.

Not with the Nano. I was very impressed with how manageable the recoil is in the BU9. The energy of the round is a rather unique compromise between muzzle flip and grip-sting.

Other Considerations

Now there are two options to the magazine for the Nano that come into play with the performance and grip. You can stick with a 6 round single stack magazine or you can bump up the grip length with the 8 round mag. With the plus one, the nine rounds at my hip is reassuring. It’s also providing the practical ability to get a better hold with the additional real estate of the longer magazine. That better grip is key to my performance with the Beretta Nano. There’s no lip to the bottom of the mag to really provide a solid grip. Honestly, a smart trade-off to keep the Nano snag-free. My loose pinkie was expected with a pistol of this size.

As I was happy to discover, the added grip length with two extra rounds simply makes my accuracy more consistent. Once I’ve run through the mag, the Nano slide locks back when empty. With better stopping power than ’s, staying on target is made easy with bright white sights front and rear. An Allen wrench is all that is needed to adjust the rear sights to my preference. A few turns and the sights slide to the side for an easy switch out.

About $ less than the comparable Walther PPS, the Beretta Nano is a very affordable pocket pistol that will only set you back about four hundred bucks. All in, the small and powerful Beretta Nano 9mm is intuitive to use and a pleasure to carry.

Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, , Daily Caller, and other publications.

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Richard Douglas is a long-time shooter, outdoor enthusiast, and technologist. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, Cheaper Than Dirt, Daily Caller, and other publications.






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The 6 Best Beretta 9mm Handguns

Beretta is one of the biggest brands of pistols, but which are the best Beretta 9mm guns to get for the neophyte? After all, you have to get your toe in the water somewhere.

Just like asking which is the best Smith and Wesson revolver or the best Glock 9mm, it's less the case as there's a best one but rather a best one for a specific purpose. A gun is a tool, and there is a right tool for a specific task.

What are they, though? Let's have a look at 6 Beretta pistols.

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact: A DA Beretta 9mm Perfect For Concealed Carry

The Beretta PX4 Storm Compact is quite possibly the best of all possible worlds. It combines old-school hardware and wholly modern design features.

The PX4 Storm platform is a modernised DA/SA pistol, with a polymer frame to reduce carry weight and a smooth slide for easy draw. It comes in Full Size, Compact and Subcompact frames, though the Compact is arguably the most popular model. The operating system is much like the venerable 92, with slide-mounted decocking safety levers.

The party pieces are the rotating barrel and the polymer frame, which also includes swappable backstraps. While not the lightest at 27 ounces unloaded, it's much smaller than many other DA/SA pistols, with a inch barrel and overall dimensions of inches long, 5 inches tall and inches wide. There's even a rail for a laser or light. The DA trigger is smooth, pulling steady to the back without stacking, which makes DA operation much easier. It's one of the better DA triggers for the price point.

It holds 15+1 of 9mm, meaning you get the same capacity and manual of arms of the classic 92FS in a pistol you could actually carry everyday. Arguably, that makes it the best Beretta 9mm of them all.

Beretta PX4 Compact Holsters

Beretta 92/Beretta M9: The Original Beretta 9mm

Then again, the classics are classics for a reason and the Beretta 92 and/or Beretta M9 is exactly that. It is one of the most successful pistol designs of all time. They are laser accurate, easy on the shooter and - with a bit of care - are iron-clad when it comes to reliability.

The 92 is a DA/SA pistol, with slide-mounted decocking safety levers. It carries 15+1 rounds, and though it wasn't the first Wonder Nine (that would be the Browning Hi Power, or arguably the Smith and Wesson Model 59) it is certainly the most famous.

It is a beast, however. Barrel length is inches, and overall dimensions are inches tall by long by inches wide. It weighs 33 ounces unloaded, so it isn't really the best CCW gunbut there are folks who do conceal it on the daily.

The Beretta 92FS was adopted by the US military (and other militaries) and dubbed the M9 in their nomenclature. It has served well in that role. The 92FS is also one of the most popular service pistols for police officers. It isn't the easiest gun to carry, but you'll know why it's so popular.

Beretta 92 and M9 Holsters

Beretta APX: The Modern Beretta 9mm

The Beretta APX was the proverbial hat that Beretta threw in the ring for the XM17 handgun trials, as the US military was seeking a new handgun. They picked the Sig P (aka Sig M17) but Beretta is selling it anyhow.

While known for double action autos, the APX is a polymer-framed striker-fired handgun. In essence, an Italian Glock. However, in typical Italian fashion, it has panache.

