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The automotive industry is quickly changing, and Ram won’t be left behind. Today, the company announced the foundation it’ll use to build an electrified portfolio. Ram has bold plans to electrifying its lineup in the coming years, including an all-electric version of its 1500 pickup, thanks to a big investment from parent company Stellantis.

The company didn’t provide specifics about the pickup, but it did tease the model with a sleek and shadowed rendering that looks quite different from the 1500 that’s on sale today. The Ram 1500 BEV (battery-electric vehicle, as Ram is calling it) has a tall grille, narrow lighting elements, an illuminated badge, and a slim greenhouse that’s accentuated by the angled bedsides. It’ll be a while before we learn anything substantial about the pickup, but brand CEO Mike Koval did say, “We are not following in the footsteps of our competitors.”


Ram’s presentation went a bit beyond teasing, as Koval also announced that the electrified pickup would be entering production in 2024. But it may be a bit late to the EV pickup party. The Rivian R1T,GMC Hummer EV, and Tesla Cybertruck are all scheduled to go on sale later this year, with the Ford F-150 Lightning arriving next spring. Ram could beat the Silverado EV to market, though Chevy hasn’t announced when its EV truck will arrive.

Ram’s announcement came amid a flurry of news from its parent company Stellantis, which announced EV plans for several of its brands, including Dodge. Stellantis plans to invest €30 billion ($35.5 billion at today’s exchange rates) through 2025 to electrify its brands’ lineups. That means Ram will be electrifying its trucks and vans. It has plans to offer a fully electric variant for most of its models by 2025, with an EV for every one of them scheduled to happen by 2030.

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  • Ram is planning to launch a battery-electric full-size truck in 2024.
  • Ram will also electrify its portfolio to better meet its customer’s demands.
  • This announcement is part of the Stellantis EV Day, where companies under the Stellantis banner announce their electrification plans.

Electric trucks are gaining serious traction. The Tesla Cybertruck might have led the charge with its polarizing styling, but the big players in the truck segment aren’t sleeping on the future. Ford is readying its F-150 Lightning, and GMC has revived the Hummer nameplate as an all-electric truck. If you noticed that another major player in truck segment has been absent, you’d be right. Up to now, Ram hasn’t made any major announcements about electrifying its lineup, but that changed today as the truck maker has finally announced that it’s jumping into the electric truck game and will launch a battery-electric pickup in 2024.

This wasn’t the only major announcement from a Stellantis brand during the company’s EV Day. Ram’s former namesake Dodge also announced its jump into electrification with an unnamed sports car that’s planned for 2024.

Ram’s battery-electric truck will immediately face some stiff competition when it debuts. Like we mentioned, electrified trucks are hot right now; not only are major players jumping headfirst into the battery-powered future, there’s also a multitude of startup automakers like Lordstown, Rivian, and Hercules in the mix. The rush to make the first viable, full-size electric truck is already underway, and Ram will likely have to make up a lot of ground by 2024.

This upcoming full-size Ram isn’t the only part of Ram’s portfolio slated for electrification. Ram’s CEO Mike Koval mentioned the company will be electrifying its entire portfolio based on what the company’s customers need. That basically means that Ram’s commercially focused vans and heavier-duty pickups will see electric variants in the future, too.

Is Ram too late to the EV pickup party, or do truck buyers have enough loyalty to stick to their favorite marque? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Although it won't be coming to market for a while, the 2024 Ram 1500 EV will be the first all-electric version of the brand's regular half-ton pickup. In addition to its conventional body-on-frame construction and standard all-wheel drive, Ram claims the truck will have a driving range of up to 500 miles and be able to tow more than 10,000 pounds. Other preliminary promises include fast-charging speeds of up to 150 kWh and autonomous driving capabilities. While the electrified Ram 1500 will come out a couple of years after the forthcoming 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, and presumably after the 2023 Chevy Silverado EV, it could potentially capitalize on any missteps those competitors encounter.

What's New for 2024?

The 2024 Ram 1500 EV will be an all-new model and the first Ram pickup truck to be powered exclusively by electricity.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

Ram hasn't said how much the 2024 Ram 1500 EV will cost, what trim levels will be available, or what equipment will be standard and optional. Our educated guess is that the F-150 Lightning will start around $42k, and that price will likely go up over the next couple of years, so we'd wager that the electric Ram 1500 will open at around $45,000.

Towing and Payload Capacity

Ram didn't divulge specific figures when it mentioned the Ram 1500 EV's maximum tow rating, and it didn't discuss payload capacity at all. However, the brand promises that its all-electric pickup truck will be able to pull more than its EV competitors. Currently, the F-150 Lightning has an official maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, so expect the Ram's max to exceed that.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

While we don't know any details about the half-ton Ram EV's battery size or charging times, Ram has said that the truck will have a driving range of up to 500 miles. That's 200 miles longer than the longest-range F-150 Lightning is currently estimated to go. With a DC fast charger, the Ram 1500 EV is said to be able to charge at a rate of up to 150 kWh.

As more information becomes available, we'll update this story with more details about:

  • Powertrain and Performance
  • Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG
  • Interior, Comfort, and Cargo
  • Infotainment and Connectivity
  • Safety and Driver-Assistance Features
  • Warranty and Maintenance Coverage
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Confirmed: Ram 1500 Electric Pickup Coming in 2024

Ram also has a midsize truck in the works.

Ram is throwing down its own gauntlet in the electric pickup truck wars. Stellantis executives confirmed today that Ram will offer an electric 1500 pickup in 2024 while also dropping hints that it plans to build the long-promised Ram midsize pickup truck. Additionally, the automaker shared that Jeep will offer more 4xe (Jeep-speak for hybrid) versions and every Jeep segment will get a battery electric model by 2025.

The electric Ram 1500 will surpass the competition, Ram's chief executive officer Mike Koval said, referring to the Ford F-150 Lightning and the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. And while the Lightning looks very much like a conventional F-150, and the Hummer is a modern take on a GMC, the teaser image of the electric Ram is very futuristic.

The Ram 1500 EV will have a range of about 500 miles with battery packs offering 159-200 kilowatt-hours. It will be capable of fast-charging, a quick 0-60 time, and comes with boasts its tech will surpass its rivals.

The electric truck will be built on the new STLA Frame platform, one of four battery electric vehicle platforms that will underpin the electric vehicles Stellantis plans to build for all 14 of its brands. Stellantis was created by merging Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the PSA Group.

By 2025, all vehicles in the Ram lineup will have some degree of electrification, Koval told investors during an event to outline the future EV plans of Stellantis. Ram also has a medium-sized fuel cell commercial van coming later this year.

Chief design officer Ralph Gilles, said a Ram midsize truck is in the works, too. It's one of eight new vehicles coming in the next three to five years.

The company's presentation also teased the REPB, which is claimed to be a "range electric paradigm breaker" and could be the new midsize pickup.



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Dodge ram 2024

In the automotive industry has to be marketing pickup trucks, are the easiest job. All of us are familiar with the ads - An oversized dually slams through a concrete wall, a voice actor in his best movie trailer baritone introduces the "all-new, more capable" Brodozer 4500 as showing the truck towing the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet, the camera pans back.

Than, this approach to advertising has trapped pickup engineers into a vicious cycle of chasing max tow and payload numbers, sincerely, is of little use to the average buyer, to the point that the added performance and capability. Once your combined truck and trailer weighs more than 26,001 pounds, legally you should be carrying a commercial driver's license, after all.

2024 Ram Power Wagon 2500 engine

Currently the biggest mystery is the powertrain, about the latest generation of Ram HD pickups. We believe that might carry over, the existing 5.7-liter V8, 6.4-liter V8, and 6.7-liter Cummins-sourced inline-six turbodiesel. At least some of the engines might gain the mild hybrid equipment from the 1500 as a method to improve fuel economy, one is possibility. The Power Wagon and the rest of the Ram 2500 and 3500 lineup could debut as soon as the 2023 North American International Auto Show in January, so about them, soon, we will know more.