Per Army specifications, it has modular backstraps so you can alter the grip, along with ambidextrous slide release levers and a switchable magazine release. The grip housing has understated finger grooves for comfort and a good shooting grip. The slide is machined to be uber-grippy, so you can run the gun in any conditions.

You can order the base gun, or get one of the tactical models as extended barrels and red dot optics are available with this platform. It makes a great tactical pistol, for those wanting one. A compact version - the APX Centurion - is now available too. A Carry model, a slim single-stack subcompact, is also available.

The party piece on the APX is the ergonomics, as it is incredibly comfortable to hold. The full-size model has a generous backstrap for a high, right grip. The trigger is not exactly custom grade, but is very decent among the polymer striker gun segment.

Overall dimensions are inches long, inches tall and inches wide, with a inch barrel, so it's a service gun through-and-through. Unloaded weight is ounces, and carrying capacity is 17+1 of 9mm. If you prefer a big plastic fantastic, this is Beretta's take on the format. Most reviews indicate it's one you shouldn't miss.

Beretta APX Holsters

Beretta APX Carry: A Beretta 9mm Subcompact Single Stack

APX Carry

The Beretta APX Carry is a single-stack subcompact, perfect for easy concealed carry. The APX Carry is to the APX line as the Smith and Wesson Shield is to the M&P series by that brand; a tiny, single-stack variant of their striker firing system.

The APX Carry holds 6+1 of 9mm with the flush fit or pinkie extension magazine, or 8+1 with the extended magazine. It's slim, at less than 1 inch wide, and quite compact with a 3-inch barrel. Weight is just under 20 ounces unloaded. As a result, it's easily concealed and barely noticeable to carry.

And with an MSRP of about $, it's definitely a Beretta that's worth eyeing for CCW purposes.

Beretta APX Carry Holsters

Beretta PX4 Storm: Big Beretta 9mm For The Digital Age

Everything good about the PX4 Storm Compact in a full-size package, making it even more accurate, even more shootable, which has actually made the PX4 Storm a popular service pistol. While it wouldn't make the best daily carry gun due to sheer size it actually isn't a bad choice if one carries a full-size as their daily carry gun.

The barrel length is 4 inches, and the magazine capacity is increased to 17+1 of 9mm. That brings overall dimensions to inches tall, inches long and inches wide. Weight is ounces unloaded. Not tiny, for sure, but not desperately impractical for carrying.

Beretta PX4 Holsters

Beretta 92X Compact: A Big Beretta 9mm That Conceals More Easily

beretta 9mm

New for is a fresh take on the Beretta 92, the 92X series, and the concealed carry-friendly version is the Beretta 92X Compact, which is essentially the CCO model of this product line. It has the Centurion slide and inch barrel, and capacity is 13+1 of 9mm, though aftermarket magazines will hold 15+1.

The 92X series incorporates a number of improvements to the Beretta M9/92 to make the gun better in a number of regards. The classic slide is ditched in lieu of the Vertec slide, with dovetailed front and rear sights. The front sight has a high-visibility orange insert, for fast sight acquisition. The grip housing is also shaved for a straight grip, much like the M9A3. This reduces the trigger reach, and makes the pistol a lot easier to shoot really well.

The 92X Compact has a slightly reduced beavertail and a slight radius to the grip housing for easier concealment without printing, and can be ordered with or without a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories. You can choose either the FS model or a G model, if you prefer a decocker rather than the decocking safety. This is definitely the EDC model, though Centurion and Full Size 92X pistols are available too.

Beretta 92A1 Holsters

About The Author

Writer sam hoober

Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in from Eastern Washington University. He resides in the great Inland Northwest, with his wife and child. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible.

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Beretta 92FS Compact Pistol

PLEASE NOTE: If the customer provides the FFL for the order firearms usually ship in business days. If we have to contact the FFL and obtain the license please expect days processing time. Send all FFLs to [email protected]

This is a brand new in the box Beretta 92 FS Compact. Product code JS92FM. These guns were destined to a military contract but due to unforeseen circumstances we were able to get our hands on a few of them at an unbelievably low price. Please see the picture. Please note there is a roll mark on the side of the gun that states that the gun will fire without the magazine.

Designated M9 by the U.S. armed forces and known simply as the 92 around the globe, the NATO-certified Beretta 92FS is one of the most iconic military pistols in the world. With outstanding accuracy and reliability, the time-tested and battle-hardy 92FS is simply The World Defender. The 92 Compact takes some of the best features of the 92/M9 family and scales them down to be more compact and concealable.

Please see the specifications below.

  • Made in Italy
  • Comes with 2 13 rd. magazines
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Combat Trigger Guard
  • Reversible Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Safety Decocker
  • Open Slide Design
  • Tool Free Disassembly
  • Non Reflective Black Bruniton Finish

The purchaser of a hand gun must be 21 years of age or older. The purchaser is responsible for knowing his/her state and federal gun laws. Federal gun laws and regulations prohibits the transfer of a handgun to an out of state resident, therefore the "pick up in store" option is not avaliable to non Louisiana residents.

The purchaser of a long gun must be 18 years of age. The purchaser is responsible for knowing his/her state and federal gun laws.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm:


Beretta Px4 Storm

type of semi-automatic pistol

Semi-automatic pistol

Px4 Storm

The Beretta Px4 Storm (9mm Para)

TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Used&#;bySee Users
MassPx4: &#;g (&#;oz) (without magazine)
Px4SC: &#;g (&#;oz) (without magazine)
LengthPx4: &#;mm (&#;in)
Px4SC: &#;mm (&#;in)
Barrel&#;length&#;mm (&#;in)

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum
ActionShort recoil, locked-breech, rotating barrel lock
Muzzle&#;velocity&#;m/s (1,&#;ft/s) (9×19mm Parabellum)
  • 50&#;m (&#;ft) (9×19mm Parabellum)
  • 25&#;m (82&#;ft) ( S&W, ACP)
  • 9, 10 ( ACP)
  • 14 ( S&W)
  • 15, 17, 20 (9×19mm)


  • 12 ( S&W)
  • 15 (9×19mm)


  • 10 ( S&W)
  • 13 (9×19mm)
Sights3-dot iron sights

The Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Beretta of Italy and intended for personal defense and law enforcement use. The Px4 uses the same short-recoil, rotating barrel action as the Beretta and uses the same trigger and safety system as the Beretta 92, while being completely different in design from either.

Light-weight polymer construction with steel inserts, a modular trigger group, fully enclosing slide, Picatinny rail, and changeable backstrap options for the grip are a radical departure from previous Beretta designs.

Design details[edit]

Close-up of the rotary barrel locking mechanism.

Unlike the later generation Beretta 92/96/M9 series, the Px4's trigger guard is rounded for better concealed carry. The takedown pin of earlier models is replaced by a spring-loaded bar, accessed via frame recesses on both sides, which must be grasped and pulled down simultaneously to release the slide. The slide spring is doubly captive, being inserted approximately an inch into the transfer block at one end and a receiving hole in the front of the slide at the other. It is a self-contained assembly, completely captured by the polymer guide.

The magazine holds the top round directly behind the barrel's breech end so only a slight feed ramp is needed. This allows the barrel to fully support the case. The 6-R rifling of the barrel generates counter-clockwise torque which is harnessed by the locking system to reduce the amount of pressure required from the rotating barrel lock's cam and pin system to affect unlocking. The steel transfer block's cam pin is 5&#;mm wide and 2&#;mm deep. The entire hammer unit mechanism can be removed from the Px4, without the use of special tools, as a single group. This allows easy access to the firing mechanism for cleaning.

The Px4's design makes it impossible to assemble incorrectly from a field-stripped takedown.

The Px4 originally featured an interchangeable, luminescent 3-dot sight system (coated in Super-LumiNova) for use in dark or low-light situations. With short exposure to any kind of light, the night sights' luminescence lasted up to 30 minutes.

Beretta discontinued the luminescent 3-dot nights sights for the Px4 in , replacing them with standard 3-dot sights.[2] The weapon also incorporates a Picatinny rail under the muzzle to allow flashlights, laser sights, and other accessories to be attached.

Modular parts[edit]

To aid the versatility of the Px4, a number of parts were designed to be modular. These parts include the backstrap, the magazine release button, the slide catch and the hammer unit mechanism. The backstrap is available in three sizes: slim, standard and oversized. The magazine release button can be mounted on either side of the weapon and replaced by one of three types: standard, large or combat (extended). The standard slide catch can be replaced with a slimmer version to avoid snagging when the weapon is drawn quickly from a holster.


The Px4 is available in four models:

Px4 Subcompact[edit]

The Px4 Storm Subcompact is a compact Px4 chambered in 9×19mm and S&W. It has a DA/SA trigger. The Px4 Subcompact uses a tilt barrel system. It is intended for personal defense and law enforcement use with a focus on concealed carry.[3]

Beretta is marketing the Px4 Subcompact as the most advanced subcompact sidearm in existence. It is lightweight and small. The barrel is stainless steel, to help prevent corrosion from perspiration. The magazine release button is both changeable and reversible. Finally, Beretta's patented SnapGrip Magazine Extender extends the grip size down for a more secure grip.