The brand new for 2023 Ram 1500 has impressed many with its class leading ride and well executed  interior, to the point of attracting the attention of die hard Chevy fans and Ford. How Ram’s HD trucks can pull off the same trick, how there are heavy-duty pickups and there are a high-margin product, it could mean some big returns in the cash office.

As on previous models, the grille looks similar, but the hood shape is new, and the bumper appears to be an all new design that kicks up on the ends below the headlamp housings. Also are similar the rearview mirrors, but the plastic wheel arches feature a slightly new design with a notch at the top. New design are the  taillamps, but for obvious reasons the tailgate doesn’t display the Power Wagon nomenclature. However, traditional Power Wagon kit is the integral front winch.

Estimated Arrival and Price

Still undecided is price, but without revolutionary technology or powertrain updates the Power Wagon will need to stay near the current model's $54,540 base MSRP. Probably the 2024 Ram HD and Power Wagon to break cover at the 2023 Detroit auto show. Currently assembled in Ram’s Saltillo, Mexico, facility, Ram HD assembly is slated to be moved to its Warren, Michigan, plant in or around 2024, where it will be produced alongside the 1500. We will see, whether or not Ram will wait until the move is completed to put the next-gen HD trucks on sale. Tradition dictates that it hit showrooms by the third quarter of 2023, either way.

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Люксовый грузовик Dodge RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi

Fully electric Ram 1500 pickup and Dodge muscle car both due by 2024, part of $35B EV push

Dodge won’t make muscle cars. Instead it will sell “American eMuscle,” and promises to “tear up the street, not the planet.”

Whatever the marketing distinction, a Dodge electric muscle car and battery electric Ram 1500 pickup were among the many future products teased Thursday as part of a Stellantis EV Day presentation. In a pivot to electric vehicle tech that will reach all 14 of its brands, the company plans to spend more than 30 billion euros through 2025. 

Stellantis also teased a plug-in hybrid truck called the Range Electric Paradigm Breaker, which has a futuristic design. 

The rollout will also include the first fuel-cell vans for North America by the end of 2021. 

4 dedicated EV platforms - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

4 dedicated EV platforms - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Supporting that will be four fully dedicated EV platforms, including one for city cars, one for all-wheel-drive performance and American muscle cars, another for premium vehicles, and a frame-reinforced platform for trucks and fleet models. The company says that design attributes in these platforms will allow Stellantis to continuously update software and hardware, and evolve with the technology into the next decade. 

Within that matrix of platforms, the company plans for as much commonality as possible, with just one power inverter and three different drive modules (allowing rear-, front-, and all-wheel drive). Two battery chemistries are planned, with both solid-state cell technology and a cell-to-pack strategy coming in 2026. 

Frame platform for electric trucks - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Frame platform for electric trucks - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Most of Stellantis’ vehicles will have electric versions by 2025, the company said, but the push to battery electric models will happen at different rates. It’s targeting “low emission vehicles” (battery electrics plus plug-in hybrids) to be more than 40% of U.S. sales, and more than 70% of European sales, by 2025. Electric or plug-in hybrid versions will be offered for 98% of its vehicles in North America and Europe by 2025, it said—leaving room for a few stragglers among its 14 brands.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said that he expected the mix of electrified vehicles in its lineup to be 80% pure EVs in Europe by 2030. By 2028, Opel will be purely electric in Europe and will enter China as a 100% electric brand. 

Stellantis is planning to integrate green home energy and smart charging—including a wallbox—via its Free2Move mobility unit. A complementary charging network is being developed through Engie in Europe, with aims to extend the project to the U.S. and South America. 