A high magazine capacity is available, along with a magazine adapter to extend the grip to accommodate the full size magazine increasing capacity to 17 or 20 rounds in 9&#;mm, and 14 or 17 rounds in S&W. The Beretta Px4 Sub Compact Magazine Adapter adapts the full size Px4 magazine for use in Px4 Subcompact pistol.[4]

Px4 Compact[edit]

The Px4 Storm Compact is sized between the Full Size and the Subcompact models. It adopts the rotating barrel design of the full size pistols, but with a shorter and proportioned slide and grip. This model also introduces an ambidextrous slide stop lever. A high magazine capacity is maintained, with 15 rounds in 9&#;mm and 12 rounds in S&W. The Px4 Storm Compact models accept the full size magazines as well, increasing capacity to 17 or 20 rounds in 9&#;mm and 14 or 17 rounds in S&W.

Px4 Compact Carry[edit]

In January ,[5] in collaboration with Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical,[6] Beretta announced the Px4 Compact Carry, an optimized version of the Px4 Compact meant specifically for concealed carry. It is a Type G (has a low profile decocker) available only in 9x19mm, includes a larger magazine release button, uses the improved Beretta plated competition hammer group for an improved, lighter trigger pull, a thinner slide with a Sniper Grey Cerakote coating (different from regular Compact model), an Ameriglo high-visibility orange tritium front sight and black rear notch sights for fast target acquisition, and includes a Talon grip wrap for improved grip texture and handling. It also comes with a total of three round magazines. It was delayed from its original release date due to supply issues with the sights, and was released at the beginning of

Joint Combat Pistol[edit]

Main article: Joint Combat Pistol

The Px4 is available in ACP designated as the Px4 Storm SD (Special Duty). Notable differences between the standard ACP and the Special Duty are the desert tan frame color, PVD coated magazines and internal firing control assembly, double recoil spring, specially roll marked slide and a longer barrel to facilitate the use of a suppressor. The PVD coated magazines (one 9- and two round magazines come with the package) are not scheduled to be imported and there will only be one production run of the Px4SD. Supplies are limited. Initial photos show the barrel with a silver proprietary coating but the production models have a black finished barrel. Also, pistol tags indicate that superluminova sight paint is standard but Beretta USA discontinued use of the paint in so the Px4SD will have standard white 3-dot sights. The special Pelican case contains oil, cleaning kit, three magazines, pistol, all three back straps, all three magazine buttons, manual, warranty card and two foam dividers.

Prices for this pistol are ranging from $ to $ new.

Project Allegiance[edit]

Announced in late , Project Allegiance has Beretta USA paying a $10, death benefit for any law enforcement officer who participates in the program. "Participate" means purchasing a Px4, and registering with the program. It is good for three years after the purchase. Beretta is also offering free counseling, legal, and financial advice to the survivors of the officer who is killed in the line of duty as part of the program.[7]


Current users[edit]

  • &#;Argentina: 1, pistols;Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police[8] & Buenos Aires City Police
  • &#;Armenia[9]
  • &#;Canada: Canada Border Services Agency[10]
  • &#;Chile: Used by the Special forces[11]
  • &#;India: Used by Para (Special Forces) as a sidearm.
  • &#;Italy: Used by NOCS. and Guardia di Finanza
  • &#;Libya: Ordered Px4 before the civil war[13]
  • &#;Malaysia: pistols;Royal Malaysia Police and Ministry of Home Affairs[14][15]
  • &#;Portugal: Polícia de Segurança Pública[16]
  • &#;Romania: Romanian Police - 25, pistols[17]
  • &#;South Africa: 40, pistols;South African Police Service[18] and several Metro Police Departments.[citation needed]
  • &#;Serbia: Formerly used by PTJ.[19]
  • &#;South Korea: The th Special Mission Battalion has been photographed using the Px4 during exercises.[20][21]
  • &#;Turkmenistan: Ordered pistols[22]
  • &#;United States: Used by the Ohio County, WV Sheriff's Department,[23]Maryland State Police,[24]Sparta, New Jersey Police Department,[25]Providence, Rhode Island Police Department,[26] Fresno Police Department,[27] and Rochester, NY police department.,[28]Pharr, Texas Police Department.
  • &#;Venezuela: Venezuelan National Guard.[29] Bolivarian National Police Corps.

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  • Neville, Leigh (). European Counter-Terrorist Units –. Oxford: Osprey Publishing. ISBN&#;.

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New Beretta APX Compact 9mm Review

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