Dodge EV muscle car and platform - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Dodge EV muscle car and platform - 2021 Stellantis EV Day

Performance won't be limited to 0-60 mph benchmarks and top-speed bragging rights. As part of the new platforms and battery strategies, it’s targeting fast-charge rates of 20 miles per minute and efficiencies of 4.3 miles per kwh. Battery packs will range from 37 kwh up to more than 200 kwh, requiring a battery sourcing strategy of more than 260 GWh by 2030, supported by five so-called gigafactories in Europe and North America. 

Each platform will cover up to 2 million units per year globally. Stellantis said that revised-and-accelerated electrification plans for each of its brands, which range from Jeep to Fiat and Maserati, are forthcoming. 

Sours: https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1132841_fully-electric-ram-1500-pickup-and-dodge-muscle-car-both-due-by-2024-part-of-35b-ev-push

Now discussing:

Fully-Electric Ram 1500 Pickup Arrives In 2024

Ram CEO Mike Koval today confirmed the 2024 arrival of a fully electric Ram 1500 pickup. Koval offered no technical specifics but stated that the Ram 1500 EV will “surpass our competitors” and “offer more range, power, productivity and convenience.”

The announcement came during the 2021 Stellantis EV Day presentation, a multimedia event created to update investors and customers on the future and electrification of each of the 14 brands under the Stellantis banner.

The announcement from Ram is a timely one, as the full-size EV pickup arena is currently red-hot and volatile, with legacy manufacturers Ford and General Motors vying with upstarts including Rivian, Lordstown and Tesla for consumer and commercial dominance. Yet until now, Ram has conspicuously remained on the sidelines.

Stellantis’ corporate-wide electrification strategy is based on Four BEV-centric (Battery Electric Vehicle) platforms: STLA Small, with a range up to 300 miles; STLA Medium, with a range up to 440 miles; STLA Large, with a range up to 500 miles and STLA Frame, with a range up to 500 miles. Propulsion includes a family of three electric drive modules (EDM) that combine the motor, gearbox and inverter. Compact, flexible and easily scaled, the EDMs can be configured for front-drive, rear-drive, all-wheel drive and 4xe, suggesting plug-in hybrid models might emerge as well. (STLA refers to the ticker symbol used on the NYSE, Euronext Paris and BIT exchange in Italy where the company’s stock is traded.) Ram watchers can also expect fully-electrified Promaster vans on these platforms as the brand moves to counter vehicles such as the all-electric Ford Transit.

The Ram 1500 EV will utilize the STLA Frame platform, its projected 500-mile maximum range far outpacing the recently unveiled Ford F-150 Lightning‘s projected 300-mile range. However, we’re still in the embryonic stages of the full-size EV pickup reality, and the forthcoming range wars will certainly prove entertaining.

“Cool Looking RAM Trucks Coming”

On the design front, Ralf Gilles, Head of Design, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, pointed out the platform will offer some unique design opportunities and advised us to “stay tuned, as there are some pretty cool looking Ram trucks coming.”

Now that it’s officially in the game, we expect Ram to address the EV pickup segment with the same fervor as it does its traditional pickup development and marketing. In other words, the truck wars aren’t over; they’re just going electric.

Stellantis’ $35 Billion Plan for the Future

The Stellantis EV Day Thursday (July 8) calls for an investment of 30 billion euros ($35.5 billion) through 2025 to shift the company from combustion engines to electrified vehicles. Stellantis’ talking points:

  • In the US, the former FiatChrysler expects to get 40% of sales by 2030 from “low emission vehicles,” meaning full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), up from 4% now. That includes electric versions of Ram trucks, Jeep SUVs and Dodge muscle cars.
  • In Europe, which is moving more quickly, 70% or more of sales will be low-emission vehicles in 2030 vs. 14% now. Stellantis will have electric options on14 brands ranging from affordable Fiat to upscale Alfa Romeo and Maserati.
  • Between 2020 and 2024, the cost of a battery pack will fall 40%. By 2026, the total cost of owning an EV will be roughly the same as owning a combustion engine vehicle, Stellantis says. Repair costs of EVs are lower because of fewer parts.

Immediately after the announcement, Stellantis stock fell 3.5%, although stock prices of other major automakers also slipped.

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